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The Hierophant Bestows Heaven on Earth

Law 5 (The Hierophant/Taurus /Earth): Ask for what you desire/need from your heart and know that it can be reality. Ask and you shall receive.—

The Hierophant

The Hierophant

The Hierophant, in a reading, serves as validation that you can attain what you want if you clearly ask for it and have unwavering faith that you deserve to receive it. You can have heaven on earth. Creative visualization is the key here to bringing about a magical reality. If you can clearly picture what you want to bring into your life, then you can bring it into being. The challenge is getting crystal clear about your desire, whether it is for material gain or an intangible value like love. Once you get what you want, you may realize that it may not satisfy you as expected. You may have been more engaged by the act of creating than the creation itself and then find yourself bored and wanting to pursue yet another goal or dream. For example, my oldest daughter always has a creative project in the works and as soon as the artwork or display of her talent is completed, she has no attachment to it and goes onto the next one.

As a Taurus, the earthy sign that rules the physical world and governs the Hierophant energy, I innately have a knack for manifesting what I want. So when I have wanted to manifest the perfect living space for example, I have written down all of the qualities I would like to have to make them more tangible, i.e. lots of natural light, wooden floors, a garden, security, good heating, etc. and then read the list to myself for several days while I picture this perfect place. Well then, “voilà”, the agent soon shows me the ideal place. After moving in, however, I realize that I’ve left several things I wanted off my list and forgot to picture them, i.e. a big bathtub and plenty of storage space. So, for the next time I’m ready to move I must refine my list and be even more careful and exact in what I put down on paper and picture to avoid any regrets. Again to know what you want, you must know yourself (see my previous posting on the Magician) and what you like which is learned over time with experience. Of course, what you like changes over time as well, so there will always be refinements to your affirmations and visualizations.

When you cannot decide what you want or are confused about what is the best path or course of action to take, the Hierophant may emerge in a reading to guide you. When I was uncertain whether I wanted to have a second child beyond the recommended 35 year mark, having so many other creative goals that I still wanted to fulfill, the appearance of the Hierophant helped confirm that I could manifest a heavenly child and also fulfill myself. I also consulted Genevieve about what the best astrological dates for conception and birth might be and whether bearing another child aligned with my path at all. She identified a two month window of time in the course of my 41st year that would grant me supportive energies for a healthy and happy child in conjunction with a path of fulfillment for myself. So then I sent my invitation out to the universe, calling on any soul that may want to link with me to step into human form during that finite window or I would just forget about having another child in this lifetime. My husband agreed to this plan as he was supportive and respectful of whatever I decided as he had married me at 40 years of age knowing I may not bear anymore children. Well, lo and behold, within one week of trying, we conceived and 38 weeks later we had a beautiful healthy girl in our arms and are now cherishing the gift to our hearts that she is!

In these recessionary times, many of you will be wishing for money or resources. Just ask yourself what is money if you can’t get what you want with it? It is better to wish for what you want to get with the money, for example a laptop, and not worry about how it comes to you. The object of your desires may be bestowed on you somehow, perhaps via a gift, without you making the purchase at all.. Money is only the energetic means to the end, and it is the end that is more important. So what your really want is to cultivate more energy towards your desire. The appearance of the Hierophant in a reading can give you the reinforcement you need. To stimulate such energy flow for manifesting what you want, try movement, breath-work, or any form of body-work.

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1 Lori { 05.16.09 at 6:11 pm }

Hi Danielle,

Thank you for the article! I read “The Secret”–you know, the book that came out on the shelves with a BANG, lol–and what you are writing here is very much the same as what is in the book.
I have tried using this technique–creative visualization–and I have to say, it DOES work! The key is having faith you are going to receive whatever you are asking for or, visualizing–as if you already know you have it. Of course, you also have to remember to give thanks!
Thank you for adding this here for others that aren’t aware of this. I am proof that it is indeed true 🙂
God Bless!

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