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Jupiter Through The Boundless Seas of Pisces

Imagine yourself a very large whale traveling through an ocean of water.  Who is with you?  Are you alone, or do you have a baby near-by?  Perhaps a mate or other relatives?  Where are you traveling to?  Do you want to head south to warmer waters, or north to wild and sparsely populated waters?  Or do you want to stay quietly where you are in some sheltered bay?  What kind of seas are you encountering?  Wild, rough, choppy waters or calm, clear waters?  Are there dangers within the waters you are traveling through like toxic waste, or destructive sonar wave sounds? Are dangers lurking on the surface such as boats with humans in them who might wish you and your kin harm?  Or perhaps you’re fortunate enough to have humans around who love you and only want to observe your ways.

I feel this is a good metaphor for Jupiter in Pisces.  For some who enjoy the watery realm this may seem a comfortable place, for others it may seem unfamiliar and disturbing.  Jupiter is said to be at its best (dignified) in this last sign of the Zodiac and the highest level of growth that can be achieved now is unity and a sense of oneness with all that is.  Whales are very large (Jupiter) mammals that have a high level of intelligence and an amazing ability to communicate with each other over vast underwater spaces.  Many feel that they also have cosmic connections which we have lost touch with as humans in our pursuit of a mechanistic, left-brained view of reality.  Whales are ancient creatures that are said to hold memory keys to our very beginnings here on Gaia, the Earth Mother.  Their songs take us to subtle and magnificent realms if we pause to truly listen.  There are wonderful recordings, films, books, and whale-watching experiences now available to us.  This is the perfect time to connect again with our kin in the oceanic realm.

Jupiter entered Pisces’ realm January 17th and swims on through all 30 degrees by June 6th when it enters fiery Aries for three swift months before swimming back into Pisces from September 9th, 2010 until January 22nd, 2011.  Jupiter basically spends a year in each sign, however this year we get the entire spectrum of possibilities in just 4 1/2 months.  So get out your natal chart and look to see where this transit is taking place.  Something is going on in your life now that is swift moving and oceanic in properties wherever Jupiter is traveling through.  You’ll not be able to control it nor stem the force of its momentum very easily.  It’s best in this area of your life to just swim with the current and try to enjoy yourself.  That’s why I’ve shown you the whale metaphor to help you work with the energy rather than resist it or fear it.

In general terms Jupiter likes expansion, growth, and exploration.  Jupiter wants more, and it wants to move beyond old boundaries and just keep reaching out towards future possibilities.  In Pisces, the sign of devotion and compassion, it is not likely to be a worldly, materialistic urge unless it is tied to sensate forms of escapism.  Excessive and addictive types of behavior can distort the urge towards wholeness and oneness and turn that urge into a spiraling black hole of self-annihilation.

Jupiter in Pisces may take you into new and expanded levels of consciousness where you truly experience your place in the greater web of life that is all around you and in you.  It may enhance your search spiritually to grow and improve your ideals by living them.  It may increase your desire to be of service to those who have less than you do: the destitute, the victims of disasters, the voiceless ones.  Jupiter in Pisces may open your heart to greater compassion.  Perhaps it is best to focus on that which ‘breaks your own heart the most’, and devote yourself in loving service to that.  Remember that the ocean of life is vast and deep.  Like a great whale you can only experience what you are swimming through in this moment.  Just be with that and you participate in the whole.

What are some good uses of this large watery energy?  Obviously, a sea voyage or a retreat by a large body of water would be literally ideal.  Deep meditative journeys into your own vast interior space, or dream-work and journal writing where you may give voice to your unconscious, communing with nature in great open and wild spaces; these are all going to increase inner awareness this year.  Outer devoted service to other humans, animals, or the natural world also will bring that sense of unity through action.  Immersion courses into anything that you love where you truly ‘lose yourself’ in the process are also good.  The arts are fields where through painting, dancing, writing poetry or prose, sculpting, composing or playing music you have the opportunity to expand your consciousness and enter that flow of unity with the great life force.  The realms of the heart, feelings, and inspiration are the areas of life that will truly bring the most reward so find that which opens you the most and dive in.  This is Jupiter in Pisces at its best.

March 10, 2010  3 Comments
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1 Regina { 03.12.10 at 12:03 am }

How beautiful indeed this writing, Genevieve, this piece is! You have so captured the ‘feeding connection’ of the quality of the water energy in this article. When I first read it, my first response was that of being fed by a mother to fulfillment; an experience that I never had. Something in this article seems to bring such nourishment and enrichment to the soul. Maybe it is the whales, maybe the water and the ocean, I am not sure…But I do know that it filled my cup just a little more than it’s contents held prior to the read.

With love,

2 Scott Hanson { 10.26.16 at 9:12 pm }

Curious as to where you got the photo at the top of your article?

3 Genevieve Vierling { 10.30.16 at 12:47 pm }

Scott—I usually do searches for these photos and this one I found back in 2010 on Or you can search ‘dances-with-whales’ and find it. It’s still there! Beautiful, huh?

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