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Posts from — March 2008

Wonderful Aries People I Have Known

I’ve known a great deal of Aries people throughout my lifetime, and many have been right within my own family. They are quite marvelous people. In fact, it’s difficult for me to think of one I haven’t genuinely liked.

I’m going to use my own mother as a prime example. … [read more]

March 31, 2008  4 Comments
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Aries and the Courage To Be

Aries, illustration by B.A.Vierling

The Zodiac sign of Aries is a symbol of vitality. The Vernal Equinox launches the Sun into the tropical sign of Aries each year around March 21st through April 20th. The Sun is exalted (strong) in a sign that is characterized by verve and the tremendous push of the Day-force, … [read more]

March 26, 2008  29 Comments
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Vernal (Spring) Equinox 2008

Phoenix, illustration by B.A.Vierling

The first day of spring—Lady Day herself—arrives this year in the wee first hours of March 20th. The Vernal Equinox occurs every year when the Sun enters 0 degrees of Aries. In doing so, it passes over the celestial equator from its southerly to northerly declination. The hours of daylight … [read more]

March 17, 2008  4 Comments
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Jack London’s Mystical Side

Jack LondonJack London is considered one of the great writers and storytellers of the 20th Century. Who hasn’t heard of The Call Of The Wild, or White Fang, or The Sea Wolf? Did you know, however, that he wrote an amazing book on reincarnation? Did you know that … [read more]

March 9, 2008  3 Comments
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