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Vernal Equinox 2009


Happy beginning of spring to you! I would ordinarily wish you a bouncy leap into the new zodiacal year with a soft landing, but this year’s planetary configuration admonishes great caution as the collective mistakes of the past threaten to overwhelm any of our attempts to begin with innocence or impulsiveness. Especially be prudent in all matters financially and of the heart. Please take the time to seriously contemplate how your actions may impact not just your own life, but the lives of others. New starts this year require a much greater valuing of responsibility for what you set in motion.

March 20th, 2009 highlights another turn of the great celestial wheel as we in the northern hemisphere begin the first day of spring. The day force and the night force are for a very brief moment equal in length as the Sun, at O degree of Aries, launches the surge needed to leap into spring with growing verve and ardor. The peak of this individuated growth momentum will not be fully realized until the summer solstice arrives at O degree of Cancer around the 20th of June when the day force achieves its summit. This is an oft repeated cycle in our earthly journey around the Sun.

What makes each pivotal point unique from any other are the planetary configurations that accompany them. The Spring Equinox chart is traditionally drawn up for the capital city of the country where one resides. Zero degree of Aries, as the beginning point of the zodiacal year, shows the new cycle about to begin. The national themes for the coming year are clearly seen, especially by paying close attention to what is crossing any of the angles of the equinox chart. Check out your favorite mundane astrologer for a look at what lies ahead for the country in which you reside. I generally read for both commentary on the USA, and other key countries. Both France and Great Britain are impacted strongly this year, according to Nancy, the administrator.

I encourage you to also look at your own individual birth map and see where O degree Aries falls. Every year at the vernal equinox this point in your own energetic field is activated. This is where you need to look to see what kind of fiery boost you’re getting to jump-start into your own process of individual unfolding. In fact, it’s a good idea to track the Sun’s passage around your own birth map wheel each year. The Sun will highlight and radiate energy to each arena as it passes through. This is another good way to plan your year.

I’ll give you some examples: If you have O degree Aries falling in your 5th house arena of creativity/romance/pleasure/fun, this is the new beginning point of creative projects for you this year. It may also be the best time of the year for you to take a vacation and relax. By having fun, new creative impulses will come more fully alive for you. If you have O degree Aries in your 10th house of career/public life/ family responsibilities, this is more a time of generating your power to influence and impact other people’s lives. This is a good time to be in the public eye and stay focused on your career goals and what you want to achieve, therefore not a time to lay back and rest on your laurels. A third example is O degree Aries in the 12th house of retreat/spiritual understanding/healing service to others/karmic completions. Inner focus is called for and perhaps greater communion with your spiritual guidance system as well as nature. This may be a time each year to gain inner inspiration prior to when the Sun will actually cross over your ascendant and energize you to carry out that vision.

Remember, the O degree Aries point is the point in your own birth map where you start fresh. It is your own spontaneous combustion point.

What marks this year as different from any other year in your life cycle is the position of Pluto at 3 degrees of Capricorn in a dynamic square (90 degrees) to the O degree Aries point. Much commentary is being made by mundane astrologers about the significance of this energy and how it impacts both large nations and the world. Pluto, as a collective archetype, is anything but young, innocent, and full of playful exuberance. As you can see from this equinox chart for the USA, Pluto is at the zenith (MC) of the chart and directly squaring not only the Sun in the 12th house (spiritual understanding/karmic completions), but also the Ascendant (persona)and Venus (money and values) retrograde. Mighty tensions are at work to transform the entire structural system of this nation and people’s comforts and values, not to mention their pocketbooks, are being directly and intensely impacted.

Try to see where in your own life, by looking at your chart and the placement of transiting Pluto, this intense dynamic of transformation is going on. Not all of you are being directly challenged by Pluto as a transit to energies (planets) in your birth map. We astrologers can see this as we counsel our clients. For this moment in time, however, each and every one of us is getting a direct hit to the sensitive O degree Aries point. That may be an astrological explanation for why this is a global phenomenon.

The plutonian process often includes implosion as a meltdown occurs before a transformative rebirth. This process is intense. Pluto also correlates with the birth process taking place within the birth canal when all of the contractions are going on. Think contraction. The contractions get more and more intense as the birth becomes more imminent. Plutonian forces have an all or nothing quality to them. When you are giving birth (you mothers know what I’m talking about), or being born (all of you experiences this unless born ceascerian) you can’t say, “Stop! I’m not ready yet, or I’m going back the other way.” There is no turning back now. A great, intense, birthing process is upon each and every one of us collectively.

Pause and ponder what I have said. Pluto takes 248 years to move around the Sun. It reaches the pivotal solstice and equinox points infrequently during that large cycle, but when it does hit exactly great and momentous events occur because these are the Cardinal points mirroring new beginnings and actions.

Carefully look, again, at what new actions you need to take that really matter. Pluto in Capricorn is demanding that you take responsibility for these actions rather than playing the fool. If you want to begin something make sure it encompasses more than just yourself. This is not a time for self-serving interests. We, as part of the greater whole, are now faced with the increasing realization that whatever we do needs to include regeneration for the benefit of all rather than further destruction because we’re only concerned with our own selfish gains. This requires a very thoughtful approach without illusions, and it requires sometimes painful self-scrutiny, but the final result will be responsible actions which lead to the benefit of everyone, not just the few.

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1 Lori { 05.16.09 at 6:30 pm }

Great ideas, thanks again! Ill be loooking at my chart for HOURS now, trying to decipher it all, lol! (Thats ok!)

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