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Mercury Retrograde Once Again

Mercury, by B.A.VierlingHere we are folks! It’s another Mercury Retrograde period which lasts until May 30th. Mercury turned SR on May 6th and 7th, depending on where you are on the planet. It was at 1 degree of Gemini. It will quickly re-enter Taurus on the 14th and retrace it’s steps through that sign until it turns direct at 22 Taurus on May 30th.

Looks like money issues will continue to grip and hold our attention. It’s a good time to re-look at your financial situation and re-think your budget. It’s also going to be a good time to continue to try and get out of debt and simplify your lifestyle. Re-evaluating what is truly of value is a good use of this time. Taurus is also about the earth, and it is planting season. Spend as much time as you possibly can out in nature. Talk to the plants! Commune deeply with all your friendly flora and fauna.

With Mercury in conflict with all those Aquarian energies involving Neptune, Chiron, and Jupiter there may be confusion and exaggerations aplenty. Try to use this time for healing and patching things up rather than attempting anything new. Forgive and forget are good mantras for the duration of this cycle.

Saturn 1

Note also that ‘old man Saturn’ is about to turn Direct on May 17th. Finally! Now we can carefully inch forward, once again, through Virgoan territory. Yes, that means step by step solving the problems that confront us in our daily lives and taking care of maintaining what is essential. Saturn will turn SD at 14 degrees of Virgo and finish its journey through that sign by October 30th when it enters Libra. Saturn in Virgo has been quite demanding in terms of dealing with details, details, details. All you Virgos will take a lovely sigh of relief as it leaves your sign. You’ve re-structured and re-positioned yourselves these many long months. Soon you’ll be able to forge ahead with new goals, plans, and energy. The pressure and heavy squeeze to get serious about your direction and sense of purpose will be done. It will be Libras turn next.

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1 Greg marino { 05.08.09 at 12:43 pm }

Excellent info Genevieve. Especially to me.

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