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Chiron in Pisces: An Interview with Harriet Diamond

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Chiron moved into the sign of Pisces on April 20th and will stay there for just a brief spell before moving back into Aquarius for the rest of this year, but by March of 2011 Chiron will continue through Pisces for nine years.  Who embodies this new healing energy in real life that I could share with my readers I asked?  I immediately thought of Harriet Diamond.  Harriet is the greatest cheerleader that I know who was life coaching long before it became a bonafide title and career choice.  She loves to ‘come out of her cave/home’ to help other people live more fulfilling, healthy, and joyous lives.

Before we discovered Chiron, we didn’t have a way to bridge from Saturn, which is often fear and limitation, to Uranus, which is ‘anything is possible’.  As Chiron begins to take us into the world of the universal which Pisces symbolizes, we need guides to help us leap over our fears towards new integrated lives of wholeness.  Let’s look at one such guide, and I hope you enjoy what she has to say about living in a whole and happy way through her program called ‘Youthing Essentials’.

Harriet was born with the planetoid Chiron near the planet Jupiter.  She has that jovial quality of enthusiasm and the ability to support others.  Her Chiron also works beautifully with Venus which is her open, loving heart, and Mercury which is her mind trying to find solutions and real answers to people’s health concerns.  Not only that, but her Chiron conjoins the asteroid Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, so her wisdom is truly ‘Chirotic’ in finding solutions towards wholeness.

Her new business is Chirotic because it is inter-net based.  Remember, Chiron was discovered in 1977 when computers were beginning to really take off.  She’s been working towards this all of her life.  If you are using the inter-net looking for answers, you can also view her site where she has put her knowledge and years of research into a format that is available as much to educate as to provide products for healthy living.

In Harriet’s words:  People don’t have time.  I’ve done all the research myself; reading, finding skilled people and companies, studying what I feel is important to know about good health.  Most people simply don’t have time to look at everything, so I’ve devoted myself to this field.  I’ve gleaned from hundreds of products the most superior.  As a third party I’m not involved with any one company or manufacturer.  The products that I carry I’ve researched carefully: I know where the farm is, I know if it’s organic, I know whether they’re certified or not, I know if it’s really a whole food or not, or if it’s gone to the lab and been tested, and if the label says what it has, it truly does have.

Like Chiron, Harriet is the true independent maverick.  She presents with integrity only what she has experienced herself as authentic and increasing well-being.

Harriet from a young age was always interested in helping people.  She graduated from college with a Psychology degree, but then went on to Graduate school to study Gerontology as well as Sociology.  For many years she managed health food stores in Long Island, New York and Manhattan Beach, California.  She took an avid interest in how to maintain health through good nutrition.  She was also interested in good business practices and over the course of her life has created and sold her own including one that I remember her having in Nevada City called ‘Next Step Strategies’.

As Harriet puts it, “My life theme comes down to how am I going to help a person get to where they want to go?  What’s the ‘next step’ for them, whether they have a body type issue, relationship issue, whether they are starting a new business and need money, or they need a new business plan.  I have always been into developing or growing businesses that work with individuals, not necessarily walking into a corporation and helping all of the people in those larger bodies.  I always enjoyed helping the person who wanted to help or grow their own business or improve themselves in some way.

Genevieve:  That nurturing side of you wants to do that.

Harriet:  “Yes, and having grown some businesses myself and sold them, I found that it is a hard thing to do especially alone, and especially when you have a family, a husband and children to consider.  I mean, who do you talk to?  Who do you share your good, bad, and ugly with?  And for me, good, bad, and ugly come together in how do we move forward?  There’s no critical component that I think of as ‘this is bad’, I’m never in judgment of those things.

G:   So what is your philosophy behind your latest business, ‘Youthing Essentials’?

H: “I’ve had people say things like ‘Oh, you know you’ll be getting older…’ and I’d say, “I’m not getting older.  Of course my age will get older, but I’m ‘Youthing.’

What is Youthing?  Youthing has always been about in this moment how can I be the best that I can be?  It can be about growing a business, it can be that I want to eat less, or have a better physical presentation of my body, that I want my skin to look better, etc.

My first start with ‘Youthing Essentials’ was to say four things:

Youthing is a lifestyle.  It’s a belief.
Youthing and healthy aging results are obtained by integration.
Youthing is your mental attitude about aging, and what you think about aging is connected to everything else.
And good health is really a business strategy, because you know what?  When we’re developing our business and we’re looking to make something happen economically for ourselves, and even doing our dream and our passion in what we want to do, we tend to put health on the back burner.  We then stress, lose sleep, worry about money and all the other obstacles we face.  So, wait a minute!  Health can not be on the back burner.  We need to have our health so we can do our 20-hour per day.  We need to have those things that are going to give us the clarity to make the right decisions, and the energy to make it through so we don’t collapse at the end of the day when it’s time to be loving with our mate and our children.

G:  I’ve noticed that you also have four essentials as categories for maintaining a healthy lifestyle on your website, ‘Youthing Essentials’.  Would you mind telling my readers what they are?

H: I consider integration as needing these four essentials:
Good nutrition,
Healthy brain function,
and Healthy skin.
There’s not one thing we should leave out, they all need to happen every day.  And for me, if I’m going to make it happen—please! —I need something easy and simple.  I am not good when something takes me a long time to accomplish.  I need a simple routine every day that takes only a few minutes so that I can move on to where I need to be.  I also want to go to sleep at night.  This is so important for me, to be able to say to myself before going to sleep, ‘Harriet, what did you do for yourself today?  You took care of your family, you took care of your business, you made the dinners, you did everything for every body’—which I love, I love the nurturing of other people—but if I have to go to bed and think that I did nothing for my physical body, for my fitness, for my brain, for myself. That’s not a good thing, is it?  So I put together this integrated system I can do in 15 minutes every day.

And that’s what my business is all about; making it easy for women business professionals to have some simple routines that will do everything for them, and then they can move on.  And, of course, my programs work for men as well.

G:  So you built your own business on that model.  When I thought of doing this interview I thought about Chiron moving from Aquarius to Pisces.  Both are very universal signs.  Aquarius is an air sign and quite scientific.  Chiron here has helped to bring in more scientific validity to the different new forms of healing. Chiron in Pisces, however, will be moving us into the right brain, the more intuitive realm, but being the last sign it also contains all of the other 11 signs so that it truly is about the whole, the holistic.  I feel that your business model for health does include the body, mind, emotions, and spirit, and that you are always trying to ‘bridge’ these realms.

Harriet, we seem to be living now in extreme stress.  Stressors are coming from all levels now.  I’m seeing clients who are economically stressed which adds to the burden of all the other emotional and mental stress that they each face.  We seem to be living in a toxic soup environmentally which only adds to the levels of anxiety.  I feel you address anxiety with your program for the mind.  How do you promote building and developing a healthy attitude?

H:  I like your phrase the ‘toxic soup’.  But if you think about it, I moved from Manhattan Beach in Southern California because every morning I was getting the air quality report, and it was that the air was poor.  We had bad air!  I thought how in the world are we going to bring up our children when we’re going out in bad air?  It’s interesting that we moved our family all the way up here and now here it is that this is the area that is now known for its terrible air.  So my point to your question around the environment is this:  are we going to be fearful, are we going to have anxiety? OR do we turn and look at that and say to ourselves, we can buy into that, it’s easy, it’s all around us. Or we can say, ‘No, No’ I’m not going to that place.  I’m going to say that I’m going to do self care for myself irregardless of the environment.  I’m going to take care of me in the best way that I can.  O.K?  Fear and anxiety to me are crippling.  They cripple our spirit.  When you’re worried and stressed watching TV is not going to change it.  The only way you’re going to sleep at night is to use nutrition with good organic foods that will help alleviate stress, and homeopathic medicine can also help, but I think that it all comes down to our mind set.

What are we going to believe?  What are we putting in our brain every day?  Are we putting in more anxiety, or are we saying ‘You know what?  I’m going to have a positive outlook today.  Yes, I could look out there and wish things were better; that’s OK.  I’m still going to have a positive attitude.  Of course there are pollutants out there, but one of the great things about being human beings is that we have the ability to really choose our mind-set and then exercise it.  We can be fearful or we can be positive.  We can have anxiety or we can be positive.  And those choices make unbelievable differences in our whole being every day, in the way we are with others, in the way our body heals or doesn’t heal.  We can say, ‘I’m going to take care of myself’ and that will have a ripple effect.  I so believe in the ripple effect, so that the next person that I meet, the next person I touch, I can add some light and love to.  And they, in turn, move that energy on to the next person.

G: What I see when you say that to me, Harriet, is that ripple in the pond that goes way out.  You’re the beginning of the ripple, and you don’t know where that is going.  It goes beyond what you can see in your immediate sphere, but it has an enormous effect.  For me, you are then embodying Chiron in Pisces.  Chiron is the healing kernel, but Pisces is the water, the collective sphere.  If we all did that, we’d have that hundredth monkey effect.

H:  Right.  We would.  I’ll tell you, that is what is upsetting me when I hear people talking about disasters.  Disasters are coming!  If everybody starts believing that, we put a terrible energy into our world.

One of the things that always makes me laugh is the lottery.  You know what I love about the lottery?  It’s that when people put in a dollar they start dreaming.  Oh, what am I going to do with those million dollars when I get them?  Then they talk to the next person and ask what they would do with a million dollars?  And everybody, instead of being unhappy, is dreaming and having good thoughts.  On Saturday, when everyone does the lottery, I always think there’s this mass of energy all over the world dreaming, ‘Maybe it’s going to be me!’  All of us having a good thought have got to impact the whole.  Instead, what do we hear all day on our news?  What can we view hour after hour on TV?  It’s upsetting.  It’s not a good thing.  So we need to just individually do what we can right where we are.  Each of us can be that healer.  We can each exercise a positive attitude that is going to help the people around us.

G:  Do you think also, Harriet, that it might even help our cellular structure?

H:  Absolutely.  And it’s interesting; we used to think that there was mind and body, and your spirit.  I used to say, ‘My body hurts, but my spirit is really carrying me through the day’.  But I really believe now that we are more integrated.  Our mind makes a difference to our digestive system; our thoughts make a difference to how our body functions.  We are so connected with each one of our parts, and all these years I used to think of them as separate.  I don’t believe it anymore, because I can really see that our minds and our thoughts really do make a difference in our health and well being; it’s truly amazing.

G:  This leads me to another question:  We’re talking about mind, body, and the connection between them, but our parents and grandparents were raised on food grown on very healthy soil, and they had a lifestyle of working hard out-of-doors perhaps.  We now have a more sedentary lifestyle.  Is a positive attitude enough?  Can we just go to MacDonald’s every day and eat junk food and say, “I’m going to be healthy?”  Is that true, or is there still a need to address the physical in all of this?  Is there a need to be aware that we need to improve our soils, for example?  What about the physical side of good health?

H:  That is one of my four essentials.  There is food for the brain, for example.  Let’s talk about the soil.  I say, ‘Harriet, you need to make the right choices’.  Our soil is depleted.  Our soil has chemicals in it.  I don’t have to take that in.  In fact, I won’t allow anything to go into my body that is not good.  Why would I do that?  This is my physical vehicle maybe until my 90s.  My mother is 95 years this month. So I’m going to make the right choices of what nutrients I am going to pick from foods.  Which foods are healthy choices for my body?  Are there supplements that I can take that are really essential to keep me feeling healthy and good which will supply maybe more of the nutrients that I don’t get in my food because of bad soil?  I’m a lover of potatoes, for example.  I love potatoes!  I feel warm when I eat potatoes—hot potatoes with just some butter.  I love it!  So I read an article that says, ‘Don’t have a regular potato’ you better only eat organic potatoes.  And I go ‘gosh, I haven’t been eating just organic’.  So after reading that I start to buy only organic potatoes.  We do have the choice.  We need the knowledge to help us decide, this is bad for me, but we certainly have the choice to get the right nutrients into our body.  I’m on the phone all the time helping people to select the right things.  What’s your favorite food?  What can you eat and what can you do to supplement?  Maybe nothing supplemental is necessary.  Maybe you’re eating all the right stuff; you’re buying only organic.  Well then, that’s terrific.  But if you’re not, let’s look at that.

G:  So you do encourage people to treat their body as a temple, and put the best possible food/fuel into it?

H: I really believe that if I have this body.  It’s an honor.  Thank you for giving me a body.  It’s my responsibility.  I take a pledge that I’m going to take care of my body to the best of my ability.  There really are healthy, best foods.

G:  I know that you have a lot of information on your site about brain foods, power foods, foods for strong bones, etc.  So I’m encouraging my readers to go to your site and take a look. You also have a great site for all of us who want to stay youthful into our 80s and 90s.

H: Yes, there’s anti-aging and what I call ‘youthing’.  Anti-aging creates a fear of aging in my body.  Youthing says ‘I feel enthusiastic about aging’.  The market out there is playing on our fear, and anxiety that we are getting older, that we’re disintegrating.  Aging is part of our life.  How do we deal with it?  We don’t have to deal with it coming from fear.  We have to stop accepting marketing that is feeding on our fears: anti-aging implies that I have to battle aging.  It’s an affliction. Youthing means ‘I embrace aging.  It’s natural.  I see the opportunity in aging to improve my well-being.  Anti-aging encourages reversing the effects of aging.  There are the people who are willing to go through surgeries in every part of their bodies.  Youthing:  ‘I want to be constantly evolving, growing, and learning.  I don’t need to look backward and wish I could still be 30 years.  I can look forward, be present in this moment, and feel wonderful.  I don’t need to look a certain way to be happy.’

G:  You always seem so cheerful and full of a vital force.  What is your secret to staying youthful and vibrant?

H: My secret is that I came, and I’m on this planet to say, ‘Harriet, there’s going to be challenges every single day, and you need to welcome your challenges, good, bad, or whatever’.  I welcome my challenges and I say, you know what?  I can deal with any pebble in the road, and I’m going to be OK.  And that is my state of being every day.  It’s not like I don’t have pebbles.  I have plenty of pebbles!  But it’s truly my attitude.  And that’s a choice.  I could say, ‘Oh crummy day.  My mother’s having a hard time with her caregiver, and I’m three thousand miles away.  How am I going to help my mother?  Or I could say, ‘I’m going to call my Mom and get her attitude better so she can deal with her caregiver’.

G:  Well, you’ve always been the greatest cheer-leader I know.  You were doing the kind of work we call ‘life coaching’ long before it became a popular term.

H:  Somebody once said to me ‘Think back to a time when you had a vision of who you wanted to be.  What did you want to be?’  What came to me, maybe at six years of age, was that I wanted to help people.  And I’ve always been that coach.  I’ve always come from the belief system that I could help someone have a different perspective.  It’s not like the things in their life will be different, but they’re going to see them differently.  They’re going to embrace them differently; they’re going to respond to them differently.  That’s the most exciting part, that we can do that in our day; we can change in a minute our perspective, and THAT is going to change everything.

G:  That inner shift.

H:  Yes, I’m saying it’s the shift.

G:  What I’m hearing you say is that we all face challenges, we all live now in this toxic soup, but it’s how we respond to it that matters.

H: You know what?  We don’t have much else going.  We don’t.  I wish that I could house every homeless person.  I wish that I could feed every person, and bring them to my table and feed them.  I can not believe that anyone is hungry.  I do not want ever to have any person homeless, hungry, hurting; none of those things.  But I can’t do that for the world.  Whatever is going on in the world is going on in the world.  What I can do is do my own being; take care of my own physical being, take care of my brain, and my body, and at least be able to meet the next person and have them feel better.  One person at a time.  If I can do that, I have fulfilled my mission.  That is why I’m walking on this planet.

G:  And that is why I call you a living embodiment of the principle of Chiron: the healer, teacher, warrioress, who is also accepting and living with her own humanness.


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1 Yvonne Leever { 05.11.10 at 11:02 am }

“the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth…”

Thank you for these helpful insights and the reminder to take care of ‘self’ in order to better serve the greater community.Blessings! Yvonne

2 Connie { 05.17.10 at 9:34 am }

Hi Genevieve, nice interview with Harriet. Thanks for posting this, very informative and what a lovely person she is.

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Hi, i think that i noticed you visited my site thus i got here to “return the want”.I’m attempting to find things to improve my site!I guess its adequate to use a few of your ideas!!

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