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Posts from — January 2008

Mercury Appears To Be Flying Backwards

Mercury, by B.A.VierlingMercury, that Winged Messenger of the Gods, seemingly turns on its heels three times a year for a period of three weeks each time. What’s going on here, and what effect can this possibly have on us earthlings? We’re about to begin one of those ‘retrograde’ periods on January 28th.… [read more]

January 26, 2008  6 Comments
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Have You Been Watching the Moon Lately?

It’s getting bigger and brighter by the day! We’re going to experience a Full Moon this Tuesday, January 22nd. Those of us here on the West Coast won’t be able to see it unless we’re up, like a bird, at 5:36 am. East Coast people really won’t see it because … [read more]

January 20, 2008  4 Comments
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What on Earth is Astrology Good for?


“Courteous Reader, Astrology is one of the most ancient Sciences, held in high esteem of old, by the Wise and the Great. Formerly, no Prince would make War or Peace, nor any General fight in Battle, in short, no important affair was undertaken without first consulting an Astrologer.”
– Benjamin

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January 16, 2008  16 Comments
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