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Get the Balance Right with Justice

Law 11 (Justice/Libra/Air): Take responsibility for your relationships with others; choose fair and equal partnerships

 Justice is represented by a formidable robed figure sitting authoritatively upon a throne with a sword held in her one hand and the scales in the other.  She can easily be compared to the Greek Warrior Goddess of Wisdom, Athena,  or to the American Statue of Liberty.  She stands ready to defend and fight for truth, justice and liberty for all.  She governs legal rights that may take form in contracts relating to citizenship, marriage, or business.  The card is favorable when accompanied by supportive cards such as the Ace of Swords, The Hermit, or the Sun where truth is illuminated and otherwise challenging when accompanied by ones such as the 7 of Swords, The Devil, or 3 of swords where the truth may be evaded or kept hidden.

Rider Waite Smith Justice

Rider Waite Smith Justice


Following astrologically on from The Lovers, the Gemini/Air card, which represents the merging and balancing of male and female energies within, the Justice/Libra/Air card allows us to merge and balance with people or prospects outside of ourselves.  When this card arises in a reading, take it as an optimal sign to make commitments to whom and what matters most to you. These commitments ideally will be based on a fair give and take or exchange of energies, and open and honest communication that allows one to both speak and be heard equally in respect to others.

For a more in-depth understanding of the Libran/Air elements of Justice, look to Genevieve’s beautifully written blog on Libra found in the in left hand column archive of this site.  You can gain further insight into how this card has either swept you off your feet in relationship or swept you out of relationship by calculating your annual year cards as set out by Mary K. Greer in her Tarot for Yourself workbook.  Essentially, you get the same Major Arcana every 10 years and each time you get it you become a little closer to understanding and mastering its lessons.

 In my case, Justice repeatedly has marked the breaking-up of my commitments and ultimately has increased my awareness about my inability to get the balance right in my relationships. I first got the Justice card in 1976 when I had broken up with a best girlfriend and entered a new school; in 1985 when Justice appeared again, I had just broken up with my first love and began college; in 1994 Justice signified yet another break-up from a serious 9 year relationship and graduation from my Masters program.  So interestingly in these first 3 decades of my life, just when I realized I could not keep a commitment in relationship, I concurrently was able to commit to my own education and pursuit of personal truth.  Accordingly, Justice is also about our commitment to our own truth.  Most recently, in 2003 I got the balance right with Justice.  Firstly, I made a separation from my eldest daughter’s father official and since have been able to co-parent with him amiably and fairly.  At the end of that year, I also became involved with the man who demonstrated that he was willing to be equal partners with me.  I was later to marry him in 2006, which was my Temperance card year (signifying a true alchemy and blessing in relationship as I will write about in December). I won’t speculate about what my next experience of Justice will be in 2012, but as the Mayan calendar comes to a close and we begin the Aquarian Age, I expect to reckon with my own truth in amazing new ways.

 The truth of Justice is you can’t be true to another  until you are completely true to yourself.

October 9, 2009  2 Comments
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1 Anonymous { 10.09.09 at 8:45 pm }

Dear Danielle,

I loved your article. Your articles on the Tarot are giving me much deeper insight into the Tarot than I have known before. Thank you.

Your last paragraph is what I would like to address. “The truth of Justice is that you can’t be true to another until you are completely true to yourself.”

How true indeed I find these words. But it hasn’t come easy for me. For many years, because of teachers I have respected, and loves that I have had, I have often become confused with a statement such as the above. I have often walked the line (inside) between, ‘Is it me, or is it them?’ Where am I? The confusion between loving another and keeping my own ‘space’ has never been easy.

That is why I wanted to respond to your article, because, over time, I do feel that this statement is absolutely true. For who are we anyway when we hold complete to our own center?

I find it a bit ‘tricky’ of a proposition, because, until one has (in my opinion) been challanged enough – pulled in- pulled out – it won’t be until there has been enough challanges that one can then say with courage: This is where I live – come join me if you like.

I find that it is through the challanges that we have faced that we on the flip side of the coin can therefore say, OK, this is what I did 10 years ago, but it won’t be the same what I do this year.

Hence, the (loving energies of the zodiac) energies have such a way of presenting themselves to us, and through inwardly growing, they allow us to keep releasing (underline releasing) the old, the ugly, and the past which keeps us locked into an in-hospitable system of uneccesary loneliness.

‘Being yourself’ has had some ‘bad raps’ attached to it. I don’t think people really understand it.

So, to get back to the point of your comment. When I initially met a teacher who kept pointing me to myself even though I had strong feelings for him, I eventually got the message. When I stay in me, the feelings, thoughts, sensations, memories, I experience belong to me. The deeper I can experience me, (and whatever I feel, think or remember), the deeper I experience myself and that connection.

Therefore, that’s what it’s all about…Energies travel along particular pathways, therefore, if I am clear, my pathways and relationships are also clear (and dear)!.

Thank you, Danielle

2 Danielle { 10.09.09 at 10:30 pm }

Saluting all that is clear and true in you, dear reader!

Thank you for expanding on what I have written with your own experience. You highlighted the value of learning from our challenges over time exceptionally well.

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