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The Wonder and Woe of Michael Jackson, Virgo


Should Michael Jackson have asked any astrologer worth their salt, they could have warned him that he was in a potentially challenging and dangerous period leading up to his untimely death on June 25th, 2009 when Moon in Leo activated his own dynamic and potent T-square with Mars at the apex point.  Danger lurked mightily around him and he died from a lethal cocktail of drugs including the powerful sedative/anesthesia, propofol.  The dream-state of Neptune had been eluding him as a natural occurrence, and thus the artifically-induced states of unconsciousness had perhaps  become increasingly addictive as mirrored by the complexity of Naptune, Jupiter, and Chiron in Aquarius opposing his Mercury and squaring his Mars for the many months prior to the final fatal dose given him.

His death chart shows a repeat of the same fixed dynamic shown in his birth map with both Chiron in Aquarius and Mars in Taurus returning to where they were when he was born.


Every aspect on that fateful day spelled danger to his Mars (fight or flight/adrenals) save transiting Saturn.  Had he had competent and wise protectors around him who deeply cared for his well-being, he might have survived.  Every aspect to his Chiron (healing or wounding) also rang an alarm save transiting Mercury.  Had he been alert and awake he could have read the ‘signs’ and listened first to himself, and then to those he could trust, but by that time who could he truly trust, including himself?  Envy and greed surrounded him, and pure motives to honor his well-being were possibly superseded by other agendas for those who still wanted to benefit monetarily from his fame, his talent.  The capitalistic ‘god’ was present.  After all, if he could do ten mega-performances, as originally agreed upon, why not 50?  Push him to his limit and keep him drugged during down-time.  It is repugnant that those who take the Hippocratic oath to do no harm so easily ignore it when lots of money is involved.  This is conjecture on my part and hopefully some facts may emerge if there is a homicide trial.  Michael’s name and fame will live on in various ways due to the public’s need for an idol to both worship and defame.  The Moon in Leo at his death assures us of that, but then Michael was destined to live beyond his bodily life.

The mythic dimension of his birth map mirrors the wonder and woe that his life became.  Every trans-personal planet impacted him personally.  He is not an easy human being to write about in a short blog article.  I would rather write a long twenty page chapter on his life, or better yet a descriptive book, but I will reign in my own megalomania and focus on one major theme for the remainder of this writing, leaving others to inspect and dissect his every idiosyncrasy.


He blazed forth with stellar magnitude from childhood carried by a strong Uranus/Venus conjunction in Leo in his fifth house (repeating Leo/performance theme).  That happy faced boy with the extreme talent brought a smile to everyone’s face who watched him perform.  His real power, however, became evident after his 25th year when his Sun/Pluto/Juno conjunction woke up after mighty activation by transiting Uranus, and he broke ranks with the ‘Jackson Five’ following the Uranus transit to his Moon in Pisces.

What is it like to be born with Sun conjoining Pluto?  Michael Jackson gives us a major glimpse into that reality, and because he was also a Virgo, the energy was both perfected and mastered by his skills as a performing artist and then amplified thousands and millions of times by those who wished to voyeuristic-ally peer into every detail of his public and private life.  Fame, fortune, and a long ‘after-life’ were also his Plutonian potential.  Once he realized that the ‘silver-screen’ of Neptune (he had Sun/Pluto sextiling Neptune/Jupiter) would guarantee his eternal fame in the public eye, he was more satisfied.  MTV first kept him alive, but DVDs and further digitals will continue to keep him alive.  As he said in an interview with Lisa Robinson, “…what I love about film, it’s something captured, a moment captured that’ll be there for eternity.”

He also said in that same interview, “I always do things through force and feeling, and I always follow my instincts…”

He was born right after a Full Moon, the Sun barely four degrees waxing from Pluto.  Pluto is sometimes called the ‘Lord of the Underworld’ presiding over all that is hidden and buried deep in the bowels of the earth as well as the psyche.  Pluto is that which can destroy or give rise to re-birth.  Pluto rules all the hidden treasures found in the underworld.  Dungeons and Dragons come straight from Pluto’s realm.  Pluto is ‘plutonian’ as in all things potent and dangerous.


When Michael finally emerged in his own right it was through THRILLER, a phantasmagoria of the ‘Night of the Living Dead’ elevated to something dazzling and mesmerizing.  Pluto is all that seduction ever wanted to be, especially when Neptune comes along for the ride with images, dance, and music.


Youth, even little kids, are especially vulnerable to that mysterious allure of death because they are still innocent of the impending aching bones, creaking joints, and shortness of breath that their elders experience as the grim reaper draws ever closer in time.  Sex, death, and horror are what seduce and thrill in Pluto’s realm, and the world of the young is ever ready to lap it up as entertainment.

Michael’s amazing skills as a dancer, singer, song-writer, and performer turned Pluto’s themes into sheer wonder even if the subject matter was often dark and foreboding.  Look at his facial expressions when he sang some of those songs.  The demonic emerged magnificently with power and force.  That’s one of the reasons why he was so big and reached super-stardom.  His rise to power and glory as a performer paralled Pluto’s passage through Scorpio from late 1983 through 1995.

His challenges became more obvious as Pluto entered Sagittarius and more legal woes befell him at every turn (they began as early as 1993), especially as Pluto rode over his Saturn in Sagittarius in his 9th house of legal matters by 2003-2005.  The opposition of Uranus in Pisces to his Sun/Pluto/Juno in April of 2004 was the shock-wave of his indictment on child-molestation charges.  The trial, which lasted 14 weeks, from February 28, 2005 through June 13, 2005, brought the sobering forces of Saturn (trial/judgment) to his popular Jupiter/Neptune conjunction, yet he prevailed and was acquitted under a fortuitous Jupiter aspect.  The damage, however, had been done.  Neptune opposite his Venus in Leo was draining his assets, his image, and his morale.  Chiron, also very active during his trial, furthered to reinforce his Chirotic wound.  The very things he had always professed to love, the child-like, the Peter Pans of Never Never Land, and all the wild things harbored therein, were wounding him.  Plutonian envies and jealousies were also wounding him.

Plutonian people, like Chirotic people—-and he was both—often must experience the pain of isolation.  If you really think about Pluto, he is completely isolated from the Sun’s golden rays that planets like Venus and the Earth bask in.  Pluto is so far out there by himself that he is nearly invisible to the rest of this little solar system.  Yet his power is both deep and vast.  He is in the outer-limits where the galaxy beckons and the enormity of the vast Universe takes hold.  The symbolism here is that a plutonian person can gain universal power over the collective consciousness, which is often unconscious, but the plutonian person often feels personally to be isolated and alone.  Chiron suffers the isolation differently.  Chiron truly doesn’t ‘belong’ here in this solar system.  He comes from far, far away and feels entrapped here somehow.  He yearns to be free of the wounds often inflicted out of his own desire to help.  Remember, Michael was doing some of the soundtrack for E.T. at the same time he produced THRILLER.  E.T. was a personification of Chiron in many ways.


The two years leading up to his death brought heavy-handed Saturn over his Pluto/Sun, but with transiting Pluto activating his Jupiter/Neptune positively, he was ready to go again and push forward mightily with effort and grace doing what he was good at and had clearly mastered.  He could move his body with grace and speed still, sing and perform perhaps even better than ever as a mature 50-year old.  He had just passed through his Chiron return.  Perhaps  the wounds were still with him, and the demons were haunting him.  We may never fully know why he couldn’t just relax and go to sleep after working so hard.  We may never fully know what inner torment he endured physically, emotionally, and psychologically.  He said to Lisa, “I put my soul, my blood, sweat, and tears, into Thriller.”  After looking at multiple video tracks, following his death, it appeared to me that he did so with every performance.  Obsessed?  No, he was compelled, because like Pluto, he wanted to keep going and the drive deep inside of him was stronger than the pain.

September 16, 2009  4 Comments
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1 Georgia Dow { 09.27.09 at 12:22 pm }

Wow, Genevieve, what a potent overview of Michael’s life from the inside out with his Astrological scaffolding. Thank you SO much for writing this. Georgia D.

2 Genevieve { 09.27.09 at 12:37 pm }

You’re welcome, Georgia. I love to delve into people’s lives and see what their soul’s path is all about.

3 Gea { 12.01.17 at 2:26 pm }

Did Michael have any Yodh’s. If I have two, then Michael must have 10. He came to change and heal the world. His messages is as clever as Christ’s. Archangel Michael means: Who is as God.

4 Genevieve Vierling { 12.01.17 at 5:45 pm }

Gea—-No Yods in his birth map. That Moon in Pisces widely opposite his Sun in Virgo is one clue to his message and universal appeal. He FELT everything. Another clue is his Jupiter/Neptune conjoining his North Node. More sensitivity and compassion. We know he was terribly abused as a child and see that reflected by Mars in Taurus at the apex of a T-square with Chiron in Aquarius opposite Uranus/Venus/Mercury all in Leo. No easy aspects to that Mars. What strikes me is that against so many odds he surmounted and surpassed such obstacles due to his extreme talent and brilliancy as a performer, but his Moon in Pisces was the martyr sacrificed even though he only wanted to be love. Thanks for your comments!

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