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The Big Shifts Are Fast Approaching: Saturn Moves Forward into Libra as Uranus and Jupiter enter Aries

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How will we possibly stay in balance during the turbulent times ahead?  Saturn’s movement by transit through our birth wheel may provide some clues. Between the entrance of Uranus into Aries at the Full Moon on May 27th, and Jupiter’s entrance also into Aries on June 7th, Saturn shifts and turns Direct on May 30th-31st.  Shortly Saturn will re-enter Libra on July 23rd for a solid 2 years and 3 months until October 5, 2012.  Moving through those early degrees of Libra it will face off with the fierce changes gathering force as Uranus/Jupiter in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn.  The opposition of Saturn and Jupiter will now shift into Yang energies and the Cardinal signs of initiation and action.  Uranus in fiery Aries will herald revolutionary times for Aries is always willing to do battle rather than simply stand on the side-lines and observe.  Aries wants to play, not be a spectator. The force of Uranus can outwit and out-maneuver Saturn, especially when bolstered by Jupiter.  Saturn, however, has leverage through all the connections with others already forged and proven to be strong, plus Saturn also has more of an affinity for Pluto than does Jupiter or Uranus.  This time ahead will prove to be titanic in the potential power for either destruction or constructive change.

The down-side of Saturn in Virgo on a global scale has been its penchant for short-term fixes and myopic vision of how to solve the enormous problems that have escalated due to human greed and neglect of true vision on the collective level.  The recent BP oil spill is a case in point where the government and the corporate entities responsible for the blow-up have not acted quickly enough or with enough over-view to curb the devastation that the scientific community and the environmentalists are both so alarmed about.   Saturn in Virgo can be a kind of bureaucratic inability to see ‘the forest for the trees’.

Saturn shifting into Libra, where it is exalted and therefore stronger, will hopefully bring a greater sense of responsibility to all aspects of relationships including our human world with the natural world of which we are a part.  All relationships are important and Saturn will be a teacher helping us to see where our commitments and responsibilities lie in terms of relationships.  There may also be a clearer sense of justice where equal rights are concerned.  Does a natural body of water have a right to exist?  Shouldn’t trees have rights?  What about animals and plants?  We really need to be looking at our relationships with other life forms as well as each other on this small planet-ball in space.

Let’s look at the more personal level of Saturn moving through the sign of Libra and where it may be speaking to you as an individual and helping you to work more diligently on the relationships implied by the house/arena that it is moving through.  In order to see this clearly you must know where Libra falls in your birth map.  If you can’t figure it out, have an astrologer show you.

Saturn moving through your 1st house is bringing to your awareness the importance of having a good and balanced relationship with yourself.  Do you take yourself seriously?  How can you achieve greater harmony within yourself?

Saturn moving through your 2nd house is bringing to your awareness the importance of having a more balanced and sensible relationship with money, your earning capacity, and ultimately what you value.  Is there harmony here for you?  It’s time to look at your relationship with possessions, including money matters, as well as all talents that give you substance.

Saturn moving through your 3rd house is bringing to your awareness the importance of a balanced and sane state of mind.  Is your mental attitude reflecting inner harmony and is your speech and style of communication graceful and gracious?   Is there fairness in your give and take of information with others?  Are you helping to create harmony in your immediate surroundings and neighborhood?

Saturn moving through your 4th house is bringing to your awareness the importance of taking responsibility for fairness and harmony in your home life and with family members.  Do you feel balanced at your roots, on the spot of earth you call home? A good plant medicine for this is corn.  The flower essence Corn brings balance to Mother Earth and Father Sky.

Saturn moving through your 5th house is bringing to your awareness the importance and seriousness of creating balance and harmony in what you show and express.  How is your relationship with your lover, your children, and with the inner child, that is also you?  Is fairness always considered?  Does harmony reign supreme?  This is the time to work harder towards achieving that.

Saturn moving through your 6th house is bringing to your awareness the importance of taking responsibility for your employees, if you have any, but also for your own habit patterns and work/health programs that you ‘employ’ to take care of all the details.  Achieving balance and harmony in your daily grind is what you now need to focus on with diligence and discipline.

Saturn moving through your 7th house is bringing to your awareness the importance of all one-to-one relationships, but especially with your life partner.  Is your relationship in harmony?  Do you feel there is equal give and take?  Are you achieving balance here?  If not, then there is work to be done.  If Libra falls on the cusp of this house or begins in it you truly are looking for that ideal state we call ‘Love’.

Saturn moving through your 8th house is bringing to your awareness the importance of balance and harmony in your sharing intimacy with another or in the way in which you find yourself merging with others, such as in business.  Are they being fair with you?  Is equality of relationship a two-way street?  This is the arena of ‘sex, money, and power’, so it can be one of the more difficult arenas to truly experience equal balance.

Saturn moving through your 9th house is bringing to your awareness the importance and seriousness of finding harmony and balance in your expanding relationships that may include people of other lands, beliefs, or perspectives.  Is your higher quest to expand and learn in harmony with those you meet along the way?  This is an arena for the practice of true diplomacy.  Are you a gracious ambassador or ambassadress?

Saturn moving through your 10th house is bringing to your awareness the importance of taking responsibility for creating harmonious relationships out in the world and with those you are professionally involved with.  Is the public role you play gracious and in balance?  Do you aspire to the highest level of balanced fairness possible?

Saturn moving through your 11th house is bringing to your awareness the importance of helping to create harmony and balance in the greater community of which you are a part.  Is there a sense of fairness and justice with all with whom you connect?  Is your community operating at a high level of social justice?  If not, there is work to get involved with that is perhaps even more global than 9th house affairs because it engages you in future visions where the rights of everyone must be considered.

Saturn moving through your 12th house is bringing to your awareness the importance of inner harmony and balance as well as a greater sense of social justice for all the wounded and marginalized souls who need healing?  Can Universal harmony possibly exist?    Deep surrender through disciplined inner work is probably required now to both experience that harmony from within, but to also help to restore it in the world around you, including all relations everywhere of earth, sea, and sky.

Saturn, the great teacher of the zodiac, will bring lessons of patience and perseverance to all our relationships over these next 2 + years as it travels through Libra.  May we all walk in balance and strive for harmony each and every day.

May 21, 2010  8 Comments
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1 Renee { 05.22.10 at 1:17 pm }

Thank you, Genevieve… for another wonderful article with Love, Renee… Personally (as you know), I have 3 placements of LIBRA in my birthmap…… LIBRA Moon (7th house) and LIBRA Mercury and Venus (8th house) and so if I am understanding it all correctly Saturn will be moving into our respective Libra houses (July 23rd)… for me (7th/8th) and the focus will be on all kinds of Relationships?? However, as we know for me, Genevieve….it’s all about “Love and my Life Partner” and having harmony, love and balance, in this new relationship, most definitely! And, this is what 7th/8th is about, yes? (And, Jupiter will add Grace to the mix (for me), but what about Aries affect in this mix)?

All with mix of what you wrote, in this blog, as well… Uranus into Aries at next week’s Full Moon on May 27th, and Jupiter’s entrance also into Aries on June 7th, Saturn shifts and turns Direct on May 30th-31st. Shortly Saturn will re-enter Libra on July 23rd for a solid 2 years and 3 months until October 5, 2012.

2 Genevieve { 05.22.10 at 3:37 pm }

Since the cusp of your 7th house is Virgo, transiting Saturn has already entered awhile back and is now moving forward. It has been going back and forth over your Moon in Libra since your Moon is at 1 degree of that sign. All of what I have said applies to your life as well as your NEED for a Libran relationship (with the Moon in the 7th). Jupiter and Uranus in Aries are traveling through your 1st house of self-identity. You have been changing and thus all of your relationship needs have been changing. With the Aries energy coming into full-swing you should see a lot of real change taking place soon! Rather exciting changes I’d say.

3 bestastrologyblogs { 05.30.10 at 5:27 am }

Well done, you ranked in the top 50 Best Astrology Blogs for the month.

4 Ann { 06.03.10 at 9:39 pm }

hello- wow! nice article. thank you for sharing ur insight. it is badly needed from here. =) i i have 3 planets in libra: mars, saturn and pluto so i am in a state where everything is in question and in dynamic change. i would love to read more of ur insights.

5 Genevieve { 06.04.10 at 10:15 am }

I’ll continue to address these issues from every possible angle, Ann. Thanks for your feed-back.

6 Ilovelavender { 07.11.10 at 12:15 pm }

AMAZING! I came across this by accident and so glad I did. I have ascendant/uranus conj in Libra in my 1st house and I have been feeling this all week. Subbed! Well written and insightful. Thank you!

7 ravi khanna { 07.15.10 at 1:55 pm }

I have Libra ascendant with Venus in my seventh house and Saturn in he eighth. Sun in the sixth, Mars in the fourth and Moon in the tenth house. My Jupiter is in the ninth. Mercury and Ketu (NODE) is in the fifth house and Rahu (NODE) in the eleventh house.


8 Flora Crest { 01.06.12 at 10:18 pm }

I am not rattling good with English but I come up this very easygoing to read.

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