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Happy Birthday Libra!

2 DancersWhat lies ahead for Librans this year?  The big one is Pluto in Capricorn squaring Libra (and Aries), and this powerful force of transformation will either strip away all false veneers or further bring out the beauty and strength of this sign of right relationships.  Perhaps, like Innana, the ‘Queen of Heaven’, Librans will have to descend slowly, step by step, to the bottom of something and experience their bone truth to the core.  Not all Librans will experience this Plutonian effect at the same time.  Pluto is inching along a couple of degrees yearly for the next 15-16 years, so if you’re an early Libran, you already know what I’m referring to. Since this is a waxing square Librans can build on fairness, equality, truth, and justice themes in all of their relationships.

The Aquarian ‘sky burst’ of Neptune, Chiron, and Jupiter has certainly boosted Libran’s ability to expand and sail into new territories of creative expression or personal growth this past year.  This positive wind of promise and dreams will slowly fade away, however, especially as Jupiter leaves such airy realms and enters the oceanic waters of Pisces by January 2010.  Jupiter will join Uranus in 2010 to swell the more turbulent seas of change that are fast coming, and chaos isn’t exactly something a true Libran type enjoys.  If the non-rational world entices , much spiritual growth may be possible depending upon the quality of consciousness engaged.  Air provides objectivity to the watery realms of feelings.  Chiron will also enter Pisces by April 20, 2010 emphasizing the Piscean deluge that can heal and purify, or engulf and drown.  Every Libran should get ready to swim!

Neptune will continue to refine and enhance the Libran’s dream for a couple more years, so keep acting on those visions of a more beautiful and balanced world.


Uranus in Pisces has kept Libra adjusting to unpredictable waves for many years now.  Jupiter will be conjoining Uranus both in Pisces and in Aries as the two dance back and forth between these two very different signs.  From the end of May through mid-August of 2010 we’ll get a brief taste of Uranus in Aries before it truly enters its seven-year passage through that sign in early 2011.  Librans must get ready for enormous changes soon.  Think of it this way: you’ve learned to water-ski; next you’re going to take flight. Of course you can hang-glide or sky-dive and still be graceful either way as you ride new exhilarating waves of energy.  Both Jupiter and then Uranus in Aries will motivate you to move!


Oh dear!  I’m not finished. Saturn enters your sign on October 28th.  Don’t tighten up.  Keep breathing.  Saturn is said by some astrologers to be exalted in Libra. Why is that?  Robert Hand puts it this way, that Saturn is not really relationship prone or individualistic but rather in Libra it reminds us of our duties and obligations within a relationship.  So it will certainly be time to get serious about all of your relationships.   Commitments my be made or broken if the relationship is not honoring either of you.  Clear discernment and a keen sense of justice will get strengthened under Saturn’s watch.  All contracts will be scrutinized as well, or should be to maintain right relationships that are fair and equitable for both sides.  Libran occupations such as those involved with event planning, social negotiations, counseling, legal and judicial matters, high fashion, interior decorating, fine arts, all luxury products and services, etc. will go through a period of restructuring and probably down-sizing for a time in order to reduce waste and non-essentials.

One final note of hope seems to be Mars.  Yes, Mars.  Mars will move into Leo on October 16th and stay there for nearly 8 months, finally leaving on Ju7ne 7, 2010.  This will be a great time for creative and playful collaborations with others and many opportunities to move more fully into your heart’s desire will help to buoy you up and give you courage in 2010.  Mars will actually help you to be more decisive and even stand up for what you believe in.

I will be team-teaching an astrology class with a Libran this fall, and Donna ( epitomizes all the qualities in Libra that I admire.  she’s even just published a very Libran book entitled The Healing Path of the Romantic. Yes, she’s a romantic herself.  She’s always beautifully attired even if coming from the health club or getting ready to go on a hike.  She is polite, congenial, and kind.  Her home is a coordinated palette of colors and textures that just invites group gatherings, like a salon, and there seems to be a graceful and gracious aura about her.  Yet under her polish is a woman of action and determination, and you sense that she can handle business and the world.  Libran women often move into what was once the world of men with great savvy, just as Libran men can enter the more feminine realms without losing their masculinity.  This Cardinal Air sign strives to follow some kind of ‘Golden Mean’ where balance, compromise, and congeniality make effort to ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Have a successful and balanced year, Librans.  Help the world, like John Lennon did, to give peace a chance.

September 27, 2009  1 Comment
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1 libra { 10.14.09 at 8:57 pm }

I love my dream, that’s all it matters
I would not ask for anymore
I see The Sun in changing weather
Goodbye illusion, filthy- war.
What do you need to know more?
This made up crisis sucking brains
Big evolutionary war is taking place
Blood pumps thru veins
Momentum on your side, wake up!
Take step, and make it happen
Your love is shinning like a star
Your mind is breaking locks to heaven

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