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Pluto Journeys Retrograde in Capricorn

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On April 6, 2010 Pluto was standing stationary and still, and on April 7th it began its five-month journey retrograde, retracing the same path already taken since February of 2009. The key event marking this underworld journey was the massive coal mine explosion in Montcoal, West Virginia which instantly killed at least 25 miners who called that poor, rural, yet beautiful part of the Appalachia home—-home for generations of humble, hardworking people who have known no other way of life.  “Without the mines we wouldn’t exist” said one coal miner’s wife.

This gripping and very sad tale holds many of the elements of Pluto’s symbolism.  In fact, the Sabian Symbol where Pluto stood at the time of this incident was “Ten Logs Lie Under An Archway Leading to Darker Woods.”  Deep in the underworld of this earth are deposits of trees ploughed under thousands of years ago now used for energy and fuel as coal and oil.  Yet this symbol speaks of a ‘darker woods’ still undiscovered.  Where is this inward journey taking us?  Dane Rudhyar refers to this symbol as representing the threshold.

Pluto is symbolic of both power and powerlessness.  The power gained is often hidden from view indefinitely until there is enough voltage to handle any resistance to it.  Pluto in its negative form is often involved in issues of rape, molestation, abuse, and any collective power which is tyrannical and controlling of the masses.  Pluto , in and of itself is neither good nor bad, it is the integrity and sense of ethics behind the power that determines whether it is used to renew life or destroy it.  Nature continuously moves through cycles of destruction and renewal such as volcanic activity and the fertile soils produced that later  bring forth new life.  Humans have been given the gift of conscious choice.  They have choices in how they will use their power once they have obtained it.  Many Plutonian types of people choose to use their power to enlighten, transform, and give back to others such as medical researchers, investigative journalists, depth psychologists, environmental scientists engaged in the process of renewable energy, etc.

There are two themes going on here in this tragedy of life and death in a rural coal mining town in ‘the land of the brave and the free’.  A traditional way of life continues for the working class here.  Mining is the only livelihood for these people whose fathers and grandfathers have also worked deep in the bowels of the earth to support their families.  This is Capricorn tradition, time-honored and never questioned by those who serve God and Country.  These men and their loved ones are dependent on those who own and control the mines.  They are non-union workers with no collective bargaining tools available to them for better working conditions.

The other theme involves the ‘Lords’ of this underworld,  the corporation Massey Energy and its subsidiaries, and its CEO, Don Blankenship, who was listed in Old Trout magazine back in 2008 as one of ‘The Thirteen Scariest Americans’.  David Roberts, who wrote about him stated that he considered him the scariest polluter in the U.S. In a blog article from October 24, 2008, Roberts refers the reader to a clip from Bill Moyers’ PBS special Is God Green? “To me it’s absolutely mesmerizing.  I’ve probably watched it 50 times.  The sunken, lifeless eyes, the flat affect, the utter lack of empathy…like I said, it bespeaks psychopathy….”

Ironically I happened to hear on the radio last night a recording of Mr. Blankenship speaking to a group of political patrons and scoffing at the idea that such a thing as global warming existed at all.  He was calling those people crackpots.  He was extolling the virtues of capitalism as the only true and relevant path on planet earth today.  He was saying these things knowing that since the beginning of 2010 his company has been cited more than 100 times for safety violations by the U.S. mine-safety agency.

I review all of this as a way of illustrating the perversions we are all facing today.  As Pluto retraces its steps back from 5 degrees to 2 degrees of Capricorn we will begin to see exposed the corruptions of power and greed compounded by the collusions these ‘dark lords’ have made with even institutions of government, also corrupted by the same cancerous growth.   This is now a malignant kind of growth, out-of-control.  Just as we need to discover new cures for cancer as a physical disease, we need new cures for the economic and political cancers that are destroying the health of nations and the earth itself.  We need radical shifts of perspective and major over-hauls at every level in the way resources are managed and used.

The last time Pluto journeyed through the sign of Capricorn was from 1762 through the spring of 1777.  Do those dates sound familiar?  They should because a revolutionary war was going on and a Declaration of Independence for the new United States of America was declared on July 4, 1776 right as Pluto neared the end of  that sign.  Some 246 years later, Pluto entered Capricorn again on January 26, 2008 as we witnessed the near collapse of some of our economic institutions.  The people are now bearing the weight of that first collapse through both loss of homes and jobs and the added tax burden that will affect generations to come.  Pluto still has a long ways to go!  It will not leave Capricorn for good until January of 2024.  When is the other shoe going to drop?  Some feel it will be soon.  Let’s see what this summer brings as ALL of the outer planets will be Retrograde by then:  Neptune turns Retrograde May 31st, and Uranus turns Retrograde July 5th.  Chiron turns Retrograde June 4th, and Jupiter turns retrograde July 23rd.  So by August when the Cardinal gates of initiation open, all but Saturn will be driven backwards into some type of psychological warfare, reactionary pressure, or internal combustion on perhaps a global scale.

The stakes are much higher now my friends.  In 1776 the United States of America was fresh and new with unlimited resources to plunder and savagely exploit.  All of that is behind us.  Since then the vast and uncharted resources of the rest of the planet have been claimed and staked by the great ‘Lords of the Underworld’ for further exploitation and use.  What further resources are left?  How long can the earth sustain such an onslaught before effects such as this latest mining incident are compounded everywhere?  How much more pollution can our biological systems withstand?  Are we not all similar to those coal miners deep in the bowels of the earth, susceptible to toxins and poisons which are allowed to accumulate in our biosphere to the point of explosive power which will suck the life force out of us?  These are grave issues to ponder and then to take action on.

All Retrograde times give us opportunity for a second chance, to weigh again the uncertainties we face.  We now have decisions to make as a collective as to whether to resist, react, or to remain neutral.  Saturn in Libra is asking that we carefully weigh and balance our judgments before taking definitive action.  Saturn in Libra squaring Pluto in Capricorn is definitely asking for limits and regulations.  The question remains on who will these limits be imposed?  On the perpetrators of unchecked cancerous growth, or on the people and environments inflicted with the disease?

Here in the Sierra Mountains where I live the gold fever is being revived as the economy reels from the downturns of the past 2-3 years.  Gold mining is a ‘Capricorn’ tradition around here. Yet now the population has boomed and homeowners sit atop potential mine shafts and tunnels where the potential for loss of the water table not to mention the contamination of arsenic and mercury into those water tables and soil loom menacingly ahead.  Most of the mines are owned by Corporations out of State so the money will definitely leave the county even if a few jobs are gained.  Will regulations be strong enough to protect the health of citizens living here?  That seems to be the battle that is building.

What kinds of Plutonian issues are you facing where you live?  I’d love to hear from some of you on this blog.  It’s time to share the stories.  We are all linked, after all.  What affects you, affects me, affects us all.  We have the next five months to develop new strategies for exposing corruption and rebirthing new, sustainable solutions that are healthier for everyone.

I will end by quoting that great astrologer and educator, Dane Rudhyar from an article in the December 1971 issue of DeSchooling DeConditioning, “When I speak of ‘world harmony’ I have in mind a society of individual human beings that have learned to live in tune with the great rhythms of the cosmos.  Perhaps we have come to a period when our planet itself will increase its speed of revolution and the whole biosphere will accelerate the tempo of its processes.  Perhaps.  But could it not be also that mankind is passing through a period of feverish readjustment and that once the crisis has run its course it will begin once more to live in harmony with nature but at a higher level of consciousness and activity?”  Pluto is taking us to that beginning crisis point over the next five months.

April 10, 2010  5 Comments
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1 Georgia Dow { 04.10.10 at 1:25 pm }

Wow! I am aware of the intensity of these times and the transformative growth we are in the midst of, but this article really has really perked up my entire being, from this moment on, to seriously remember to live in an expansive, loving, calm, purposeful and mindful way to help support the world and everyone in it. thank you!

2 Genevieve { 04.10.10 at 4:05 pm }

Well said, Georgia! The more positive forces for good, the better. I do feel that old ‘hundredth monkey-effect’ can make a huge difference if we each do our part.

3 Maraiel Ruth { 04.10.10 at 11:24 pm }

Genevieve, Thank you for your amazing intuition and clarity of communication. I so appreciate hearing your perspective of the possibilities and choices we all need to make to support each other and our home, knowing we are all so very connected!

4 Kat { 04.11.10 at 7:35 pm }

Great piece! The Plutoian crisis I am observing now because I am the director of an agency that helps survivors of child sexual abuse heal and we do prevention work in our county, is the whole Catholic church deal again. It had quieted down some and now is back in full force with the Pope being implicated in his “silence”. Today I read where the Vatican is saying its the Bishops responsibility, but really in my opinion, the top cheese has a lot of responsibility. I wonder when the Catholic Church will realize in order to get on the other side of this, they could be doing thigns like starting a foundation for survivors or doing prevention work worldwide, to send all the child trafficking.
Instead they want to stay silent as pluto rumbles their gates in order to transform. As a big institution, its very interesting to watch it manage the crisis. Instead of telling the truth and saying what they will do about it, they continue to hide, which we all know how much Pluto loves that! We just had our Walk to Stop the Silence, in Watsonville, CA and close to 350 people came out for it. Hopefully a day not too far in the future, we will see Catholic priests out with their congregations, joining us in the effort to end these crimes against children. That will be a true Pluto transformation in the community I live and work in.

5 Genevieve { 04.12.10 at 2:53 pm }

This is exactly the kind of comment I was hoping for, Kat. Thank you so much. Maureen Dowd, an Op-Ed Columnist for The New York Times had a great article yesterday, April 11th, entitled ‘Worlds Without Women’ on the same theme where the Catholic Church is involved.

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