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Solar Twins: Marilyn Monroe and Heidi Klum

‘Personality Profiles’

marilyn_monroe_long_island_1956_s_2Two luminous beauties were born on June 1st.  One, who died tragically at the young age of 36 (’62), continues to live on with legendary fame; the other, who has just turned 36, continues to expand her sphere of public influence and popularity.  Both give added meaning to the archetype of the ‘Gemini Butterfly’ whose gossamer loveliness flits here, there, and everywhere in pursuit of an ephemeral dream.

Marilyn Monroe and Heidi Klum were both born on June 1st, which makes them solar twins.  According to The Secret Language of Birthdays by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers, June 1st is ‘The Day of the Popular Eye’.  People born on this day, ruled by both the Sun and mercury, are capable of seeing or being seen in a social context.  They may also be able to tune in to people and their needs and desires quite easily.


Popularity with a broad spectrum of society has characterized both women’s rise to fame.  Both also have shown a marked ability to touch the pulse of what people admire and want as a standard of womanly beauty for their time.  Marilyn was said to have a ‘perfect body’ according to one of Arthur Miller’s statements in his autobiography Time Bends.  Heidi has been dubbed ‘The Body’ having graced the cover of Sports Illustrated and become a Victorian Secret Angel.

Ten + degrees of Gemini

The Sun sign embodies the basic energy and purpose of the individual.  Both women were born with the Sun at 10+ degrees of Gemini.  The Sabian Symbol for this degree (rounded up to 11 degrees) is “Newly opened lands offer the pioneer new opportunities for experience”.  This is a degree where anything can happen!  It is also a degree of uncertain independence.  Both women, like butterflies newly emerged from their cocoon, spread their wings and launched into uncharted territories by taking risks, trying new things, and adapting to new realms as they continued to keep on moving.  Gemini gets bored with the old and familiar especially when it inhibits growth or change.


Heidi Klum

As an astrologer I’m always interested in delving into the lives of people and studying their lives through the lens of their horoscopes.  I first got interested in Heidi Klum while staying at my daughter’s home in Dublin, Ireland.  I’d turn on the telly on occasion and happened onto her show, ‘Project Runway’ one early afternoon.  Since I was once an accomplished seamstress and had worked for a designer, I got really interested in these real life people competing for a place to shine in the world of fashion and design.

Heidi presided over it all, monitoring their sometimes frantic and harrowing escapades to complete a fashion deadline and see their clothes modeled on a runway by professional models.  She would emcee with the poise of a queen, serene, radiant, and simply perfectly polished even as her very pregnant belly grew with each episode to the size of an enormous pumpkin.  Now who would have thought to do that when I was a young woman in the 60s?  Cinderella and pumpkin merged into one beautiful whole.  Wow.

Then on my ten-plus hour flight back to California, Aer Lingus featured a charming documentary on Heidi’s life with friends and colleagues pouring out praise and adoration for her amazing journey to the top and all the accomplishments she achieved along the way.  What couldn’t she do?  With the versatility of a Gemini-to-the-max she has been a top model achieving super-celebrity status, a Reality Show TV host of both ‘Project Runway’ and ‘Germany’s Next topmodel’, an actress (well, sort of!), a singer, artist, and business tycoon.  Anything with her personal signature emblazoned on it will sell it seems.  Smiling and laughing at the naturalness of it all, Heidi shared her personal life with various maverick-type men up to present husband, pop-singer Seal whom she fell for at first sight.  To top it all off, super-woman, after giving birth to her second or their child, was walking the catwalk as a Victorian Secret’s Angel in a manner of several weeks.



When I got back to my office in Grass Valley I just had to run her chart and see for myself what makes her tick.  Then I realized that she shares the same birth date day as Marilyn Monroe, which launched my research for this article.


Marilyn Monroe

I have read different books on the life of Marilyn Monroe in spurts.  Joyce Carol Oates wrote a fascinating but dark novel called Blonde, which she eluded was the result of Marilyn’s spirit guiding her.  Especially chilling was her account of Marilyn’s childhood.  Arthur Miller’s descriptions and memories of his life with Marilyn I found to be lyrical, poignant and full of the sadness of a love that could not endure.


Aphrodite Archetype

Two modern-day women embodying the archetype of Aphrodite, yet both are Geminis, a sign more characterized by its mercurial function than raw physical sensuality.  Why is this, and how can it be?  Both women’s charts show a preponderance of the element of Air, especially Heidi’s with 10—yes, 10!—planet in Air signs.

Let’s think about this for a moment.  Air is the lightest and most easily disseminated of the elements.  With the advent of advanced technologies expanding the cameras capabilities of broadcasting images to the masses via film, television, video, and now digital wouldn’t the new archetype of modern beauty have to relate well to such a lens?  Isn’t the camera the ‘popular eye’ of June 1st in today’s world?  Of course, both women have exceedingly strong Venuses in their birth maps which I will elaborate on soon.

I would now like to explore their charts more fully looking at what they share in common and also where there are marked differences.


Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum

Twenty years was a new beginning for both

Since both were born with the Sun at 10+ Gemini, both progressed into the sign of Cancer at the approximate age of 20 years.  It was a new identity for Norma Jean Baker as she became Marilyn Monroe, and launched tentatively into a major film career in Hollywood.  For Heidi it was the beginning of a major career sky-rocketing to top model.  Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and both women were born with Neptune opposite the Moon signifying they would both have a relationship with the public, but also one based on Neptunian themes which include image, film, and illusion.

A strong mercurial mind

Both were born with Mercury in Gemini, however Marilyn’s Sun ruler was conjoining her Gemini sun, while Heidi’s was configured in a strong conjunction between Saturn and Venus.  Marilyn’s ultimate purpose was to try and develop and use her Gemini intelligence.  With Mercury/Sun positioned in her 10th house of public recognition and status, that could have been achieved, however Neptune rising in her chart colored her persona immensely and it was in a trine to Venus in Aries close to her Midheaven.  Venus was conjoining Chiron in Taurus (her Aphrodite wound and healing ability).  Hollywood wanted her to maintain the image of the dumb blonde, a stereo-type popular at that time and one which the likes of Heidi Klum would never, ever conform to.  With no other strong aspects connecting her Sun/Mercury to any of her other energies, it was incredibly difficult for her to be taken seriously, especially by men.

Heidi, on the other hand, has been able to use her mercurial mind (Mercury in Gemini) to good advantage in a highly disciplined and strategic manner to capitalize on her Venusian beauty.  Look at all the products and commodities she endorses to add to the multitude of other Venusian enterprises that earned her a whopping $16 million last year.  Saturn, next to Mercury and Venus, also is symbolic of her father, a cosmetics executive.  She’s carrying on the family tradition in her own way.  (Even her mother was a hair stylist)

Natural fluidity of motion

Both were born with Mars in Pisces.  Ah, that’s such a great placement for anyone whose body wants to move in a beautiful and fluid way, like dancers.  Arthur Miller said that when Marilyn moved the swiveling of her hips was a motion ‘fluid enough to seem comic’.  Runway modeling, such as Heidi has done, demands that same kind of svelte movement.  Mars is also the animus in the female, or what she idealizes in the male.  Either body fluid or sensitive man fit this.  The baseball player (Joe DiMaggio) for Marilyn had the former, while Arthur had the latter.  Heidi’s daughter’s father was a race-car driver, while Seal is body-fluid personified and a Pisces to boot.

Incredible capacity to expand into and connect with the public at large.

Jupiter in Aquarius is in both women’s natal charts with easy flowing aspects to the Moon promising great popularity and a buoyancy of personality that adds to the Gemini ‘lightness of being’ perceived by others.  Marilyn also had a wonderful Jupiter/Venus aspect giving her the voluptuous beauty she was known for, as well as a spirited nature and a good heart.  Marilyn’s Jupiter was in opposition to her Neptune/Demeter, which implied a relationship with the film world of movies, whereas Heidi’s Jupiter forms a grand trine with her Sun and Uranus implying more an ability to circulate through the industry of television and the ever-changing digital world.

Charismatic glamour and the world of illusion

Both were born with Moon in opposition to Neptune.  This often elevates the personality towards something beyond the personal and into the visionary or illusionary realm.  The fantasy life is strong and projections from others can be enormous.  Both women were born with airy Moons allowing them to communicate this fantasy to others in a myriad of ways endlessly mesmerizing and utterly ephemeral.  The potential of this dynamic is also the personal dilemma of needing a dream, a high ideal, and then suffering disillusion when the bubble part of the dream is punctuated.

A pathway through life connected with the vestal virgin, the sacred prostitute.

This final common note between their two birth maps is also connected with a marked contrast between them.  Both share the placement of Vesta in Cancer connected with the Nodes, and both share the same nodal axis (the path of greatest growth as well as the path of least resistance).  Only their nodes are in reverse.

The growth path for Marilyn was towards her North Node in Cancer with a strong need to experience both Pluto and Vesta as part of that growth.  The intensity and power to transform the experience of the sacred prostitute was her path.  Vesta in her original pure form was she who initiated men into the mysteries through sacred sexuality.  She was the keeper of the life-force flame.  Later she was denigrated by the patriarchy and gradually replaced, first by the Romans as the ‘Vestal Virgins’ who were required to remain chaste, and later by the Roman Catholic Church as Nuns who were only allowed to marry Christ in spirit, but not in the flesh.  With Vesta in Cancer, Marilyn imparted a great sense of intimacy and a strong nurturing quality to her sexuality that men in all walks of life could identify with.  She had no problem showing her body, celebrating her body for other’s enjoyment.  These were not the mores necessarily of her time.  She really wanted to appeal to the ordinary people in the world.  She was not interested in hierarchies or an elite (South Node in Capricorn) for that was the path she had already traveled as a soul.

Heidi also has Vesta in Cancer and shows the same charming, cheery, child-like sexuality in her demeanor and style, but it is actually her line of least resistance.  In other words, it is already highly developed in her, and she need not emphasize it more.  Her path is towards her North Node in Capricorn which may take her farther into the world of business and authority.  Her path is with Saturn, whereas Marilyn’s path involved the Moon, which made her more vulnerable and less defended.



We have explored some of the many parallels between these two ‘twins’.  Let’s now complete our inquiry by looking at some of their marked differences as shown by there individual birth maps.


Born of different generations

captnyr11211112241marilyn_museum_nyr112-1This is the most obvious contrast.  Marilyn was born in the mid-1920s when Hollywood and film making were really beginning to take off.  Neptune was in Leo in the 20s, and the world of glamour was in full swing just prior to the Great Depression when Neptune moved into earthy Virgo.  Marilyn personified that radiant, youthful, and happy image for most of her public life.  She had Neptune in Leo rising in her birth map.

heidiklum99Heidi was born in the early 70s when rampant growth was in full swing.  Of Germanic descent, she was born into a country beginning to be robust and financially strong again after the debacle of WWII and the ensuing Cold War and a divided Berlin.  She was born into the merchant/executive class of ‘anything is now possible’.  Neptune in Sagittarius was just getting rolling too.  The image of glamour had changed.  while both women sported fiery Neptune signs, Sagittarius describes more the dream of the ‘amazon woman’ than the ‘Mae West easy-does-it’ type.  Long legs, a lean strong athletic body had become the ideal.  Heidi is nearly 5′ 10″.  Look at her body type versus Marilyn’s.  They are totally different yet both personify the fashionable woman’s body of their era.



Marilyn’s struggle with Saturn

Marilyn’s chart reflects her struggle with the harshness of Saturn,  She had a great need to feel safe, stable, strong, and secure at her roots.  We see in her birth map a titanic issue involving Neptune, which she was identified with, opposite her Moon/Jupiter need to find grace and reward through her relationships including crowds and masses of people whom she absolutely adored, at odds with Saturn, which forever threatened to pull her into the abyss.  Saturn retrograde in Scorpio at the bottom of her chart shows the black hole that was her childhood.  She had no real father present and a mother who threatened her very existence (she tried to smother her as a toddler) and whose psychotic illness demanded that Marilyn learn to cope and survive at a very early age on her own.  There was no sense of bonded, nurturing, consistent love in her childhood.  She was tossed to and fro like a small ship in the middle of a storm from wave to wave.  No one held her long enough for her to feel entirely safe.  That was her great dilemma and struggle.  Trust.  How was she to ever feel that most basic of needs, trust?


That she rose seemingly above it all through her creative work and self-expression is a great homage to her spirit.  She had the chiaroscuro of a true Gemini; both light and darkness co-existed in her and around her.  That she could not ultimately trust others, but most of all herself was her nemesis.  Her death remains a mystery.  Her death chart absolutely does not show suicide.  Her addiction to doctor prescribed pharmaceuticals is fact.  Would that they had given her strong vitamin B shots for her insomnia instead!

Her life was complex and there is not time in an article of this size to delve deeply into all the subtleties and undercurrents of her existence, but my feeling is that once she knew she could not be a mother herself (in part shown by natal Saturn square the Moon), after two very sad miscarriages with Arthur, something inside of her must have given up the struggle.  The attempt to create and achieve a home and family of her own, which is what Saturn in the 4th is often about, became less and less a possibility for her.  She no longer felt Arthur to be her Papa (she called him that) or her savior.  She was co-dependent on strange women coaches who often did her more harm than good, and she began to see the world through paranoid eyes of distrust.  Numbing and sedating herself with alcohol and barbiturates eased the inner pain and fear and allowed her to regress ever more dangerously into the womb of Neptune.  Her will and fire were weakened.  She was sinking…..


Heidi’s Midas touch and identity with Saturn


Heidi, unlike Marilyn, was born into a fairly strong, stable home with other siblings.  She says she had a happy normal childhood as well as a lot of good friends.  It was one of those friends who first encouraged her to enter a competition on a lark which she won.  She was born with a very strong Sun in trine to Jupiter.  Yes, she has the Midas touch!  Success comes easily for her because Jupiter also trines her Moon.  Furthermore her Sun combines with Saturn in a very strong cluster of all Gemini energies involving Venus and Mercury as well.  she thinks like a businesswoman and enjoys it!  Her father imago is part of her journey through life and the older she gets the more engaged she will undoubtedly be in achievements and responsibilities of various kinds.  Saturn type people easily take on a lot!

There is not the retrospective biographical material on Heidi that is available for Marilyn, but she has already co-written a biography of sorts entitled Heidi Klum’s Body of Knowledge. Now doesn’t that sound just like a Gemini, the sign of gathering knowledge?  In the book she gives advice on becoming successful.  Of course, success is a relative term.  If one values the material and commercial world of things, she has conquered it royally.  Perhaps success for her also implies being a mother and having a loving home and family herself.  She is now in an inter-racial marriage and very proud of the beauty of this mix.  Like Marilyn, she has refused to live according to other’s standards, preferring to follow her own spirit, and thus a shining example of eclecticism.  Perhaps someday all the material success she has been blessed with will translate into responsible philanthropy, which her chart gives promise for.

No one seems to know the time of her birth, so interpreting her birth chart with more accuracy is difficult.


Heidi’s struggle with Mars

While Marilyn and Heidi were both born with Mars in Pisces, Heidi actually shows more of a struggle with this energy.  Does she really truly know what exactly she wants?  Or does she just ‘go with the flow’, catch the next wave for a time, and then move on?  What is her motivation?  Where is her intention and resolve?  One shadowy element appears relating to this energy in the last entry on her life in Wikipedia.  She evidently dressed up like the goddess Kali for a much-publicized Halloween party without consciously understanding just what Kali, as an archetype, represents.  There has been quite a back-lash from many Hindus and non-Hindus around her unconsciousness.  Remember, she is a very public figure with a certain responsibility then.  Finally, she and Seal just renewed their wedding vows at a ‘White Trash’ themed party on May 9th.  It was evidently quite a rousing bash of revelry for a pregnant woman.  Sadly, says Wikipedia, she suffered a miscarriage with her fourth pregnancy on May 17th.  Perhaps Heidi needs now a better compass on her life-style ‘traveling yacht’ of leisure and fun.  Perhaps she runs the risk of getting lost in her own sea of endless bliss.  With no Earth in her chart, and a Pisces husband, she may need a stronger dose of Virgo health-consciousness and sensible limits, which Saturn by transit in that sign is certainly bringing to her.


In conclusion: It is remarkable how these two women, born on June 1st ‘The Day of the Popular Eye’, parallel each other as modern goddess archetypes.  the radiant smiles of both are duplicated millions and millions of times across the globe.  Their images are seen here, there, and everywhere.  Their bodies beautiful are held up as standards of perfection that men desire and women either envy or admire.  Now that Heidi has reached the same age as Marilyn when she died, what will we witness in the years to come as she moves into mid-life?  How will she continue to handle her fame, wealth, and glory?  Will she express her Gemini intelligence?  Will she inspire, encourage, and help all those lives she touches with her light?

images-5Arthur, with his great gift as a writer, paid tribute to Marilyn by saying this:  “She had no common sense, but what she did have was something holier, a long-reaching vision of which she herself was only fitfully aware: humans were all need, all wound.  What she wanted most was not to judge but to win recognition from a sentimentally cruel profession, and from men blinded to her humanity by her perfect beauty.  She was part queen, part waif, sometimes on her knees before her own body and sometimes despairing because of it—‘Oh, there’s lots of beautiful girls’ she would say to some expression of awed amazement, as though her beauty betrayed her quest for a more enduring acceptance.  For myself it was beyond rationalizing; I was in a swift current, there was no stopping or handhold, she was finally all that was true.”



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