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Walking into Greater Silence

“Song of Salvation” by B.A. Vierling

As I enter the twilight years of my life I feel done with further contributing to added information in this form.  My blog will remain until my domain time is up for renewal, and then I’ll gently go private.  I have watched the growth of astrology since I began my journey with this amazing cosmic tool way back in 1972.  Astrology has taught me so much about my self and how to move in acceptance with the cycles of life.

Now astrology is burgeoning and flourishing world-wide thanks to the web which potentially connects us all.  Hundreds, if not thousands, of voices are using every platform imaginable to have their say.  It’s a wave!  Perhaps as long as Neptune is in Pisces it will continue.  Chris Brennan says that might change once Neptune moves into Aries.  I tend to agree with him as freedom is a constant struggle on a planet where waves of aggression move to dominate.

America is still a youthful country .  Age and wisdom are still looked upon as something to postpone indefinitely by many.  With my Capricorn Ascendant, I prefer to accept my age and hopefully act with maturity.  I love  connecting one-on-one, and that’s where I’ll continue to be as long as I am able to truly BE HERE NOW with those I help to navigate through their journeys incarnated.  

I have seen and experienced much in my nearly 80 years around the Sun.  Each turn of the wheel helps me to realize that these journeys we take have universal patterns that both repeat with regularity, and also sometimes shock and jolt us into new realities.  AS ABOVE SO BELOW does express itself through our finite lives.  

Becoming more conscious and helping others to do so still attracts me. That means I’m always available when called by an individual to take a look at what’s going on and where they are going next. Adding to their awareness from the bigger perspective of celestial movements as they make their own choices and decisions is a joyful and rewarding experience.

Privately I am drawn more and more to silence by immersing myself in the natural world. Just walking through our wooded environment sustains my spirit.

Be kind to yourself and to others.  Help when and where you can.  Love your body for it is your major vehicle in moving through your journey of life.  Love your heart and mind for they bring you into relationship with others and the world.

I promise to respond to all comments, and feel free to contact me personally as well.


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Artist is B.A. Vierling


With Pluto now solidly in Aquarius, I can no longer remain silent.  IT TAKES A GREAT DEAL OF COURAGE TO BECOME FULLY CONSCIOUS, and we on this beautiful, small, planet in space now have an opportunity to see ourselves as ONE PEOPLE.  No more elites, no more pyramids of hierarchy.  Pluto in Capricorn is almost over.  I know……we have one more backward motion into that sign from September 1st to November 19th of 2024;  the United States presidential election period.


This my friends is IN ALL OF OUR FACES right now.  So please take the short 11 minutes it takes to listen up.  Don’t turn a blind eye to such suffering.  Please don’t do it.  Don’t pretend that is isn’t part of your world, and consciousness.  It is; and we are ALL responsible to try and DO something about stopping it!!!

Listen Here: Chris Hedges audio commentary. 


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