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Those Mercury Retrograde Days Are Here Again

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Yes, Mercury has turned Retrograde once again and we will learn to live with it for three weeks until May 12th.  Are you one of those people who really notices the effects or are you oblivious unless notified?  Not everyone is necessarily impacted by this phenomenon which happens approximately three times per year.

In general Mercury Retrograde is a time to work with all the RE-words: re-think, review, re-consider, re-train, re-‘member’, re-claim, repair, re-do.  Can you think of other appropriate words?  I like to use this time to catch up. I got a jump on things yesterday by filing a huge stack of documents and papers that I had allowed to accumulate.  It’s clean-up time!

Mercury is now in Taurus, and as it moves back and re-traces from 12 degrees to 2 degrees we each have an opportunity to slow down and exert careful thinking on all matters having to do with Taurus themes.

Note that the Sun is rising ahead of Mercury, and that Venus follows behind Mercury, also in Taurus.  The Sun is about to enter Taurus so there will be massive themes surrounding money matters.  Issues of feeling safe and secure will be foremost in many people’s thoughts.  Some will be feeling insecure and fearful, but Taurus is logical and practical, so the real key is to be constructive.  Think like a builder, a contractor.  How can you put together a plan that is sure, steady, and practical?  Re-think all matters with this in mind.  Planning and re-structuring for a safer, happier, more stable way of life is in order.

Taurus is also about the enjoyment of the basics in life: ‘wine, women, and song’ themes.  It’s time to slow down and smell the roses.  Many of life’s gifts are still free, or relatively so.  Take a walk, sit under a blooming apple tree, have a quiet and meaningful dinner with the one you love, be a lover.  Enjoy being in your body, and see what else you can do to make life more pleasurable with what you already have.

April 18, 2010  2 Comments
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1 Renee { 05.05.10 at 1:05 am }

Mercury Retro Shares.. can’t believe ZERO blog’s on Mercury Retro maybe cause communication is down/ha (computer, smartphone/cell’s etc)… so, I’ll blog (which as Genevieve knows, is rare for me, only 2nd time (in 3 yrs) ever, but on Bluelightlady).

First share; being the one into Astrology at my wonderful neighborhood coffeehse/restaurant; Began sharing with about 10 of my Local friends (Monday, April 19) about it being Mercury Retro in Taurus (4 in the group, are Taurus – the others mix of Aquarius, Capricorn)… So… started talking to all the Taurus’s… the one Taurus (woman) told the other Taurus (man) to shhhhhhhhh and give her (me) a voice (am Scorpio BTW).

And then, another Taurus (man) was also same time, sharing… chatting w/ him and he’s like “guess it’s already affecting everyone, huh” and then all of a sudden, he got in a “huff” and… shouted/snapped; told everyone to shut up/be quiet… and stormed off (away from the group) – asked me to follow him, so I’d share with him in private/silence.

Basically told Taurus (man), since he was going on a driving trip to be careful to/from (rain, etc) and to watch his tongue (as going to deal with a family matter)… if he has something to say, hold off (as will regret saying it later)… he said, okay, okay… and
also… to be patient (as told him, you know on a good day, you aren’t patient and as
a Taurus, a bit stubborn)… and Mercury is Retro in Taurus and all that Taurus is)… and, so, be… patient, flexible and relax as things are moving backwards. He got it and…. thanked me.

We both came back to the tables (several)… and Taurus (woman) said, to me, “Renee you have sooo much patience, how do you deal w/ him, wow” (they often butt heads)… “I said, it’s OK, know him, its cool – no worries”. (With Libra Moon, I’m the peacemaker/ha)!

As far as other communication…. let’s see my Blackberry (phone and text issues)…. repeated dropped calls/bad reception; with absolutely everyone been talking with over the past few days (much more than normal/ha)… And, texting (Tuesday, May 4) rcvd, an error message never seen before texting (took battery out and rebooted, better)!

(The last time, had issues, with my Blackberry coincidentally was last Mercury Retro… Dec 2009 to Jan 2010… interesting)!

As well, Tuesday (May 4) doing best to connect with a friend by phone (we spoke 2 minutes, just to say hello and let me know, he had got bombarded with unexpected work calls) and otherwise, briefly chatted by email and I told him, no worries, after all,
it’s Mercury Retro… time for patience, flexibility and going with the flow. He got it and more than appreciated my understanding (and more understanding for him, of craziness of his day).

Although with all the slight communication disruptions…. and aside from a sort of Major issue, w/ my eyes (be OK) and some family stuff (Genevieve knows), I’ve been having one of the best/most socially active past 10 days, since the onset of Mercury Retro (and/or for long time… )… I’m sure; Genevieve can explain this to me, since she knows me/my chart (Scorpio Sun, Libra Moon, Pisces ASC, etc.)

And, I know that often times; Mercury Retrograde is a good thing, for any particular Sign and overall, have to say this one, is going fairly well, for me and but I am the One, to share with those around me, when they are “less than patient”, well it is…
Mercury Retrograde and they say, okay – great thanks, this explain things, etc.!!

Thanks for the great blog/article (as always), on Mercury Retrograde…. Much love, peace and light, always – Renee.

2 Genevieve { 05.05.10 at 7:13 pm }

Thanks for the BIG share, Renee. I’m sure a lot of readers can relate.

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