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Autumn Equinox 2009

Libra Scales, illustration by B.A.Vierling

As I write this article today, the seasonal shift into autumn (in our Northern Hemisphere) has already occurred and the delicate balance of equal day to equal night has come and gone.  Gradually the nights will get every longer as we descend towards the Winter Solstice three months from now.  I always savor these lovely golden days as the leaves begin to turn color and gently fall.  Libra is that way; a sign of grace and charm.

This year’s Equinox chart, however, is defined by both the tightening grip of Saturn next to the Sun opposed by the lightening strikes of Uranus, so it is doubtful that we will ride easy into the intense time of transformation yet to come, which is Scorpio’s domain.  Pluto clearly now holds dominance in its tight square to the Equinox Sun, and with Saturn edging closer to that challenging waning square aspect we are already on red alert for something that furthers the contraction that most of us are already experiencing.  Libra is held within this vice-like grip between Saturn and Pluto with not much room to gracefully maneuver out of anything as confrontation as this.  Houdini, where are you?  We definitely need the Uranian magician’s touch right now for some breakthroughs, as well as Uranian nerves of steel to take some mighty risks.


The best advice I can give is ‘don’t forget to breathe’.  The old patterns and the old plutocratic elite can not bind us forever.  We each have the power to let go of that which is no longer part of our truth, and we each can embrace what touches our heart the most.  We each have the power to take action on what matters wherever we are.  When fear or anxiety freezes, keep breathing.  Breathe out the old gunk, and breathe in the new freshness of change that is coming.

Driving to a special gathering on the Equinox I heard a woman named Gale being interviewed on our local KVMR radio show called ‘Conversations’.  She said something that touched me deeply.  She said that so many now are overwhelmed with all the crises and problems facing the world today that they become paralyzed to try anything.  “Find whatever breaks your heart the most,” she said “and start doing something about changing that.”  Yes!  That is possible, and Libra is the perfect time to put such a plan into action.


Maat, the Egyptian goddess of truth, fairness, and justice, is a good guide to invoke during Libran days. Those of you who know your Egyptology may know her as the daughter of the sun god, Ra, and the consort of the great magician and scribe, Thoth.  She used her feather on a scale of justice to measure how heavy was the guilt or deceit of anyone’s heart who had just entered the underworld.  Call on her when you’re trying to discern the motives of others, or when you’re confused or undecided about what to do, or how to handle a situation involving right relationships with others.  She’ll bring insight, but only if you’re willikng to face the truth.

I just read one of the best articles I’ve seen thus far on the coming changes.  Jeff Jawer has written “Cardinal Consciousness: 2010 and Beyond” in the latest issue of The Mountain Astrologer. I’ll just quote a couple sentences to give you the flavor of where he takes you with his astute insights, “Cardinal signs begin seasons; they are starting points rather than climaxes.  These outer planets aligning in the early degrees of the cardinal signs show that we are coming to a beginning rather than reaching a peak or an ending…”  I confer.  Let’s keep thinking along new, innovative trajectories, and take action in those new directions.  Let’s continue to move beyond the old patterns that keep us stuck in fear and oppression by taking right action with courage and resolve.

September 23, 2009  4 Comments
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1 Georgia Dow { 09.24.09 at 7:50 pm }

Thank you Genevieve! What a beautiful affirmation for what we are truly in the midst of. Now IS the time……. 🙂

2 JOAN { 09.25.09 at 10:20 am }

Wonderful precise information……right to the point….I love it….thanks so much!

3 Anonymous { 10.06.09 at 11:03 pm }

Dear Genevieve,

First of all, thank you so much for providing a forum of insight and information that can absolutely transform into healing for all!

I have only writen once before on this website – I had wanted to before, but I found it at first too overwhelming to do so – (I was afraid) – and so I waited until the right time came in order to be able to express myself!

Once the courage came in, and I wrote, I definintely found a surge in my own self-esteem and hopefully an inspiration for others as well…

I would like to address the above article you wrote regarding the autumn equinox. I too find this article both bitter and sweet regarding the energetic positioning that we are up against.

I equally am finding autumn as this wellspring of peace and tranquility with its abundance of harvest (particullarily in the produce at the markets and grocery stores as well as within); and yet I do have a sense of the tighting of Saturn and Pluto around this fest.

However, you had asked in your article for an Uranian effect in order to help calm some of these rigidities, and to keep a wider perspective.

As an Aqaurian Moon type, perhaps I have one to offer… However, initially, what I am about to write, (as is I feel documented by your article, will not initially feel or sound healing)…Therefore, this track is about following it through and not getting caught up in the initial blows of the ego as is so easy to do sometimes, but to ebb and flow through the words until they are finished – saying what they need too – and to feel their essence instead. (Here it goes)..

My sister-in-law, was recently diagnosed with cancer. She is a lovely woman who married my husbands brother some 30 years ago. We have never had much contact, although our children are of equal age; my son is 21 and her daughter is 21 as well; which makes them, ‘peers’ and cousins. Over the years, we have had infrequent contact, although the contact we have had has built with equal respect. She as well as I are both counselors. Therefore, as time has passed, I have developed an appreciation for Susan, and have always had an affinity for her and her daughter, my niece – Jennifer. When I spoke with my son tonite, (he currently lives in Texas), he informed me that he spoke with cousin Jennifer and she informed him, that Susan was, ‘terminally ill.’

I cried buckets. However, the information that came through and past the tears was this: ‘Life is infinite… We are not ruled by the collective ego… It is only the ego that has generated a beginning and an end… If we look at life as – ‘Without a beginning and without an end… but instead as an opportunity to continue to transform, clean up, and create who we are currently, and who and with whom we want to be; (if anyone that we know of at this time)’ – and to contemplate what our ideal might look and feel like; We may be making a unique beginning, or adding to a middle, or adding to a final addition to that we have already been working on – built over many life times before. Either in part/piece of the pie and/or its finality in adding the icing to the cake.

Therefore, life is not a beginning, nor an end, but a continuum for all to continue to develop their own unique and particular, ‘assecories, addendums, and transformations to finally and fulfillingly transform sand into gold.’ This is a unique process which entitles one to be unique and hold to him/herself of one’s own unique expression in life of their own unique choosing as long as it is met with love.

Time is not of the essence, but healing is! And healing does not always follow a straight line; sometimes it zig-zags back and forth. There is no right or wrong. We are all so unique and individual. Let us never reside in someone else’s steadfastness, rightiousness or covert rules!

Well, Genevieve, this has been lengthy, but I hope it has added some balance for the energies you expressed.

With love,

4 Genevieve { 10.07.09 at 8:58 pm }

Thank you, Regina, for expressing so beautifully what we all need to be aware of. Life is a continuum, yes. Well said. Cancer does give people an opportunity to complete and bring closure in a way that sudden death denies. Google ‘Caring Conversations’ for an approach to this that is truly positive. This is certainly a topic worth pursuing again. Perhaps Scorpio will present just that opportunity, and I encourage you to join in the dialogue at that time as well. By putting your thoughts on a ‘classic’ article, they will reach even more readers.

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