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The High Priestess Speaks the Truth to All Who Will Listen

Law 2 – The High Priestess/Destiny/Ether: Believe in a Higher Truth; follow your intuitions.

The High Priestess in the Tarot encourages us to believe in and trust Divine Wisdom. Like Mother Mary, she is typically dressed in blue robes or surrounded by blue light showing the strength of her throat chakra and strong connection to her inner voice and higher truth.  She is also like the Egyptian goddess and eternal virgin, Isis with the crescent moon in her crown to symbolize Divine Feminine energy.  When she appears in a reading, she is calling you to follow your intuitions.

On an extraordinary visit to see one of the Black Madonnas who is kept safely embedded in the side of a cliff in Rocamadour, France, I called on her Divine Wisdom. When I listened in the quiet of the church there, her voice came loud and clear that she would absorb all my doubt and fears in support of me clearing a path for my spiritual work. Whenever I give a tarot reading or teach a Synergy Dance class or workshop, I ask to be a clear and conscious channel for Her Divine Wisdom. At once, I feel the higher truth and energies that are needed at that point in time flowing through me. For me, the High Priestess is a symbolic embodiment of the feminine aspect of the Divine, while the Magician is the more masculine aspect of the same. She guides us to listen to our intuitions. She reminds us that, “We are not humans having a spiritual experience, but Spirit having a human experience.” As such, I can easily call on the High Priestess to be one with me when I do my spiritual work. She is also the Lady of the Blue Light which Genevieve invokes in her work.

High Priestess II

Aleister Crowley's High Priestess

To invoke the High Priestess, you must believe in her. You’ve heard “believe in magic” before. That’s lovely, but then that places magic as something abstract and awesome outside of ourselves that is difficult to grasp. Let’s embrace the concept of magic a little more closely by changing our perspective a bit. Let’s say, “Believing is Magic.”  Many of us choose to believe in a Grander Divine Wisdom, call it God, Goddess, Great Spirit, The Source, Allah, Buddha or Whatever. Even if you just believe in being the best person you can be, that is enough. Just believe in something and you’ll find that believing is magic as Disney has purported.

The power comes does not come from the object of your belief, but from the very act of giving something your complete and utter trust and energy. Once you realize that you give whatever you believe in power, you begin to understand that the power comes from your own giving. You are the source of the magic and power. Let’s take the simple concept of the placebo. Studies have shown that when patients are given a placebo, they are often healing from whatever ailment they believed that placebo was supposed to heal. People tend to put down placebos for this reason. But so what if it is a placebo if it works. Moreover, the placebo effect demonstrates how effective the power of our beliefs are. So go on and believe in miracles, dreams coming true…after all what have you to lose? You have everything to gain!

If you employ your power of belief, you will be well on your way to living a magical reality. I believe in a magical reality, therefore my reality is magical.

The other day a friend that I had not seen nor heard from in 20 years popped into my head. I had not even thought of her for years. I googled her on the internet and discovered that as well as being in the communications field working on water supply sustainability projects (in synchronicity with my other line of work), she had become a singer/songwriter with the band Mary O. Harrison and the Tiny Tears and they had just produced an album. Naturally, I then eagerly went on to listen to her tunes. When I heard her sing, “Where’s Charlotte Anne?” I could not help but think that she was singing about me and I got what I call the tears of truth in my eyes (a sign that I’m on the right track). So, I then emailed her simply to share my delight that I had found her and wanted to celebrate her creative achievement. I did not mention a word about that song lest she thought I was completely vain. Well after a couple emails went back and forth between us confirming we were on similar wavelengths, she shared with me that she had written the song about me. Now this incident is just one of many in my life that validates that there is much more magic to the Universe than is obvious. No doubt I heard her singing to me in the ether.

Clearly, intuition meets fact! This sort of experience demonstrates what the High Priestess is all about. You must stop and listen to your own inner voice prompting you to reach out and reach higher. What you learn will be a magical surprise!

My next posting will be on The Empress.

March 13, 2009  2 Comments
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1 Marissa Selman { 03.15.09 at 2:40 pm }

‘tears of truth in my eyes’ – that’s the first time i can put those tears into words, thank you for the space to see that all is well and all has a Divine Purpose . I am noticing my inner glow getting stronger as I read your work and look forward to y0ur next writing.

2 Lori { 05.16.09 at 6:33 pm }

My favorite saying is, “The eyes are the windows to the soul”–and how true that is.
Inspiring work and job well done, Danielle…thank you for sharing!

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