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Venus Retrograde in Aries


Who do you love and why? What gives you pleasure? What do you truly value? What is your own value? How are your assets doing? These are questions to get serious about soon!

Venus turns Retrograde at 15 degrees, 27 minutes of Aries on March 6th. For the next six weeks she will take us back through Aries to the very last degree of Pisces where she will turn, pause ,and then turn direct on April 17th. She will then dance forward through the same degrees and finally move on by May 21st, leaving Aries on June 6th.

Aries is a Mars ruled sign full of spunk, adventure, playfulness, and impulsiveness. Aries also carries the ‘shadow’ of insecurity. Aries is trying to get a grip on Selfhood and the Will to Be. As Venus draws our attention deeper into the mysteries of this archetype it may be a good idea to more carefully become conscious of our values and affinities wherever these degrees of Aries fall in our own natal birth map. Pay attention, also, to the aspects Venus will make to your own energies. Will she be helpful or challenging? Will she spark you, or create further anxiety and hesitancy due to an inner feeling of self-doubt or unworthiness?

If you’re having relationship troubles, the real question to ask is “Am I worth being loved and honored for who I am? Is this relationship supportive of the best I can be?” Remember, this is Aries talking, not Libra. If you are being true to your authentic self you will automatically want to relate from a place of love for others.

If you’re having money woes you might want to ask you yourself, ” Am I earning and spending money with integrity? Does this money/asset situation bring me more satisfaction or am I still feeling a gnawing hunger for something more? Is someone else just ripping me off and draining me for their gain? Am I giving more than I am receiving here?”

Given these themes, Venus Retrograde is a good time to release what simply has no value to you. Retrograde times always call for reassessment, re-evaluation, re-doing. Aries likes action, but this will be the worst of all times for impulse buying, or impulsive infatuations. Think before you leap! Simply slow down your action level where all relationship and money issues are concerned. Be thoughtful for your own sake during these next six weeks. Take care of yourself.

Keep in mind that traditionally major investments made during Venus Retrograde may take a very very long time to return a profit, if ever. Real estate investments may be fraught with problems especially if Venus is in a challenging aspect to the Moon at the time of purchase. This is also not a good time to start a new source of income. It is wiser to use this time to re-vamp existing ventures or lay out the planning stage for new ventures.


Let’s look briefly at an example of how this process looks for the United States of America. This is a collective entity, so we are looking at the population of citizens as a whole rather than separate individuals.

Venus Retrograde will be occurring in the 4th house arena of this nation’s birth map. This translates to the roots, the Earth support systems, and the homes and families of the real people that constitute the ‘united’ states. This also implies big-time security issues on all these levels. The people are getting a message to re-evaluate what is valuable and matters bottom-line to them at this deepest of basic levels. Money issues are getting down to survival themes now. Venus through Aries will spark nearly every point of America’s energy field. She will be in challenging aspects to the Sun (Life force/purpose), Jupiter (Wealth and outreach), and Venus (Values/Relationships/Money). She will also be in opposition to Saturn (Government/Authority) and finally reach further challenging aspects to Mercury (Communication networks/multiple ideologies) and Pluto (Hidden/Secret and controlling powers). After three more months of this will there be further stirrings of anger? Maybe even outrage? Anger is motivating, so let’s hope it is that rather than despondency and depression.

Venus in Aries likes to act. The American people may be asking if all actions taken are truly benefiting them. Should they be taking more grass roots action? Hopefully they will be re-evaluating their values and aligning them with action that is purposeful and meaningful and ‘For the People and By the People”. Venus moving through the 4th arena gives a message that “We the People” does matter, and the needs of the common “family” need to be met with a renewed pioneering spirit.

Hopefully this has given you some ideas and sparked your enthusiasm for looking at your own life as we experience a Venus Retrograde that only occurs once every 18 months, and the last time it was dancing retrograde in Aries was in March of 2001.

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1 Karuna Hodgson { 03.06.09 at 1:07 pm }

Hi Genevieve,

So glad you’re keeping your blog going. I always enjoy the insight you share.

Love, Karuna

2 Greg Marino { 03.06.09 at 4:16 pm }

Please keep writing these blogs. I so look forward to them. Best Wishes, Greg

3 draco { 10.15.09 at 5:33 pm }

love to read blogs and learn from them. i believe that the dollar bill holds many secrets of what lies ahead it also relates to our network. in wikipedia incyclopedia you can find it under the wedjat eye or the eye of horus. there also a website called kalmecak. c o m i have a weird way of putting the puzzle together in just information. the goldencircle appear 7 yrs ago in one of my pictures. check it out on you tube under the zodiac guy. also the chapter six chance and choice in the school of wisdom website. all zodiac related. a must see information. thanks you guys for sharing comments.

4 draco { 10.15.09 at 5:40 pm }

forgot to share my dob. 1 april 76 aries rule by mars/venus born at 11:00 am landing at 30 degrees retrograde. i believe as an ascendant. weird landing:)
trian.gulum33 at hml if you wish to know more about me.

5 Genevieve { 10.17.09 at 7:50 am }

You Aries people really keep the rest of us on our toes. Thanks for sharing.

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