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The Awakening People of Dublin

Jupiter in Aries, soon to be followed by Uranus come April, are mirroring the amazing uprisings and cries for freedom spreading like wildfires now here, there, and soon everywhere around the globe.  There is much to witness and write about, but I’d like to pause and give homage to the wonderful people of Dublin whom I was privileged to spend quality time with while there in December.  An incredible number of awakening people live in that still vibrant city in spite of their on-going economic and political woes.

My daughter, Danielle, lives near the center of the city and teaches out of several venues including the Dublin Holistic Centre, and the Olive Tree Yoga Studio .  She had arranged for me to teach a couple astrology classes to some of her students, as well as giving a Dream Tending Workshop.

The venue she used for the astrology class was SABOR BRAZIL, a fine dining Brazilian restaurant on Pleasants Street.  You entered this little bit of paradise in the middle of a snowy winter night and were immediately dazzled by the crystal, the large displays of showy white lilies, the gilded paintings on the ceiling, and the warm welcome of the owner-hosts.  Upstairs a long banquet room became the classroom with high-backed upholstered chairs around an oblong table.  What a treat to teach in such an atmosphere where for a full two hours we passed each other’s charts around and discussed the meanings of such things as grand trines, T-squares, and mystic rectangles.  There were enough people to have an example of each and every kind of configuration.

Perhaps the most magical part of each night unfolded after the class as most joined the hosts downstairs in the main restaurant for a late-night feast of unusual dishes from Brazil with wine and finally the most delicious brandy I’ve ever tasted, as well as their home-made truffles.  Sitting, again, around a lengthy oblong table everyone continued to converse until midnight on all the various subjects near and dear to their hearts.

Now, I must admit that I have never taught in such style and ambiance like that here in America.  It’s practically unheard of. (Though Ingrid Naiman came pretty close to it with her classes in Sante Fe years ago.) Those Dubliners really know how to enjoy true communion with each other amidst marvelous inner settings since the long bleak winters outside are such an integral part of their lives.

So that was the setting.  But let me tell you about some of the marvelous people I met in these classes.  First of all, they were a rich mélange of ethnicities and backgrounds.  There was the young woman from Spain involved in corporate work, so intelligent and savvy, the Chinese accountant involved in the Ascension project, the Iranian musician with inter-net skills and involved in Dubin’s more progressive politics, and the beautiful Italian woman who owned a special artist’s studio/gallery called La Catedral These, and others, all harmonized seamlessly with the Irish Dubliners themselves such as the humorous web site designer, the wise-woman with marked healing skills who worked with prisoners and taught them gardening, the mystical wild man in the rainbow sweater who worked as a roofer but knew metaphysics like the back of his hand, the graphic design artist with Pan-like qualities, and the well-grounded bookkeeper who had been listening to Caroline Myss CDs in her car.

What struck me was that these people all knew and understood basically what is going on in a bigger sense on the planet spiritually.  They were all in accord that an awakening process is in process and they were all doing something about it, each in their own way.  It was heartening and beautiful to be with them and share stories and feelings because we all felt like kin to each other.  There was no class distinction nor hierarchy.  There was no prejudice of race or even beliefs.  There was a tremendous feeling of respect, love, and a willingness to talk about matters of ultimate concern with perfect strangers.

Walking back with my daughter to her home through the snow and ice at nearly 1 am that first night I felt like I’d died and gone to heaven.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all the world was like that wherever you wanted to go?  Where you could feel welcome and at home, and share openly everything that was in your heart?  Well, it’s happening in Dublin folks!

March 5, 2011  4 Comments
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1 Franceska { 03.06.11 at 11:49 am }

What a romance you describe between the seen and unseen world of Dublin…thank you for sharing so intimately Genevieve.

2 Ingrid Weiss { 03.06.11 at 11:10 pm }

Thank you so much for the heartwarming message, Genevieve. How I would love to have attended your class in that exquisite setting with such a diverse group of beautiful beings. What a special gift!

3 Christine Danielle Vierling { 03.08.11 at 1:22 am }

Lovely for you to have captured those memories so eloquently and to honor the spiritual community in Dublin for which I have so much gratitude!

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