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The Sun in Tarot Expands Our Consciousness And The Summer Solstice 2010

This is a two-part article in honor of the Summer Solstice.

The Sun in Tarot Expands Our Consciousness by Danielle

Law 19 (The Sun/Destiny/All Elements but Mostly Fire):  When we embrace the light with strength but have also acknowledged, experienced, and integrated our own shadow/weakness, then we gain consciousness and power in the world.

When fully in the Light of The Sun we can see all clearly and consciously.  Our knowledge is all encompassing and our creative power and health are optimal.  When illuminated by the Sun, our Consciousness is in open and clear communication with our Unconscious.  We understand the messages of the Unconscious (The Moon in Tarot), and therefore are not locked into confusing or distracting programmes or patterns from our past.  We then know that all is possible and we can become or do anything without limitations.  Like a mother after birth, we know that pain is bearable when there is a grander purpose and joy to follow.   We come to know that only through experiencing pain and/or sorrow can we truly appreciate and cherish the pleasures and joys of life.  We also know that we don’t have to remain in a painful, sorrowful, dark existence, but can move through, release, and expand beyond such emotions easily.  Our pains are merely like stones for crossing  deep water or for a pause before we excitedly plunge back into the river of life.

The ascending spiral in our spiritual evolution is becoming more condensed in circumference and therefore our loop-backs or regressions are not so long and draining as they once may have been.  New science concurs (google “time speeding up”) as it reveals that since 1980 the Earth’s pulse (similar to a heartbeat) has been increasing from a rate of 7.8 cycles/second to 12 cycles/second.   As such, we humans  feel that everything under the sun is accelerating and that we never have enough time even on this longest day of the year at Summer Solstice.   The good news is that we can now move through our challenges more quickly if we are conscious and proactive.  Nature is encouraging us to make every second count!

The Rider Waite Smith version of The Sun shows a child on a white horse travelling freely through a field of sun flowers thriving under an expansive sun.  The symbolism here represents a return to the revival of our inner child and the natural inclination to embrace life with curiosity, pure innocence and joy.  There is emotional freedom or an uninhibited ability to live and delight in the present, aware of but unattached to traumas or experiences from the past.  The Sun also represents maturity and taking full responsibility for the power we hold.

Rider Waite Smith Sun

Just now at Summer Solstice in the Western hemisphere, when we are upon the longest day of the year, we can celebrate our Sun and know that it supports our sustainability in life.  We can expand our own consciousness just by contemplating the awesomeness of our own Sun and its placement in our galaxy.  How lucky we are to be the perfect distance from this sun in order to thrive as a species and to explore everything we believe is possible!

SUMMER SOLSTICE 2010 by Genevieve

“News You Can Use”

On June 21st, 2010 at 7:28 am the Sun enters Cancer in Washington DC.  The longest day of the year has been celebrated for centuries around the world, but this year marks a major and decisive turning point that can not be ignored.  Looking at this star map visually gives you an indication of both the gifts and challenges of this time.  Where you see the red and purple lines, you see the challenges.  Where you see the blue lines, are potentially the gifts. Where you see the green lines are opportunities. The important thing to remember is that many dynamics are present.  It is a potentially powerful moment in time for change.

If your eye is really keen for seeing patterns, you’ll see a ‘Kite’ embedded in the entire design.  The tail of the kite is the Sun in Cancer opposite the head of the kite which is Pluto in Capricorn.  See those green lines?  They link Pluto to the Moon in Libra, which smoothly links back to the Sun (blue line), and Chiron in Pisces, which is conjoining Neptune, and both smoothly also link back to the Sun (blue lines).  Nice!

What does this pattern mean?  Potentially it holds the promise and ability to resolve deeply held polarizations between the haves and the have nots, between those in ‘top dog’ control and everyone else into a realization that we are all One and that no one deserves to be excluded if we are to live together in harmony and balance (see the blue lines linking Sun, Moon, Chiron & Neptune).  Potentially it holds a key for resolving conflict through the willingness to see Wholeness and Oneness as the right path to take on this planet at this time.  If this premise was the foundation of every decision made and action taken we would truly have a different world, would we not?

What are the challenges?  Basically we can no longer sit on the side-lines and be passive on-lookers.  We each are being challenged to get in touch with our own sense of integrity, our own sense of ethics and take a stand and do the right thing.  This may play out differently for each of us.  It may involve personal issues with a partner, or family member.  It may involve work situations with a boss or employee.  It may involve community issues that affect the larger whole, and it may involve your participation with global issues that are of pressing concern to you.  Whatever it is, you are being asked to stop straddling the fence and go deep inside and ask yourself, “What is my core truth?  What is the right thing to do based on that core truth?”  The times we are living in also demand that we ask “What is the right action to take for the highest good of all?”  This is not a time to be selfish or to project blame onto others.  It is a time to take personal responsibility and act with maturity and strength.  We are all really being asked to grow up and see ourselves as each important to the whole.  We are being asked to get conscious and base our actions on greater consciousness.

The Cardinal Cross (all those red lines) challenges us through initiation into change and movement.  Only Saturn in Virgo lags somewhat behind in this picture.  Saturn is representing our need to continue to clean up our unfinished business and be self-critical enough to see where we need to improve.  When Saturn shifts soon into Cardinal Libra it will be time to continue to work towards justice and fairness in all relationships.

I, for one, want to stay pro-active and move forward during this time.  None of us can fully predict what the future holds because these years ahead are ripe for momentous changes in our evolutionary journey as a human species on this planet.  It seems to me that we ARE the great experiment here.  Without our presence the world would probably move through time and space quite organically.  All the natural upheavals and evolutionary changes would require certain laws of adaptation to take place naturally as certain species either survived or did not.  We humans possess certain attributes that change the ecology dramatically, like our need to create, invent, explore.  Will our need to try and conquer this natural, instinctive world we find ourselves a part of destroy us in the end?  I hope not.  Perhaps our concept of ‘manifest destiny’ needs a lesson in humility right now.  The BP spill is a lesson in point.  We can no longer afford to ignore the Whole that we are a part of.  That seems to be the wake-up call we are all facing now.

Summer Solstice brings the sign of Cancer into the forefront.  Who is our mother anyway?  It’s time to review and become aware again of where we get everything that sustains us.  Where do all of our resources come from?  What enables us to survive on this tiny ball in space?  Let’s try to see this correctly without flinching from the truth and then take action to keep the ‘ball rolling’ in the right direction.

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1 Sariah { 06.19.10 at 12:50 pm }

Well said Genevieve…so much opportunity in the face of change. How we meet it is up to all of us…thanks for the astrological insight!

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