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The Chariot Can Carry You beyond the Obstacles

Law 7 (The Chariot/Cancer/Water): Seize the reigns on your emotions so you may charge ahead towards what you need with confidence.

From the Crowley-Thoth Deck

Even if mentally we have our minds set on clear goals, we often sabotage our own best efforts to achieve them due to feelings of insecurity, inadequacy, or guilt. There are those little niggling voices whispering “I’m not good enough” or “I don’t deserve the best because I’m not the best.” Among some, there may even be a self-imposed guilt that if you do achieve your highest goals, you’ll be seen as having too much ego and therefore fall to the criticism and envy of others. Also sometimes, we can be reckless with our emotions and de-rail from the most direct path to our success.

The Chariot is representative of someone trying to overcome emotional challenges in the path. I was born with a Cancer (the sign associated with The Chariot) Ascendant which means my approach to life was emotionally cautious from day one. I was a very shy girl up until I got into college where I worked up some self-determination to overcome my reluctance to speak up in front of others. I enrolled in a public speaking course and then was made to give many presentations and lecture as a teaching-assistant in graduate school. Later I became and remain a teacher of SynergyDance which requires my verbal facilitation of group activity. Now I could confidently speak professionally in front of a group no matter the size, take 5 or 500!

To further understand The Chariot, let’s look at it’s placement as the number 7 in the numerological cycle of 10 to which the Tarot adheres. From 1 to 4, we are stepping into the cycle and building momentum; when we hit the 5 we are in the thick of the cycle where we may have to cope with fatigue, frustration, and struggle in the effort to carry on; if we make it to 6 we have received some helpful assistance, but then at stage 7 we are called on to prove that we have what it takes to reach our goals. An example would be if you got financial assistance, a promotion, or won a contract, but now had to prove you had what it takes to deliver what you said you could. As such, the VII of the Major Arcana represents a test of stamina and proficiency with lessons learned. This basic meaning of the number seven also applies to the Minor Arcana: Seven of Wands, Seven of Pentacles, Seven of Cups, and Seven of Swords.

I believe that I finally passed all of my relationship tests by 40 years and can now confidently be in mature relationships without fear of losing myself or the connections. Yet now realize I still have not achieved the levels of confidence I would like with my work and am trying to seize the reins on my sense of inadequacies in this domain. When I do, you’ll be seeing me more of me out in the world!

If you are in need of gaining confidence to achieve your goals, take on a modern day image of the Chariot by picturing yourself in your favorite sleek sports car, in the color of your choice, navigating a curvy road. Picture your destination/goal. You must have confidence to get there, keep your focus on the road ahead, and your hands firmly on the wheel, and avoid recklessness which would put you at risk of an accident and ruin your chances of a safe arrival. Let your energy flow steadily towards your goal.

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i have cancer rising and sun, to say the very least, i needed to read this. 🙂

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