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The Star Guides Us To Freedom and Self- Fulfillment

Law 17 (The Star/Aquarius/Air):  When you feel trapped, engineer a way to freedom.

For every moment of despair and of weakness, there is always a ray of hope or a Guiding Light.  There is always a way out or a way forward.   After the previous spiritual lessons presented by the Death, Devil and Tower Major Arcanas of the Tarot, the Star shows us that the Light at the end of the tunnel will always emerge if we allow it.

The Rider Waite version of this 17th Major Arcana is much like the Aquarius image of a woman holding urns of water, symbolic of reflection (the urn of water being poured into the water) on the containment of human emotion so that it is not expressed with subjective drama,  but rather with objective compassion (the urnof water being poured into the earth).  Also Additionally, there appears a large 8-pointed star representing the 8 primary planetary energies in our solar system outside Earth.   As well that star is surrounded by 7 stars which connect with the 7 levels of Heaven, the 7 chakras, the 7 life energies, the 7 colors of the rainbow, and so on.  Accordingly, there is an intrinsic universal wisdom available to all those who choose this card or who simply choose a clear and conscious path.  When you hold a higher vision, the Universe opens up all possibilities for you.  As well you see a tree of life in the background indicating the possibility for creative growth and eternal well-being.  You need never be held back from the ultimate fulfillment of your desires as a human.

Rider Waite Smith-  The Star

The lessons of  The Star came into my consciousness when I was quite young, but then as we humans often resign ourselves to learning the hard way, it has taken me longer to merge this consciousness with my actions in my earthly existence.

When I was a child, I had a frightening but wonderful lucid dream that showed me that I could always find my way out of any predicament.  I was flying out of my body over Marin County in California where we lived at the time and then somehow found my way into the local Department store.  There I became trapped as there were no windows and I could not find an escape route…the doors seemed to have disappeared.  Then it occured to me how simple the solution was.  I visualized a window and flew right out elated at my creative freedom.

Then when I was a teenager, my consciousness about spiritual freedom was further expanded.  At that time, I suffered from an extreme fear of the dark as I was sensitive to energies and entities that could not be seen with the physical eye.  Sometimes I would get so terrified that I would not even get up out of the bed if I had to run to the loo in the middle of the night.  One night as I was lying nervously awake in bed, a strong but gentle male voice spoke to me in my inner ear and said,”Don’t be afraid, you are powerful enough to protect yourself from all harm, physical or otherwise.”  Instantly and miraculously, I felt protected and strong in myself and so leapt out of bed to relieve myself before tucking back into bed.  I have been free of my fear of the dark ever since.

The voice stayed on and explained that he was a Light being from another dimension and though he did not actually communicate in English words —his vibrations were being translated for me.  He asked if he could touch me lightly on my back.  I consented and felt a strong vibration and warmth there and then instantly went into a deep and lucid dream state where I was floating out of my body and into the night-wetted streets of the town beyond.  Then I heard and felt the rapid flutter of wings in my ears and could feel my essence/spirit rushing towards the crown of my head.  At that moment, I knew this being was calling me to come with him into another dimension, but I instinctfully responded with a resounding “NO, I don’t want to go!”  Instantly, all went silent.  The being respected my response and boundaries and kindly left me.

Though I knew this visiting being had presented me with an amazing opportunity to discover more about the Universe, I knew that what I needed most at that stage in life or maybe even in my life in entirety was to be in this body, called Danielle Vierling, on Planet Earth…Here and Now.  In between lives or at least after this one, I would have the opportunity to explore the Universe again, but for this life it was important for me to fully experience what it was to be human in the earthly plane with all its heartfelt lessons.  Also, it is important to know that we humans always have a choice at every moment, and in that choice we find our own power to live the life we want.

Finally 20 years on, I have allowed more compassion for my own needs and for my own self-fulfillment to be realized.  I had been working for a string of corporate entities and always felt that the corresponding office life was very inhuman and stiffling of my ultimate creative growth.  Read Dr. Peter Gray’s insights on how even our school systems box us into a prison like state of being that severely inhibit our ability to learn and grow.

I stayed on in the corporate world because my schooling led me to believe that was the logical way in which I could make a decent living in the world.  In my heart of hearts though, I knew I had to leave eventually as I had a greater calling to do my creative, spiritual work.  In the months that I’ve been writing these blogs for Blue Light Lady, my affirmations for a way out of this corporate work that held me back from my true purpose became stronger.  Recently, with the recession full-on here in Ireland, the engineering firm where I worked the past six years as a communications consultant,  reduced my workload to part-time and the way out was clear that I was far better off out doing my own creative “thang”.  So now I’ve chosen to leave with the redundancy package and am completely free to be true to myself and fulfill my life purpose in sharing positive energy and healing with others.   Life can be sweet!

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