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Be Ready to Change Tracks with the Wheel of Fortune

Rider Waite Smith Wheel of Fortune

Rider Waite Smith Wheel of Fortune

Law 10/The Wheel of Fortune/All Elements:  You cannot control whom or what crosses your path, but how you respond to them can shape your destiny.

 The traditional versions of this Major Arcana include an image of a turning wheel surrounded by the four apocalyptic beasts, each of which represent a different universal element and fixed zodiac sign:  The Bull/Taurus/Earth, The Lion/Leo/Fire, The Eagle/Scorpio/Water, and The Angel/Aquarius/Air.  Additionally, a sphinx may be featured which embodies all of the apocalyptic beasts as one.  In effect, all elements are at play, and the turn of wheel can bring any or all elements into your path depending on what you most need to experience at this stage in your life cycle.

In my experience, the Wheel of Fortune always signifies an exciting time ahead when new people and opportunities will be crossing your path.  You need not go seeking them, as they will arrive in the most serendipitous and unexpected ways.  As I don’t condone good fortunes vs. bad fortunes, how you experience whom or what arrives in your path is of your own making.  Be selective and choose to engage with those people or opportunities that support you and walk away from those which may conflict with your needs and drain your energy.  Don’t say yes to everybody and everything!  This ability to be discerning comes from self-reflection as experienced when you encounter Law 9/The Hermit for example (see my previous Tarot blog).

 As the Wheel of Fortune is one my soul cards ( you can calculate yours by referring to Mary Greer’s Tarot for Yourself workbook), I can look back at my life and witness several distinct chapters clearly defined by serendipitous events in my life that compelled me to change locations, occupations, and relationships.  The first decade of my life was largely spent in San Francisco with family, going to school and dancing ballet.  The next decade was experienced outside city limits in California amongst tall trees and friends, actively out in the elements, skiing, hiking, biking, dancing, and swimming.  Then I had another ten years on the East Coast of the States developing my professional skills, pursuing higher education, and exploring deeper relationships.  My most recent chapter takes place in Ireland where I have been able to ground my energies in commitments to my marriage partner, my children and work.

 You may get some clues as to which way things are going based on the other cards that may appear in the spread.  Cards such as The Tower, Hanged Man, or 9 of Swords could indicate people and events that could throw you off balance, whereas The Star, Queen of Cups, 6 of wands, or 3 of Pentacles could represent helpful people and circumstances supporting you.  While Destiny is who or what crosses your path, how you respond to them is your own free will.  So in the face of potential negative or positive circumstances, you can choose to face them or to walk away with dignity and strength or to embrace or seize them if compelled.

Osho Zen Tarot - Wheel of Fortune

 However you experience the Wheel of Fortune, the most important truth is that your life is about to change in a BIG way.  You could say that the Western world has currently met with the Wheel of Fortune in the form of the recession.  While no one can control the larger financial downturn and economic uncertainty, individuals can choose to summon their true strengths and shift tracks in innovative, creative and resourceful ways.  Niches for new growth can be discovered such as in green technologies (renewable energies) and in the new science of healing where individuals have more control over their own health (see )

October 2, 2009  4 Comments
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1 Anonymous { 10.02.09 at 9:28 pm }

Dear Daniele,

Although I have never met you, I have known your mother for over 20 years and highly respect her both as a friend and a teacher.

What I would like to submit to you both (underline both), is my appreciation of this site. Thank you for providing a website that we all can hear and benefit from as ‘sensitives’, and without the need to hide and speak from our own inner truth. What I feel when I visit, is a sense of respect, integrity, dignity and honor of the cosmic essence that you both put forth in your communications.

As a sensitive, these qualities are most important to me, since I have many times experienced the polar opposites of these qualities in situations. It has taken many years to understand and ‘get a handle’ as to who I am, and why I am here. One of the reasons why I am here, I am sure, is to support people like yourselves.

With all my best wishes and support, and the furtherance of growth for all cosmic creatures,
With love,
Regina Pizante

2 Danielle { 10.06.09 at 3:26 am }


Your comments give me the encouragement and validation that I am on the right track in serving such appreciative readers such as yourself!

With a leap and a jump of positive energy your way,

3 Shelle { 10.04.09 at 3:22 pm }

My sentiments exactly. How very well put Regina.
Keep up the great effort here Danielle.

love & light,

4 Danielle { 10.06.09 at 3:27 am }

Thank you Shelle for your kind comments.

May the love and light circle back to you always,

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