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Living Through Momentous Times

If you are reading this, you know what I mean, for we are all now living and breathing through momentous change.  It’s difficult to find words that convey any kind of depth or truth around what is transpiring in Japan, the Middle East, the Mid-west of America, or right in one’s own back yard.  Here in the so-called Foothills of the Sierras it is snowing with already a foot of wet slushy snow on the ground.  Roads are closed, power outages are in effect all around with more downed trees and power lines as we herald the first day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere.  What is going on in your part of the world?

The VERNAL EQUINOX chart for March 20th in Washington DC shows extreme polarity as we get another huge dose of Cardinal climactic energy with Saturn/Moon in Libra rising opposed by Jupiter/Mercury in Aries setting, and all squared by Pluto in Capricorn piercing the roots of the matter.  With dualism, divisiveness, and extreme ranting going on as to who is right and who is wrong, Pluto keeps sending the message that Mother Earth is going through her changes and will continue to do so for many years to come and a right relationship with her is now at a crisis point.  The chatter and clang of Libra versus Aries needs to come out of the mental sphere and sink into the body and feel.  The only route to that place is through the heart, because otherwise everything moves into complexity and chaos.

URANUS NOW IN ARIES since March 12th CONJOINS THE SUN at 0 degrees of Aries.  This great awakening also squares Pluto in Capricorn demanding something that can no longer wait or be brushed aside.  The issue of power and how the patriarchal system, who loves the power of domination over nature, and has been misusing everything that is taken from Pluto’s realm within the earth, is now abruptly at a crisis of action point which will increase mightily between 2012 and 2015 as Uranus squares Pluto.

The Nuclear Issue is now at hand and there is no time for reflection any longer.  A waxing square requires action.  But in the meantime the pundits and politicians haggle and bicker amongst themselves endlessly; though not for long.  Jupiter peaks in its opposition with Saturn and moves ahead after March 28th.  Jupiter in Aries is that fast moving clarion call to action that is helping the Uranus in Aries that follows for the next seven years to awaken the masses around the globe and create much needed change.

CHIRON IN PISCES will be the bridge to fusion and unity over the next seven years as quantum healing and new energetics emerge that bridge the dimensions and bring us to greater consciousness of the whole.  I have already touched on this theme in my article Planetary Changes in 2011.  Books like Gregg Braden’s Awakening To Zero Point: The Collective Initiation and Walking Between The Worlds, The Science of Compassion explain with great clarity and precision the Earth Changes that we need to be aligning with as a new frequency calls us to match the vibration through inner work and healing on all levels.

NEPTUNE ENTERS PISCES on April 4th and will basically be in that sign until 2024, along with Pluto in Capricorn.  The waters of the planet will take predominance and we will begin to fully realize why we need to understand the nature of water.

No man has written more eloquently or intelligently about this subject than Viktor Schauberger in The Water Wizard, The Extraordinary Properties of Natural Water. He was a genius on the par with Tikolai Tesla but also sabotaged and derailed by the moneyed powers of his time that cared not a wit for the Earth or her peoples.

MARS ENTERS ARIES on April 2nd which brings further the call to action and even more a heating up of the revolutionary currents that are sweeping across the globe.  Mars is always a catalyst and it will further the flames of Jupiter and Uranus through May 11th.

MERCURY IN ARIES GOES RETROGRADE on March 30th, and swings backwards for the next 24 days from the 24th degree to the 12th degree when it finally turns direct on April 23rd.  This will certainly throw many monkey-wrenches into the strange brew churning and bubbling forth.

Now to come back to the Vernal Equinox chart and its forecast for the next three months: It would appear that the outer, collective signs are beginning to give way to the rush of something new as symbolized by Aries, and the massing of planets in that sign for awhile.  Aries wants to move and take action.  It’s not interested in reflecting, introspecting, or mulling over the past.  We need this energy to push through the inertia which has gripped so many souls for far too long.  America’s people have been put to sleep by the mass media and various forms of recreational substances as mirrored by Neptune’s passage over the Moon in Aquarius in the USAs Natal chart for the past 5 years.  That is finally ending.  Michael Moore is a bullish Taurus with Mercury in Aries and he is a voice of sanity right now for Americans.  He is simple and clear without pretense or artifice.

In his speech delivered on the steps of the Wisconsin Capitol building he concluded with these remarks, “America ain’t broke!  The only thing that’s broke is the moral compass of the rulers. And we aim to fix that compass and steer the ship ourselves from now on.  Never forget, as long as that Constitution of ours still stands, it’s one person, one vote, and it’s the thing the rich hate most about America—because even though they seem to hold all the money and all the cards, they begrudgingly know this one unshakeable basic fact:  There are more of us than there are of them!”

The opposite of this type of communication would be a magazine like Vanity Fair where sophisticated masturbation and a preening of egos creates an intellectual sophistry that is designed to critique but maintain the status quo of the wealthy class.  In the same sense the glamour of the fashion, advertising, and entertainment world has reached an extreme Neptune in Aquarius type of imagery with super-thin Barbie-doll/android looks everywhere. These are the freaks who try to pump artificial sexuality without feeling into the mass, collective veins while ‘Rome burns’.  Waxen-faced plasticity shows no emotions.

It’s the inter-net that gives people a greater voice through non-glossy YouTube do-it-yourself videos where the message is more important than the message, as well as  listener-sponsored radio stations such as our local KVMR in Nevada City, California where everyone gets a voice.  We sorely need simple, clear messages of truth spoken from the heart now, like the mother of the fallen soldier, Cindy Sheehan.  We no longer need these super-stars who entertain and divert people from the truth of their reality like another form of methamphetamine.  Neptune is leaving Aquarius and about to enter Pisces where everyone can be creative, and sing and dance together.  If you heard the musical and rhythmic chants of the masses of people in Madison, Wisconsin, you know what I’m talking about.  Those sounds were absolutely thrilling!

THE MIX OF PISCES AND ARIES is a strange brew indeed.  It’s going to be with us for seven years to come, so we need to start to understand what it’s all about.  For starters I would suggest that it includes being and doing.  We need souls who sit in meditation and become peace, love, and wisdom.  They emit those vibrations out into the world and are effective agents of transformation.

We also need souls who, like the peoples of Egypt, say ‘enough is enough’ and take a stand for freedom from tyranny.  We need our Joan of Arcs and Buenaventura Durrutis to lead the people to action.  We need everyone to be or do what is Heart-centered and Earth-centered.

I am only touching the high-lights in this article but will undoubtedly return several more times to the themes of Pluto in Capricorn, Neptune in Pisces, Uranus in Aries, their configurations with each other and the other planets.

In closure I’d like to draw your attention to the MAYAN CALENDAR and its amazing time-keeping capacity to chart cycles of momentous change.  Donna Fisher-Jackson is a local colleague who writes an excellent newsletter every month and is quite knowledgeable on the Mayan Calendar.  She wrote towards the end of last year that the ‘long-awaited Seventh-day of the Galactic Underworld’ was beginning on November 3, 2010.  It will be completed on October 28, 2011.  She refers her readers to Carl Callerman, a scientist and expert on the calendar who has uncovered this date.  As Donna states, “we begin the final climb to the ninth wave, and the ninth level of consciousness known as the Universal Underworld which officially begins on March 9, 2011 and ends on October 28, 2011. The goal of this final wave of the Mayan Calendar is a shift to unity consciousness where the human mind will no longer be dominated by any dark filter.  We will see reality clearly with no separation transcending the dualities of the past, and allowing human beings to see the unity of all things.”

Another expert on the Mayan Calendar that I find enlightening is Carlos Barrios, the Guatemalan historian, anthropologist, and investigator who is now a Mayan Ajq’ij (ceremonial priest and spiritual guide).  He states that the world will not end in 2012.  It will be transformed.  He speaks about the rebirth that is to come near the end of 2012 as being the beginning of the World of the Fifth Sun, a new era heralded by ‘the solar meridian crossing the galactic equator, and the earth aligning itself with the center of the galaxy.”

He further states that this will open a “channel for cosmic energy to flow through the earth, cleansing it and all that dwells upon it, raising all to a higher level of vibration.”
Gregg Braden seems to imply the same message when he talks about The Shift. He comes from a background in earth sciences, and work in the aerospace industries.  He describes in detail a process based on the Fibonacci series that indicate the Earth’s oscillations are increasing from 8.6 cycles per second (in 1994) to 13 cycles per second.

He says, “If the geologic records of previous polar reversals are accurate, the indications are that the magnetic fields of Earth will continue to decrease.  There are no accurate records of Earth’s fundamental frequencies prior to 1899-1900, making extrapolations of Earth frequency from past data difficult.  The present indicators point to the continued increase of this fundamental parameter toward a key resonance.  Upon reaching a critical threshold, magnetics should bottom out, at or near zero, and frequency will reach a new value of harmonic resonance—that of approximately 13 cycles per second.  This point completes the process and begins the event that has been the subject of religious traditions and beliefs for thousands of years.”

We’ve had Neptune in Uranus’s sign, Aquarius, and Uranus in Neptune’s sign, Pisces, for these past 7-14 years.  This has allowed science and metaphysics time to connect, dialogue with each other, and come into resonance.  That time is ending and now the rapid-fire changes are upon us.  We can no longer afford to be distracted by those who would hold us back or detain us from moving to a higher frequency and dimension.  The Aries urge to move forward will bring us to the universal truth that we are All One, which is the true teaching of Pisces.  This is the fusion of polarities that Mr. Barrios says is the Fifth Sun, whose element is ether, celestial, and lacking in material substance, ‘but is no less real than wood, stone or flesh.’  These ARE momentous times!

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1 JOAN { 03.22.11 at 12:27 pm }


2 Ingrid Weiss { 03.22.11 at 9:29 pm }

Genevieve, you have done a magnificent job of sifting through incredible complexities and weaving the interpretive threads into a powerful message. Thank you for helping us process this stunning moment of awakening on planet earth. Love to you, Ingrid

3 Lesley { 03.30.11 at 7:27 pm }

As always, sound astrology, well written prose, cohesive sense of the overall paradigm. You do a wonderful job!

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