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Uranus and Jupiter Enter Aries: There’s No Turning Back Now

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As the Full Moon rose big and bright on May 27th, the planet of radical change, Uranus, entered 0 degrees of Aries bringing a new possibility of exposing all that is secret and hidden into plain open view.  Jupiter enters Aries on June 5th and will conjoin Uranus by the 8th to boldly push us forward into an unknown future that is monumentally unprecedented in our lifetime.  Why?  Because as Arch Crawford, astute financial astrologer, said earlier this year, “these are the most powerful planetary alignments in centuries, not just decades.  They are likely to change the world as we know it in ways that we can see only through a glass, darkly.”

The stage is now set for the changes that astrologers for months have been talking about and writing about.  Aries brings the potent new to the dynamics of what has been just the same old pattern represented by Saturn and Pluto:  the old-guard of elite power holding tight the reins of control, along with their usual secret back-room think-tank planning maneuvers.  This has been the moral depravity of the corporate and banking cartels attempt to ‘fix the broken system’ without giving up any of their wealth or comforts.

Some of the data that excites us star gazers are these:  Uranus will linger at the most powerful degree in the zodiac, 0 degrees of Aries, for 2.5 months.  Wow.  The last time it entered this degree was in 1927 where it stayed for only 19 days.  It will effectively challenge Pluto (the elite powers that be) pretty much now through 2018, except for a brief period of return into Pisces starting August 14th through early March of 2011.  Uranus will square/challenge Pluto 7 times—yes, 7 times between 2012 and 2015.  Unlike the last time during the ‘30s when a similar square took place, this one is called a first quarter square, meaning that Uranus is moving away from the grip of Pluto, and therefore has a fighting chance in Aries to break free from the suppression and restraint that both Pluto and Saturn represent.

We need huge paradigm shifts away from scarcity, fear, and lack to freedom and abundance for all willing to work together for a better future.  We need new, innovative discoveries that create a more sustainable future for us all.  I don’t mean just technologies, though clean forms of energies available to all will certainly be a possibility, and it will take a mighty thrust of assertiveness not to allow the behemoths to suppress or control them the way they did with inventors like Tesla and Wilhelm Reich in the past.  We will also need to see waves of people stirred by their vision and idealism once again organizing and striving together to create a better world where the rights of all, including the non-human elements, are respected.  In other words, we need a return to BASIC INTEGRITY which is the birthright of Aries.

We have seven full years of Uranus in Aries to look forward to so there will be plenty of time to discuss the pros and cons of this passage as well as the global and collective events mirroring its passage.  Rather than be redundant with all the other astrological analysis of events like the Goldman Sachs investigation, the Gulf Oil spill investigation, the Israeli storming of the international aid flotilla, which I do consider to be a key Uranian event, I prefer in this article to focus on near-at-hand and more local concerns.  I’m a great believer in thinking globally and acting locally.

Here’s a local example of what Uranus can do when people gather together to champion integrity and the rights of all.  On May 27th as Uranus entered Aries and we edged toward the exact Full Moon right here in the foothills of the Gold Country of California, I sat with my husband in attendance at a public hearing in front of the Planning Commission of our county.  The topic at hand was a request by the Blue Lead Mine to be granted ‘Vested Rights’ to mine for gold on property they had acquired somewhere back in 2007.  Vested Rights meant that they could be grandfathered in under a pre-1954 law that henceforth required all mining operations in the county to apply for permits and be held responsible for environmental impacts, etc.  In other words, they were trying to get in the door under a technicality that would allow them fewer regulations and restraints to do as they pleased.

With the price of gold now ascending a new kind of greed is descending upon this land which has been raped and plundered for that mineral which the world finds so incredibly precious and desirable.  The desire for gold in this neck of the woods decimated the original Maidu population.   It polluted the streams, creeks, and waterways with mercury, arsenic, and other toxic elements that are either released like arsenic, (it always occurs naturally in the earth with gold) in the process of extracting gold, or are used for the extraction process.

The tailings and residue of old mining operations all over this county render certain earth sites as hazardous and off-limits, such as fenced off portions of the Empire State Park right behind my office in Grass Valley.  The litany of this terrible legacy is a long one and now, just like oil, a potential new wave of exploitation of these hidden resources is upon us before the last wave is even cleaned up.

Mining and ecology can co-exist, but mining operations must abide by new regulations that protect the earth, the water, and the living creatures that reside there.  Period.  It’s that simple.  What happens, however, are the same old plots of deceit and attempts to avoid or get around the rules are perpetuated by those seeking more wealth.  Why must they always have more?  When is enough, enough?

This particular mine decided that a good, fast-talking lawyer could persuade the Planning Commission that mining activity had existed pre-1954 by simply showing them a few photographs from an old personal album of someone who had explored the region and had his photo taken with some old artifacts left from long ago mining days.  The photographs weren’t even clearly labeled, nor were they properly dated.  It’s amazing how a lawyer can sit there and lie blatantly by saying things like, “Was mining going on in 1954?  Absolutely.”  I think he said that word ‘absolutely’ about 200 times during the course of his long-winded expository, the first of which lasted about 1 hour.

Without getting too bogged down by details, this was the third hearing on this particular request. The first hearing took place under the cloak of non-disclosure.  The public had not been notified properly of this mine’s request, therefore the lawyer pretty much snowed the Planning Commission with his know-it-all authority.  The Planning Commission voted to give them ‘Vested Rights’ and the next hearing was scheduled to finalize it all.  By that time several home-owner associations and CLAIM (Citizens Looking At Impacts of Mining) at gotten wind of this alarming news, and had rallied and organized to present a different perspective.  At the second hearing on April 22nd a lot of new information came to light thanks to all the public in-put of experts and witnesses.  The Planning Commission was now shaken up enough to conclude that they needed more time to think about all of the evidence presented and the final hearing was scheduled for the ‘auspicious date’ of May 27th.  Yeah for Uranus and the Full Moon!

An even greater wave of presenters from the public sector got up and said their piece on that day.  Thank goodness the Commission allowed for the several extra hours of testimony.  By the end of the day, the vote was 4 to 1 rejecting the ‘Vested Rights’ request and the greater community of our county gained a small triumph against big-money pushing to get their way without over-sight.  The Blue Lead Mine will now have to go through the process of gaining permits like everyone else.  They will be under the new rules of scrutiny in keeping with a new awareness that the environment is actually important.  Such a novel idea!

I’ve written about this to encourage all of you to be pro-active in your communities and take back your power of equal rights for all.  Say no to ‘Vested Rights’ in whatever form they take.  Question the economic and political manipulations going on in your own backyard and don’t let high-priced lawyers persuade your local representatives to allow people with a lack of integrity to have their way.  Freedoms for all will not be won without organized struggle.  Community effort is a force that can now grow.  Welcome Uranus in Aires!  Jupiter will begin to swell the momentum of this force.  A good mantra for this time is:  Transparency, Integrity, and Equal rights for all.

June 2, 2010  7 Comments
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1 Lin { 06.04.10 at 1:28 pm }

Great article and good work! Thank you to you Jim and the others.


2 Regina { 06.05.10 at 7:50 pm }

Dear Genevieve,

Wow! What an article! I used to think that only people abused each other; but now I see how we also abuse our own earth and mother.

Thank you for your sensitivity towards our loving home; the earth, and in keeping a keen eye towards her continued life with love…

The picture of the mine in this article, brought the message home to me….and invested my heart into a new beginning towards a deeper and stronger connection with the land in which I live – I love my earth/mother without she, I would not be here.

Thank you Genevieve,

3 Georgia Dow { 06.06.10 at 9:23 am }

Wow! Right to the point! Thank you for the details locally. I didn’t know! But I get the point! Beautifully powerfully written. Local, local, local instead of feeling impotent on the larger scene. Bless you Genevieve for this article. I’m going to send it on to alot of people
Love you! Georgia

4 Genevieve { 06.06.10 at 10:01 am }

Thank you Lin, Regina, and Georgia. I’m reminded of words a special guy (my daughter’s partner) says all the time, “Baby steps…..” I guess if we all take those small steps forward it is going to make a huge difference on the global scale.

5 Harriet Diamond { 06.09.10 at 8:32 am }

A big thank you goes to you Genevieve. You give us information and insights that provoke our thoughts and inspire us to action. I believe in the baby steps that enable us to reach our goals. If not, it all seems overwhelming and not doable. I love our community and choose to act locally and know it will impact us globally.

6 Shawn Adler { 08.20.10 at 6:33 am }

great article! Thanks for all of the great information and for the personal example.

“Think Globally, Act Locally” 🙂

7 Rae { 08.22.10 at 5:28 pm }

Funny my birthday is on May 27th, 52 and I went through a big change having Uranus and the Moon in my Cancer in my natal 1st house—I got married to a unique gentleman of another race in July 5 2009 and my mom said I shocked the whole family—but I am happier now than ever and this is my 4th marriage! Thanks for sharing this info!

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