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Glorious Leo

Leo Man, illustrated by B.A.Vierling

When the midsummer Sun is high in the sky and the days are still long and hot, what gives you pleasure? Up here in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California it might be a cool, refreshing dip in the wild and free Yuba River, or an evening strolling around at the County Fair, it might be a fast motor boat ride skimming over deep blue Lake Tahoe, or perhaps just a relaxing afternoon in a hammock under your favorite pine tree reading that exciting novel you just can’t put down. When the month of August rolls around and the sign of Leo holds sway, people in the Northern Hemisphere love to play, vacation, relax, and enjoy themselves. Soon enough the nights will get longer and colder, and schools will commence as everyone gets back into their Virgo-routines.


The sign Leo is in effect from approximately July 21st until August 22nd each year. Ruled by the Sun itself, Leo is characterized as hot, dry, fixed fire, and yang in nature. Its key symbol is the Lion, King of Beasts, for this is the sign of royal kings and heroes. The Babylonians knew it as Urgulla (the Lion), to the Greeks it was Leon, in India it was called Simha, and in China, Ta Shu, the Great Heat. The Celts celebrated with their midsummer feast, Lammas, on August 9th.

Leaders, superstars, people in positions of prominence and power are synonymous with the Sun during its brightest month when it becomes the visible symbol of the life force, which is at the core of our existence. For this reason, Leo is said to rule the heart, our central organ of life. Leos love to warm others up as entertainers and performers, hosts, organizers, and paternalistic leaders and providers.

The shining qualities that Leo best expresses are dignity, warmth, magnanimity, drama, and flamboyance. Leo’s like to radiate with great pride their obvious enjoyment of life and surround themselves with loyal friends and/or subjects who applaud their beneficence. Yes, they like their ‘strokes’. Like cats (which many Leos adore), they’ll purr with pleasure when shown affection and appreciation. Like all fire signs, however, they prefer their own autonomy and will ‘lick their wounds’ in private rather than reveal weakness. Strength and courage are the qualities Leos like to cultivate as they pursue their path of individuation.


The identification of the constellation of Leo is often described as the shape of a lion and it is composed of 52 visible stars, four of which are quite prominent. Regulus is the most notable and was considered one of the most important stars in all of astral mythology. A triple star, it is the 21st brightest star and is relatively close to our Earth. To the Persians it was known as Cor Leonis, the Lion’s heart. Regulus combined the warlike qualities of Mars with the wisdom of Jupiter. To the ancient priest-astrologers, if this star were prominent in the birth chart of a prince, he would be predicted to have a glorious reign.

Interestingly, the most notable event in this Leo constellation is the Leonid meteor showers, which peak around November 17th each year.


leo glyphThe glyph of Leo actually looks a bit like the tail of a large cat. The Egyptians felt that the constellation itself looked like a tail hanging over the Nile Valley. Esoterically it is said to represent serpent power (the creative force) of the body in its coiled (latent) form. It also hints at the spine, which Leo also rules along with the upper back.


Like its Fire-sign complement, Aries, Leo has myths abounding with heroic figures. Leo, however, relates more to myths where themes of father, king or queen, and lion are prominent.

The tarot card, Strength, associated with Leo, portrays these themes by showing an angelic figure (male or female) closing the mouth of a lion. This theme of taming the animal nature, or vital force by consciously directing the will is repeated in the many stories of Leo heroes or heroines.

The most popular myths involve both Hercules in his 12 labors, slaying the Nemean Lion, and Samson, of Old Testament fame, also slaying a Lion with his own bare hands. There are also many references to great all-powerful female goddesses such as the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet, the lion-headed goddess, who may have been one of the original archetypes for this sign. The Greeks told of Rhea, wife of Cronus, who gave birth to an enormous array of famous mythological children including Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Demeter, and Hestia. The Babylonians had Ishtar, who was often depicted as riding upon the back of a lion. Cybele, the Mountain Mother, was another goddess connected with the wild beasts of the forest. The Greek story of Atalanta is quite graphic in portraying a goddess abandoned by her father, who becamse fiercely athletic and competitive with men. These themes of the struggle with the father imago, and a need to conquer or tame the fierce natural instinctual nature through a controlled use of the will, weave themselves in and out of so many of these ancient stories.

Kathleen Burt in her Archetypes of the Zodiac retells a more Eastern mythic tale from India, which I feel depicts more clearly the spiritual challenges of the sign. This is the story of Prahlad, the devoted one, who in his encounter with Narasimha, Lord Vishnu’s incarnation as the man-lion, proves that any Leo can prevail irregardless of birth or physical attributes.

Prahlad, like so many Leo’s, had big-time father issues. In this case, his father was a giant named Hiryana-Kasipu, which means ‘golden fleece’ in Sanskrit. The giant theme in myths truly shows how tiny children must see their adult mentors. To Prahlad, his father was quite evil because Hiryana-Kaipu felt that Prahlad didn’t deserve to inherit his kingdom because he considered him to be weak and less courageous than his younger brother. There was even the suspicion that his father was trying to kill him in order to give the throne to his brother. Therefore Prahlad began to pray most ardently to Vishnu for hours on end. He continued to pray vigilantly even when made fun of by his father, who truly was trying to poison him out of existence. Vishnu finally said he really couldn’t help him because Brahma had already given his father a boon of protection against death from enemies, man or beast, indoors or out, by weapons made by humans, gods or demons, in daytime or night. Quite an airtight boon!

Undaunted, Prahlad continued to pray until Vishnu, convinced by his determination, faith, and courage, appeared as a man-lion by jumping out of a pillar on the patio of the palace at twilight and killed Golden Fleece with one claw. We see here that the boon was effectively by-passed as Vishnu was neither man nor beast nor god, the time of day was neither day nor evening, the patio was neither indoors nor outdoors, and the claw was not a weapon made by men, gods, or demons. Was this creative or what?!!

The throne thus belonged to Prahlad, whose long-time courage and fasting had reduced him to a mere wraith, yet he had gained mastery of his fears through the superb test of his pride and courage. It is this internal fortitude that is the spiritual mastership of the sign. Prahlad’s test was really an emotional one in the face of his pain of rejection by his father and the ordeal of getting Vishnu to even hear him out. He became a very good and wise king who stayed with his kingdom, which is characteristic of Leo’s ability to keep the course. Deeper spiritual meanings can be gleaned from this story; for example the pillar, which Vishnu emerged from, is symbolic of the spine, the center of the energy-chakra system whereby power is transmitted.

Once Leos have mastered themselves from within, they are truly fit to be kings or queens. This obviously takes courage, faith, and long perseverance.


Over the years working with many Leo types, I’ve come to the conclusion that a few qualities are absolutely necessary for them to have a good relationship with another. They are mutual respect, loyalty, and their right to maintain some aspect of sovereignty. Notice I do not say domination, though Leo’s, like Aries, are often accused of being too bossy. Leo’s need to feel that they have some dominion over that which they are sovereign, whether it be their home, or a portion of it, their work, or their creative pursuits. They also need to feel respected and feel respect for their mate. The partner who fulfills these qualifications, will be amply rewarded with warmth, affection, and some very good times. Leos, like all fire signs, love to play and have fun. They enjoy spontaneity and are quite romantic.

A Leo woman can sometimes intimidate men. They often see her as being so strong, self-assured, and decidedly able to manage on her own. Why would she possibly need them? Leos, however, like big cats, need their mate, and they prefer to mate for life if betrayal and dishonesty don’t wound them. Once wounded by such acts, they often lose trust and simply cannot find it in their hearts to forgive and forget, like some of the more mutable sign types are able to do. Pride often prevents them from taking a chance again with the same person, though there are certainly the exceptional ones who will take the risk, perhaps after taking some time to heal privately. Leos also can’t abide subtle tactics of manipulation. They prefer to be bold and upfront in their responses.

Leo’s truly do need the mystical marriage, the inner alchemy between the unconscious and conscious parts of themselves. Once they’ve done the hard inner work, as implied in the Vishnu myth, and conquered and mastered their shadow side, they make truly superb partners full of heart and radiance.


Hubris (or hybris) is the ultimate shadow of this sign. Wanting to be the best, the most outstanding, can lead to a desire to ‘be as the gods’. Many dictators are born under this sign such as Mussolini. The lineage of the Roman Emperors certainly portrays the worst of Leo’s shadow side from Augustus Cesar (founder of the month called August) on. The tyrannical path of such rulers is a saga of son rebelling at the father’s authority, takng the throne, and eventually becoming a tyrant himself.

When the inherent self-centeredness, actually necessary to the heroic quest, drops into the pit of vanity and selfishness, then Leo makes impossible demands on others, which cannot possibly be fulfilled. Arrogance of power is the result. Some very prominent leaders today, who are either Leos, or have Leo rising, are good examples of these more negative traits.

Women are no less exempt from this ‘enfant terrible’ syndrome. Many a family has been fragmented, and cohesiveness has been ruined by a feline hell-cat bent on having her own way at the cost of everyone else.


There are a pantheon of famous Leos historically including Napoleon (The Lion), King Louis XIV; both bigger than life in their adventures, conquests, and theatrical displays of power and glory. One also thinks of Fidel Castro of Cuba who maintained his role at the helm of that tiny island nation for well over a half-a-century.

Madonna, photo by Mario Testino, 1998

Our modern world loves the super-hero where myth, glamor, and rulership often merge and blend with the likes of Bill Clinton and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Hollywood has bred more than its share of superstar actors, like Robert DeNiro, Dustin Hoffman, Christian Slater, Sandra Bullock, and Jennifer Lopez. Super rock stars, that never seem to fade into ignominy, are perennial favorites like Mick Jagger, Madonna, Jerry Garcia, and Whitney Huston. Even bad publicity only fuels greater fame and notoriety for these dazzling mega-stars.

CARL GUSTAV JUNG, Leo Personified

C.G. Jung, born a Leo on July 26, 1875, personified the outstanding traits of nobility, masculine leadership, and a far-reaching influence in our understanding of the psyche through his chosen field of psychology. True to the Leonine path, Jung was most interested in the development of the Solar Path involving active, conscious participation and the use of one’s own will and understanding in the development of the Self.

His initial struggle with the archetypal father was dramatic. Freud, considered the ‘father of psychology’, was his mentor and friend until they split asunder, never to truly heal the schism between Freud’s more instinctual and sexually based theories of the id, ego, and super-ego (Freud was a Taurus), and Jung’s psychology of Individualism. Here is his own definition of Individuation “…a psychological process that makes of a human being an ‘individual’,—a unique, indivisible unit or ‘whole person.'”


Jung’s own personal journey of individuation was beautifully written in his famous Memories, Dreams, and Reflections. Certainly a key to the individuation process is the ability to self-reflect. Jung developed the concept of psychological archetypes: “components of the collective unconscious that serve to organize, direct, and inform human thought and behavior.” (Wikipedia) His level of definition of the unconscious was much richer and broader in scope than Freud’s more Victorian and misogynist view. Truly Jung was a giant light bringing the possibility of wholeness of being to each individual if they were willing to delve into their own, as well as their collective unconscious. Through his work on what he termed ‘the Shadow’ archetype, each person had the opportunity to explore all the cast off, repressed parts of the conscious self, which could potentially create harm if projected onto others, or acted out unconsciously. Once these rejected parts of the greater Self were brought into the light of consciousness, they could potentially be re-claimed and thus turned into treasures to be utilized for creativity and conscious self-expression


Perhaps, as Kathleen Burt suggests, Neptune is exalted in Leo. Jung certainly encouraged mysticism, and was far-ranging in his study of astrology, alchemy, mythology, art, literature, world religion, and philosophy. Dream-work, the study of the unconscious symbolic realm, is the Neptunian place where the gold is often found in inner work, as are the various meditative techniques that lead to both self-reflection and ultimately illumination. When merged with positive Neptunian qualities, Leo can truly enter into co-creativity with the Divine, and shine luminous and sublime as an inspired and compassionate ‘heart of gold’.

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2 Chalsie Flannery { 09.30.08 at 4:36 pm }


So nice to have you back with us. It was great to run into you at the postal place as I’ve been wanting to see you and welcome you back. When you come back from Ireland, I’d love to have a reading. Enjoy. Love,

3 Dyllis { 10.27.08 at 12:05 pm }

Thanks for writing this.

4 Petar Vujevic { 12.18.08 at 11:53 am }


5 Anonymous { 03.03.10 at 9:56 am }

wazz up people

6 Clark Polachek { 12.23.13 at 5:30 pm }

You sure do make a Leo like myself feel very appreciated. Thank you, lovely Geminian lady.


7 Genevieve Vierling { 12.24.13 at 3:51 pm }

Clark, It’s because you Leos always know how to make the rest of us feel good too! Actually, I’m a Pisces, but I do have a lot of Gemini in my chart as well as some Leo. 🙂 Quite frankly, we need ALL the signs to make the circle whole.

8 Clark Polachek { 12.25.13 at 11:17 am }

Oh, wow, thank you! Why is it that many Pisces individuals have a lot of either Gemini or Aquarius in their charts?

They’ve always been somewhat enigmatic and hard to read individuals.

9 Clark Polachek { 12.25.13 at 11:17 am }

Sorry for that mishap, lovely Piscean lady! <3

10 Genevieve Vierling { 12.27.13 at 2:23 pm }

Hello Clark,
To answer your question regarding Pisces having a lot of Gemini or Aquarius planets: Mercury and Venus never move far from the Sun, so each sign will have those planets either in the sign itself, the sign right before, or the sign right after depending on the degree of the Sun. So Pisces may have Mercury/Venus either in Pisces, Aquarius (the sign before), or Aries (the sign after). Having Gemini planets for a Pisces must be taken on an individual by individual basis. If outer planets were in that sign, all Pisces would have those Gemini planets as well. I hope this answers, in part, your question. 🙂

11 ThePaganSun { 07.08.14 at 6:52 am }

It was a fairly good article but it could’ve been better. Leo’s are more than just monarchs or dramatists. They’re also very physical a, dominant, extroverted, and powerful. They also have a fierce temper when provoked. In addition to actors and singers, they also make great athletes.

12 Genevieve Vierling { 07.10.14 at 3:30 pm }

Thanks for pointing out more of the salient features of Leo, Marrissa. You sound quite familiar with the sign!

13 ThePaganSun { 07.08.14 at 6:59 am }

Oh. And although some astrologers this week Neptune is exalted in Leo, many others think it’s too watery and introverted and unrealistic a planet for Leo and instead have Leo be exalted in Pluto which admits Leo’s capacity for darkness and follows the old Sun myths about the sun gods going to the underworld. Pluto is better as Leo’s exaltation than Neptune.

14 Genevieve Vierling { 07.10.14 at 3:37 pm }

Well, that is one astrologer, Kathleen Burt, expressing Neptune in Leo’s exaltation. Quite frankly, the outer planets were never considered in these old classical rules of rulership, fall, exaltation, and detriment, so it’s still being debated by astrologers as to Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus’ roles. Many people see Pluto as a watery planet even though we know it is icy cold that far from the Sun. Lots of projection certainly is applied when working with these themes. The myths give us some clues, but WHEN the planets are discovered give us additional clues as to their meaning.

15 ThePaganSun { 07.15.14 at 1:22 pm }

Thanks! LOL…well, I should hope so. I am one and have taken some classes on Greco-Roman astrology. I’m studying to be a classicist.

Oh, I see. Well that was traditional astrology before the outer planets were discovered and now that they’re discovered, they should keep in the spirit and essense of astrology which is balance and the signs that didn’t tradtionally have exaltations (Leo, Aquarius, and Scorpio) should be given the outer planets. Most astrologers already agree with Uranus for Scorpio so then Pluto should go to Leo and Neptune for Aquarius (the “Water-Bearer”). Thus, all the signs would be balanced again.

16 Paul { 07.21.14 at 9:00 pm }

Speaking of Neptune and, in a lesser degree, Leo. My natal chart states that I have a strong degree of the aspect Neptune square Sun. I then read about it on, an amazing website, and realized it was one of my biggest shortcomings.
Are there any strongpoints to this aspect? I myself don’t see any…

17 Genevieve Vierling { 07.22.14 at 6:00 am }

Paul—I would have to see your chart and its overall patterns and intricacies to answer this comprehensively, but Mr. Obama is a public example of this aspect. He is both admired and loathed as a public figure, but we do know he suffers from the ‘missing father’ which colors much of his psyche in this life. It means that you must find your own inner compass more or less as a mystic. Neptune is a call to something beyond the physical realm usually and only deep inner introspection and spiritual inner work really will satisfy. Artists often have this signature. I see it as spiritual strength once the incarnating soul has made some real sacrifices to live out their true purpose without looking to the world for validation. It is beyond anything the ego can bring and requires absolute trust in stillness where something vaster opens up and is known. Francis the Healer has it. I had a healing with him recently and he has an absolute trust in his inner voice and works tirelessly to help others. Remember, squares are challenges but yield strength once harnessed.

18 ThePaganSun { 11.28.17 at 6:19 pm }

Thanks again for your response, Genevieve! But I do think that the connection between Leo and Pluto (and Leo’s fiercer qualities and physicality) should be explored in the future!

19 Genevieve Vierling { 11.28.17 at 7:19 pm }

Marissa—Have you written about this anywhere? When Pluto was in the sign of Leo during WWII and thereafter we had a tremendous outpouring of creative power going forth to rebuild. I’m also struck by all the Pluto in Leo performers born during that time that have continued to hold forth well into this decade such as The Rolling Stones. The fierceness that you mention also for me translates into boldness and even audacity. Please share more. I’m intrigued by your comments!

20 ThePaganSun { 11.28.17 at 10:07 pm }

Thanks for responding so quickly!

I’ve commented briefly on other sites about Leo and Pluto, but not extensively although another astrologer is letting me help them edit a section.

And yes, I agree that creativity did expand when Pluto was in Leo, but also violence, war, and power (atomic bomb was invented in this time) and those qualities are also very Leonine. Sadly, in either an attempt to not offend Leos (like Scorpio’s reputation did with Scorpios) or because of the emphasis of the warmth and noble aspects, some modern astrologers forget that Leo has inherent ferocity and power as the lion and only natural predator of the Western Zodiac.

It was also the only sign in ancient astrology that was characterized as both “bestial” (prefers primal instincts over higher reasoning) and fully “feral” (capable of savage and destructive behavior when angered). Leo can be either the creative star or the destructive black hole.

In fact, Leo’s origin as the Nemean Lion really speaks to his more destructive capabilities and why he’s regarded as Pluto’s exaltation by many astrologers. In one ancient version, the Nemean Lion was said to have dedicated the bones of all the people he slaughtered to Hades.

So that’s why I hope that Leo’s more aggressive qualities are further explored in the wider astrological community as an inherent part of Leo’s character. Much like Scorpio’s “sting” is a part of it, and Aries’ and Taurus’ aggressive horns are part of them, so too are Leo’s ferocious teeth and claws part of its nature.

Thanks for being so willing to chat and discuss these things with me!

21 Genevieve Vierling { 11.29.17 at 7:29 pm }

I am more than impressed Marrissa! Thank you for sharing. It’s not an easy thing to tackle the shadow side of brightest ‘Sun’ Leo! You’ve done an admirable job, and it brings a flood of memories up for me. My mother-in-law was a very devout Leo Catholic. I was staying with her and my father-in-law for about a month with my two young children one summer. She was in her bedroom saying the rosary. I was just sitting in their small living room and her husband had the TV on but was nodding out. An old film ‘East of Eden’ with James Dean was on the tube. All of a sudden she came storming out like a ‘ferocious and feral’ animal (to use your words). She lit into me with a storm of words haranguing me for watching such smut and ‘how dare I do this in her home’ etc. etc. I was dumb-founded to say the least, but then I finally saw what my husband had dealt with through-out his childhood. She once told him she’d rather see him ‘dead at her feet’ than commit a mortal sin. Yow! So I”m putting a real life anecdote to your well-written description of this other side of Leo. Thank you!! I really need to look at her chart again and see where Pluto factored in. I’ll happily accept any other comments you might have so my readers can become more enlightened. 🙂

22 ThePaganSun { 01.09.18 at 12:57 am }

Thanks! And you’re very welcome! And yeah that’s true. I suppose Leo is usually a rather bright, kind, and charming personality. And I suppose most modern astrologers think highlighting our fiercer qualities will either offend Leos or give Leo a dark overall reputation like it did to Scorpio. But it’s the lion of the Zodiac and its only natural predator. And just like Scorpio’s stinger is an integral part of it, Leo’s claws and teeth are part of it too.

By refusing or ignoring our fiercer and more powerful qualities, it makes us seem too “soft” and more similar to kittens rather than the mighty, fierce lions we are.

Whoa! Really? That’s intense! And yeah, it sounds as though she did incorporate many of Leo’s negative traits (stubborn, dogmatic, fierce, overly dominant, tempermental). That’s tough. So sorry you and your husband had to go through that. Hopefully, things will be much smoother for you guys?

Aw, thanks again. I’m so glad that you found my comments useful and I hope your readers will find it useful as well.

I just hope that other modern astrologers will start describing Leo as what it is: both powerful and compassionate, both fierce and warm, feral and regal, creative and destructive. 😉♌

23 Genevieve Vierling { 01.25.18 at 8:09 pm }

Hi again Marrissa—–You know this sign well! Much appreciated that you are willing to share with us all the fuller, more comprehensive qualities of Leo. I personally love most of the Leos I’ve come in contact with, which is quite a few! They ARE bold and stylish I have found. They are also quite generous. I do feel they reward loyalty. I’ve also found that Leos often like to be with another Leo. At least I know two such couples in that category. Neither couple live together however. They each need to maintain their own den it would seem. What do you think on that subject Marrissa?

24 ThePaganSun { 01.09.18 at 2:18 am }

Also, while Prahlad himself in some ways connect with Leo (although the sign itself is hardly “weak”), I find a much stronger connection in Vishnu’s avatar, Narasimha, who in trying to protect his follower, had to use his feral qualities and kill a demon! That’s more aligned with Leo than a little prince waiting around for someone else save him which isn’t Leo’s style.

Interestingly, in a Shiva-based follow-up story, it’s said that after killing the demon, Narasimha was still so consumed with rage he kept rampaging and killing. Shiva sent two lieutenants to stop him but they were no match and finally Shiva himself had to take another form (part eagle, part human, and ironically, part lion) called Sharabha to subdue Narasimha, although Shiva worshippers refute this and regard it as another form of Vishnu.

But although I still think that the best mythical portrayal of Leo is the original Greek Nemean Lion version because it highlights Leo’s incredible strength, near invincibility, and destructiveness (all of which modern astrology needs to do a better job of describing); one thing I really like about using Vedic portrayals is that often times the “good” characters and “bad” characters are one in the same. Although Shiva is usyally associated with destruction and Vishnu with sustaining and protecting the universe, BOTH Gods have aspects of compassion and ferocity. And indeed in actuality, both Gods (along with the creator God Brahma) are said to be themselves aspects of the ultimate one divinity, Brahman.

So I can see all of this incorporated in Leo and in ways, in the entire Zodiac.

25 Genevieve Vierling { 01.25.18 at 8:11 pm }

I’m sorry that I didn’t post your comments sooner Marrissa! I got busy this January I admit. So thank you, again, for your contribution on my blog. The myths are fascinating, and you’ve ferreted out some excellent ones. Much appreciated!!

26 ThePaganSun { 02.25.18 at 8:13 pm }

No problem! I’ve had a lot on my plate too.

But while I guess the whole “generous, bold, creative, warm, etc.” might seem to be compliments, I still find that they are too soft to properly describe Leo which is also a powerful, fierce, courageous, aggressive, passionate, and strong sign. These qualities should’ve been better explored in modern astrology which seems to try to tame Leo into this show kitty rather than accept it for the powerful creature it is: a mighty lion and nothing less.

And yes, Leo’s do sometimes need our own space. This goes back to the old idea that we rule over forests and mountains and deserts which means we do love the outdoors and our alone time. So astrollogers get it wrong when they claim we constantly want attention.

We are the warrior-kings and conquerors of the Zodiac.

You’re very welcome and thanks again for being so open and understanding!

27 Genevieve Vierling { 02.25.18 at 10:34 pm }

Ah Marrissa!—–I like your style and verbalizing what you know as your own truth as a Leo. Funny, but I was just looking up Danielle Steel, that famous romance novelist. My husband used to know her as a client in San Francisco for many years. Sure enough; she has a stellium in Leo—Mercury, Pluto, Saturn, Venus, and Sun. Pow! She had SEVEN children on top of writing close to 200 novels. All that Leo in square to Jupiter in Scorpio no less. That is one driven Leo woman. Married 5 times too. I feel she’s a great example of what you are writing about. Her fixed pattern, of course, is that she is formulaic in her structure and never, ever writes about us common folks as she was born into wealth and created it. Even married the guy who owned the world’s biggest yacht; the Maltese Falcon. The grand-scale life of a ‘powerful, fierce, courageous, aggressive, passionate’ Leo. Thanks for stating that so clearly.

28 ThePaganSun { 09.06.18 at 5:53 pm }

Hi again!

Wow, that’s pretty awesome! Good for her…I guess? Although it’s a bit of a shame that she doesn’t write about common people though.

But well, while that’s all great…material wealth wasn’t quite what I meant when I said Leo is powerful, fierce, aggressive, etc. I think I meant that physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, Leos are strong. While we can be kind, just like lions, we don’t let people push us around. And that’s the side of us modern astrologers should emphasize.

Thanks again.

29 Genevieve Vierling { 09.09.18 at 4:13 pm }

Hello again to you as well! Do people REALLY push Leos around? I’ve yet to see that in my circle of clients/friends. :). I do write about some pretty awesome Leos in my latest article and they are pretty much ‘self-made’ women. Yes, Danielle Steele was already born into privilege; you are right.

30 Cherry Blossom { 06.20.20 at 2:46 am }

Hi Genevieve! Love your articles and readings! Two years ago I posted a comment and you were very helpful with your insight. My birthday is 28th of February, 1994 in Yemen, and I’m interest in someone born in August 11, 1990 in Yemen. I’ve always read about how pisces isn’t compatible with Leo, is that the case always? We have mutual friends and one of them want to introduce us to each other but I don’t want to get into another relationship that is doomed to fail especially after my breakup with my fiancé two years ago (5th of May, 1990). I also have someone interest in me at work who’s a Cancer. To be honest, the topic of relationships scare me but I have to move on and your insight would be very helpful! Many thanks!

31 Genevieve A. Vierling { 06.20.20 at 9:29 am }

Dear Cherry Blossom, Thank you for your comments. I hope I am able to help you again. This Leo man is very strong and FIXED in his male energies. That can be highly attractive of course. Prowess we’re talking about, and even charm. He has Moon in Aries which is an independent streak but also a need for a strong woman who is active. He has quite a bit of Cancer energies including his Venus near Jupiter, so he may value family life and nurturance. You have Moon in Libra and you need a social life. Your Pisces energies would certainly complement his Cancer energies and your Venus energies are harmonious, but eventually you would have a ‘power struggle’ as evidenced by the squares between your mutual Mars. Even so he might be attracted to your intellectual strength yet you might never completely see eye to eye. I guess it boils down to whether or not you wish a ‘dominant-type’ male even if he is charming!! Pisces usually does the ‘adjusting’ to Leo who stays fixed no matter what the situation as a rule. Finally, I see a ‘karmic’ connection between you two. He will pull you into the past, but you may help him to grow.

32 Cherry Blossom { 06.23.20 at 12:50 am }

Thanks Genevieve for the reply! So I get from your comment that the chance of a successful relationship with this Leo is low? What about Cancer, 30 June 1995 in Yemen? Do you see it as a successful relationship?

33 Genevieve A. Vierling { 06.25.20 at 1:31 pm }

Dear Cherry Blossom, Your Cancer male is much more harmonious from an astrological perspective. Your Suns are in a nice trine in Water meaning you will re-energize each other. Your Moons are also harmonious. He has the Fire you seek but less difficult to work with. Your Mercury’s are also in harmony in Air signs meaning you can communicate and you say he’s a work colleague. AND your Mars is in harmony with his Venus while your Venus is opposite his Mars giving green lights of love and ardor. His chart shows a lot of gifts and his struggles/challenges in life are doable because he’s adaptable. Good luck!!

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