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The Hanged One Turns your Life Upside Down for a Reason

Law 12 (The Hanged One/Destiny/All Elements)   When you don’t take time to reflect on what really matters, the Universe will suspend you from further action in the world. 

 When you can’t move forward, you may be caught by The Hanged One, otherwise known as The Hanged Man.  This twelfth Major Arcana of the Tarot  indicates circumstances  or Universal powers beyond your control that may turn your life upside down.  You could, for example, find yourself or someone close to you unwell, out of work, out of money, or just plain out of sorts.  In this position, the uncertainty of the future is magnified.  Just know on a higher spiritual level, this uncomfortable state of being is for a positive reason.  When caught off balance as such, you are forced to reflect on your life from a new perspective.  When you are ready to move forward from a place of truth, you can get on your feet again and only then can you truly move forward on the journey to wholeness, and well-being in life.

The Hanged One, Rider Waite Smyth Tarot

The image on the card is of a person hanging tied up from the ankles, upside-down with a hallo of light around their head.  It is clear that this card does not represent a traditional hanging by the neck and no dire harm is upon you, but rather it simply means you can’t get your two feet back on the ground to move forward. A lot of clichés can pop into mind, “Two steps forward, one step back” or “Let go, and let God” or “Let go of your hang-ups”.   You must let go of whatever preconceived ideas you have had about your current life, and try to expand your vision by looking at things from a completely opposite or different angle.  You cannot act before you think, but must go inward to discover the best way forward.  You must delve down to your very toes for whatever truth lies at the depths of your being.  

 Interestingly, the image of one’s feet up in the air is a calling to relax into and accept the upsetting circumstances rather than try to run from them. Also it is interesting to note astrologically, that Pisces, the sign that allows us to move beyond the self into the ocean of oneness with all existence, rules the feet.  So there is an implicit call to let go of personal hang-ups and move towards a collective, holistic service for the common good.

The current recession and/or influx of new viruses and diseases has placed many of us in Hanged One position.  Some let fear of further loss hold them back from ventures and risks they might take otherwise.  Others are hung-up on waiting for some positive signal from economists, health experts, or spiritual or political leaders before they take any actions.  Many sources are saying it will be another year and a half before we can move out of the economic slump.  In the midst of this current global economic and health crisis, the key is to not stay stuck doing things in the same old ways, but to be resourceful in finding new innovative and creative ways of moving forward.  Growth and expansion are happening, for example, in the area of energy, both renewable (green technologies) and healing (alternative therapies). 

How you work with and harness energy can help you to step beyond a finite carbon-based, top (head)-heavy reality and into an infinite realm of possibilities.

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1 kachina { 11.12.09 at 5:04 am }

Beautifully expressed.
Your tarot postings are a pleasure!
Thank you Danielle. 🙂


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