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Hang On! Greater Turbulence Ahead

merchant-ships_bakhuizenUranus turns Direct on December 1st, still in the ever-changing waters of Pisces.  With the Sun and Mercury moving through Sagittarius we are sure to experience further turbulence as we approach the Winter Solstice.  Fire and water are now fairly strong and either chaos, or creativity, or a combination of both, continue to stir up collective storms of change.

If you are a Sun sign Sagittarius, pay attention to whether you’re at the beginning, middle, or end of the sign.  If your Sun is in range of 22-29 degrees, Uranus is impacting you mightily with roller-coaster momentum.  It’s going to be like steering a ship in the middle of a maelstrom for certain periods of time between now and end of May 2010.  Those of you with the early degrees of the sign have already passed through those mighty waves, but will get fresh swells when Jupiter enters Pisces in mid-January.  Jupiter joining Uranus in Pisces will increase the size and length of these wave-like forces that are moving us forward and through all sorts of karmic waters, so it requires a strong mind and a steady hand to keep on course, and that’s one of the things Sagittariuses do best.

We’ve had some amazing realizations and discoveries with Jupiter, Neptune, and Chiron, all conjoining in Aquarius, and we’ve also seen an increase in illusion, fantasy, and sheer chicanery (ie the couple who got into the White House State dinner; the Florida gated-lady kidnapping, etc.).  These false miasmas will end shortly as Jupiter moves on towards the sharper clarity of Uranus, for the fog is going to lift to reveal even more chaos as an old order changes form and revolutionary currents take hold.  Jupiter is moving so fast now that it will literally get all the way through Pisces by June 6, 2010 when it enters Aries and joins Uranus in the fire.  The two will dance back and forth between fire and water during a time of momentous change on this planet.  Together they will help to create the Cardinal dynamic T-square with Pluto in Capricorn, and Saturn/Mars in Libra in August of 2010.  This is a massive amount of initiatory power striking at the heart of the United States core energies in Cancer.

Astrologers everywhere are talking about this coming time and the configurations that will mirror it from above.  Right now I’m focusing on this time of Sagittarius and Sagittarians in general.  Out of the descent and depth of Scorpio, how is it that we can so swiftly move upwards and outwards when in reality we are still moving deeper into the darkest point of the year?  Sagittarius is the last of the fire signs and it is designed to instill inner fire.  I would suggest that the real quest of a Sagittarius is to gain the light from within that is not dependent on outer circumstances at all.  When the inner spark is ignited this fiery sign navigates through the darkest portals sure of its goal.  The higher the aim, the stronger the fire that propels the journey.

Sagittarius, illustration by B.A.Vierling

With Mars now in Leo fueling further the vision quest of Sagittarius we look to this sign and the people who bear its signature to rocket-launch us towards a future which can be created if there is enough light and heart energy to counter anything and anyone who would hold back this fierce thrust towards evolutionary acceleration now upon us.  2010 is the critical year as Saturn squares Pluto and the forces of repression and elite control try to gain an even greater strong-hold of dominance over the entire globe.  When Uranus and Jupiter both enter Aries end of May and early June, 2010, right about the time that Mars is ending it’s long 7-month sojourn in Leo, it may be Sagittarius and Aries, especially, who spear-head the changes we need to push us beyond the old fixed patterns of collective beliefs that bind us.

I appeal to all you folks out there with Sagittarius energy strong in your birth maps to get your fire ignited in spite of the ‘reality police’ who attempt to suffocate your visions through fear.  Keep your inner fire bright with whatever spiritual practice works for you.  We’re counting on your guidance in the months ahead!

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