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Neptune Into Pisces: Enchantment Or Sorcery?

How will we discern the difference between the realm of true enchantment, the kind of magical experience that uplifts and inspires the soul, and the realm of sorcery, which can equally enchant us through the dark arts of seductive glamour and beguiling deception?

Neptune is entering its own sign, Pisces, on February 3rd, 2012, and we have until January 26, 2026 to navigate our way through these waters that are vast, deep, and mysterious.  We also have the potential of being swept away into realms beyond anything we can imagine or understand.  It will take some earthy strength to keep our bearings and stay strong within our own solid convictions.  We’ll need both Virgo discrimination and Capricorn determination to stay balanced and focused in the years ahead for Neptune will now be in its own domain.  The power of the oceanic is a force to be reckoned with as we have already witnessed via tidal waves, tsunamis, and raging storms of hurricane proportion, some of which aroused us as Chiron also entered Pisces last year when Japan was hurled into cataclysms almost beyond belief.

Each planet is said to have ‘rulership’ over many particulars.  A good way to understand this is simply to realize that astrology is a symbolic language, and each planet can represent numerous themes.  Let’s look at a few of the arenas that Neptune in Pisces symbolizes to give you a sense of what will become major areas of concern over the next 14 years and beyond, because once a planet leaves a sign these arenas continue to be forever changed:



You begin to see the possibilities here.  There will be plenty of endless areas to explore and learn about.

Let’s just start with one topic:  Water

This is a watery planet we all live on.  Water will become a major theme in the years ahead; clean, pure water.  Who will get this water?  Who won’t?  There are 7 billion people now on this planet along with all the flora and fauna that need water as well.  How many will have enough?  How many will be deluged?  It’s doubtful that we’re going to get much of a balance any time soon because we are already too far out of balance.  The question then becomes an issue of water rights.  Who will own the water rights; the public or the private sector?  Grave issues to be sure.

California is one of those states of the Union formed in 1850 when last Neptune was in Pisces. Remember the Gold Rush and the Neptunian fantasies that were unleashed during that time?  How many got swept away by that ‘Rush’?  Just like a drug, huh?  In fact, most of the major cities in California were incorporated with Neptune in Pisces.  I look forward to writing more about those phenomena in future articles.

Already, there is a power grab to privatize public water in this State.  In the July 26th, 2011 issue of The New York Times an article entitled ‘Storing Water for a Dry Day Leads to Suits’.

Just one example of these water oligarchs is an exceedingly wealthy couple, the Stewart Resnicks, of Figi Water and other so-called health products under an umbrella Corporation, Roll International, that also produces pesticides.  Through some skillful political negotiations they now own majority stock in what they named the Kern County Water Bank, an under-ground storage facility originally set up and paid for by California tax payers to the tune of nearly a hundred million dollars, and larger than 1 million acre-feet, the size of the state of Rhode Island.  The Resnicks may, in time, sell these water reserves to the highest bidder in the ‘free market’.

There’s more on these subjects in California.  Much, much more.  What about your State?  Will your public interests and rights to clean, pure water be safe?   What about you folk in other nations?  Have you looked into the water situation where you live?  Will your children and their children have enough safe, clean water?  Now is the time to become proactive and work hard.  My neighbor and friend, Steve Baker, is doing just that.  He’s in India right now working with a coalition of people to study water and how to preserve, sustain, and keep it healthy for all.

The health of our oceans will undoubtedly become both a topic of concern and a quandary to solve.  Pollution is upon us all with no end in sight.  Toxicity of all sorts and kinds drains into our oceans every single day.  Who really cares enough to do major problem solving?  This will require massive cooperation amongst all the major developed countries to solve, and soon.  I’d start researching what’s going on in the ocean nearest you.  How safe and clean is the water there?  Who is doing anything about it?

Pisces understands grief. How many of you with Sun, Moon, Ascendant, 12th house planets know what I’m talking about?    It is the last sign in the zodiac and bears within it much sorrow for all the woes that have accumulated prior to reaching this ‘end of the line place’.  Of course we want this world to be a blissful place.  We want to only experience ecstasy and nirvana as we universalize back into oneness.  Usually, however, we experience something less complete.  We experience what is left undone, unfinished, not completely perfected.  Pisces must bear much.  It’s no accident that this sign along with the 12th house rules hospitals and prisons in addition to ashrams and monasteries.  Hospitals take us to where there is trauma and disease, where individuals can no longer help themselves to heal; prisons do so for different reasons, in a different manner.  Both are end of the line places often.  Healing and rehabilitation doesn’t come easily in either place, though we hear reports of miraculous recovery in both.  Ashrams and monasteries are traditionally places of retreat and withdrawal from the world.  How many of the 7 billion now populating the planet can actually go to one of these places?  How many want to?  How many genuinely seek the life of a renunciate?  The deeply spiritual life demands releasing worldly desires usually.  It’s not an easy path for most.  Pisces and Neptune are the least materialistic of all the planets and signs, period.

End of the line will be a theme for awhile.  Neptune rules dissolution.  It is the great solvent of life, reducing to nothing that which once was strong and seemingly long-lasting.  The Aztecs, Mayans, and Incan Empires were decimated in the 1530s by the invading Spaniards as Neptune was ending its journey through Pisces.  During that same time period Henry the VIII broke from the stronghold of the Catholic Church in England and established his own Church of England.  He also destroyed the positive Guilds which had supported right livelihood in the common people’s lives.  Things irrevocably do change!

When Neptune last journeyed through Pisces from 1847 to 1863 much of a way of life on the North American continent was also dissolved as the Civil War commenced and began to end Plantation life in the South, but also the Gold Rush began to further erode the natural world of the American Indian with a mad new white man’s dream.  In some strange sense it was the beginning of the long struggle for African-American freedoms, but simultaneously the demise of the way of life of freedom for the original peoples of a vast, untamed continent.

Change.  Do things get better, or do they get worse?  It all depends on whose point of view is being expressed.  The planets don’t really seem to determine that, do they?  They rotate around the Sun, just like we on Earth do.  Change is inevitable and new dreams arise out of old fading ones.

The realm of the supernatural is Neptune’s realm, but doubly so when coupled with Pluto.  For a few more years ahead these two will link incredibly well together.  Pluto has a deep affinity for power, while Neptune loves a good dream, a wonderful vision.  Arm in arm they will dance together either towards greater empowerment for all sentient beings, great and small, or towards a power gained over the masses through modern-day methods of sorcery.  Casting spells through mind control, sensory control, emotional control; these methods have been wielded for centuries and are now both science and art when used by those who share not a vision of oneness or wholeness.

So let’s go back to our original theme here:  enchantment or sorcery?  What magical new dream would you like to experience in your lifetime?  What vision do you have of your own future?  Neptune in Pisces will certainly encourage you to dream and envision something enchanting and wonderful.  If the old dissolves away, what may yet emerge?  We each will have an opportunity to ponder and act on these themes in the many years ahead.

For all of us as a collective, Neptune in Pisces will create shifts in several important areas:

The environment and our physical health:  The issue of water, its purity and distribution certainly will be pertinent. Water ways and water rights will all be changing as further global warming melts the ice caps and creates new vast territories open for exploitation. The issue of our immunity as a species will also be a major theme as the potential spread of viral diseases increases as well as potential discoveries and cures hopefully.  Pisces rules the immune system and our planet’s immune system, the ozone layer, is of grave concern.  Neptune rules all fossil fuels and their misuse as well as their depletion will be topics of concern.

Socio-political fields will be changing and the ever present danger is a one world government which dominates the masses rather than embracing the uniqueness of all within the whole.  Past Neptune in Pisces conquests included Spain’s domination of Central and South America and its subsequent genocides and Inquisitions, the flight of thousands to East Coast colonies to escape persecutions in Europe and England during the 1690s, and of course the movements already mentioned during the 1850s into early 1860s.

Spiritual-Religious movements are quite marked during Neptune’s passage through Pisces.  Martin Luther’s Reformation during the 1530s forever changed the domination of the Catholic Church up to that point in time.  Further back in the 1190s were the Knights Templar and their Crusades into the Holy Land, and even further back than that was the Roman Empires adoption of Christianity in the 370s.  The last time we had Neptune in Pisces there was a flourishing of small religious sects, some of which have grown to have broad influence in today’s world such as the Mormon Church movement out of which we now have a presidential candidate, Mitt Romney.

We can learn much from studying past cycles with Neptune in Pisces, but remember that each cycle is unique in that other planets were in different signs and combinations with the Neptune factor.  Also, we much take into consideration evolution.  These cycles don’t simply repeat themselves endlessly.  They seem to spiral as they revolve.  Do they also spiral back down?  Possibly.  We know that in this vast universe stars explode and implode.  Black holes exist.  Anti-matter exists. Dark matter exits. These are all part of the great mysteries we can barely fathom in their implications.

Still, my personal dream is for a world where everyone can flourish, including all the creatures of the air, water, and land, and the natural habitats that they are a part of.  My dream is to live in a clean and healthy environment with others who respect their sense of place and all who live there with them.  My dream is to have heaven on earth; not to be rescued nor to escape, but rather to leave this place better than when I entered it. My dream is to have a good and peaceful world for my grandchildren, and their children to live in. My dream is for the freedom to worship as one so desires without imposing those beliefs on others.  My dream is for freedom of speech and the right to assemble peacefully without fear of persecution.  I have other dreams too, but that’s a start.

WHAT ARE YOUR DREAMS????  With Neptune in Pisces make sure you don’t neglect those true enchanting dreams!  Why?  Well, we know if we don’t dream during the night, while asleep, we may go crazy.  Dreaming awake may just keep us sane!

January 25, 2012  10 Comments
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1 Lesley { 01.25.12 at 3:44 pm }

Genevieve, this is a wonderful piece, both sobering and inspirational, as is appropriate to the subject matter. I second all of your dreams, good dreams for us all to share and elegantly stated. I am grateful for you as point of clarity and wisdom in my world.

2 Genevieve Vierling { 01.25.12 at 4:11 pm }

Yes, Lesley, these are often sobering times, though the joys in life still shine through for most of us if we’re willing to see and acknowledge them. I always appreciate your comments on my blog.

3 daveT { 01.28.12 at 10:08 am }

Strangely I have started reading both dantes inferno and miltons paradise lost. Mind you, this neptune and chron run through pisces will pass over mars/sun and eventually chiron.

I was watching on RT about monsanto and genetically engineered crop and the stock market. A trader was asked whether in the future water could be traded on the floor like food is. Its a possibility he said. Look what is happening in India with patented genetically engineered crop and how the indian farmers have been enticed to start using monsantos crop only to later find that it costs so much more. Many farmers have commited suicide over it. If this happens to water what then for us all.

4 Anonymous { 02.24.12 at 8:12 am }

Great article, thank you.

Thanks heavens for Neptune’s mysteries and may we never unravel all of them.

Let’s hope we all try to save our precious water too – there’s already a drought in parts of england, which is almost unheard of for this time of year.

5 Mandi { 02.24.12 at 8:13 am }

Great article, thank you.

Thanks heavens for Neptune’s mysteries and may we never unravel all of them.

Sorry for the double post, pressed submit before adding my details

Let’s hope we all try to save our precious water too – there’s already a drought in parts of england, which is almost unheard of for this time of year.

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7 Aglo { 02.29.12 at 10:32 am }

Great article.
Why didn’t you include the fact that Chiron will be in Pisces as well?

8 Genevieve { 03.01.12 at 11:08 am }

I probably should have, but then my article would have been too long. I’ll get to Chiron and blend them when the time is right. Thanks for the prompt, however!

9 karma { 03.03.12 at 3:45 pm }

i have saved this article so i can fully absorb it at a later time. i’m a pisces myself so this is all happening in my sun sign. thanks 🙂 peace and ♥

10 Vanessa { 04.17.12 at 2:26 pm }

Great post. Grounding and sobering to be sure. This is one to be saved and reread again and again in these next 14 years.

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