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Posts from — April 2009

The Hierophant Bestows Heaven on Earth

Law 5 (The Hierophant/Taurus /Earth): Ask for what you desire/need from your heart and know that it can be reality. Ask and you shall receive.—

The Hierophant, in a reading, serves as validation that you can attain what you want if you clearly ask for it and have unwavering faith … [read more]

April 24, 2009  1 Comment
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Understanding Your Relationships


This article is the beginning of a long series on relationships. Astrology is such a great tool for understanding others in a more comprehensive way. Whether it is a primary love relationship, a family relationship, a work-related relationship, or even a relationship with a company or an established institution like … [read more]

April 17, 2009  4 Comments
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The Emperor Commands Us to Be Responsible for Our Own Actions

Law 4 (The Emperor/Aries/Fire): Take charge of yourself; move forward with confidence.

The Emperor IV

The Emperor of the Tarot represents absolute authority as he sits confidently upon a throne. He also symbolizes an expression of male energy. Most men innately have a drive to take action to get or win what they … [read more]

April 9, 2009  2 Comments
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A Sky Burst From Aquarius

Aquarius, by artist B.A.Vierling

It’s not easy to describe the astounding mixture of energies beginning to burst forth through the sign of Aquarius for the next several months. Neptune passing through this sign since 1998 has also been joined by Chiron and Jupiter. These three energies will merge tightly in May and June of … [read more]

April 4, 2009  4 Comments
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