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When We Look to the Moon, We Can Flow through Life

Law 18 (The Moon/Pisces/Water):  When you get into rhythm with the natural cycles of the Moon, allowing yourself to flow with Nature, everything else in life can flow more easily for you.

Honor the different  phases of  Nature, the seasons, the generations, and your own life.  Witness the cycles of the Moon and how they reflect both light and  shadow.  When you return to the light (see the my previous article Law 17/The Star), always still respect and be at peace in the darkness (Lessons of Laws 13,15, and 17 in my previous blog articles on this site).  Remember they are both part of the whole and the cycle of the universe.

The Moon in Tarot

This 18th Major Arcana, the last of the Zodiac cycle, brings us full circle in our reflection of our own journey through life.  Images of this card vary quite a bit but nearly  always of course feature the Moon creating an ebb and flow with water.  When this Tarot card appears in a reading, it calls us to delve into our unconscious feelings and shadow/yin side  (the depths of our watery beings — 70% so we are) and beliefs to gain a deeper understanding of our life experiences that have brought us to this point in time and space.   There are many tools to help us gain this awareness if we so wish, for example dream interpretation, astrology (please see Genevieve’s Blog articles herein on the Moon), past life regressions, ancestral healing and other healing techniques. The IChing is another  lovely tool that clearly heightens our awareness of how to flow with the cycles of Life.  Also google Tino Curione’s recent lecture on The Four Seasons of our Lives.

The Moon calls us to explore the Yin, Feminine, Past (where we came from at birth and beyond) and Dark Mysterious side of our existence so that we can more fully unify and compliment our Yang, Male, Future and Light Conscious side; both are essential to be whole.   A look at our nightmares, for example,  (see mine in the article I wrote on Law 13/Death) only signify our unconscious alarming us to an important truth we need to acknowledge. In Nature, we must experience Winter in order to bud anew in our Spring.  We would not know joy without sadness.  We would not know love and intimate connection without separation.  As Kahil Gibran, the great gifted poet, wrote “The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.  Is not the cup that holds your wine the very cup that was burned in the potter’s oven?”  Only when you step outside of the subjective human  experience can you attain a peace void of such emotional extremes.  Still that does not mean that we cannot achieve balance and peace right here on earth in our human form.

The Moon calls us to embrace all that we are in all our phases of light and shadow, newness and age with compassionate acceptance.   Once we can honor, love, and release what has come before in our lives, however painful or difficult, we can move forward to embrace more love and life-inspiring experiences ahead.  Well, some may ask, how does that apply to the grand scale of abuse and suffering we see on our planet?  Still as Genevieve writes in her most recent blog on the Cardinal Initiation, we must look the Dark side in the eye and kindle strength of heart.  Our love for the core of humanity must be so very fierce that we can first compassionately accept all, however corrupt (as each and every one of us has the potential to become selfish when we come into wealth and power).

Only once we can accept our own individual potential for such weakness in character, can we let it go to ashes and trust the process of collective transformation that can follow.

April 2, 2010  1 Comment
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1 Donna Fisher-Jackson { 04.04.10 at 7:23 pm }

Danielle, I can relate to the watery depths of the Moon, and find that it is also a place of not knowing where you have to surrender, and just be. Thanks for the luna insights.

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