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Posts from — June 2009

POW!! Four Celestial Events in a Row; The Summer Solstice and 3 Eclipses

“News You Can Use”

We will be experiencing four major celestial events in a row very soon.  The Summer Solstice occurs on June 21st this year followed by three eclipses.  The first Full Moon eclipse will be on July 7th, the Total Solar Eclipse on July 21st- 22nd, and another … [read more]

June 15, 2009  7 Comments
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Solar Twins: Marilyn Monroe and Heidi Klum

‘Personality Profiles’

marilyn_monroe_long_island_1956_s_2Two luminous beauties were born on June 1st.  One, who died tragically at the young age of 36 (’62), continues to live on with legendary fame; the other, who has just turned 36, continues to expand her sphere of public influence and popularity.  Both give added meaning to … [read more]

June 7, 2009  1 Comment
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