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The Empress Calls Us to Embody our Creative Power

Law 3 (The Empress/Destiny/All Elements): Know that you embody the creative ability to bring what you desire into being.

The Empress represents an embodiment of creative power as you’ll notice most tarot decks portray her as a pregnant figure settled comfortably amongst verdant fields.  When she appears in a reading, her earthy energies can be indicative of fertility and birth, but also they can call you to express your creativity.  It’s easy for women to know their creative purpose as birthing mothers, but perhaps much harder to define creative roles in other capacities.  Creativity takes many forms and can be expressed in many ways, not just in the creation of babies and the arts.  Creativity is simply defined as the ability to bring something into being.  For example, you may have a creative way of thinking or communicating that helps you and others to bring about a solution to a problem.

Empress III

Empress III

The primary block to creativity and the joy it brings is anger as such fiery energy originates from the solar plexus.  Until my thirties, I did not believe I possessed any anger; equally I did not express any great passion towards anything and hardly ever laughed.  Then one day when in the throws of writing a Masters Thesis in International Communications, I hit a mental road block and it so happens I was also experiencing an emotional block with a relationship that was bringing me down.  So, to clear my head, I took a walk near my University and came across these beautiful 14 foot arched windows.  As the room beyond was softly lit, I could see arms gracefully waving about as if magically beckoning me.  As I walked closer I saw a sign that read SynergyDance and as I had been dancing since the age of 5 (though had let academia push it out of my schedule for several years), I was compelled to go in.  In that enchanting place, I immediately signed up for a class and discovered that here I could meld mind, body, heart, and spirit and release all my blockages.

The Empress appeared in my path as the founder and teacher of SynergyDance, Charmaine, an Aries beaming with life-force energy.  She ignited my inner fire with solar-plexus activating movements. The night after my first class, I went home and nearly started a fire when cooking and then soon found myself blazing with a rage at all the wrongs I had witnessed in my path.  SynergyDance helped me to clear an unconscious anger that had been blocked up inside me since my parents divorced when I was one and that had been passively destructive in all of my relationships with men. Soon after, I began to feel the glow of joy to be kindled in my heart.  I vowed to never let dance out of my life again and sought certification to teach this inspiring energizing form of dance.   Twelve years on, I’m still teaching and find myself more joyful and full of laughter and love than ever.  See for further details.

Tap into your creative spark by placing one hand on your temple and the other on your solar plexus (just between your lowest rib and naval) and visualize a sunny spiral of your energy radiating out in the space around you.  Watch what magically comes into being in your life!

March 27, 2009  2 Comments
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1 Lori { 05.16.09 at 6:25 pm }

I wish there was a Synergy Dance place near me 🙁 -I checked and there’s not.
Sounds like a great place to be!

2 Maritza { 04.28.21 at 5:56 pm }

This has brought such insight into what I want to do with my coaching business. I am glad that I found you.

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