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Posts from — March 2010

2010 Is The Year The Gates of Cardinal Initiation Open

Countless astrologers have been writing and buzzing about the Cardinal configurations that are beginning to form in 2010.  Raymond Merriman, the astute and well-known financial astrologer, coined the term ‘Cardinal Climax’, but Jeff Jawer, another well-known popular astrologer, took issue and said, “Climaxes are high points, often at … [read more]

March 27, 2010  11 Comments
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The Star Guides Us To Freedom and Self- Fulfillment

Law 17 (The Star/Aquarius/Air):  When you feel trapped, engineer a way to freedom.

For every moment of despair and of weakness, there is always a ray of hope or a Guiding Light.  There is always a way out or a way forward.   After the previous spiritual lessons presented by the [read more]

March 19, 2010  No Comments
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Jupiter Through The Boundless Seas of Pisces

Imagine yourself a very large whale traveling through an ocean of water.  Who is with you?  Are you alone, or do you have a baby near-by?  Perhaps a mate or other relatives?  Where are you traveling to?  Do you want to head south to warmer waters, or north to wild … [read more]

March 10, 2010  3 Comments
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The Tower Lays Waste to All That Does Not Support Us

Law 16 (The Tower/Destiny/All Elements but mostly Earth/Fire)

External circumstances beyond our control will bring on a break-down into the raw simplicity of being, if we abide in rigid, out-dated beliefs, traditions, and structures (lessons posed by the Devil/Law 15 in Tarot).

You will have to face yourself in your … [read more]

March 3, 2010  1 Comment
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