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Full Moon Eclipse on August 16th

On August 16th at 2:18 pm PDT, 5:18 pm EDT, and 9:18 pm GMT a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will commence at 24 degrees, 21 minutes of Sun in Leo and Moon in Aquarius. As I mentioned in my earliest article on Eclipses, if you are privileged enough to actually see the moon gradually turn into a red ball in the sky, you will palpably ‘feel’ the reality that we are on a ball in space looking out at other balls in space!

A Lunar Eclipse generally means that you have an opportunity to release the past in some way. Remember, the Moon is being eclipsed momentarily. Full Moon times are also times of culmination and potential illumination.

This particular eclipse highlights the brotherhood, community themes of Aquarius with the added benefit of potential healing through the energies of Neptune and Chiron conjoining the Moon and North Node in Aquarius.

The Sabian Symbol for this placement of the Moon is: “A butterfly with the right wing more perfectly formed.” This implies a degree of asymmetry, perhaps even distortion of form. So where is there imbalance in your life? Where are there distortions? Have you been just putting up with them, or can you now find a way to rise above them and to bring greater balance into situations that need healing? This symbol places an emphasis on the ‘right side’. Perhaps logic and left-brained rational thinking need greater balancing through right-brained, left-sided intuition and creative solutions to problems.

Look to see where in your birth-map this polarity of Sun and Moon falls, especially where the Moon falls in Aquarius. Allow this placement to give you clues as to where a greater influx of intuitive, creative inspiration can come through via your asociation with others. Aquarius has a great need to join in and be part of the greater community. Certainly the Olympics, now in process, highlight this coming together of a world community to participate in the Leo-like prowess of athletic competition and performance.

The Sun’s Sabian Symbol is at 25 degrees of Leo: “A large camel crossing a vast and forbidding desert.” This image shows Leo’s strength to endure and persevere with strength and determination. Even if the journey seems vast and forbidding, there is resolve and resourcefulness to see it through. Where in your life can you apply this principle? Look to the life arena in your birth chart where the Sun now falls at this degree. See if there are any planets being activated within 3-4 degrees of exactness. These are also the energies that can be imbued with this strength.

Because the Sun is close to the South Node, it is important also to release false pride and locked-in ego stances that prevent a true union with others in a spirit of cooperation and harmony.

May this Full Moon Eclipse bless you on your journey!

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