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Relating to Gemini


There are two words that bring more potential readers to my blog than any other two words:  Marilyn Monroe, that quintessential Gemini Goddess whose global fascination is seemingly endless even though she’s been gone now for fifty years.  We will be looking at Marilyn in terms of some of her many relationships later on in this article, but how did she embody so well the qualities of Gemini?  She was the ‘eternal child’ with a near perfect body and baby doll face.  She radiated carefree abandon with cosmopolitan charm.  She was witty and excelled at comedy.  Like the butterfly, she flitted from man to man and place to place never really landing, and never really accumulating much financial substance for all her popularity as a star in her short 36 years of precious life.  She aspired towards becoming a serious actress and studied with the Strasbergs later relying heavily on Paula Strasberg to mentor her through all her subsequent films from Bus Stop on.  The director of that film, Joshua Logan, later wrote, “I found Marilyn to be one of the great talents of all time…she struck me as being a much brighter person than I had ever imagined, and I think that was the first time I learned that intelligence and, yes, brilliance have nothing to do with education.”

Is it any wonder, then, that she could parley with the likes of John F. Kennedy both before and through his entire Presidency?  That Robert, his brother, was also said to be in love with her?  That she married the great playwright, Arthur Miller?  These were all highly intelligent men!

She also embodied the more shadowy sides of Gemini in that her unconscious emotional body, which contained all the ghosts of her gene pool and troubled childhood, she kept repressed through alcohol and barbiturates.  The gall in her gall bladder, the miscarriages that broke her heart, the blocked grief in her fallopian tubes were all physically addressed through medical procedures, but not therapeutically, not emotionally. The sheer primal terror of this airy woman never had a suitable container to allow her to heal and become whole in spite of paying an analyst thousands of dollars for daily sessions.

The historical myth of Gemini is the story of Castor and Pollux.  They were the twins of Zeus hatched from one egg laid by Leda.  Guess her disguise as a swan didn’t prevent Zeus from having his way!  The twins in the myth describe the two sides of Gemini, the divine and the human.

Marilyn embodied the shadow of ‘the divine child’ who exteriorized the beautiful butterfly twin while the more human-twin side of her nature succumbed through naiveté to the darker cynicism of those who perpetually exploited her for their own gains.

This bird-like quality of Gemini is fully embodied in another Gemini actor, equally fascinating especially to his myriad female fans, Johnny Depp.

Why he even sports the famous ‘Jack Sparrow’ tattoo gained from his block-buster films, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.  Walt Disney (founder of ‘the magical kingdom’) put Johnny on the map globally!  Before that he played a crazy-quilt mix of kookie, but loveable characters such as those seen in ‘Cry Baby Cry’, ‘Who’s Eating Gilbert Grape’, ‘Edward Scissorhands’, and even the chocolate maker in ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’.

It would seem, however, that Johnny has been able to integrate more fully the two sides of the twins, Castor and Pollux.  One is ever the eternal child while the other is more introverted, dark and brooding.


His friendship with Hunter S. Thompson and subsequent portrayal of him in The Rum Diary which he produced, as well as various other darker roles, such as Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Public Enemies, and Sweeney Todd show this ability to traverse the two realms back and forth.  Don Juan DeMarco was a film that portrayed the Gemini dilemma and the healing of the emotional subconscious lurking beneath all that happy, carefree, charm.

To say that Mr. Depp loves variety and versatility is an understatement.  The dualism of the sign lives itself out in his being full tilt.  His dual career includes music which involves his ownership of the ‘Viper Room’ lounge in Los Angeles, and he socializes with a diverse group of musicians, writers, and intelligentsia from around the globe, never staying in one place too long.  Perhaps he is really embodying the other archetype for Gemini, Mercurius, the alchemist.  Hermes, after all, was the only god who could traverse into the underworld and return unscathed.

But let’s look at a couple of other gifted Gemini’s who embody this symbol in an even deeper and richer way.  After all, we celebrate actors and actresses, but there are others who are truly being and doing what is played out on the stage or silver screen without the risks it takes to live the authentic life.

I’m now talking about Aung San Suu Kyi, the lovely Nobel Prize-winning peace activist whose spirited wings were clipped by a repressive military regime for 21 long years!  How could they try to destroy this beautiful soul?  What darker aspect of the human penchant for power and sadism takes the butterfly of Gemini which only wishes to explore and express knowledge freely, and not just contains it, but torments it?   My being weeps for the suffering of this noble woman, and now for the triumph of her spirit to prevail and continue to fight for freedom.  Aung San has a great deal of the element of earth in her chart which enabled her to endure those long years of imprisonment.  Sadly, Marilyn Monroe, lacked earth in her birth map, which would have given her stamina.  This great lady is intelligent and now full of wisdom.  The Gemini woman can generally out-think almost anyone.  These are not provincial souls.  As women they wish to be educated and require a great deal of mental stimulation.

Women born under Gemini require a great deal of freedom to develop their own ideas and connect with a wider range of people beyond their own immediate family. Many ‘Women of Letters’ are born under this sign, such as the great author and professor, Joyce Carol Oates.  The mature Gemini woman, like Aung San, is a wise woman of the world, an open-minded, imaginative, and social woman who can hold her own in almost any situation.  Like the butterfly, their strength lies in their beauty and delicacy of expression, like the fabric silk.  Nothing is more refined than silk!

Bill Moyers, that great journalist and social commentator embodies all of the virtues and strengths of the male Gemini.  He, too, has integrated Mercurius into his being by fully owning his emotional body.  In fact, he said of himself, “I see the world feelingly, and I’ve often wished that I didn’t, because it really hurts.  I’ve often wished that I were harder and more callused and more cynical than I am.”  Ah, dear Bill, if you were more cynical you would be embodying the shadow of Gemini which, after repressing ‘the divine child’ becomes isolated, paranoid, and emotionally alienated through cynical coldness, bitterness, and pessimism.  Yes, life hurts and we all suffer.  Gemini’s are not exempt from deeper feelings; they just tend to repress them.

The planet Mercury in Mr. Moyers’ chart is in the sign of Cancer relating beautifully to both Venus and Neptune.  His sense of solid values and compassion imbue his mind with sensitivity and empathy for others.  Thank goodness!  This makes of him a journalist who cares deeply for all of us humans, not just a chosen few.  This was chronicled in his book, Listening to America: A Traveler Rediscovers His Country.  He’s a Gemini well worth listening to, watching, and reading!

For those of you now wondering about either yourself, as a Sun sign, Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury, or Ascendant in Gemini, or those of you who are in relationship with Gemini-type people, let’s look at a summarization of their salient features.  Gemini’s are of the Air family, and thus require flights of freedom both mentally and physically.  They are Mercurial, and you can’t pin them down for too long or they either become bored or fearful of being contained.  They like to communicate through words and often will intellectualize what they are feeling, because typically they are terrified of emotional demands feeling suffocated and fearful of anything that would pull them into the mire of dangerous feelings.  They like to retain their social graces and truly enjoy flitting, like the butterfly, from flower to flower of endless delights.  Curiosity guides them from person to person, idea to idea, place to place.  They are often witty and charming flirts, but rarely are possessive or intensely demanding.  Lightness of being and inquisitiveness keep them wandering.  Yet as one fine astrologer, Terry Lamb, states in her wonderful book Born to be Together,  They seek knowledge of everything because they want to feel whole, connected, and complete.”

As sexual partners they are ‘light weights’ compared to Scorpios.  Playful and artful, preferring verbal eroticism and the excitement of something new may keep them engaged, for they enjoy diversity.  They do want their partners to either mirror or stimulate them, so open communication may give them the contact that they crave but don’t count on steady passion unless they have a healthy dose of some of the other elements (fire, earth, water) in their personal make-up.

As to other types of relationships besides partnerships, lovers, and marriage, they make wonderful friends and social companions if you enjoy lively discussions and going to all sorts of interesting events and places.  Gemini parents truly do engage themselves with their children’s education and learning process.  In fact, I have found a marked degree of couples, cited later, who have many children.  They understand a child’s sense of wonder and curiosity and will encourage their thirst for knowledge.  Remember that TV sitcom/series ‘The Brady Bunch’?  Remember all the father-to-son and mother-to-daughter talks that went on in every episode?  Must have been Gemini’s!  They are the friendly sort of advisors that make even a teen-agers life easier, because they prefer to be tolerant and are always willing to answer those sticky sexual questions without batting an eye.

Now to the final section of looking at Gemini with each of the other signs, including Gemini.

Gemini with Air
All the air signs are symbolized without animals signifying a more ’civilized’ quality.  They are concerned with rules for living together, codes of ethics, and all the human skills of learning, writing, speaking, and now technology.  Did you know that we are still unraveling the cycle of Neptune/Pluto in Gemini that introduced us into the Industrial Age back at the end of the 19th Century in 1892?  Gemini, the first of the air signs, depicts our era of rapid discoveries, rapid transportation, rapid communication, and ‘speed’ on all the negative levels as well.  Gemini with other air signs gets caught up in the mental realm, the social realm of discourse and exchange, and the abstract realm.

Gemini with Gemini
We have as examples two totally different combinations.  The first, eluded to earlier, is the affair of President John F. Kennedy with Marilyn Monroe.  So little is truly known about what actually took place between those two, but they obviously kept each other interested for over 1,000 days!  Her breathless ‘Happy Birthday’ song performed in the skin tight dress to the Camelot King was for the entire world to see that something was going on.  Marilyn’s Moon in Aquarius conjoined JFK’s Uranus and trined his Venus in Gemini which with his Sun in Gemini conjoined her Sun/Mercury.  Venus in a man’s chart represents his anima-ideal woman.  She was decidedly not what his Moon in Virgo needed, however.  His public consort wife, Jacqueline, took on that perfected role creating as close as America has come to a ‘royal couple’.

Less sensational is the long-term relationship of George Bush, Senior with Barbara Bush.  Their famous or infamous sons, depending on your point of view, surely kept them together as a dynastic family.  Probably, we’ll never fully know what took place behind ‘closed doors’ in that clan.  My guess is that the shadow element of Gemini has been there in spite of the cheerful face to the world of this famous couple.  George Sr. has a Venus/Pluto conjoined in Cancer in a tight square to his Moon in Libra and Chiron in Aries.  There is more than meets the eye in this dynastic lord!  Dark secrets abound guaranteed!  That said, Barbara was a traditional and solid wife (Moon in Capricorn) and bore her own grief with dignity after losing a child.

Gemini with Libra
Dear Marilyn wanted to fulfill motherhood with this more family-oriented man, Arthur Miller.  In the end his Venus/Mercury in Scorpio couldn’t deal with her shadow side of murky dark emotional waters.  Unlike Mr. Bush, he had a Venus trine Pluto and tried his best to support her and understand her.  Their Moons matched each other as Soul Mates, within three degrees of each other in Aquarius.  The airy intellectual realm opened wide for her under his tutelage and he tried his best to heal her Mars/Uranus in Pisces violations with his healing and supportive Chiron/Jupiter in Pisces.  Mr. Miller was a true air/water type.  Neither had much earth to stabilize this delicate union which truly was not of opposites as mainstream media led people to believe.  Once she lost the ability to become a mother, she imploded and he didn’t know how to guide her through that dark tunnel of emotional despair.

If you are a Gemini/Libran couple, or in a family relationship with those two signs prominent, please let us know what it’s been like for you.  Ideally there should be in this combination a growing awareness of relationship with both enjoying good communication and sociability. Both should be able to stimulate the other as together they grow through all the myriad forms of making connections and being in the know.

Gemini with Aquarius
Strangely, my research only produced one famous example of this combination which ideally should be harmonious and stimulating for both.  Both signs love the world of thoughts and migrate towards the fields of communications where ideas are disseminated to large numbers of people.  Both are also known to be ‘free spirits’. It seemed for awhile that beautiful Heidi Klum, the Solar Twin of Marilyn Monroe (see my article ‘Gemini Solar Twins’) would prove a union made in heaven with Seal, whose Sun is at the final degree of Aquarius.  They certainly touted their love openly with enormous displays of affection and zany outrageous costumes.  They also created a lovely mixed-race family of children.  But, alas, they are now un-binding the knot and multiple-Gemini Heidi is blowing in the wind once again.

I did find some cross currents with the Aquarius notes in the partners of Gemini’s Richard Wagner, the great German composer, and John-Paul Sartre, the French philosopher and scholar.  Both men had Moon in Aquarius, meaning that they needed that in a woman.  Wagner married Cosima whose Venus in Aquarius conjoined his Moon symbolizing mutual love and affection as well as companionship in all things conceptual and dealing with the public.  Sartre’s Moon in Aquarius closely conjoined Simone DeBeauvoir’s Chiron/Venus in Aquarius designating the same connections only in the world of philosophy and literature.  Simone was a feminist who was decidedly of the future.  We might say that both women were ‘free spirits’ mirroring back to their Gemini males a spiritual connection.

Gemini with Earth
Air combined with Earth can get awfully dry if there isn’t some spark of fire or nourishment of water to sweeten the pot.  Earth types love to BE in their bodies, and Gemini may take flight at the most inopportune moment leaving Earth too ‘high and dry’.  Of course they might make great business partners as Gemini spins out endless possibilities and Earth goes to work to produce them concretely.  Earth can certainly teach Gemini to manifest more fully the endless streams of ideas borne in their lofty minds while Gemini can bring that ‘lightness of being’ to the pedantic or heavier side of Earth types.

Gemini with Taurus
We’ve already explored this combination in my ‘Relating to Taurus’ article, but let’s look at it from the Gemini side this time around.  Remember, Gemini follows Taurus, so the sprightly, dazzling side of Gemini can be a sure stimulant for Taurus provided things continue along some practical trajectory where Taurus is concerned.  Prince Phillip, consort to Queen Elizabeth II, has obviously been able to adapt to her royal duties and traditions, perhaps by keeping himself stimulated through various interests that haven’t necessarily involved her, and since his Mars is also in Gemini, while her Mars is in Aquarius, the sexual side of life probably calmed down years and years ago.  Keep in mind that both their Moons are in Leo.  So he did NEED a royal wife!

But let’s take a look at another Gemini—dare I say animal? —-no, flight of fancy bird!  Donald Trump.  With his Gemini Sun/Uranus combo he’s always moving forward at warp speed and loves to dazzle with his Leo/Mars Ascendant, AND probably has a good sexual drive ta boot!  Mars in Leo has that eternal flame.  Mr. Trump is a player who also happens to like family with his Venus/Saturn in Cancer.  His present wife, Melania, is a very solid Taurus with Moon in Capricorn.  She’s an earthy seductress who knows how to climb to the top, and produced a boy named Barron William Trump.  Brrrhumpth!  Their 24 year difference in age may just keep Mr. Trump from wandering too far a field provided she doesn’t cross him with betrayal.  If she’s sensible she won’t.  Their Moons don’t connect, nor do their Suns.  There’s more, but why waste time on this one?


Gemini with Virgo
These two square off with each other but are in that Mutable category which means they can adjust and/or adapt.  Virgo may critique Gemini too much and Gemini may annoy Virgo with too much scattered energy, but both are Mercury ruled and therefore, Mercurial.  Perhaps Virgo can edit and improve on Gemini’s written or spoken communications.

One such workable union is Helena Bonham Carter with Tim Burton.  She’s the rightful actress following his director’s instructions.  Both are highly free-wheeling spirits and she does embody his ‘ideal’ Venus in Leo conjoining Uranus woman with her Moon in Leo trining Venus in Aries.  They both have Mars in Taurus which keeps their sexual union good and sensual. I’d say they are both highly stimulating for the other while Burton gets to control (Sun/Pluto conjoined) certain projects that her Jupiter in Cancer supports philosophically.  Also, they love their children—–a family they are!  She must be an endlessly fascinating mother.

Courteney Cox is another good example of a Gemini woman who is drawn to Virgo men.  First there was Michael Keaton whose Sun conjoined Courteney’s Moon in Virgo.  Her Gemini Sun trined his Libran Moon, so certain elements were harmonious and bonded, though his Saturn on her ruling planet, Mercury, must have felt heavy since that planet in her chart is at the apex of a strong mutable t-square.  Didn’t work out.

Then she moved on to David Arquette, another Virgo whose Moon in Capricorn trined her Moon making things perhaps easier and more comfortable.  Their marriage lasted over 10 years, but I now understand they are separated.  Courteney is a fairly complex Gemini who lacks fire. Both Michael and David have strong notes in Leo which her Taurus planets probably clashed with.  Fixed energies may eventually break apart for good once the learning in mutable Gemini/Virgo is over.

Gemini with Capricorn
This is certainly not considered the easiest of alliances for Capricorn is a traditionalist and a planner and Gemini wings it far too much without need for such strong attachments.  Nevertheless, Capricorn can provide that earth anchor that Gemini needs to accomplish tangibly all their brilliant ideas and even schemes.  Capricorn will perhaps adjust through sticking to ground rules of social traditions before ever calling it quits.

Look at Simone deBeauvoir with that misogynist, John-Paul!  How could she tolerate his demeaning of her?  She did somehow while leading other women towards greater liberation through her Uranus/Mercury/Sun in Capricorn.  And, of course, she had Moon in Aries to extricate herself independently from his Taurus/Scorpio possessive grip.  Obviously what made it work were not their Sun energies.  They simply didn’t fuel each other (Air with Earth).  It was the Aquarian link, again, of her Chiron/Venus conjoining his Moon in Aquarius.  She loved that part of him that took her soaring into the future.  And he, with his Venus/Jupiter in Taurus, obviously valued her earth proclivities for steadfastness and faithfulness no matter what.

Ditto for Richard Wagner, the Gemini and Cosima, the Capricorn.  The Aquarian link bridged their constant adjustments to each other energetically.  Her diaries, written while he was alive, indicate that he was not faithful to her, so their fixed Moons in square must not have been easy in addition to his Gemini desire for variety.  She needed depth and bonding with her Moon in Scorpio.  That part of her birth map looks difficult and troubled.


We must not leave Johnny Depp out of this equation.  He and his Capricorn partner, Vanessa Paradis have created family together, but lived often apart.  Rumors have spread that they are separated, yet he avows that they are ‘talking’ and trying to work it out.  He did say he fell in love with her ‘at first sight’ and Gemini’s are often quick like Mercury when they do give their hearts.  Johnny has Moon in Capricorn conjoining his South Node.  Her Sun/Jupiter/North Node conjoins him here.  The Sun/Moon bond is a strong one.  Her persistence and perhaps faithfulness has kept the bond in tact as long as it has.  She also has an enormous amount of fire, which he lacks except for his Jupiter in Aries and his Leo Ascendant.  Her Moon conjoins his Ascendant describing the instant attraction and spark.  But they don’t refuel each other so it feels quite karmic even though their union, too, has created a beautiful family, which means that they will always be bonded on that level.

Gemini with Fire
Back to Yang energy which Gemini gets sparked by.  Fire certainly brings out the verbosity of Gemini!  There’s something about this combination that triggers the extrovert in Gemini to talk, talk, talk.  Or write, explore, roam, and adventure.
Fire keeps Gemini from getting bored.  Fire helps Gemini to feel alive!  Of course Fire doesn’t exactly help Gemini to come down to earth unless they have a LOT of children, like Angelina and Brad.

Gemini with Aries
The marriage of Aung San Suu Kyi and Michael Aris lasted from 1972 until 1999 when he tragically died of cancer.  They loved each other deeply as confirmed by their joint connections in the sign of Cancer, but their love union was equally marred by her arrest and they saw each other only five times in ten years.  She was also separated from her children during those long lonely years.  In some ways her Gemini urge to follow her own path of freedom also contributed to this separation because she could have left Burma to be with her husband and children, but she feared that the military junta would refuse her re-entry if she did, and she never gave up this strong call to lead her people to greater freedom as shown by her Mercury (ruling planet)/North Node/Saturn (responsibility) in Cancer squaring her Neptune/Moon in Libra (her vision for equal rights for all).  Michael, with his Sun and Venus in Aries, must have admired her willingness to fight for independence for her people.  He had a very difficult Grand Cardinal Cross to bear, and he did it with love for her and her cause.

Another example of this union on a different vein altogether is the marriage of Gemini Annette Bening to that wandering, proverbial bachelor, Warren Beatty (Aries).  She gave him the ability to be ‘a keeper’ and they have raised four children together.  Their Suns are in an energizing sextile.  I’m sure they are never bored with each other for they have much that sparks the other.

Gemini with Leo
The main example I found was the ‘Camelot couple’ John Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy.  She complemented him well publicly and must have been ‘the perfect wife’ shown by his Moon in Virgo.  Her Moon in Scorpio undoubtedly suffered not just from his untimely and tragic death, but from the humiliation she must have experienced as the queen betrayed over and over again.  She obviously, however, was drawn to power and later wealth for her own reasons.  They brought two beautiful children into the world and Caroline is a worthy representative of the best of both of her parents today.

In general Gemini/Leo represents Intelligent Self-expression and ideally embodies an energizing brilliance through the blending of head and heart.  Wasn’t that the Camelot dream?

Gemini with Sagittarius
These two are opposite but potentially complementary.  Gemini eventually journeys to Sagittarius in its endless pursuit of knowledge.  Sagittarius is more concerned with issues of right and wrong.  Another shadow side of Gemini is a tendency to be amoral.  Remember Mercury is not just the god of highways, but of thieves and liars.  Gemini may appear tolerant in its search for even truth, but Sagittarius aspires to live that truth and thus is usually intolerant of what it perceives as wrong.  While Gemini collects all sorts of data, Sagittarius strives to come to a salient conclusion, a theory or philosophy.  We more or less live in this age of data gathering and endless fascination with collecting information which may or may not have any meaning. Witness our endless fascination with gossip magazines.  Airport travel thrives on vendors peddling this drivel.  Media moguls, whether in publishing or media (TV, radio, and films) keep pumping it out.  There is no real meaning in any of it.  Much of it is sheer lies.  Yet Sagittarius hasn’t exactly served the collective in resolving our human dilemmas of right living and relationships.  Religions often bind us in dogmas that lead us deeper into prejudice and bigotry.
The only real resolution to this duality is a progressive expansion of consciousness.  In Gemini, empirical experience has its limits.  As Marcia Moore once said, “One need not observe every fish in the ocean to grasp the concept of ‘fishness’.  Quantum thinking is able to grasp that All is One so that Gemini can experience all sides of the equation while Sagittarius contemplates the ‘One’.

Let’s now look at one celebrity couple who continue to fascinate us, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.  Like many Gemini’s, she sparked an instant attraction and was the catalyst for Brad’s failing marriage with Aquarian Jennifer Aniston to end.  They have bonded through creating a multi-racial/global family of six children.  They, themselves, produced twins!  Angelina has Venus in Cancer rising so in spite of her need to travel the globe and become as diverse as she possibly can with acting, writing, directing, diplomatic missions, etc. she does value the family.  Brad both complements her Gemini Sun with his questing Sagittarius Sun, but also mirrors back to her from his Capricorn Moon/Venus combo that traditional values of care and responsibility can flourish if two people work at it.  His Jupiter in Aries fully supports her pioneering spirit, and philosophically they are aligned (both have Jupiter in Aries).  All this Air/Fire and Earth combined has produced a lot for them both.  Angelina’s notes in Cancer interestingly enough hold the water which harmonizes with Brad’s ideals and need for healing (Neptune in Scorpio trine Chiron in Pisces.)

One other example is from multiple-partnered Marilyn Monroe with the baseball player, Joe DiMaggio.  They were opposites by Sun sign but had a Moon/Mars conjunction which certainly must have been steamy in the beginning.  Joe’s sensitive Moon in Pisces, however, couldn’t keep up with Marilyn’s drive towards mental companionship.  He did, however, continue to support her with his Jupiter in Aquarius on her Moon.  They did remain friends, unlike she and Arthur.

Gemini with Water
This final combination of Air with Water emphasizes both the shadow needing to be resolved and the potential of Gemini to get in touch with feelings through relationship, for the watery signs draw Gemini into wholeness like no other element, even though it’s often difficult going.  Gemini wants the pure unconditional love of a child and is often willing to give it once they give their hearts.  Water types are complex.  They feel, but they can also be manipulative, a game that Gemini is out of its league in especially if they love their watery partners.  Together, if they learn to gently communicate, they can eventually resolve the dilemma of water’s need to get more objective and Gemini’s need to explore their more secret hide-outs of strong emotions.

Gemini with Cancer
Cancer sits next on the zodiacal wheel and certainly leads Gemini to the next step of deepening relationship by taking all that mental/social need to connect and giving it a place, a home.  Cancers feelings can water and nourish all those connective fibers in Gemini.  If Gemini is child-like, Cancer can be maternal, though they must guard against suffocating the airy nature of this butterfly of the zodiac.

Again, I have three examples of this combination.  One is a living success for Gemini Clint Eastwood having fathered 7 children with 5 different women.  Cancer, Dina Ruiz, seems to have helped to settle the man down finally.  There are a lot of harmonious inter-connections between these two including her Moon in Sagittarius trining his Mars in Aries, and his Venus/Mercury in Leo widely conjoining her Moon in Leo.  She sparks him and thus probably doesn’t smother love him with her Cancer goal of creating home and family.

A more tragic combination is that of the now notorious John Edwards, who is presently under transit Saturn’s ‘truth or consequence’ passage over his Saturn/Neptune apex.  This Gemini man yielded to the darker side of Mercurius, god of liars  He betrayed his faithful and devoted Cancer wife, Elizabeth, who really was strongly connected (Soul Mate?) to him with her Neptune/Moon in Libra conjoined his Moon in Libra.  Yet while she lay dying of cancer he perpetrated his deceptions with another whose chart we’ll explore when we get to Pisces.  He also succumbed to Mercury as ‘god of thieves’ by fleecing a lot of people in the process and betraying his public trust as an elected official running for high public office.

The final example has now been glamorized and mythologized by that mistress of ‘bigger than life dream mistress’, Madonna, in her film ‘W.E.’ where she portrays their famous and notorious union.  Socialite and twice married Wallis Simpson, the Gemini, took a Cancer King Edward the VIII from his royal throne.  He must have been initially dazzled and beguiled by all of her Gemini charms.  Perhaps, in the end, his retiring Moon in Pisces didn’t mind the obscurity as they wiled away their lives in trivial pursuits of wealthy-class soirees.  They were married a very long time, though she out-lived him by 14 years as she drifted into the fog of Alzheimer’s.

Gemini with Scorpio
This is said to be an incredibly difficult combination due to the opposite poles of air and water creating acuity.  Scorpio is fixed, highly subjective and feeling-based, and simply finds evasiveness onerous, while Gemini is mutable, highly objective, and thinking-based, and simply can’t bear to be psychoanalyzed, largely because of the terror of finding out what’s down there in their emotional basement.  It is said that both have a certain insatiable curiosity, though Scorpio will be the obsessive blood-hound, while Gemini prefers to fly above it all.  There’s often irony waiting here!

Marilyn, again, had ‘something’ with Robert Kennedy.  It remains an enigma to this day, of course, since her diaries and correspondence with him was never to be found.  Robert was decidedly Yin in nature, quite un-like his roving older brother.  He must have been seriously attracted with all that Venus/Moon in Capricorn and Sun/Mars in Scorpio.  This was decidedly not a match made in heaven.

Another such misguided match has been Russell Brand, the Gemini, with Katy Perry, the Scorpio. Their union didn’t last long as revealed by her Mercury/Mars in Libra conjoining his Uranus in Libra.  Hot and quickly cold.  Katy has her own inner conflict around her feminine nature (Moon square Venus) and Russell is quick on the draw with all of his Aries, but lacks maturity to create something lasting with someone so beautiful and marketable by mass media machinery.  C’est la vie…  The one harmonious link is their Mercury’s trine in Air.  Perhaps, they will also remain ‘friends’?

A very public couple is America’s Vice-President, Joseph Biden, and his Gemini wife, Jill.  She’s got the quick-silver Mars/Sun/Moon all in Gemini constantly in need of adjusting to her husband’s Mercury/Sun/Venus in Scorpio.  Life in the gold fish bowl may seem cheerful and rosy, but it’s doubtful it’s completely simpatico beneath the surface.  They do have Venus trines in Water thankfully, and his Jupiter conjoins her Venus in Cancer meaning that his status pleases her well, but it is also a bond of mutual support through the ups and downs of political life.

Dare I mention one other before leaving this strange combination?  Yes, Mr. Donald Trump’s second marriage was to Marla Maples, a Scorpio.  She captivated his roving Gemini penchant for beautiful women and then betrayed him with a jock on the beach.  C’est la vie!

Gemini with Pisces
I wish I could end with some up-lifting unions here.  Perhaps you know of one, or are in one.  If so, let us all know!  Pisces and Gemini are mutable and together could create a union where artistry and spirituality are the unifying principles.  But Gemini likes to talk, as a rule, and Pisces draws its strength from silence.  One is social while the other is solitary.  If they join forces to inquire into the hidden causes of our human predicament perhaps pearls of wisdom could emerge.

Yet look at the only examples I found!  Donald Trump—-yes, AGAIN, with his first wife, Ivana. Her Pisces/Mars conjunction landed in his house of partnership and marriage.  They did last for 15 years beginning with lavishness and ending with a much publicized extravagant battle.  They did bring forth three children who are now part of the Trump modern-day dynasty.  Ivana’s enjoyment of extravagant displays rivaled her husband’s and they have both gone on to indulge themselves as the Roman’s did before their empire collapsed.  Conspicuous consumption and excess can show up through both their Moons in Sagittarius when coupled with mutual Jupiter/Neptune aspects.

To make matters even worse I’m ending with the fated tryst of John Edwards and his mistress, Rielle Hunter.  Such pathetic Piscean tales we have here!  Rielle, like Ivana, also has that Mars/Sun in Pisces, only in her case the Sun is in its degree of expiation.  Her Moon in Gemini bonded with John’s Sun and Mars and the rest is one more sordid tale of public lives unable to live with any sense of honor or dignity.

Perhaps real people not living the glamorous lives of the rich and the famous fair better as Gemini’s in love and partnering with Gemini’s.  I certainly know a few worthy souls who merit greater badges of honor than many of the above mentioned ‘celebrities’.  Let’s see, I know a few Gemini’s with Taurus who have created good and long-lasting unions, I know of Gemini’s with Leos and Sagittarians who are still in love, I know of a great union between a Gemini and an Aquarian where they both respect each other’s freedom, and I even know of a Gemini with a Virgo who love and support each other after a long marriage where adjustments to each other were necessary.  So let’s conclude with the affirmation that Gemini seeks connection in a variety of ways and sometimes has to sample several before settling down with ‘the one and only’.  Perhaps family creates for Gemini the glue that brings them into a loving relationship with their partner as they lead and guide the next future generation while retaining their childlike wonder and cheerfulness through it all.  It is quite noticeable how many examples I found with multiple children!

As a footnote:  this is one of the longest articles I have ever written.  Could it be that Gemini captured me and I didn’t know how to stop?  Certainly my article on Aries was short and sweet by contrast!

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1 jason { 05.31.12 at 12:40 pm }
2 Renee { 06.01.12 at 2:06 pm }

Hello Genevieve… as you know, I rarely comment (but privately) on your blogs. However, your wonderful Gemini article engaged me, as it beautifully flowed, as Gemini’s often do/ha! As you said, it was your longest blog!! Loved looking at all the famous Gemini’s (several knew already – as I love to look up birthdates via Wikipedia). Perhaps, you’ll save some of this abundant astrological info/energy for “we” Scorpio’s – as I recall, you forgot “us” one year – remember/ha! (As a Scorpio, you know we don’t easily forget but being more of a – Spiritually balanced Scorpio, definitely forgive/ha)!!

Have a handful of wonderful, loving Gemini’s in my life and they are extremely socially active butterfly beings; always on the Go –Go – Go!! Typically, have brief moments to chat on phone. Love them and am extremely close with my Gemini cousins and male friends (adore/love them and they adore/love me (two call me “Princess”) – they love woman and woman love them. As friends, they are lovely – but being a Scorpio (with extra’s) NOT good romantic match! Gemini’s can be too distracted, on the Go – Go – Go, impatient, moody, etc…all while being wonderful; two sides (twins)! Genevieve really loved (with a chuckle) the reference to Gemini’s being “light weights” compared to Scorpio’s – quite true/ha! Blessings to you, Renee

3 Genevieve { 06.01.12 at 2:39 pm }

I just smile reading your comments, Renee! We do need you Scorpios to speak up and share. Of course, you’re a pretty kind-hearted Scorpio….No, I will not forget to write about you Phoenix types come October/November!

4 Jackie { 07.08.12 at 4:57 am }

I Love all the real American Couple’s Exept one you guess, is not a real American couple’

5 Damba { 09.01.12 at 1:49 pm }

Great couples except one person who is appearing several times and he has of recent been talking things that are below the esteem I once held him, very disappointing (to me).

6 Genevieve { 09.01.12 at 2:46 pm }

Ah! I wish you would be willing to mention his name, Damba! But I understand if you wish not to. Yes, Gemini is a sign that must take care in how they communicate! The god Janus seems to play an archetypal role in this sign, and it can be very two-faced.

7 Clark Polachek { 12.23.13 at 7:12 pm }

Geminians have kept my itnerest for years, and I can say have been some of my best companions.

(Leo, speaking)

This was beautifully written and illustrated the ethereal being that is Gemini.

Thank you.

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