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It’s That Time, Folks, For Another Mercury Retrograde

What better sign than Leo to have Mercury retrograde in if you just want to have some fun?  Perhaps for many of you August is the perfect time to kick back, relax, and just enjoy life.  However, if you want to start a new creative venture or project it’s probably not going to be smooth sailing.  Mercury retrograde is notorious for abrupt changes of plans and something going awry that then necessitates going back and starting over and wasting more precious time.

Please try to use the month of August for completing projects already underway, or for planning projects that you want to launch fully in September or October.  Editing work of all kinds is favored by a retrograde phase.

Why am I emphasizing Mercury in Leo when Mercury turns Retrograde on August 2nd at 1 degree of Virgo?  Take note; it will quickly move back into Leo by August 8th and stay there until September 9th when it finally re-enters Virgo.  That’s another full month of Leo qualities.  In fact, every time Mercury does this forwards, backwards, forward dance it will literally imprint the sign it is in for approximately two months.  In this case it’s the last half of the sign of Leo, from 18 degrees to 29 degrees.

Some of you may have Mercury in Leo natally.  All of you have Leo somewhere in your natal chart.  Look to that area for clues as to where to use this energy.  Do you have Leo on the 5th House?  Great!  Get those creative ideas and inspirations out there with renewed confidence..  Do you have Leo on the 10th House?  Power up and present yourself to the world with fresh creative verve.  Do you have Leo on the 12th?  What a perfect time to retreat from the world and allow inspiration to guide you creatively.

The other theme I want to emphasize is allowing your heart to be the organ of perception and intelligence that guides you.  We do know now that intelligence is no longer restricted to the brain.  Leo rules the heart.  Simple, huh?  Let your heart speak to you and speak from your heart.

Don’t you wish all those posturing politicians in Washington had been doing that as they wrangled over the United State’s debt issues?  Leo can also be terribly bombastic and bear a false sense of intellectual superiority.  Theatrical?  Oi vey!!  Sadly, for clear analysis and practical decisions to be made we need more Mercury in Virgo and it’s only there from July 29th through August 7th.  It appears to have saved the day as this morning’s news indicated. Let’s hope so, but I’m not holding my breath. With this Mercury Retrograde in the USA’s 9th house the rest of the world is already thinking Washington is nuts. The Nation’s global relations are again suffering because too many human egos, rather than human hearts, are trying to force decisions that effect not just America, but the entire world now.  The worst aspects of Mercury in Leo are being too self-centered and lacking in objectivity.  Keep in mind that Mercury entered Leo back on July 2nd, right after the Solar Eclipse in Cancer which fell in the house of taxes and debt in the US chart.  Many mundane astrologers warned of this mess, and here we are.

But let’s get back to you and me.

Perhaps Mercury retrograde through Leo will help us to re-look at our ethics and moral compass when it veers away from being heart-centered.  Let’s use this time to pause, to reflect.  Do we use our hearts when we think, when we speak?  I know I still have a lot to work on in this arena.  I realize that with Leo having a great deal to do with my 8th house I need to learn to not just listen with my heart, but to be open to the hearts of others.  Do I connect with their heart and really listen to what their heart is trying to show me?

In this strongly ‘Leo’ time let’s listen to the wisdom of our hearts and practice heart-felt communication.  What could be more joyful?

August 1, 2011  8 Comments
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1 Renee { 08.02.11 at 2:22 pm }

Thank you, Genevieve! For one thing, thank you for clarity of Mercury Retro
being in Virgo until it goes into Leo, August 8. Had checked out other astro
website’s and they’re mixed Mercury Retro in Virgo and Leo. Also, heartfelt
pts for all – to be more present in our Heart (within ourselves and with others).
And, find more and more, I resonate best with people whose hearts are open
(such as yours) and those who are not, my time with them is slowly waning
(letting go of past and making room for present/new). And, so… speaking
of opening the heart, yesterday (Aug 1) had an enlightening chat (Mercury
Retro energies) with a Taurus male friend “IR” (Genevieve knows who).
We discussed our friendship/relationship over the last 2 yrs and it is honestly
the first time, he’s ever opened his heart with me Re: two of us.

We cleared a lot (Mercury Retro) and he apologized for being ahh let’s just
say “A Jerk” to me (on/off over the last couple of years) and he said, he is
reflecting on his behavior, with me. Also shared, that his “heart opened”
with me, the night before. I said, really – you know, based on your behavior
with me, you can understand why I find it hard to trust you and he said, yes,
and he is sorry! I feel in my heart, he is being real with me, as I know that
he is going thru “life changes” (moving, etc) as Genevieve knows I am going
thru my own Big Life Changes (and know many of us are). Aside from being
astrological connection btwn us (Taurus/Scorpio) there is a connection there.
However, I’ve shared with him (2 yrs ago, as now) – ultimately he’s not the
Man for me! Wish the right relationship, with my Life Partner/True Love and
to Marry! A Taurus Man (very sensitive) doesn’t really want to hear this, but
he is listening with an open heart. We are a positive lesson, for one another
in the big pic! He said, we can always be friends and said, yes! Genevieve
this is also what you’ve seen and so… great confirmation – wow!

A good reminder… Leo is all about the Heart and will soon be Mercury Retro
in Leo. This Taurus Man, also has a Leo Moon and Venus/Mars in Aries which
is a little too persistent for my nature and but I’ve also shared with him, to pull
way back with me – I don’t like to be pushed! He is listening to me, now! And,
things are more giving/receiving! And, aside form being within Mercury Retro
energies, we also just had New Moon in Leo so… he’s very present in Leo, now
(with an open heart)!! And, perhaps people in my life (i.e. friends, family, men)…
are beginning to awaken and be more conscious, with me (within our universe)…
as I am learning to better honor myself and speak my truths with everyone and
not allow things to fester within my own heart, because in the big picture we are
all one, in the universe. We learn to give/receive with one another and ultimately
we all wish to love and be loved and now is the time (aside form Mercury Retro
going into Leo and August being Leo Month) to open our hearts with one another
– now 2011, into 2012 and beyond; taking us to a more spiritually hearted level.

As Genevieve knows, I don’t often blog and interestingly couple wks ago, had
wonderful Tarot Reading (reader utilizes playing cards) and said, August is my
time to be social (not just stay indoors and work) and to shine (and that several
men and the right man will soon be coming into my life. She suggested, also to
put my words in a blog, so… perfect timing! Being heart person, I resonate with
people whose heart is open and/or on a spiritual path and less into the material. Genevieve knows, I Am Pisces /Asc with Libra Moon/Mercury/Venus, Scorpio Sun/Neptune/Mars. —- Love and Light, Renee

2 Regina { 08.02.11 at 6:47 pm }

Dear Genevieve,

Today I listened to your radio show with Tazz & I am sorry I forgot her name…For your readers, the radio show can be listened to when you go to about Bluelightlady. com. I found the talk very insightful and, I found your voice and calmness to be so soothing during the entire discussion of Ireland, and astrology.

I did not even want to post a comment about your ever illuminating articles, but just to simply thank you for all of your clarity, effort and foresight in helping in what you feel is to make this planet a better place. I sincerely thank you.

I wish you all the best with my deepest sincerity,
your friend, and client,

3 Genevieve { 08.03.11 at 1:57 pm }

Wow! Renee, and Regina. Now I’m feeling really blessed, and Mercury hasn’t even hit Leo, again! Thank you so much, ladies, for your open-hearted shares and all that you both do in my life to bring me love and light.

4 Owly { 08.21.11 at 5:59 pm }

Thanks for the great advice, but the “Trickster” is truly creative. Besides the usual suspects of miscommunication and lost mail, I’m adding this time “postpone any work done on the house”. Both in the Coop that I own, and in the apartment that I rent, a same problem occurred: leaking ceiling. Both happened after the fact that the work was done to improve the ceiling, right after Aug 2nd. Need I mention that Mercury is dancing along my fourth? Also, this time around Mercury retrograde seams to be working along with retrograde Neptune.

5 Genevieve { 08.22.11 at 9:25 am }

Ah yes, Owly, The leaking roof! Thanks for alerting us to Neptune retrograde as well.

6 Miriam { 08.28.11 at 11:15 am }

Hey thank you for the post. I am so glad Mercury is out of retrograde. The Hurricane was a result of Mercury going direct after such a brutal retrograde, as well as Neptune rx in Aquarius, and I think Saturn squaring Mars in Cancer is what did it in.

7 Genevieve { 08.28.11 at 11:20 am }

Good observation Miriam. I wish I had another article ready now that Mercury is Direct. Hopefully in the next week or so. Time to move forward for sure!

8 Astrobie { 09.24.11 at 2:30 am }

Hmm, very good explanation. We were looking for proper explanation on retrograde on various planets, now our journey stopped here 🙂

I really liked Mercury and Jupiter retrograde explanation in previous post.

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