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2012 Annular Eclipse and the Gemini Surge, Plus Kathy Rose

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On May 20th, for the 1st time in this 21st century, the central line of the umbra of this annular eclipse will pass through the United States of America.  Even those of us living in the Sierras of California will be able to witness the effects of the New Moon passing before our flaming sun/star and creating that narrow ring of fire surrounding the dark face of our tiny satellite.  I just heard on the radio our local scientific expert, Al Stoller, say that we could all go up and witness this through telescopes set up around 5:44 pm Sunday evening.  Remember, don’t try to look at it directly without a special lens or you will damage your precious eyesight.  You can check the Time and Date web site to see if you’ll be able to actually see the eclipse from where you live.
For those of you interested in all the astronomical data, I will list it at the bottom of this article.  I am also posting Kathy Rose in her latest video on this New Moon Eclipse below the data.

I’m guessing that most of you reading this article are more interested in the meaning of the event both for yourselves, personally, and for the global community.  Many mundane astrologers have been building interest in this eclipse with the probable events to follow mirrored by the Uranus square Pluto reaching its first peak of exactness on June 24th.  The current June/July issue of The Mountain Astrologer has a number of great articles on ‘Navigating the Landscape’ with Raymond Merriman, in particular, mapping out the probable future economically through 2020 in his very comprehensive article Uranus Square Pluto:  The Consequences of the Debt Explosion.  Eclipses are traditionally linked to nations and world leaders.

Looking at this eclipse from a more personal perspective let me remind you that a solar eclipse means that at the New Moon the Sun is temporarily darkened by the Moons passage directly in front of it.  What does the Moon mean?  Astrologically it has come to represent our past conditioned responses, our emotional body, our primary needs for sustenance and comfort.  Wherever this eclipse lands in our own birth map indicates a point of emphasis for the next 6 months to up to 3 years (yes!).  Ordinarily, a New Moon would indicate a new beginning that would last until the next New Moon, approximately 28 days.  An eclipse, however, punctuates a strong need to first deal with the past (the Moon) and any unfinished business necessary before we can move forward with the Solar purpose implied by the sign and degree at the time of the eclipse (The New Moon).  This effort then takes longer to unfold; usually until the next Solar eclipse or beyond.

Gemini is the theme with this eclipse. We have a lot of Gemini astro-events coming up, so I thought it would be interesting to explore them through that special fine tuning known as the Sabian Symbols.  The Sabian Symbol for this annular eclipse is 0 degree Gemini 21(In this type of work you always round the degree up to the next):  “A glass-bottomed boat reveals undersea wonders.”  Glass-bottomed brings to my association the word transparency.  This is something we need more than ever now in the political and economic realms for sure.  Yes, we need transparency to see what lies below the surface of our propaganda-driven media.  However, we also need this in our personal lives.  How transparent are our own emotional feelings and motives, lying below the surface of our consciousness?  Are we looking deeper into our inner selves to truly know ourselves more intimately?  Self-examination is important as we seemingly glide along in our ego-boats. Awareness through meditation, dream-work, hypnosis, attachment-theory therapies, or any other type of intuitive work is all useful. Once we do that inner, more reflective work, what will we see?  Wonders!  Yes, this is a real Gemini word, for the childlike wonder of this sign keeps us fresh and alive.

Here’s another suggestion which I, too, would do well to heed.  If you are used to talking a lot, try being silent.  When Gemini is putting energy out it can’t observe.  When Gemini becomes quiet it receives a world of information that leads often to wonderment and revelation.  For those of you who are ordinarily silent, try speaking out, especially from where you feel.  Let others know what’s going on below your surface.  Remember, Gemini is a dualistic sign and there is a strong need to bring both left and right brains into balance here.  Whatever is your natural propensity, try balancing yourself with the opposite wherever you see the placement of this Solar Eclipse at 0 Gemini in your own horoscope.  You might be in for a ‘wonderful’ surprise!

This eclipse is followed by a partial lunar eclipse on June 4th at 14 Sagittarius (Moon)/Gemini 14 (Sun).  The sabian symbol for this degree in Gemini is “Two Dutch children talking and studying their lessons together.”  What a delightful image of harmony and togetherness.  It so perfectly expresses the concept of compatibility that Gemini/Sagittarius strives for in the learning process. The opposite sabian symbol in Sagittarius is “The Groundhog looking for its shadow on Groundhog Day.”  This implies further inner work in both perceptions into one’s inner ‘shadow’, but also the perception of intuition in sensing what is to come. Sagittarius is where we both perceive, intuitively, the future, and focus on those goals.

Inner/outer is a theme with all dualistic signs.  In these fast-paced times we probably need more inner reflection to balance extroverted excess.  This seems especially true on collective issues where bodies of people through political, economic, and military agendas seem to act without much careful examination of all the ramifications for the greater good of the whole.

Venus is turning Retrograde on May 15th at 23 Gemini 59.  The sabian symbol for this degree is quite apt for these times:  “Carefree children skating on ice.”  How thick is this ice?  If it’s thin, how dangerous is it for these carefree children?  Do we continue on with out concern for what lies beneath us, or do we check the safety factors?  I see in this symbolism a need to still enjoy ourselves and our lives, but to also be aware of possible risks and make sure there is enough safety beneath us, and our children!  Venusian reflection regarding these Gemini issues as well as all relationship issues will continue until June 28th when Venus finally re-emerges from her inner journey.  At her inferior conjunction Venuswill appear to cross over the disk of our Sun on June 5-6 bringing further awareness of her message around communication, relationships, and feminine issues.  I can’t believe the sabian symbol for that degree when she does! (15 Gemini 45)  “A woman activist on a platform giving an emotional speech dramatizing her cause.” Wow!  I could write an entire article on that, but I leave it to your imagination and associations to fill in the blanks.  Right now the web site for Foreign Policy has some amazing and timely articles on women’s issues around the world.  In America we see many powerful women from all walks of life standing up and speaking out on behalf of women’s rights and children’s rights as well.

Finally, Jupiter will enter Gemini on June 11/12th re-emphasizing that first degree of Gemini punctuated by this eclipse.  Jupiter, of course, will traverse Gemini for nearly one year to follow and I’ll have to devote an entire article on that major theme.  Remember that Jupiter will both enhance and exaggerate all Gemini themes.

In conclusion, this Eclipse is embarking us seriously on a voyage through Gemini for many months to come.  Gemini strives to know what’s going on.  It also strives to communicate what it knows.  In this process I hope we all will look below the surface both in our own lives, but in that of the ‘collective life’ we find ourselves a part of.  It really behooves us all to know what is truly going on.  Then it behooves us to discuss it with each other.  What can we learn during this time?  I hope we will learn to listen to each other and find ways to mutually share and grow.  What do you hope for?

Further Solar Eclipse information:

This is a South Node Solar Eclipse. The South Node is the point of ‘release’ rather than intake.

It is part of the 14 South Saros Series implying that much effort and hard work are required to gain rewards, while perhaps inventive innovations lead to further breakthroughs.

It’s an annular eclipse rather than a total, which means there’s still a narrow ring left visible of the Sun as the Moon ‘eclipses’ it.

Quoting my ‘Celestial Guide 2012’, “The annular phase will be visible on the Chinese coast, the south of Japan, and western U.S. and Canada. Tokyo will be on the central path.  The maximum will occur in the North Pacific, south of the Aleutian Islands, and end in the western U.S.  The partial eclipse will be visible over most of Asia, Russia, and northwestern North America.  This eclipse has a very wide path and long durations.  The Sun will not be darkened as much as in shorter-lasting eclipses.”

Two fixed stars are highly prominent with this eclipse:  Algol (linked with intensity, rage, female passion, and the Middle East), and Fomalhaut (requiring absolute integrity, and the Royal Star of Persia)

Solar Eclipse occurs when the New Moon is within 15 degrees of the Earth’s lunar nodes.

Sensitive people can feel the Eclipse up to 8 weeks prior.

Pay attention to any planets you have within 2-3 degrees of this eclipse.


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Great article.

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Thanks for another excellent piece of work and writing. I loved your use of the Sabian symbols and appreciate all that you offer.

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