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The Tower Lays Waste to All That Does Not Support Us

Law 16 (The Tower/Destiny/All Elements but mostly Earth/Fire)

External circumstances beyond our control will bring on a break-down into the raw simplicity of being, if we abide in rigid, out-dated beliefs, traditions, and structures (lessons posed by the Devil/Law 15 in Tarot).

You will have to face yourself in your raw truth sooner or later.  Rigid structures/corporations/empires/relationships will fall apart and may break-down or break-up; you may suffer a break-down or identity crisis; your health may suffer or even the world around you may appear to fall apart.  Natural disasters (for example the recent earthquakes in Haiti and Chile), acts of terrorism, the crashing of the western economy, and fall of governments are all examples of Tower events. The typical image of the Tower in Tarot is exactly that of a Tower falling and crumbling with people and flames flying out the windows and could easily be represented by the Twin Towers of New York on September 11, 2001.

Rider Waite Tarot - Tower

Rider Waite Tarot - Tower

Also pictured in this Tarot image is a crown falling.  All Empires that fail to keep the balance fair will fall.  All that does not support the raw truth of what it is to be human with a heart on this planet will be lain to waste in due course.  Now not to preach all doom and gloom, as there is always a positive way out and the Tarot gives some guideposts.

The best we humans can do when the Tower crumbles in our path is to re-build with more sound and sustainable materials that will support us in the long-run.  Alternatively, we can choose to walk away from the material form that no longer supports us and forge a new path in a new direction.  A crisis in our environment or consciousness can bring out the heroes and heroines amongst us and bring community and charity to the fore.  Such a crisis can catapult us into individual or collective change that will hopefully be for the better. 

In the recent movie, Avatar,the imperialistic advance of the Earthlings upon the beings of Pandora sets the stage for a “Tower” that must fall.  Ultimately, the beauty of a collective effort to consciously topple the corporate power is realized. 

The Tower experience, therefore, can trigger tremendous, life-changing revelations and encourage positive evolution.

March 3, 2010  1 Comment
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1 theempress { 03.03.10 at 7:35 pm }

Danielle, what a terrific reading, and although, I have simular insights, I don’t have the gift of speech that you possess in discribing in such a graceful manner, to others, in a manner that they can easily comprehend. Your spiritually gifted as both reader and teacher. Thank You, for sharing this talent.

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