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Where Are You Awakening?

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Uranus is known as the great awakener in the pantheon of planets in our solar system. As Uranus turns retrograde (appearing from earth to move backwards) at 0 degrees of Aries we have time to ask ourselves, “Where am I awakening?”  I will try in this article to be helpful to you in providing some clues as to where this emergence can take place in your life.

I will also discuss the Solar Eclipse of July 11, 2010 and how it applies to this greater process of Uranus moving through Aries.

URANUS AT 0 DEGREES ARIES is a once in a lifetime opportunity to awaken within yourself the most potent degree in the entire zodiac.  The Sabian Symbol for 1 degree Aries (Sabian Symbols are always rounded up to the next degree) is “A woman has risen out of the ocean, a seal is embracing her.”  This is definitely a picture of emergence from the vast collective unconscious, represented by the ocean, by the feminine aspect of life (the woman) as a seal embraces her.

According to Ted Andrews in ANIMAL-SPEAK, the Seal is associated with active imagination, creativity and lucid dreaming.  Because the seal spends so much time in and around water and water is the most primordial of the creative elements on this planet, this embrace of the feminine is potent with all the creative life force that dreams are made of.

Is it not time to dream new dreams?

This emergence needs direct action coming out of a collective force that could still engulf and drown the spark of life wanting to individuate and emerge.  Therefore this is the point when our animal daimons (allies) need to embrace and connect with our human side to give us added strength to move and arise with great force and courage this summer into next spring.

I see in this symbolism the awakening of the feminine force, once again, which is that force that gives life and sustains life from the depths of  the oceanic/Great Mother matrix of life.

The Solar Eclipse at 19 degrees of Cancer on July 11, 2010 further emphasizes this ‘Great Mother’ principle which needs to be fully embraced at this time in order for the collective to come back into balance and harmony with the natural world.  Cancer is the sign of mother and nurturance as well as feelings.  This eclipse will emphasize all of these themes especially now as we are witnessing the great hole in the world from deep below the surface of the waters of the Gulf of Mexico gushing forth something very black indeed.  I have felt that this is the great event mirroring all the conflicts shown in the heavens with this great Cardinal dynamic hitting us full blast this summer.  Pandora’s Box has been opened.  Our collective folly in giving our allegiance only to a mechanistic attitude of plunder, conquer, and control of the natural world is revealing to us fully just how foolishly arrogant is the patriarchal model of reality.  If we do not right these grievous violations of natural law we and all future generations will suffer terribly the consequences as our poisoned and toxic environment spreads like a cancer metastisizing to every system in our eco-system.

The realization that we are the world and that we are co-creators with the divinity that is both in us and surrounding us needs to emerge quickly so that actions are taken to right the wrongs and begin restorative acts of power that will begin to turn the tide of greed and domination into sharing and harmony once again.  This Solar Eclipse basically says that we cannot ignore the mother that sustains us and we can not move forward until we feel deep in our souls what nurtures us the most.  If you have planets or personal points between 15 and 23 degrees of either Cancer or Capricorn this eclipse will be impacting you most profoundly for the next 6 months to a year.  Once you’ve struggled with your own concerns around security and nurturance expect some breakthroughs into greater self-realization and progress with these themes.

Now back to Uranus; the specifics of Uranus’ movement over the next nine months are these:  Uranus is now retrograde but will stay at 0 degrees of Aries until August 13th when it re-enters Pisces moving back to the 26th degree before turning direct on December 6th and finally re-entering Aries again on March 11, 2011.  This is that strange time period when almost anything could take place without warning or precedence.  Jupiter moving right along with Uranus will both exaggerate everything that Uranus represents but also increase the likelihood of empowered change and momentum, hopefully in a positive direction, but not guaranteed given the proclivities of the old orders which want to continue to control behind their walls of defense and secrecy as symbolized by Saturn squaring Pluto.  But let’s just focus on you.

Where will Uranus impact your life? You can discover this by simply looking at the area of your chart that Uranus is now traveling through, especially the 0 degrees Aries spot.  I’ll try to give you some helpful affirmations rather than elaborating on all the possibilities of drama/rama that cookbook type texts would tend to give you.  These affirmations are designed to jiggle your own consciousness.  Please feel free to be innovative and adapt them to your own affirmations.

Uranus moving through the 1st House: “I am awakening to my true Self.  I am having breakthroughs in Self-realization as I connect with all that I am.  My strength and courage come from within this newly found identity to be myself, free and clear, strong and joyous.”

Uranus moving through the 2nd House: “I am awakening to my own true worth and the gifts that I possess.  I am having breakthroughs at the most basic of levels as I connect with my deepest values and realize how very much I have to give.  My strength and courage come from the bedrock of my being as I hold to my inner truths that are intrinsically part of me.”

Uranus moving through the 3rd House: “I am awakening to my open mind and my ability to communicate all that I perceive.  I am having breakthroughs in my attitudes towards all that I experience.  It’s like light bulbs going off as my consciousness awakens wherever I am.  My strength and courage come from knowing my truth and speaking honestly without artifice to those I come in contact with.”

Uranus moving through the 4th House: “I am awakening to my deepest feelings and my connection with where my roots really are.  I am having breakthroughs in feeling where I belong and where I do not.  My strength and courage come from deep within the core of myself at a Soul level as I give and receive nurturance with those I am most deeply connected with.”

Uranus moving through the 5th House: “I am awakening to my Spirit, my creative force, my fountain of childlike joy.  I am having breakthroughs in confidence to express myself in new and creative ways.  My strength and courage come from my enjoyment of radiating love without artifice in clear and honest ways.”

Uranus moving through the 6th House: “I am awakening to my dharma in this life and what kinds of service and work feel authentic for me.  I am having breakthroughs in seeing which routines and daily habits bring integration and which do not.  My strength and courage come from being willing to serve whom I choose without being a slave to anyone or anything.”

Uranus moving through the 7th House: “I am awakening to significant others, to relationship as a mirror.  I am having breakthroughs in my connections with others and where the dance is sacred and where it is not.  My strength and courage come from being honest with my beloved and practicing the art of harmony rather than strife.”

Uranus moving through the 8th House: “I am awakening to the great mysteries of life both deeply within and intensely without.  I am having breakthroughs in understanding intimacy and merging so that the whole of us becomes greater than the sum of our parts.  My strength and courage come from being willing to face the unknown, including death, and to allow great unfathomable forces beyond my understanding to crack my ego’s shell so that I may be transformed.”

Uranus moving through the 9th House: “I am awakening to the higher meaning of my existence.  I am having breakthroughs in consciousness as I quest for greater truths and discoveries which tell me why I’m here and what life is all about.  My strength and courage come from my resolve to search far and wide for answers that resonate as truth deep in my Soul and then to transmit my understanding to others without fear of bias or bigotry.”

Uranus moving through the 10th House: “I am awakening to my rightful position in the greater world, to my most authentic public self.  I am having breakthroughs in realizing my place of power and authority with others and where I can truly be a public servant for the benefit of others.  My strength and courage come from taking an honest stand and conducting my public affairs with integrity so that my strength of character becomes a high example for others to follow.”

Uranus moving through the 11th House: “I am awakening to the future that I can help co-create with others of like-mind and heart.  I am having breakthroughs in being at the right place, at the right time to connect and join in with others so that our collective force is like a mighty river of life nourishing the good of all.  My strength and courage join with my allies and colleagues to build a force for positive good collectively that creates a better world for everyone.”

Uranus moving through the 12th House: “I am awakening to my sense of oneness with all that is.  I am having breakthroughs in my mystical and cosmic experience of that which is divine.  My strength and courage come from my ability to also face the shadow of both myself and the collective and to join with the healing, purifying forces in and around me to restore myself and others to inner and collective integrity and wholeness.”

May we all make the effort now to awaken to our full potential as human beings who are capable of love, kindness, and respect for all of life on this special jewel of a planet, Earth.

July 7, 2010  8 Comments
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1 Renee { 07.12.10 at 10:50 am }

Dear Genevieve… thank you for another wonderful blog (am surprised no-one has commented thus far, but perhaps, as I just got back from vacation, maybe other readers are on vacation, as well)… and many thanks for letting me, know that Uranus is moving through my 1st House (until 2014), great news! (I definitely feel these awakening energies manifesting in my life)!! xx Renee

2 Connie { 07.12.10 at 11:46 am }

Hi Genevieve,
You are such a gifted author and have a succinct way of saying what is important. This is beautifully written, and as always I love the imagery along with the articles. I am not sure what house Uranus is in in my chart, but all the affirmations could apply. Thank you for taking the time to write these amazing articles, and for caring so deeply for our planet, and giving us a deeply felt look at our abuse of our Mother.

3 Genevieve { 07.12.10 at 11:54 am }

Thank you both Renee and Connie for your support and kind comments. I’ll contact you personally, Connie, to tell you where Uranus is ‘awakening’ your life.

4 Nona { 07.28.10 at 10:21 pm }

Thank you Genevieve!

This is some of the clearest, simplest and most useful info and guidance I’ve seen on the Uranus transit through the houses of the birth chart. I’m going to find this extremely helpful. 🙂

5 Lesley { 07.31.10 at 9:24 am }

This is an inspiring piece. Wonderful to have the focus on the positive and what can be used, accomplished and contributed to rather than on doom and gloom. Also, as an editor, I have to comment on how well written it is—clear prose with a real sense of presence and voice. Thank you.

6 Vicki { 08.07.10 at 6:39 pm }

Thank you so much for the affirmations. Uranus is transiting my 10th house in Aires after hitting my MC in Pisces. Fortunately, along with Jupiter. I am 54 and contemplating shifting careers. After reading your blog I am convinced this is inevitable and I should go with the flow.

Pluto is transiting my 7th in Capricorn. Saturn transiting my 4th with 5 planets – Merc, Sun, Mars, Neptune, Venus. BIG CHANGES and challenges! Your blog is very very helpful. Truly apprec the effort!

7 Genevieve { 08.08.10 at 11:42 am }

Thank you for sharing Vicki. Yours is a good example of the planets in Cardinal signs activating the action/cardinal houses. Yes, lots of change, lots of action for several years to come.

8 Liara Covert { 11.28.10 at 12:59 pm }

The insights you offer are very helpful guides for your readers.

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