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Are You In A Fog, Or Experiencing ‘Vision’?

January and February of 2009 have brought us a new wave of Aquarian energy. Here in America we have a new President, Barak Obama, who was born with Aquarius rising in his birth map. This is his basic approach and point of view in life. Aquarians are quite conceptual and like to get the big picture. Millions of people in this country, and perhaps even the world, dare to hope that he will guide our nation out of the enormous mess we are presently in. There are countless mundane astrologers now commenting and writing about the political and economic scene. I subscribe to some of their newsletters, which generally require some money paid. In this blog I primarily am interested in focusing on you, the reader. I intend to give you, freely from my heart, some tools to help you navigate through these wonderous, and—yes—often treacherous times.

Right now we have the Sun, Neptune, and Chiron all conjoining in the later degrees of Aquarius. We have, also, Jupiter and Mars in early Aquarius. By May Jupiter will join Neptune and Chiron and stay in union with their transcendent energies pretty much until the end of the year. Adding further impact to this enormous influx of energy, we have had a series of Eclipses hitting these sensitive points. Go ahead and look at your own birth map and see just where this enormous wave of Aquarian energy is impacting you.

The real question to ask of yourself in whatever arena of life you are facing this powerful wave is, “Am I in a fog and totally confused as to what is going on, and what I should be doing, or am I gaining a true vision, and thus a clear inner sense of a new direction?”

If you find yourself in a fog, then seek help from guidance tools, or others who can give you some objective clarity and advice. Don’t try to out guess all of this and don’t try to conduct ‘business as usual’ in this arena. If you were on a ship at sea, in a vast fog, you would need certain instruments to guide you, and you might even need to radio for help should a crisis occur. This is not a time to be hasty, or feel pressured either. Be cautious and move carefully! Impulsivity is not necessarily the best move when you can’t see the ice berg ahead.

If you can answer honestly that you are not confused, then look to this area of your life for a vision that will now guide you for a long, long time to come. Even in confusion it is a good idea to seek inner guidance through some form of introspection, dream-work, or reverie. This major conjunction of Neptune, Chiron, and Jupiter heralds the potential for powerful messages to come through on levels that are not necessarily ‘of this world’. I don’t say that lightly. When your intention is to become more spiritual and work with the universal forces that are available, it is amazing how quickly they begin to converge, flood your consciousness, and sychronistically open new pathways that you didn’t see before, which you can now enter at will.

How do you differentiate between what is fantasy and what is true vision? Discipline may be a key. You will need the grounding of Saturn to help you maintain focus and keep you responsible where your own dharma (the daily ‘chopping of wood, and carrying of water’) is concerned. Right now Saturn is still in Virgo and it is important to keep adjusting your way of handling this flooding of images, dreams, and revelations with the tasks at hand that still need constant and detailed attention.

I will continue to write about this configuration and gradually define the component parts of it. Chiron, for example, creates great mystery and complexity to an already astounding mixture of changes wrought by the new digital revolutionary world we are finding ourselves in and still uncertain as to both what its benefits and draw-backs will be as we move ahead, and the old, karmic, dynastic grasping hold of elitism and greed that continues to attempt to anesthetize, and thus render ineffective, the masses of humanity at the bottom of the economic pyramid. Something is dissolving and something else is emerging within all of this. Jupiter will enter shortly to inflate and expand it all so that it truly does become bigger than life. This will take place especially during May through July. So keep your Virgoan sensibilities in tact. Don’t wait to be rescued. Learn to be more self-reliant, not less. Learn to make do with less.

Find the beauty and poetry of your life right where you are. Consciously look for it! You may be amazed at the magic that unfolds when you enter that relationship with vision in your daily life. This morning, for example, I was doing the dishes and looking out into the forest surrounding our ‘little red house in the woods’. I saw something so serene and beautiful that I thought it was like a dream. The fir trees were completely covered with snow, and the fog and mists were swirling about. A flicker of movement caught my eye and I saw two beautiful bucks with large racks foraging on the leaves of a fallen cedar tree. They were sensitively alert to every sound, including the running of the water into my sink, but they continued to eat their morning meal peacefully. A simple scene, yes, but one of breathtaking loveliness. I feel so blessed to be living this simple life. We do have to chop our wood and carry water, quite literally. We heat with a wood stove, and because our well is contaminated with arsenic from the old gold mining days here in the Sierra Mountains of California, we have to bring in every drop of water in large bottles, except what is used for washing dishes. This is all perfect, however. The dissolving waters of Neptune brought us to this place, and it is a place of great healing and wholeness for us. It epitomizes for us the energy of this time where co-creation with the natural world allows the infusion of the divine more fully into daily life. There can be heaven on earth. Please hold that vision!

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1 Sabina { 04.17.09 at 7:34 pm }

Just found your site and loving it. In the matter of your lack of water, have you thot of some kind of cistern, like those giant metal ‘tin cans’ you see on top of apt bldgs in NY or in Australia? There are more modern, ‘greener’ models too. At least might help for some of the year. In mtns usually fair amts of rain. ( I’m a meangreenbean Virgo with Virgo rising so can’t seem to help thinking this way.) I too have had the privilege of living closer to nature and I related to both your description of the deer and the wonderful pic header. Thanx so much for doing this.

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