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Continuing The Skyburst Dance in Aquarius

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The amazing, dazzling, and often confusing dance of Neptune, Jupiter, and Chiron continues at a new pace and even deeper level as Neptune turns retrograde on May 29th at 26 degrees of Aquarius, Chiron turns retrograde at the same degree on June 2nd, and Jupiter will finally follow suit on June 15th.

What can we expect from this wave of energy traveling at warp speed here, there, and everywhere?  Is it possible to take a quantum leap of faith into some new, uncharted territory during the time period lasting now until possibly February of 2010 while Neptune and Chiron, especially, stay within orb of each other?

The intention of collective groups seems to be at stake here.  Will enough people gather together with strong intentional force to make positive and healing change a reality?  They will if each and everyone of us does our part in that endeavor.  If ever there was a time to join up with others and unite for a purpose that will bring the ‘highest good of all’, that time is now.  This is not a time for staying isolated in one’s fear or angst.  There are too many crises calling for purposeful action right now on the planet.  Pick your cause and get involved.  That seems to be one of the strongest messages of this trio.

The intention to heal old wounds may also prove successful during this coming time.  Cleaning up and clearing personal and collective energy fields is possible for the rest of the year.

You can now stop and read no further, or spiral deeper with me into an exploration of possible meanings of this union of powerful energies.

Retrograde Cycles

Let’s first look at the Retrograde cycle itself.  Neptune turns retrograde 2/5th of each year for 150 days.  The glyph of Neptune is symbolic of its meaning; the cross of matter upholding the open cup of Soul, the entire glyph looking like Neptune’s trident.  The cross of matter is below while the formless is lifted up and away from this form.Neptune GlyphWhen Neptune moves into retrograde motion,m it is as if this form is reversed, and the open crescent drops toward the earth plane, which in turn symbolizes the ability to connect more easily and deeply with one’s Soul.  It may also mean that one’s vision and ideals can be more fully integrated into the world of matter and one’s senses.  Perhaps Neptune retrograde allows for a greater realism of vision and the potential for becoming more open-hearted.

Chiron, a relative new-comer in the pantheon of sky energies, is not officially a planet.  Some say it is a comet which got lodged into orbit between Saturn (form) and Uranus (cosmic consciousness) sometime during the Paleothenic age when horses were beginning to evolve on the planet.  That is why it is called a planetoid.  The mythic Chiron was 1/2 horse, 1/2 human, and an immortal who chose to become mortal.  Chiron is symbolic of the ability to bridge worlds and dimensions.  It is also symbolic of the wound of mortality and the inevitability of death, which is sometimes difficult for people to actually face.  Chiron is also a maverick.  This means someone who takes a stand independent of others in a group.  Chiron in Aquarius certainly emphasizes maverick tendencies, but the wounding of alienation from the collective is also a possibility.

Chiron turning retrograde simultaneously with Neptune, and continuing its retrograde motion for nearly as long a period of time, brings an opportunity to heal old wounds and go deeper into alternative healing modalities even for the collective.  For example, healing post-traumatic stress syndromes of war-shocked victims is one field ripe for this work.  New methods such as EFT (emotional freedom training) are finding ways to help heal and clear trauma through much quicker means than old type talking therapies.  Many of these alternative healing modalities are probably ‘maverick’ approaches compared with more traditional approaches.  Aquarius is a highly experimental sign encouraging the freedom to employ informational medicines and techniques.

When Jupiter gets into this mix everything is greatly expanded upon.  Jupiter, which represents one’s ability and style of reaching out to connect with the greater social structures of the collective, seems to imply that some of these previous ‘outsider’, and ‘maverick’ people, ideas, and groups will be more readily embraced by the mainstream.  Jupiter will turn retrograde on June 15th for nearly four months, until October 12th when it turns direct.  This may be a good time to reach new levels of exploration.  Great paradigm shifts are possible for both the individual as well as the collective.

What are some of the negatives to watch out for?

We still live on a planet where humans embrace duality so that for every positive there seems to be a negative.  Technology is expanding now at such a rapid pace that it almost takes your breath away.  There are groups who prefer to use this energy for predatory gain, profit, and war-mongering.  These groups often see themselves as separate and disconnected from the rest of humanity, and even the planet itself.  They use technologies for destruction, such as depleted uranium and cluster bombs which leave ‘soft-body’ targets shredded and unrecognizable once hit, and entire regions further contaminated by radiation.  The earth is being marred and scarred by new and more technologically advanced ways of plundering its resources while elitist think tanks utilize spin-meisters to propagate lies that keep the general public asleep to the realities of economically motivated intrigues and wars which further line the pockets of the spoilers.  Who is profiting from these exploits?  Who is paying the costs?

Nigeria is a good example of this practice where corporate oil conglomerates influence an oppressive political regime to sabotage the people’s rights;  the people who live and work on the land that is being poisoned by the toxic waste products of extracting and processing crude oil.  Who gains from this practice?  Not the people who live there, nor the earth.

Neptune rules oil, deceit, and illusion

Remember, Neptune rules oil, and we are now at peak production of that substance, which is non-renewable.  The shadow of Aquarius is always the dark and sinister side of Leo.  Small groups of the powerful elite use Neptune in Aquarius to spread mass deceit to keep us distracted and under the spell of false illusions.  No longer are despots political heads of separate states.  They are now multi-national and global.  The stakes grow higher and higher as the good of all, including the diverse eco-systems of this one planet become increasingly vulnerable to the technologies put to use for a certain predatory mind-set that is rapacious and arrogant and without ethics.  If consciousness is not running along side of these advanced technologies, more and greater destruction threatens us all.

Our responsibilities

We people in developed countries are also responsible when we use and consume the products created that bring us luxury and convenience without deeply questioning how these goodies have been produced.  We consumers can not point the finger without first looking at our own part in contributing to the exploitation of others and the environment to have our comforts.  If we invest in stocks of companies who rob and plunder others, we must also take responsibility.  Our own addictions to glamour and comfort keep the ‘pushers’ in power and control.

When we continue to put our hard-earned money into any of the top five banks, which have exploited and plundered our assets collectively, we are also giving them continuing license to keep us all hostage and blackmailed.  How much saner it would be to put our money in smaller local and regional banks or credit unions  which give back to the communities they are in.  How much saner it would be to demand that our political representatives refuse to put us in hock, and our children’s children in hock, to pay off these thieves.  The big five can’t have this kind of power unless we give it to them by using their credit cards, paying their high interest rates, and banking with them.  Who are these top deregulated banks?  JPMorgan Chase, which holds $88 trillion in derivatives, Bank of America, which holds $38 trillion, Citibank, which holds $32 trillion, Goldman Sachs with $30 trillion, and Wells-Fargo-Wachovia with a mere $5 trillion.  Will we wake up in time to see how blind we are to this fast metastasizing financial ‘cancer’ that is spreading and destroying the cells of the healthy global body?  (For more information just google F. William Engdahl, economist)

It will pay for us to be skeptical of anything too glib or glamorous propagated over the air-waves of mainstream media, another vehicle for false Aquarian information.  If it’s too good to be true, if it soothes us into thinking it’s all been taken care of and every thing’s going to be all right, it’s probably just the opposite.

Neptune as the Collective Dream

Neptune in Aquarius can be the collective dream that technology will solve all of our earthly problems.  But will it really?  I encourage you to read Bill Joy’s article from Wired Magazine entitled, ‘Why The Future Doesn’t Need Us.’ Here’s the brilliant founder of Sun-Micro Systems deeply questioning the very thing he helped to create.  There are many Frankensteins afoot now and it pays to use great caution before blindly accepting the newest and latest invention or discovery touted.  Pluto in Capricorn over the next 17 years will certainly be a hard-line antidote for getting swept away by what dazzles but gives no substance.

How do we discern what is false and what is true?

How, then does one discern between what is false and what is true in this fast-moving wave of new and powerful discoveries exploding in all directions right now?  I find that slowing down, spending time in actual nature, and listening to my heart gives some sane balance to my sensibilities.  Turn off your cell phone, put your ipod to rest, and spend some time every day without electrical machines of any kind.  Simply be on the earth with your own two feet and feel the energies that are all around you and pulsing through you without artifice.  Then go back to your electronic devices.  I like to go outside at night and look up at the actual stars in the heavens.  The immensity of universal energies hits me and I find everything falling back into a calmer perspective within myself.  Chiron says we are all animal, human, and divine.  This knowledge can only sink in when we stop and feel the truth of our connection with all three realms.  This retrograde time may bring richer and greater self realizations with it as the celestial comes closer to us, we who are a part of both earth and sky.

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