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Navigating The Best of Times, The Worst of Times: Part I

Astrology, as it has evolved, is both a brilliant and powerful tool for navigating the seas of life.  I have learned over the course of my long career in this field, however, that it will not prevent nor necessarily save us from the storms of life.  The great forces of change will continue to roll along irregardless of our little egos assertion that we are in charge.  The universe still remains a vast and mysterious realm.

Each of us passes through the best of times and the worst of times.  Astrology can track those times with great precision and accuracy.   Astrology gives us a tool to use towards gaining greater consciousness and how best to harmonize ourselves with the energies we are experiencing.  This greater understanding equips us with an attitude that does make an enormous difference in how we respond to any given moment in time.

What astrology can do is mirror to us the patterns and cycles of change that are coming, are upon us, or that have already happened.  From this information we can prepare for what is to come, gain meaning as to what is happening now, and develop understanding of what we have lived through in the past.

Astrologers are trained to synthesize the myriad of cycles coming or going at any given point in time.  This is a skill gained by knowledge, practice, and intuition.  There are ten classic planets (counting the Sun & Moon), a planetoid, numerous asteroids, and now several new planets to factor in.  All of these energies weave in and out creating the great tapestry of our lives.  The art of astrology brings them all to life as one great whole reflecting the individuals that we are, complex, paradoxical, and amazing.

In a general sense when the cycles of Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune conspire together to create harmonious aspects to our own energy field we are in the best of times.  By contrast, when the cycles of Mars, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto forge challenges and hurdles that pummel us energetically, we are in the worst of times.  The United States of America, for example, is in such a time period and the collective body of this nation is facing mighty forces of change.

I am primarily interested in you, the reader, as an individual, so I am going to try to educate you as to each specific cycle in my next few articles.  You can take each cycle and see how it impacts you and either synthesize it into the other cycles you are experiencing, or engage the services of a qualified astrologer to do it for you.

The Transpersonal
The three planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, are considered transpersonal because their long orbits around the Sun impact the collective consciousness rather than the individual.  They mirror to us the trends of great masses of souls and only rarely show up as strong traits in the individual.  If you, however, are experiencing the transit (literally passage) of one of these powerful forces in a personal way you have an opportunity to advance your own personal evolution.  In order to do this you must become more conscious, otherwise the energy impacts you only as part of the collective and once it is through you are none the wiser for it.

Pluto, the Great Transformer

We’ll start with Pluto, the outermost planet in our solar system, tiny and remote but hugely powerful in symbolizing transformative change.  When Pluto passes over a personal point in our energy field, like the Sun, Moon, or Ascendant, or other personal planets, what can we expect in a general way?  The most powerful aspects are obviously going to be the conjunction, the 90 degree square aspects, either waxing or waning, and the opposition.

Pluto often takes us back to where we need to go to complete.  I have seen people return to a place where unfinished business remains, or people come back into one’s life from the past for various reasons ultimately needing to find resolution with.

Pluto will take us down, down, to some core place; some rock bottom ground.  In the process we will get stripped of everything not essential to that core truth.  We may feel completely naked and vulnerable during the most intense periods of this purging process.  Yes, Pluto purges big time.  It’s the roto-rooter of the planetary energies and it cares not a hoot for our delicate sensitivities or vanities, and in the process it draws out our most primal emotions, like rage.

I’ll share a very plutonian experience I went through many years ago when Pluto was passing through my 12th house and opposing my Mars, Moon and Saturn in my 6th.  Keep in mind that natally I was a fastidious child who loved to keep everything neat and tidy to the point of compulsion.  Order and efficiency remained second nature to me, even as an adult, though parenting four children had taught me to live with ordinary messes finally.  Still, I loved to put things in order.

I had returned at this time to working in our family business as office manager and was facing the daunting task of cleaning up a portion of the business, an Auto Body Shop (note the symbolism) which was, quite frankly, a mess on every level having been mismanaged by a devious manager.  The day that stands out in my mind was when I went down there and with my bare hands started pulling out of lockers, boxes, and various and sundry creepy dark and dank places all sorts of ‘Plutonian’ objects such as dirty women’s underpants, voodoo dolls, photos with pins stuck in them for black magic purposes, plenty of pornography photos stashed in a trailer, stolen credit cards and IDs of various women, drugs, and tons of garbage everywhere just rotting away.  Was I squeamish?  No.  I was in a rage.  I even started throwing things down from the attic I was in such a fit of white hot anger.  I felt like I was in the middle of a dark den filled with years of accumulation of senseless stuff hoarded by these dragon-boys.  It was like a bad dream of rotting filth.

But after this experience and a few others like it I was no longer afraid of expressing raw emotions.  Before that I would quake like a willow tree at anger.  Now I have no fear of anger.  My Mars, Moon, Saturn in the 6th had been purged of their constraints.  Pluto had served my consciousness to get more real in ways that served my ultimate evolutionary growth towards wholeness.  Anger is a healthy emotion to feel for it tells us when something is very very wrong and urges us to action.  I had been taught that anger was to be feared because it was negative.  The fire of the natural world purifies when necessary, and Pluto will draw up our fire to help us cleanse and purge what is no longer valid or true in our lives.

Pluto is intense.  Intensity can be a feeling like love as well.  When under Pluto’s watch every emotion becomes extreme so that ultimately we become more alive and less dead.  That is the rebirth process of Pluto at its best.  You can not be a robotic sleep-walker when Pluto enters your life and psyche.  You can not remain in the clouds like Inanna. (See my recent article on Venus in Scorpio.)  You have to descend and enter Ereshkigal’s realm and get into the bowels of things.  Our planet Earth is filled with magma—-fire.  Volcanoes are very plutonian drawing up the inner fire to purge and cleanse and then the residue lava brings new life and fertility to the surface world.

When Pluto cycles through your life it is best to surrender to the process. Resistance is useless and will only increase your pain.  I tend to liken it to giving birth.  When it feels like a telephone pole is going through your body, breathe.  Pluto rite of passages go easier when you breathe and keep on releasing the breath.  If you’ve never given actual birth, or are a man, just breathe anyway!  Most of us have gone through the birth canal and felt the intense pressure squeezing us as if we were going to die (unless we were born Cesarean).  This is how it is; pressure so intense we feel we’re going to be annihilated.  But Pluto is rarely a sign of actual physical death.  Look to Jupiter for that!  (More on that in another article).  Pluto creates intense transformation.  We literally are not the same once the cycle is over.  We have changed.

The key is to stay awake and conscious while going through it.  Otherwise we remain mere herds of ‘cattle or sheep’ responding only to some mass collective force without the hindsight of understanding.  By looking back upon what took place when you were under the intense pressure of Pluto you gain the consciousness necessary to grow and evolve. That is why reflection is so important with the transpersonal forces.

A good exercise would be to go back through your life and track all the Pluto cycles that impacted you personally.  Look at each transit of Pluto when it hit a sensitive point in your birth map and truly reflect on how the experiences of that time transformed your life.  Astrology is one of the better tools for this kind of  deep inner work.

In Part II I will look at Neptune.

November 7, 2010  7 Comments
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1 Greg Marino { 11.08.10 at 5:41 pm }

Excellent Genevieve. I always look forward to reading your blogs.

2 Lesley { 11.09.10 at 2:35 pm }

This is a wonderful piece. I am re-vitalizing my career right now after a year of little work while I was taking care of my husband who had a stroke but is now doing well. Pluto is in a very tight conjunction with my MC, and it is amazing the support I am getting for stepping back on the professional stage, from new website to writers conference just when I needed them most.

3 Remy Lindsey { 11.11.10 at 7:12 am }

Beautifully written Genevieve, thank you for this! In the last few years Pluto has crossed my Ascendant, squared my Moon & opposed my Uranus in the 7th. What a hot pot. I feel like I am truly walking in myself in ways I never thought were possible. It has been hard, beautiful & ultimately an amazing blessing. I changed careers & am proving to be quite a promising writer. I have had to let go of almost everything & lots of wonderful new life has come out of it!

4 Connie Rodriguez { 11.15.10 at 9:08 pm }

I always laugh when I look back at my 50th birthday – I wanted to be standing on the volcano in Hawaii for my solar return. Talk about a Plutonian experience, the next few years were incredibly transformative. I realy enjoyed this montht’s blog and look forward to the next one. Can you say more about the US and what it could mean for our country?

5 Connie Rodriguez { 11.15.10 at 9:09 pm }

I always laugh when I look back at my 50th birthday – I wanted to be standing on the volcano in Hawaii for my solar return. Talk about a Plutonian experience, the next few years were incredibly transformative. I really enjoyed this montht’s blog and look forward to the next one. Can you say more about the US and what it could mean for our country?

6 Genevieve { 11.25.10 at 11:19 am }

While I don’t consider myself an expert on Mundane Astrology, which studies countries and their politics and economics, it is pretty obvious that America’s values, including money matters, are going through a major over-all with Pluto opposing the Venus/Jupiter of this nation. Much more will be revealed as Uranus in Aries begins to square this configuration and creates a dramatic ‘crisis of consciousness’ in 2011. Many astrologers have written about the plutocracy of the United States of America that began at it’s very inception. The concept of “We the People” needs to be reclaimed before the hidden controls represented by Pluto in Capricorn in the nation’s birth map gain even more control.

7 Jason Palmer { 12.23.10 at 7:21 am }

good to meet you in dublin

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