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Handling Mercury Retrograde

Mercury, by B.A.Vierling

Here it is again, another Mercury Retrograde period is upon us. Mercury ‘turned tail’ on September 24th and will continue to move backwards through the sign of Libra until October 15th when it will turn Stationary Direct at approximately 7 degrees of Libra.

What is the best way to handle this routine rhythm of Mercury? After all, we experience this three times per year on average. The RE words apply nicely. I’m going to list several and invite any of you readers to add to the list:

What is the best attitude to have while doing all of the above? Patience! While in the sign of Libra, we might as well add calm centeredness, poise, diplomacy, and balance.

You may find that you’re doing extra running around as you attempt to deal with the repairs and re-dos of life. Just allow for extra time regardless. I’ll give a personal example: yesterday I was scheduled to have some repair work done on my car at 9:00 am sharp. When I arrived I was informed that they still needed to order the parts and that they would arrive at 2:30 pm. I said I would go to my office and wait for their call when the parts came in. Meanwhile I called PG & E for a service man to come and re-check for a possible gas leak. By 2:30 pm the PG & E man still had not arrived. I waited patiently for the call from the service station and finally at 3:00 pm called them myself. The parts were there. Yeah. As I was going out the door, guess who arrived? The PG & E man. I had to tell him that I couldn’t stay to give him the grand tour, but he was friendly enough since he was substituting for the regular guy anyway. We had a brief pleasant chat and he filled out a service report that said ‘No one at home’. Will call later.

I arrived at the service station by 3:30 pm and discussed the ‘strange weather patterns’ with the lady at the desk until the repairman came out. “You know” he said, “This job is going to take a least 2 hours. Can you come back on Monday?”

“Not a problem” I said. “Can I get here first thing in the morning, and will you be able to drive me to my office?”

“Sure” he said with a smile.

So there you have it, a typical Mercury Retrograde occurrence. It’s not very exciting stuff because maintenance is often boring. In Libra it pays not to get ruffled, stay friendly, and enjoy the conversations. 🙂

I hope some of you will now share your Mercury Retrograde stories because commiseration helps.

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