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When Dorothy, the Tin Woodman, and the Scarecrow first meet the Lion in the woods on their way to Oz they are fearful and in awe if its ferocity, right?  But when brave Dorothy chastises this beast for scaring them, we see the Cowardly Lion emerge and all of a sudden we get curious.  What?  A Lion who lacks courage and confidence?  We are now engaged in his quest for courage as the four travel the yellow brick road towards Oz and ‘the Great Wizard’.  How playfully and magically Mr. Baum unfolded a timeless story for young and old that describes several major archetypal journeys including the quest of Leo for self confidence by becoming courageous.

Liz Greene, the quintessential interpreter of Jungian psychology (Jung was a Leo) as it applies to astrology, and vice versa, continues to inspire me with her writings.  In her book Astrology for Lovers(a true classic) she states that Leo is striving to develop confidence, radiance, creativity, and self-assurance.  These are Leo’s goals.  So keep that in mind as you relate to the Leos who cross your path.  Some Leos find it early in life, some late in life; some not at all, for truly the hero or heroine quest is full of dangers, challenges, and there are no guarantees in this mythical quest.  Yet it is the mythical, bigger than life, romantic story that most Leos strive to live.  Ms. Greene states that underneath the Leo lies a secret child who mythologizes life.  Leos wish to make a myth of themselves even!

Reflecting on many of the Leos I have known personally and served professionally in this lifetime,  I can relate to this ‘mythical’ theme.  So many have stories to tell that are truly bigger than life, at least in their minds and hearts they are.  My husband’s mother was a Leo.  While visiting her in a small lake town in Minnesota when she was in her late ‘70s she confided her early youthful dreams as we took a long walk together.  She had wanted to join the Ice Follies because she was an excellent ice skater, and she had wanted to run away with a gypsy man.  Imagine!  What would her life have been like had she had the courage to really go for it?  But she didn’t.  She followed a strict traditional course which kept her heavily under the yoke of religion, she married a good, hard-working man, and stayed the course for over 50 years, and……and she became quite rigid and autocratic in her ways, much to the distress of her other daughter-in-law who lived close by and had to endure her authoritarian heavy-handedness.  Did her courage fail her?  Probably.  Did she fulfill some of the heroine’s quest, nonetheless?  Yes, she did.  One of her sons nearly died of polio at a tender age.  He was hospitalized for two years and in those days the parents weren’t allowed anywhere near the child for fear of infection.  She had to stand in the snow outside and look at him through the window.  Later on he, with considerable Leo energy of his own, left the small world of his birthplace and took flight for adventures and quests which required his own brand of courage, never to return.  No prodigal son was he!  One wonders how much of her unlived dreams he carried forth to fulfill in the stream of family dynamics?

Another Leo woman I know did live out her mythic quest in bigger than life, nearly sweeping sagas.  I even encouraged her to write a book about her remarkable life, but she is an artist and probably depicts in images what it would take thousands of words to do.  She was born into privilege and wealth but followed her yearnings and passions towards becoming more conscious by traveling the globe, living in ashrams, facing death and various perils.  Like a female Siddhartha she followed her heart and freed her soul rather than play it safe.

I think of two Leo men who epitomize both the creativity of their sign, but also the quest for self.  One actually has a business called ‘The Magic Carpet’.  He, too, could write a book about his remarkable family and life of adventures, as well as the pursuit towards higher consciousness that still keeps him centered.  The other man works with the highest refinement of essential oils and is now a world authority on them.  He, too, has traversed the globe in search of the exotic and unusual.  It strikes me that both men are somewhat the ‘king of their domain’ within the fields they have chosen to pursue.  Both have also individualized their spiritual path rather than follow mainstream influences surrounding them.

While all fire signs embody some sort of ‘quest’, Leo is truly on the quest for SELF, the Divine Child within.  This is such a personal journey which I don’t feel can be type-cast in this modern world.  Certain themes amongst Leos will emerge, however, as you examine their lives.  Creativity is one.  To create is to feel alive.  It is the process that best takes them to their own center.  Self-centeredness then becomes another theme.  Here is where much of the criticism of Leo enters in.  Perhaps we should say ‘self consciousness’.   Even that implies something we tend to judge.  Yet Leos truly do like to watch themselves as if they were the audience and performer all in one.  If you take this to a more acceptable, spiritual level, it would imply the process of meditation where the watcher and the watched are one and the same.  If you take it even further, the Divine within the self is made visible through Leos journey to center.


Leos Shadow

Along the way are pitfalls and mistakes, which is where the shadow side of Leo emerges.  This shadow element probably comes from the trap of ego and all of its enticements.  Leo people are by nature generous, magnanimous, and heart-centered.  At least that’s the ideal!  With some, however, you feel as if you live in their shadow, unrecognized for what you contribute.  You feel unacknowledged by them unless they have some ulterior motive for praising you, and that certainly doesn’t feel good either!  If you feel you’re just an extension of them, eventually you want to get away, or you suffer in silence.  It’s true that Leos need to be special and to be acknowledged that they are.  If your specialness, however, threatens their sovereignty in some way, that is where the shadow emerges, because that’s all ego stuff.  So it becomes a sort of paradoxical challenge for Leos to develop courage, self-confidence, and a strong ego, and yet have the largesse of heart to embrace and encourage the same journey for others.  The shadow would be the despot as depicted in myth after myth and story after story on this planet.  ‘Off with their heads’ sort of scenarios are common here.

Taking another anecdote from my own life I’m recalling my late mother’s second husband.  Mort was a true Leo in style and manner.  He was jovial, held an important position in the world, and romantically courted and squired my mother all around the world.  They truly did have a delightful romantic time as long as he was fit and they could enjoy life together.  There was one sticking point however.  My Aries mother was an intellectual, a college professor, a psychologist.  Mort was a rough and tumble street savvy man;  smart, but no higher-educated type.  Thus he scorned my mother’s books which she kept in the basement of his home once they were married.  He put her down often for her ‘mental interests’.  I saw her cry once after one of his harangues about ‘her books’.  He insisted that she sit by his side and watch TV every night.  I never saw her defy him or even challenge him with her Moon in Libra which wanted to maintain ‘the peace at any price’.  Here is a good illustration of Leos shadow.  He didn’t understand fully the workings of her mind and what she was interested in; therefore he placed it beneath him to keep the illusion of his sovereignty intact.  Because she loved him and was loyal to him, in the end he thanked her profusely over and over again for being in his life after suffering a stroke and later being felled by lung cancer.  She was his angel in the end and he truly did want to go to heaven with her, but not the ‘heaven of her mind’ which he could never understand, therefore never fully acknowledge.

Leo as Parent
As the archetypal masculine principle embodied by the Sun itself, Leos can and do make good parents.  Not all, mind you!  There are always exceptions.  The paternalistic quality of Leo men who are fathers can really shine forth and they get to be the best of what this sign is all about; loving and generous-hearted with their clan.

Martin Sheen is a good example of this archetypal Leo father.  With his wife, Janet, of over 50 years they have raised four children together; all actors.  Amazing, huh?  Lately, Charlie, the youngest has been much publicized for his extreme behavior, yet Martin continues to be the loving father through thick and thin.

This brings me to another theme that I see over and over in Leos mythical lives.  There is often an extremely wounded child or even the loss of a child in their journey which they must bear.  Perhaps this is why so many Leos that I know are therapists.  They are particularly skilled in aiding the wounded child to heal.  I know several who are sand play therapists, art therapists, and dream therapists working with both children and adults who need to retrieve and transform ‘the Divine Child’ within.  Leo women often love the role of grandmother because then they can truly just play again.  I know one Leo who embodies this superbly.  She is a therapist and actually wrote about a mythical inner journey, illustrated it with an amazing wall mural, and dedicated it to her granddaughter on top of that.

Isabel Allende, known for her amazing novels embodying mythical themes, such as The House of Spirits and The Infinite Plan, as a Leo mother suffered the tragedy of a wounded daughter, Paula.  Quoting an article by Victor Perera, “…even the exotic name of the illness that struck down her daughter—porphyria derives from the ancient Greek of “purple”—conspired with Isabel’s resolve to live out Paula’s story as classical myth.  When we met, Isabel was seeking her daughter in a Hades of her own creation, even as she worked on the memoir that she describes as her offering to Paula……In Paula, she intended to write a straightforward narrative of the darkest experience of her life. It is a tribute to Isabel Allende that her memoir transcends the limitations of its genre and finally approaches the unsparing intensity and austerity of Greek tragedy.”

Leo Women
Rather than praise, I often hear the word respect as defining what Leo women most desire.  They seek authenticity of self and respect holds a big place for them.  Look at Sandra Bullock, as an example.  She didn’t get the respect she felt she rightfully deserved when she married.  Along with respect comes loyalty.  Leo women will return that loyalty, but they certainly do demand it by nature.  After all, they are seeking to be Queenly.

They also need a platform for their creative impulses.  A smart partner will always support that urge and help them to find their place in the Sun.  If they have that, they won’t need to be so autocratic in their personal life.  By nature they are generous and big hearted, but they will never sacrifice themselves in the same way a Pisces woman would.  They still need to play ‘the leading lady’ in some way and thus tend to shun dominating type males.  Their pride can be ferocious, like a great cat cornered.  They’d rather live alone than give up the sovereignty which keeps them centered.  This goes for Venus, Moon, and Ascendant in Leo types.  Like their male counterpart, they have style and flair and often rise to the top of their chosen field.  My research yields the likes of  J.K. Rowling, Emily Bronte, Beatrix Potter, Isabel Allende (of course!), and Danielle Steele in the writing fields.  All of these women became incredibly famous, and some incredibly wealthy.  It is also worth noting that even Danielle Steele, for all of her seemingly charmed life, didn’t escape the tragedy of her beloved son’s illness and suicide.

In the fields of media and entertainment we have absolute female tycoons to study:  Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Martha Stewart, the tragic Whitney Houston, and Mae West.  Each has epitomized something ‘bigger than life’ in their mythical lives.

Even the highly popular Betty Boop was created during the time of Leo!!

Leo Men
These men really do have a talent for the big gesture, the grand display of affection.  Even the more introverted types still harbor the need to be ‘king’ on some level.  If Cancer, Capricorn, or Virgo is prominent also in their charts, they may be a bit more subdued, and less flamboyant, yet they are still ‘lions at heart’.  Never forget that!

They want to display their generosity of spirit, but usually expect some devotion and display of homage in return.  Equal partnerships in the modern sense are probably not their innate style.  They make better givers than takers, thus they are great lovers and make any affair special.  Being center stage is well illustrated in such men as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mick Jagger, Robert DeNiro, Jerry Garcia, Andy Warhol, Dustin Hoffman, and Fidel Castro.  One thing that strikes me is how many famous examples I found of Leo men who were actor, director, and even producer such as Robert Redford, Roman Polanski, Edward Norton, and Gene Roddenberry.  Prolific and powerful.

I like the example of Robert Redford as a Leo who displays the skill of a leading male actor with charisma and style, but also has worked from behind the scenes as director and producer of some very fine and intelligent films.  With his Sundance Film Festival he has boosted independent film makers showing a transcendence of his ego towards the opposite Aquarian pole of supporting specialness in others.  He is also a staunch environmentalist who braves criticism and rebukes from many for the stands he takes for Mother Earth.  That would be enough to put him into some honored ‘Hall of Fame’, but he also has led an honorable private life marrying strong, intelligent women who aren’t necessarily attached to his world.  His first wife of many long years now heads a major organization, and his present wife is an artist of considerable repute.  He has also suffered much sorrow with an son suffering from a complex illness.

Martin Sheen would also fall into a similar category with his equally strong prolific need to champion injustice in the world.  He has been arrested well over 60 times.  Imagine!  And what was he protesting?  The treatment of the homeless for one thin, and such things as wars and nuclear weapons.  The Good King archetype is alive and well in both of these men.


Leo as Lover

Probably no other author has gone into such depth with sexual themes as Jeff Green in both of his books relating to Pluto.  In Pluto, The Soul’s Evolution Through Relationships he describes both Venus and Mars in Leo as basically oriented towards narcissism; not in the pathological sense, but more in the need to glory in their own flesh.  I like this quote, “They view the body and sexuality as a kind of artwork in which they feel the inner freedom to create as they desire.”  I would say Leos have ardor.  I would say, also, they need a lot of strokes on whatever level you prefer!


Let’s now move on and look at the various combinations Leo makes with the other signs and see if we can’t ‘flesh out’ more apt comments about their inimitable style.  For style they possess in spades!

Since I’ve already covered the elements with the first four signs, I’ll just move through the signs in sequence.


Leo with Aries

This is a nice Fire with Fire combination and certainly can be one where candor, playfulness, and a spirit of adventure combine to create a lively relationship.  Each fuels the other and as long as Aries isn’t too independent, Leo will be happy.  As I mentioned in my Aries article, this was my Aries’ Mother’s second husband, the Leo.  Movement will keep this relationship alive.  Having fun together is a must!  Often creative and intellectual pursuits may combine.

One example of a long-term relationship is Carl Jung, the Leo, with his wife Emma Jung, the Aries.  They parented five children together and lived in a grand manner since she was an heiress.  They shared intellectual companionship as well.  She, interestingly enough, later wrote a book on ‘The Holy Grail’ and had as much depth of insight as her more famous husband.  She also had competition in the form of Virgo, Toni Wolff, Carl’s patient and mistress, so the ‘King’ in Carl managed to reign within his own private kingdom as well as his public one.

For those of you interested in the astrology:  their Sun’s were trine, and Emma’s stellium in Taurus bonded strongly with Carl’s Moon in Taurus, especially her Saturn strongly conjunct.  They also had a Mars/Venus conjunction, but it was her Mars!  Her Moon in late Leo was opposed by his Saturn, and squared by his Pluto, so her needs to be centerfold were undoubtedly severely challenged.  Finally, however, their Mercury’s were in harmony.  All in all, a wonderful blend.

Modern-day leading male actor and Oscar winning screenplay writer, Ben Affleck is a Leo with a lot of water in his chart.  He and Aries actress Jennifer Garner are married with two daughters and one son.  They are true peers and have very compatible Mercury’s (communication) as well as Suns.  Emotional adjustments do show up with all of his water mixed with all of her air planets.  Moon in Scorpio (Ben) with Moon in Gemini (Jennifer) must not always be easy.


Leo with Taurus

Fixed Fire with Fixed Earth can be a challenge.  All fixed types are drawn to power, so their is going to be an attraction.  Maintaining a harmonious balance would require someone to lean and bend at times.  Since both like to ‘self pleasure’ the relationship would need conscious giving on the part of both to really work.  I’ve seen it almost happen in real life, but any form of betrayal on the part of either would certainly create a huge chasm ultimately.

I’ve used this example in my ‘Relating to Taurus’ article: (Leo) Mick Jagger and his ex-wife, (Taurus) Bianca.  She was only 21 years when they met, and they married when she was four months pregnant.  Their marriage lasted six years.  We can see the attraction with Mick’s Mars conjoining Bianca’s Sun.  He must have wowed her initially!  His strong Leo stellium, however, conjoined her Pluto in Leo already squaring her Sun which signalled intense but explosive connections.

Another couple I’ve recently found is (Leo) actor Laurence Fishburne, whom we came to love and admire in the ‘Matrix’ trilogy, and his (Taurus) wife Gina Torres.  This match may just last because Gina’s Moon in Leo is conjunct Laurence’s Sun.  That’s the classic male/female bond.


Leo with Gemini

Fixed Fire with Mutable Air presents a potential blending of heart and mind.  Certainly my example of Jacqueline (Leo) and John F. Kennedy (Gemini) showed that the two signs co-mingled could create a bright, intelligent light together.  That bright light was aborted when JFK was assassinated.   Jacqueline truly lived the mythic Leo life with more drama than most humans would ever want.  One could say that spiritually she signed up for it with Neptune at her Midheaven, Scorpio Ascendant and S. Node right on the 12th house side. She was a strong soul indeed.  Her Venus in Gemini blended with JFK’s Gemini intelligence and brilliance, but privately she suffered undoubtedly from his roving ways with her Moon square Pluto.  Courage of heart bears its stamp in her 5th house Uranus/Moon in Aries as well as Sun/Mercury in the 9th.


Leo with Cancer

Now we’ve come to the band-width in the zodiac where Leo partnership examples abound:  Cancer, Leo, Virgo combos.  Interesting, huh?  One explanation perhaps is that both Cancer and Virgo are next door to Leo and often the native Leo has planets in either of these signs which could potentially combine with partners bearing these signatures as well.  Let’s see if our example couples bear this out:

We do have a winner in the marriage of Martin Sheen (Leo) with Janet Templeton Sheen (Cancer).  Here is classic father/mother combined bringing a brood of actors following in big Papa’s footsteps.  Martin’s Leo must love that!  Martin has a stellium in Leo, including his Moon, but also Mercury, Chiron, and Venus in Cancer.  Janet has both Sun and Venus in Cancer, but better yet she has Mercury at the same degree of Cancer as Martin’s.  This certainly helps to explain why they’ve been married for 51 years.  Mercury, by the way, is a great significator of successful unions.  The closer the match, the better.  (see the Mercury Method of Chart Comparison by Lois M. Rodden)

When Leos have a great deal of Cancer in their natal make-up they truly are able to empathize and feel for others.  Venus in Cancer is especially nice to see.

Kyra Sedgwick (Leo) the charismatic actress and her actor husband, Kevin Bacon (Cancer) have been married 24 years and have two children together.  They truly even look good together.  Kyra has nothing in Cancer, however.  Her Venus in Virgo is at the very last degree, almost into Libra.  What holds these two together?  The usual signatures just don’t show up between them.  What strikes me is that Kyra’s Mars in Libra is conjoining Kevin’s North Node in Libra, while Kevin’s Venus in Gemini is conjoining Kyra’s North Node in same.  The Nodes factor strongly into relationships as well.  Anything conjoining the North Node can act as a positive guide for the other.  Also, their Jupiters are in trine signifying great support for each other philosophically and in many other ways.


Let’s go back to Mick Jagger (Leo) for the last example with his 21-year relationship with Jerry Hall with whom he had four children.  Jerry was certainly the ‘hot mama’ that Mick preferred.  Other than her Sun in Cancer there is no watery link between them.  Mick is probably quite the business man with so much Earth.  Jerry has a lot of Fire in her natal blue print which kept up with Mick’s Leo steady flame.  Her Uranus conjoining his Sun was probably what kept him interested for so long, yet he could never dominate her with that one.  Their Mars energy was compatible and she had the flexibility necessary to adapt and adjust to his capriciousness.  However, public shame probably ended her Mars in Pisces long-suffering when his love child was proven true.  In the end, Hall’s Moon in Aries stood up for her rights and claimed some of the kingdom’s wealth.  I’ll close with this funny quote from Jagger’s masseuse, “He looks like an old raiisin but he’s still wicked sexy.  He has this giant Grand Canyon ego and it just can’t be filled by one woman.”


Leo with Leo

Is this possible??  Yep, it is.  Two cats together IS possible, but probably a bit precarious.  Well, Lions mate for life I believe.  Here, again, I actually have three examples from very public life:

Antonio Banderas (Leo) and Melanie Griffith (Leo) are two show business people who have been married since 1996.  That’s 16 years at this writing.  Pretty darn good.  Melanie has a track record of two other marriages; one which I’ll look at when we get to Sagittarius briefly.  She always played pretty lusty roles, even in the TV series, Miami Vice, as a madam.  Antonio is very fiery with Moon in Aries and also Mercury in Leo.  Melanie’s Moon is in Aquarius and thus we see a bridge to harmony as her Moon is sextile Antonio’s.  Again, we see her Venus in Virgo (sex goddess and smart too!) conjoining Antonio’s North Node in Virgo.  Bingo.  Since he, too, has Venus in Virgo, she must epitomize his ideal woman in many ways.  With so much common Virgo between them there is also a bond of being hard-working and industrious under all that glamour.  Remember when she starred in Working Girl?

Two Leos famous in their early marriage (1985-89) with no children to bind them through life were Madonna and Sean Penn.  Their Suns were but one degree apart.  Sean has the Moon in Cancer, so he feels everything.  Madonna is cooler emotionally with a lot of Virgo, including her Moon and Mercury.  Yet they also had the Moon/Venus conjunction in Virgo so she was his ideal woman back then.  Both have most interesting charts which warrant deeper study in and of themselves.  Madonna is complex with her 12th house stellium while Sean shows 8th house mysteries.  Both are multi-faceted in personality and expression of creative talents.  Both have strong charitable urges and social consciences.  For a brief while they shown brightly together.


My third example is a famous, but brief run between Ben Affleck and (Leo) Jennifer Lopez.  She is incredibly Fiery and Latin rolled into one.  Sun/Mars conjunct in Leo plus Moon in Aries.  These two Leos didn’t make it to the altar which is probably for the best.  Ben’s Moon in Scorpio could not have handled her provocative displays of blatant seduction at every turn.  Jennifer Garner is much more gentle, light, and less in need of being top Queen as is Jennifer Lopez who is probably the female counter-part to Mick Jagger in sexual energy.


Leo with Virgo

Fixed Fire with Mutable Earth is certainly one of those relationship combinations conducive to what is called workable.  As long as Virgo is helpful to Leo rather than overly critical, and as long as Leo is appreciative of Virgos hard work, this is a great combination for a working partnership of creative and skillful expression.  I actually have four good examples where both partners were professionals in their own right.

Let’s start with Carl Jung (the Leo) and his patient, turned mistress, turned associate (Virgo) Toni Wolff.  A movie about this relationship has recently been in theaters.  Jung did not have anything in Virgo, interestingly enough.  What he and Toni shared was a lot of Libran energy with her Venus conjoining his Libran South Node (Karmic past connection) and his Jupiter in Libra conjoining her Mercury/Uranus.  He definitely was the teacher/guide, but she awakened in him something that perhaps Emma didn’t.  Toni’s Moon in Pisces was just widely sextile Jung’s Moon in Taurus and trine his Mercury/Venus in Cancer.  They both had Mars in Sagittarius, but not connected by degree.  Her Mars/Jupiter, however, trined his Sun stimulating his creative fire.

The rivalry between her and Emma shows up in her Libran cluster opposite Emma’s Sun/Venus in Aries.  Toni also had a complicated Moon bearing much grief and intrigue.

Another famous historical couple is (Leo) Percy Bysshe Shelley and his (Virgo) wife Mary Shelley.  Mary is the famed author of Frankenstein.  She was extremely bright and also well educated with most of her planets in Virgo, Libra, and Sagittarius.  Shelley’s Mercury/North Node in Virgo were activated by her Mars/Sun/Uranus/Mercury in Virgo.  Tragically Percy was lost at sea in 1822 just five years after they were married.  His Moon in Pisces was conjoining his South Node—-not easy for a bright Leo.

One point I’d like to make is just how many Leo men I’ve been using as examples were born with Uranus conjunct the Sun showing not only their brilliance, but their iconoclastic style:  Percy Shelley, Carl Jung, Sean Penn, and Barack Obama are examples.

Next up is Jennifer Lopez with ex- husband, Marc Anthony.  Their marriage lasted nearly 7 years, longer than any of her other relationships.  They are bonded with twins as parents.  From what I’ve gathered Jennifer felt overly controlled by Marc, a heavy Virgo.  She has Venus in Virgo, like many hard-working performers, and at first perhaps his Jupiter in Virgo felt supportive to her.  Ultimately, he cramped her style with Moon in Cancer squaring her Moon in Aries and all that Virgo piled up around her South Node which simply wasn’t conducive to her growth towards her North Node in Pisces in this life.  She, on the other hand, supported his North Node in Aries with her Moon there.  It does look as though they’ll continue to collaborate and maintain a friendly co-parent relationship.

 There’s the grand dame super-Queen, Madonna, with her Virgo ex-husband Guy Ritchie, the British film producer.  As an extremely strong Virgo he connected with her Virgo Ascendant and Moon.  Few could capture her as he did undoubtedly as she pursued him and moved to London to be with him.  Remember, her Moon conjoining his Sun.  In the end, however, something broke them apart.  I don’t follow the tabloids, so I’m not sure what it was.  I see their Mars are square which eventually becomes war rather than making non-stop love.  She is incredibly fixed and stubborn.  He has Mars in Leo which also requires a lot of strokes.  As parents, however, they are bonded for life in some form or another.

And finally there’s Jacqueline K. Onassis and Aristotle Onassis.  Her Sun was on his North Node, his Venus on her Ascendant.  She was his prize possession.  Energetically they were mis-matched at almost every turn except for these connections I’ve mentioned.  One wonders what they actually talked about with their  Mercury’s not even connected.  Their emotional bodies were also disconnected.  (Moons in an out-of-sign opposition)  Aristotle lacked planets in Fire, so he more than compensated with soul mate and opera diva Maria Callas, and trophy wife Jacqueline with her fiery chart.


Leo with Libra

This can be a rather pleasant Sun/Venus combination where the element of Air makes for sociability and classical restraint.

Perhaps a refined couple like President Jimmy Carter (Libra) and his (Leo) wife Rosalyn create a nice old-fashioned example of what this might be like.  Rosalyn did need a fairy tale come true myth in her life with Sun conjoining Neptune.  She got it as President’s wife.  She and Jimmy had a lovely Venus (hers)/Mercury (his) conjunction showing affection and good communication between them.  Her Mars in Virgo was actually part of this mix.  Her chart, interestingly enough, shows more drive and ambition than his, though he, too, sought a mythical life with his Venus/Neptune/North Node in Leo conjoining her Sun.  They weren’t the glamour couple like Jacqueline and JFK however,  Rosalynn’s chart doesn’t bear the strength and intrigue, but more the genteel and cultured life of a Southern belle born in Plains, Georgia, like her husband.


Leo with Scorpio

Two strongly fixed signs should be steamy with Fire/Water combined.  This combination has been characterized as ‘Display vs. Concealment’.  We certainly see this played out in the likes of two royal couples, one quite historical, the other modern.

Let’s start with Louis XVI (Leo) born in Versailles, France, and his Vienna born (Scorpio) wife, Marie Antoinette.  I don’t need to elaborate on the history of this fated relationship.  It is world famous and made popular by Sofia Copola’s movie (though not very truthful probably).  Queen Marie’s Sun/Venus in Scorpio was conjoined by Louis’ Moon in Scorpio.  Whether his Jupiter/Sun combust in Leo liked it or not, they were glued and sealed ultimately by the same grim fate.  Both had Neptune in Leo squaring their Scorpio planets.

More modern-day royalty with a silly sort of drama are Bill Clinton (Leo) and his Scorpio wife, Hilary.  This highly ambitious couple have weathered the Lewinsky (Leo) storm by sticking it out.  Hilary’s Moon in Pisces at the last degree sacrificed her own pride to maintain the position of power she now holds in the end.  Bill with his strong Libran stellium in the 1st just keeps pleasantly coasting along, still grabbing the ladies (porn stars) in public displays of affection.  It really doesn’t matter once you’re royalty, after all.  Let the good times continue to roll!  I just wonder what’s going to happen next as Saturn moves into Scorpio going over all of Hilary’s stellium and squaring hers and Bill’s Leo energies.  Will they enjoy a cozy old-age together?


Leo with Sagittarius

This expansive and free-wheeling combination can be colorful and future-oriented together.  This is a Sun/Jupiter combination fit for historical royalty to embody in the likes of ‘The Queen Mother’ (Leo) and her husband King George VI (Sagittarius).  They were recently made famous, again, in the movie The King’s Speech.  Their daughter, Elizabeth, carried forward their royal lineage with firm resolve.  King George had a great deal of Scorpio in his natal chart and Queen Mary had Moon in Scorpio as well.  The triumph of this union was that she bore with dignity her mythical drama and lived to be 101 years old!  Talk about staying power….  Her Jupiter in Sagittarius was conjoining his Mars in Sagittarius exactly, and thus she supported his will power to overcome his handicap and succeed.  Theirs seems to be a true union of kindred spirits.

The modern-day fable of Melanie Griffith (Leo) and Don Johnson (Sagittarius) showed an older man (he was 22 years when they met and she was only 14) beguiling a Uranus/Sun Leo type like Melanie who was probably precocious in her youth.  The on-again-off-again relationship that spanned twenty years attests to their strong attraction and bond.  One piece of the glue shows in his Venus/Jupiter in Aquarius conjoining her Moon, however with Moons squared (His in Scorpio) and her need to be free (Uranus opposite Moon in Aquarius) the relationship eventually ran its course.


Leo with Capricorn

Here is a great ‘power couple’ combination.  As I wrote in a previous article, Fire is drawn to Earth, and vice versa.  These two signs are marked by ambition; the key word being dominion.  Leo feels the divine right to rule, while Capricorn strives to achieve that role.

Together they can rise to the top as have Barack (Leo) and Michelle (Capricorn) Obama.  President Obama needs a quick and intelligent wife with his Moon in Gemini.  Michelle has Sun in late Capricorn conjunct Mars in early Aquarius and she fits the bill.  Obama’s Saturn in late Capricorn and Jupiter in early Aquarius fall right with her solar striving.  It’s a match made for public life.  Further more, his Venus in Cancer conjoins her North Node in Cancer, so he gently guides her towards family life and values as well.  Their Venus’ are in trine harmonizing their mutual values which potentially engage them in compassion and feelings for each other, their family, and others.


Another power couple is the queenly star Helen Mirren (Leo) with husband Taylor Hackford (Capricorn).  She has even played both Queen Elizabeth 1 & II winning an Emmy for the first, and an Academy Award for the second.  Helen and Taylor have been a couple since 1997, but they were long time companions before that starting in 1986.  You can see the bond; his Moon in Leo conjoining her Sun in Leo.  He undoubtedly honors her as ‘his queen’.


Leo with Aquarius

These two are polar opposites, but complementary as they are part of one long spectrum.  Yet opposites they are with Leo being warm and effusive while Aquarius may remain cool and detached.  To work as a living couple both must see in the other both specialness and uniqueness and be willing to bow in respect as true friends to each other.  Both are strong willed and will clash if something else within their combination doesn’t help to harmonize them.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find positive examples of this combination amongst famous couples.  Perhaps regular couples exemplify the more enlightened partnership because we really need to get this one to work as the Aquarian Age unfolds.  Otherwise, the Leo shadow will hold full sway, but more on that in a different article.

Whitney Houston, another Leo pop star diva, married Bobby Brown, the Aquarian rock ‘n roller rebel who was a star in his own right.  Their story is a further modern-day mythical tragedy.  Their Suns were exactly opposite.  Without more consciousness, this would polarize into mayhem, and it did.  Whitney’s Saturn in Aquarius also sat on Bobby’s Sun driving him wild with his possessive Mars in Scorpio squaring.   No doubt she was battered by him.  She, like JLo, had Moon in Aries in trine to her Leo Sun.  A fiery soul driven by an urge to shine and be free.  Her husband’s Saturn bore down on that Moon creating bondage rather than a true bond of love.  How sad and tragic a tale.

An even more tragic union was that of Roman Polanski, the Leo actor/director, and his beautiful Aquarian wife, Sharon Tate.  Sharon was spectacular and ten years his junior.  They had special bonds all over the place between them, but the most telling was his Moon/Pluto conjoining her Jupiter in Cancer.  She was pregnant with their child, and in true Leo fashion the ultimate mythic horror took place killing both his lovely wife and unborn child.  It should also be noted that her North Node/Chiron was exactly conjoining his Sun/South Node in Leo.  With his North Node in Aquarius he has had the necessity of releasing the ego in this life time.

Later he became lovers with Sharon’s Solar Twin (born on the same day, but not the same year), Natassja Kinski.  This Aquarian pull towards his North Node is also, strangely, his karma with his Saturn at 12 degrees of Aquarius and both women’s Sun’s conjoining that point.  Aquarian women are here to be free spirits.  Perhaps this is the message he is trying to learn for himself.


Leo with Pisces

We are now at the end of the line with Fixed Fire and Mutable Water.  This is a very difficult combination for Pisces willingly sacrifices to gain its power, while Leo never sacrifices what feels like a connection with their Divine center.  This combination shows up admirably in individual charts such as Robert Redford with his Pisces Ascendant and Sun in Leo in the 6th.  He combines the star quality without losing his sense of compassion and vision for the whole.  I couldn’t not find such a spiritual combination in a famous couple.  Perhaps in the ‘real world’ such wonderful couples exist who combine enlightened consciousness with a special ability to support each other in shining forth.

The one couple I found was Lucille Ball (Leo) and her Pisces public and private husband, Desi Arnaz.  True to the cliche of mixing Fire with Water it was steamy and stormy, yet on ‘I Love Lucy’, the extremely popular TV sitcom they were super hits as Desi played ‘the devoted and forbearing spouse of a wacky wife’.  Off screen, Desi drank, gambled, and whored for 20 years until they finally split amicably.  Lucy’s Moon in Capricorn positioned in a Grand Earth trine gave her the ability to endure as well as build a multi-millionaire empire with her wayward spouse.  Desi was all water/air with a Jupiter in Taurus that landed in Lucy’s grand earth trine.  She was the real thing, the one sure bet in his life—-lady luck.

Lucy died at 78 years but in her hand-written biography she said, “I’ve had a sensational 25 years.  It’s nice to have entertained five generations.”   Well said.

The mythic story of Leo is a forever story that we, the audience, never tire in listening to, watching, and reading about.  Long live their glorious spirit!!  They are here, after all, to shine.





August 16, 2012  15 Comments
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1 Marilyn { 08.16.12 at 4:50 pm }

Wow Genevieve! You really did a sterling job of capturing the Leonian essence…and as one, I thoroughly appreciate being given center stage (vicariously) in such an informative blog! My inner sun is shining!

2 Genevieve { 08.17.12 at 9:23 am }

Thank you, Marilyn. Tis a truly ‘Stellar Cast’—-even the ones I know personally, like you! Readers looking for a wonderful therapist should check out your web site.

3 Vashikaran specialist { 08.18.12 at 11:58 pm }

Leo are a bit kind of people who love to get respect. They are good lovers and make a good match with Pices. But a coin has 2 sides. A head and a tail. So if something good is going, bad too would be there. So you just need to be safe.

4 Black magic { 08.19.12 at 3:36 am }

Leo people are the people who make good match with pisces. But be sure to get a match making done by an experienced person as sometimes it goes the wrong way round and you get bad responses. Try checking out with a good astrologer.

5 Genevieve { 08.19.12 at 9:55 am }

Thanks for the Vedic perspective! Especially regarding Leos with Pisces.

6 Astrologer Kundli Specialist { 08.22.12 at 10:31 pm }

Leo is a bit warm while Aquarius remains cool and detached.They both together form a unique couple and clash sometimes when both do not match up and get the best for them. They just need to see that their relation stays longer and happy even on fights and all.

7 Tarun Acharya { 03.16.13 at 4:18 am }

Leo is a special sun sign. It must be noted that it must betaken into care before getting into relationship with such..

8 Shimi { 04.28.23 at 2:30 pm }

Hi Genevieve! What do you think about the relationship between a Pisces (28.02.1994) born in Yemen around 4PM and a Leo man (11.08.1990) also born in Yemen and doesn’t remember the birth hour 😅 but he lived most of his life in Europe. Do you think they have a chance even if both just ended long term and serious relationships with other people? The Pisces lady was engaged to a Gemini man and had to end it due to families disagreement. And the Leo guy also broke up with his fiancé due to unreconcilable differences. Both Pisces and Leo are financially stable with good careers.

9 Genevieve A. Vierling { 05.09.23 at 10:22 am }

The Leo man will be very difficult for this Pisces woman in the long run. He is highly FIXED with plenty of obsessions. Both Mars will eventually be at war with the other. Sorry, but I can’t recommend a long, committed relationships here. Passion may begin it however. Moons are also opposite with the man’s in Aries square Uranus. Ouch!!! This man doesn’t compromise for anyone, charming as he may seem.

10 Shimi { 07.01.23 at 2:30 pm }

Thanks, Genevieve! Do you think that despite the families disagreements that I had a great chance with the Gemini guy? The connection is great and he’s the only guy I have ever called a soulmate despite our age gap (09/06/1979). I’m still hoping my family will eventually agree and let go of their idea to date the Leo man.

11 Genevieve A. Vierling { 07.01.23 at 3:38 pm }

Shimi, I hope so for your sake!! You are both Mutable Sun signs, more easily able to adjust to each other than you with the Leo man. Don’t give up.

12 Shimi { 07.01.23 at 2:35 pm }

Forgot to mention he was born in KSA and we are work colleagues

13 Genevieve A. Vierling { 07.01.23 at 3:39 pm }

I just read an article about relationships stating that work colleagues often fall in love and marry. Wishing you the best here!

14 Shimi { 07.04.23 at 12:37 pm }

Thanks, Genevieve! Hope you’ll write an article about Pisces relationships! I know I’ll be the first one to share it! 😊

15 Genevieve A. Vierling { 07.04.23 at 2:48 pm }

Well, maybe I can get back to this blog; it’s been awhile since I’ve written anything!!! I’m actually a Pisces and have now been married for 51 years (my second marriage actually). I married a Scorpio/double Scorpio with Moon in Pisces, so you can see we’ve been strongly linked. That said we’ve had our own issues so I submit that no relationship is completely ‘smooth sailing’ unless you aren’t trying to grow as an individual and stuff yourself to fit. Consciousness requires work. Period. So we Pisces are here to understand and learn compassion, but that doesn’t mean ‘idiot compassion’. We also have to learn from our opposite sign, Virgo, to discriminate and be pragmatic. We Pisces often ‘disappear’ or ‘blend’ to stay sane. :). That said, we have to eventually learn to stand up for ourselves and be authentic and ask for respect. Those are actually Leo traits which we can learn from as well. I wish you love and good fortune dear Shimi!!!

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