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Happy Birthday Virgo!

Virgo, illustrated by B.A.VierlingHappy Birthday to all of you hard working Virgos born between approximately August 23rd and September 22nd.  May the year ahead be blessed with a bountiful harvest for you.  Those of you with strong placements in Virgo (Ascendant, Moon, or 1st house planets in Virgo) may also find something worthwhile in this article.

The Year Ahead for Virgos

What does the year ahead hold for Virgos?  The ‘grim reaper’, old man Saturn is nearly finished in his relentless walk through your sign.  He’s been keeping your nose to the grindstone since September 2nd of 2007, so you’re about to let out a long sigh of relief as he plods forward into Libra.  However don’t hold your breath, because he’ll be back during his retrograde motion from April 7th until July 21st of 2010 into the latter degrees of Virgo.  Those of your with the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or other major planets in the 28th or 29th degrees will still need to stay extremely focused and disciplined awhile longer just as those with Sun or planets in the early degrees of Libra feel the pressure simultaneously.

What have you Virgos learned under Saturn’s tutelage?  He is the master teacher of this earth plane, after all.  Two words probably sum it up: responsibility and discipline.  Not that you haven’t followed those dictates before these past couple of years.  By now you should be even more detail oriented, cleanly thorough  and organized with whatever systems you have needed to get the job done.  By now you’ve used your extraordinary sense of discrimination to determine what is important and what is meaningless and of no use to you.  I certainly hope you are streamlined and ready to go with new purpose and resolve in whatever field you want to master next.

Now I have truly good news for you.  Pluto, that demonic, ruthless, ‘cleaner-upper’ is joining forces on your team to help you get ahead.  Pluto is in Capricorn, another earth sign, and the process of transformation that will ensue in all institutions and organizations may just sweep you forward into success with your endeavors.  So dance with the dark lord and be happy that other’s ‘tangle’ with his power can be your ‘tango’.

The Aquarian sky burst that I’ve been writing about comprised of Neptune, Chiron, and Jupiter is still stretching you towards your goals.  How?  The more eager you are to become innovative and keep up with the times, the more you’ll grow.  Aquarian discoveries are sweeping us forward into the future at warp speed.  Sometimes it is overwhelming and even a bit crazy for Virgos who like a certain methodical order to what they do.  Sometimes the timing goes awry because Virgos need quiet or down-time to digest everything and assimilate what they have learned.  This is often now a luxury as everything seems to be accelerating.  The digital world that Aquarius loves was actually born in the ’60s when the Uranus and Pluto generation in Virgo were born.  This generation is now in their 40s and the Aquarian wave is stretching them as well.  You can surf these new waves and even find that you enjoy the thrills of it all as you master the skills necessary to maintain your balance and stay on top of your craft.

Uranus in Pisces hasn’t given you a break either these past seven long years.  The sublime and the absolute chaotic have turned your world upside down in various ways since 2003.  Simple order and logical sequences?  Forget it.  Uranus has sent all sorts of shock waves into the collective through various upheavals and changes that have undoubtedly seemed messy and troublesome to Virgos, and because this has been always in opposition to your sign it has involved relationships.  Perhaps some of these relationships were amazing and swept you into altered places of great spiritual awakening, however many of these relationships may have confused and disoriented your need for sane simplicity.  Uranus will finally leave Pisces in the spring of 2011, so you still have a ways to go with chaotic times.  It is doubtful that Uranus in Aries will get any easier, so keep your calm and your cool through these changes.  We need you for your levity and sanity!!

Jupiter moves into Pisces in January of 2010.  The year of 2010 will be a good year for you to complete certain aspirations and to succeed in whatever you have set as your goal.  Now is the time to set your intentions, keep your sensibilities strong, continue to take one step at a time as carefully as you can, and with concern for your projects and service to others master your craft, whatever it may be.  The ability to serve is your directive and forte.  Service is not servitude.  Make sure your path of service is also your pleasure and your joy.  Stay in your heart and your course will unfold magnificently.

Mars will enter the sign of Leo on October 16th where it will stay for seven months through June 7th of 2010.  Leo is in the 12th house position to Virgo meaning that this is where unfinished concerns must be dealt with so that spirituality can bloom.  The message of Leo is always to stay in your heart.  I simply can not emphasize that theme enough.  People who become technically proficient are often used by manipulators of predatory power to become drones, techie-robots, or good soldiers who merely obey orders.  Mars in the 12th house to Virgo will amplify the need to stay connected with your feelings and your sense of compassion for others and the world which is home to us all.  Allow your conscience to be your guide.


Virgo People from Real Life

I just don’t know any lazy Virgos. Do you?  Let me know if you do, because I want to study them. A few examples of Virgos I’ve known for years are mostly women who have served others in very special ways.  Belinda used to own and operate a marvelous skin care company called Vitae which manufactured products comprised of only the finest and purest of ingredients.  She has a good nose for the right scent combinations and everything was heaven to the senses when applied to the skin or used in the bath.  She sold that business and now she runs, with equal skill, a very large organic farm.  Check it out at   I love to visit it because you’re transported back to another time when life was more relaxed and serene.  Her homemade signs grab your attention as you drive by the ranch where colorful scarecrows, pinwheels, and brightly colored flower beds also catch your eye.  She has a 1950s motif in her produce market and mercantile store inside a converted horse stables.  Usually I can find her with her gorgeous blonde hair pinned up standing over a hot cauldron of something delectable like homemade loganberry jam or peach/tomato barbeque sauce.  Like the alchemist that she is, everything smells and tastes divine.

Cecilia was a highly skilled esthetician for many years running her own sweet salon enhanced by beautiful orchid plants.  She really knew how to pamper you and was skilled in always selecting the finest products for her clients.  You always left feeling scrubbed, polished and totally fresh and smooth.  She sold that business and moved to Argentina for awhile where she co-partnered in raising cattle with a cousin.  Now she’s in the Basque country of southern France attending to her aging father’s needs while she figures out her next step.  She’s not used to ‘lying around’ and so she’s always trying to find a good place to exercise in addition to her long treks through the golden hills, or trying to help others such as working in the local soup kitchen, or reading spiritual books that continue her search for truth and meaning.  She’s incredibly saavy in politics as well and truly knows what is going on in the world.

Ina in Ireland is the most whimsical, fairy-godmother-type: an enchanting woman who looks like she came straight out of an ancient tale into this strangely drab and pedestrian modern world.  She arranges events and workshops so quickly, and is so helpful, you truly do feel like she’s waved her magic wand and voila!—you’re ready to do whatever she has set up for you.  She likes to gather people together to study and learn new things.  Like a lot of Virgos, she is a body worker professionally.  Virgos really know how to treat the body well!

Regina is a therapist and also has mastered Chi Kung.  This woman never stops learning and further developing her skills.  She is absolutely thorough in whatever she pursues.  I’m sure her clients are carefully guided under her watchful intuitive and cognitive ‘eye’ for she doesn’t miss any detail or nuance.

Tom—yes, here’s a Virgo man at last!—worked his way up the ladder of Nordstrom until he became one of their top operational managers for the western division.  The clothing industry is ‘Virgo ruled’.  His heart, however, has always been with wild animals.  I pray that he will find a new place for himself in a realm of nature where Virgo is capable of nurturing and protecting.

Juliann has put her Virgo skills to work on behalf of beloved pets.  She has a delightful pet care products business called Juno’s Garden.  Everything is pure and organic, and this woman totally walks her talk in the care and love she lavishes on her own dogs that are like family to her and her husband.  Check out her web site at and you’ll experience what Virgo is all about!

Some of my clients and readers have asked me to look at Michael Jackson again.  I will do so in my next article.  His tragic death cut short a monumental life that shows the complexity of Virgo and the unswerving drive towards perfection that is built into this earth sign.

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