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Relating to Virgo

Let us take a moment in our busy day to think about all the Virgos we know, and while we’re at it to give thanks and show appreciation for all that they do to make our lives easier, smoother, and hassle-free.  They truly are the ones who diligently apply their knowledge and expertise to keep things well maintained in our daily lives.  Many of them literally keep us whole and healthy in our minds and bodies as medical practitioners, therapists, body workers, and nutritionists.

Virgos, as a rule, are well grounded souls who prefer some type of discipline that develops their fine intellect so that it can be applied in a practical way through fields which either serve or provide something useful for others.  If the arts are chosen they will dedicate themselves diligently to mastering the craft.  They are decidedly not interested in simply dabbling or messing around!

The application of discrimination in sorting things out through a process of ever increasing refinement of what is important and what is not is a pathway used by Virgos.  Their goal or basic drive is toward synthesizing all the different elements so that the finished result is as perfect and whole as possible.  A good example within our own body is the use of our small intestines.  The function of sorting out what can be used by our organism and what needs to be discarded is all accomplished within the narrow passage ways of this significant organ.  Our Virgo friends also serve us in unobtrusive, but highly significant ways solving problems, completing the details, and polishing the final results.

The extroverted type of Virgo will systematically classify, order, and synthesize out in the world.  Take Warren Buffett, one of the world’s wealthiest men.  He’s not called ‘the Sage of Omaha’ without good reason.  His billions were acquired step by step in as methodical a process as any good Virgo would admire, philosophical reasoning aside.  He lives rather unpretentiously by contrast to the various flamboyant billionaires of late.  I’m sure he considers himself highly realistic and now in his golden years he is moving towards his Pisces polarity by giving 85 % of his Berkshire stock to charitable foundations which he feels will contribute to the greater good of the whole.

Another good example of Virgo diligence and industry out in the world was Margaret Sanger, co-founder of what is now Planned Parenthood.  Starting out in a good Virgo profession as a nurse serving the poor neighborhoods of New York City, she eventually began the first birth control clinic in the USA.  This was way back in 1916 when it was illegal to even publish information on contraception.  She must have seen first hand the terrible suffering of infants and children whose parents could not cope with even the demands of feeding, housing, clothing, and educating them under the weight of their abject poverty.  Using her Virgo realism she created a solution for a social problem.

It should be noted by both examples above that all the small steps Virgos take often lead to great accomplishments.  Today Ms. Sanger is ranked as one of the 20th century’s most influential people.

The more introverted type of Virgo will also step by step order, process, and synthesize in efforts to work on and improve themselves.  I certainly have a number of exceptional Virgo clients with whom I work. Many of them I have served for decades.  They are the ones who leave no stone unturned and ask for details on their journey towards self-understanding and wholeness.  They are also usually the ones who want to know why I see what I see.  They learn the terminology rather quickly as well.  They seem to love the process of self-analysis.  Astrology lends itself to the meticulousness of Virgos, for it is so incredibly precise and mathematical.  Many top-notch astrologers are Virgos, such as Liz Green who is also a Jungian analyst.

Keep in mind that Virgo is the final sign where individual development in mastered  preparing them for success out in the world.  Thus Virgo contains within it the synthesis and integration of the previous five signs.  Virgo seeks to be whole and self-contained.  Perhaps that is why you’ll see many Virgos being perfectly happy to remain reclusive after achieving great fame such as Greta Garbo and Michael Jackson.  This is not a sign that glories in the limelight unless the native has some Leo factors in their make-up.

Some Virgos may actually need to live alone for periods of time to simply have the space to be themselves, enjoy their own company, and integrate without the concern for another.  If they don’t develop a degree of self-possession, they can’t really give from their heart for there will always lurk that fear that they will lose themselves in the other.  This need to be alone describes the preponderance of truly gifted Virgo writers.  This is a must for anyone writing a book, especially.  They need the time and space to sit and put their thoughts and feelings onto paper, and they need to immerse themselves for hours, perhaps days at a time in this pursuit.  Writing is truly a solitary pursuit.

Let’s look at some well known Virgo writers briefly:  Ken Kesey’s book  One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest was made famous in the movie of the same name starring Jack Nicholson; Stephen King, the brilliant dark satirist of horror  wrote  psychological thrillers such as The Shining also made into a movie starring—-guess who?—-Jack Nicholson. Another both comedic and ‘dark’ writer of childrens books was Roald Dahl whose works such as The Witches and Charlie and The Chocolate Factory also were made into movies.  And what about Agatha Christie the famous mystery writer whose many works were later made into countless movies for screen and television such as Murder on the Orient Express and The Mirror Crack’d  Even Upton Sinclair with The Jungle, Leo Tolstoy with War and Peace, Richard Wright with Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and H.G. Wells with his futuristic War of the Worlds and The Island of Dr. Moreau, D. H. Lawrence with Lady Chatterley’s Lover; all these mens books were later seen on the silver screen.  I find it intriguing to realize just how very many of these Virgos reached the other end of the spectrum, Pisces, via films which are ruled by Neptune.

Virgo Women
If you value a sexy woman with brains you’ll love Virgo women.  Of course there may be exceptions to every generality, but I’ve known a great deal of these women personally who needed a man that could handle both their self-containment and their brightness intellectually.  Men with large egos should probably stay away from these women because their astute observations can cut to shreds any bluster or bombast.  Believe it or not these women usually aren’t that interested in housekeeping chores.  They’d rather be at the computer, or working on their favored projects.  They may, however, make great partners in bed because they understand the skills of Kama sutra love techniques instinctively.  This is an earthy sign, and within one aspect of the archetypal female is the ability to be orgasmic without the need for a partner.  Yet it is through partnership that lovemaking expresses the higher octave of sexuality which is love.  Virgos are just as capable of tender love as anyone else.  They have feelings and are incredibly sensitive.  Perhaps, also, it is their discrimination that keeps them particular about who they are willing to trust and open up to completely.  A man who is sensitive, caring and also intelligent, who appreciates a bright and fairly self-reliant woman, is more likely to captivate and keep such a woman.

My files are full of Virgo women who have been married and borne children as well as those who have never married nor had children. Many love and work with animals. Most are accomplished women with marked skills in their chosen fields of endeavor.

It’s interesting that Queen Elizabeth I was dubbed ‘The Virgin Queen’.  We know she never married, but do we know for certain that she never had a sexual liaison?  Virgo does not mean virginal in the puritanical sense.  It simply means ‘self-possessed’; she who is whole and her own person.

The dilemmas of the modern Virgo woman are especially dramatized now in the Middle East as traditional women’s roles, which are characterized by the archetypal Virgo-Pisces axis of the old patriarchal system, are being redefined.  Virgo was never a sign meant to be subservient to anyone!

Virgo before the patriarchy was the Magna Mater, the Great Goddess in all her forms-in-one.  She was the sacred prostitute who initiated men into the mysteries.  She could not be owned by any man.

Queen Rania of Jordan is an interesting modern woman attempting to redefine her woman’s role.  She is a Sun sign Virgo with Pluto/Mercury also in Virgo, but preceding that is a conjunction of Mars/Moon in Leo sextiling a Venus in Libra and Jupiter in Scorpio.  She is anything but docile, demure, and discreet.  She is, in fact, angering many of Jordan’s male citizenry.  Some of their grievances have real merit considering the economic struggles of a poor country and her Leonine extravaganzas involving international jet setters. Other criticisms are based on a mind set that women have no place in politics, prejudice against her Palestinian parentage, and the fact that she is ‘feistier than her husband’. An interesting article was written by Mary Ann Sieghart in The Spectator, of March 5, 2011 entitled ‘Queen Rania of Jordan: the new Marie Antoinette?’

If you look her up in Wikipedia you see a long list of her accomplishments since her spouse, Abdullah II was proclaimed King in 1999.  She has championed education and learning with an effort to refurbish 500 of Jordan’s public schools.  She is the Chairperson of the Royal Health Awareness Society.  She has championed children’s welfare ‘above political agendas and cultural taboos’ establishing ‘The Jordan River Children Program and Child Safety Program.  She initiated the Al-Aman Fund for the Future of Orphans, set up scholarship funds and has worked tirelessly for literacy in undeveloped African countries.  She has promoted cross-cultural dialogue with other nations.  “For her work in cross-cultural peace dialogue Queen Rania accepted the PeaceMaker Award from the Non-Profit Seeds of Peace.   On and on the list goes…Some of her male critics compare her to Imelda Marcos which is an insult, yet she is certainly controversial in her own country given their mores and traditions.  She is intelligent, complex, as well as beautiful, and she is just now going through her mid-life crisis at 42 years.  This Uranus opposite Uranus year may help her to mature into the truly great stateswoman she is capable of being helping to bridge the East/West dichotomy and bring her countries women into the 21st Century.

Virgo Men
Do you want to be with a man who is careful, reasonable, and can solve most any problem if a practical solution is possible?  Do you want to be with a man who actually enjoys being needed?  Then perhaps you should pay attention to men with Sun, Mars, and/or Ascendant in Virgo.  These men are usually more understated and often sensitive.  They certainly don’t come on like blockbusters unless more volatile energies such as Leo, Aries, or the water signs are strongly present.  Virgo Sun signs can, however, be romantic simply because usually Leo planets or Libra planets border Virgo.

High-strung is often a quality attributable to Virgo.  Mercury rules this sign and their nervous systems are finely and tightly wired.  This is why they can’t handle angry, explosive scenes or even dramatic weeping ones unless they have chosen to be calm therapists looking objectively on.  They prefer order and routine in their daily life to give them a sense of control.  They need to play and relax in nature and they need a warm and trusting mate to lead them gently into the more mystical and magical realms of life.

Charlie Sheen may not be the most positive example of a Virgo man, but certainly an interesting one.  It’s even amusing to note that he is now playing a therapist who specializes in anger management in his latest sitcom series. He is a master actor and good at comedy, another Virgo potential. A rather intriguing aspect of his present life is his penchant for surrounding himself with ‘Goddesses’.  On some level he does recognize the divine aspect of the Virgo triple Goddess, yet everything in his life now seems to be a distortion of the Virgo-Pisces axis, which is incredibly strong in his birth map with Sun/Uranus/Pluto conjoined in Virgo opposite Saturn/Chiron in Pisces.  This is one of those aspects that Barbara Hand Clow in her book entitled Chiron notes and warns against saying that the use of drugs can burn Uranus opposite Chiron types out with a ferocious intensity as they relentlessly search for transcendental experiences.  Mr. Sheen is certainly well on his way.  He also seems to have succumbed to one of Virgos biggest shadows, ‘the Hustler’, which in his case is surely a downward spiral into self-destruction.

Let’s not leave our Virgo men without mentioning some more positive examples:  Dr. Phil, discovered by Oprah, is a strong Virgo with a penchant for solving problems through his advice columns and shows.  Richard Gere, a famous Virgo actor, works tirelessly on behalf of the Dali Lama and the people of Tibet, and Adam Sandler, that famous wacky comedian, has grounded himself  by bonding with the right partner and honoring her as a true ‘goddess’ in his life.

Virgos Shadow
It would seem that none of us on planet earth can avoid having a shadow!  Virgo’s shadow, like all shadows, has to do with the effort to maintain control through various defense mechanisms.  One of these is to always know everything.  This ends up being a put down on anyone else offering a suggestion, a bit of their advice, or an offer to help.  If the other is Virgos ‘significant other’ they slowly and insidiously are crushed of their own creative expressions and self worth.

Another element of Virgos shadow is to defend against all spontaneity or unpredictability.  Such a shadow formed out of deep insecurities can also wither more playful and fiery types.  Both of these shadow elements push others away from Virgos or shut down more timid types so that the relationship goes flat and cold.

The ‘Hustler Shadow’ mentioned in relationship to Charlie Sheen can show up in either men or women.  These are people whose sensitivity was injured so deeply that they hide behind a hard-core shell.  Everything is up for bargaining and is reduced to bottom-line mentality involving money.  Our society is now full of these types who are disillusioned and seemingly hard, yet at their deepest of levels frightened and vulnerable.  The sadistic side of this shadow is the world of being at all costs the ‘top dog’ where an ‘under dog’ must also be in the equation as the masochist.  It is a vicious Virgo-Pisces cycle that sucks both sides down into a whirlpool of suffering.

Virgo as Lover
This is probably the antidote to the S-M bondage shadow side of Virgo.  Coming back towards being a sensitive lover who understands nuances of delicacy, which in turn release the deep sensuality that is this sign’s birthright, is one key towards wholeness.  A true Virgo is an erotic being who enjoys uniting their mind with their body.  Oneness includes both.  A Virgo lover can communicate with both words and touch.  Seeking a meeting of the mind with the heart takes time, and a Virgo can be careful and patient once they know trust is there.  This sign is able to commit and be faithful for the long haul, but the journey towards that end is often a bumpy ride as the hard knocks and unexpected curves are met and gradually passed through with less and less resistance, for Virgos are learning to flow by embracing their opposite, Pisces.


Let’s now look at Virgo in relationship with each sign of the zodiac and some of the famous couples who illustrate these combinations.  Again, keep in mind that Virgo is an Earth sign and is in basic harmony with Water and other Earth signs, yet Virgo may be drawn to Fire signs in its need for greater vision and inspiration, not to mention plain ole fun.  Virgo with Air can get awfully dry, yet we’ll see just how many of these combinations are coupled and why they work, for even though Virgo is an Earth sign, it is ruled by Mercury, a neutral planet which can mix and match with almost anything.  Feel free to skip to the combinations that interest you the most.

Virgo with Aries
As we have noted, Aries begins and Virgo climaxes the ego-building process unfolding in the first six signs of the zodiac.  Both signs encourage individuation in different ways.  If some of their goals are mutual, they can complement each other well.  It should be noted, however, that neither are going to refuel each other as Sun signs.  Fire truly does need Fire to get refueled.  Virgo, perhaps, can tend to refuel itself through work and various specialized pursuits; thus we have a need with two sun signs to adjust to each other energetically.

Andy Roddick is a natural athlete who specialized in tennis early on winning again and again until he became the world’s top player in 2003.  He was also dubbed “Sexiest Athlete” by People magazine that year and is known for his charm.  In his case Venus in Leo precedes his hard-working Virgo Sun, while Mercury in Libra follows, so he’s quite a well-rounded Virgo.  He is now married to the very beautiful and popular Aries model/actress, Brooklyn Decker, made famous for her Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue in 2010.  She is his ‘Virgo Goddess’ though she possesses no planets in Virgo herself.   What is the glue that may hold them together?  Andy’s ruling planet, Mercury in Libra, conjoins Brooklyn’s Moon in Libra.  This is a highly affectionate and communicative combination.  His Mars in Scorpio also trines her Venus in Pisces creating a smooth and flowing love match.  A troubling aspect is her Sun in Aries squaring his Moon in Capricorn.  Time will tell how strong their bond remains.

Virgo with Taurus
This is an Earth with Earth combination and should harmonize both people’s energy.  This is considered a positive combination where material improvement is greatly enhanced as both have the potential to work together to accomplish something solid.

We see a good example of this pairing in country music stars Faith Hill (the Virgo) with Tim McGraw (the Taurus).  They have been married since 1996 and now have three children.    Their duet “It’s Your Love” was a top-ten hit and stayed at the top of Billboard’s country chart for six weeks in 1997.

They are true peers, both born in 1967.  Like Andy and Brooklyn, the cross aspects of Moon/Mars and Moon/Mercury between them enhance their earth Suns together.

Ingrid Bergman was a complex Virgo woman.  Her Moon in Aries ruled by an obsessive Mars/Pluto in Cancer, further ignited by a risk-taking Uranus led her into all sorts of adventures and misadventures.  She caused quite a scandal in 1949 by falling in love with her Italian director Roberto Rossellini and becoming pregnant by him while yet married to Dr. Peter Lindstrom.  To quote her official website, “She became a pariah in America virtually overnight.  She was even denounced on the floor of the U.S. Senate, where she was called ‘Hollywood’s apostle of degradation.’”

Rossellini was sensual Taurus with Moon in Scorpio doubling his seductiveness.  His Sun fell in her 10th house (authority) while his Moon activated her 4th (motherhood and family).  His Neptune conjoined her Pluto/Mars/Saturn mesmerizing her for awhile.  Reality eventually set in.  He tried to keep her barefoot in the kitchen which never wears well with a Virgo!  Three children later he returned to his womanizing ways, she returned to escape through alcohol, they fought a lot, and she eventually found someone else.  This is a sad tale showing that trines between Sun signs aren’t always a blessing.

Virgo with Gemini
Here are two mutable signs, which can adapt to each other since both are mutually ruled by Mercury.  However, one is Air and the other Earth creating tension and nervous strain.  They decidedly don’t refuel each other and I’ve seen this with some of my clientele over the years.  The Gemini may feel overly criticized by the Virgo while Virgo may get tired of the scatteredness of Gemini.

Ingrid Bergman’s third husband, Lars Schmidt, was a Gemini and even though they had a few good years, they did not stay married.  Their positive connections were her Mars conjoining his Venus, and their Venuses sextile to each other.  His Moon in Pisces also trined her Mars.  The truth, astrologically speaking, is that Ingrid’s Sun in Virgo and Moon in Aries made for a highly independent and self-contained woman not easily bonded with anyone for too long.  That isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it was just her path.

So let’s look at a Virgo/Gemini union seemingly made in heaven but sadly shattered by death.  I’m talking about Prince Albert, the consort of Queen Victoria.  Their Suns were exactly square!  Not only that, but her Moon was conjunct her Sun, also squaring Albert’s Sun.  He was actually the ‘yin’ to her ‘yang’.  He was her trusted advisor and many considered him to be the ‘power behind the throne’ which is often the case with those born with Moon in Scorpio.  He did many great things during his life such as becoming chancellor of Cambridge University and organizing the Great Exhibition of 1851 where his love of advancements in science and industry were showcased.  They had nine children together.

What bonded them together then?  They were true peers born in the same year, 1819.  Their Mars were in harmony.  His Sun in Virgo harmonized with her Mercury/mind.  She probably felt heard by him, and she learned from him as well.  His Jupiter harmonized with her Sun & Moon making him her best advisor and support.  His Venus was trine her Mars; a fitting combination for consort and Queen.  She did have to go on with her Mars in Aries after his untimely death.  That was her destiny, but she never ceased to mourn her loss wearing black until her own death after a long 64-year reign.

Virgo with Cancer
Earth with Water blend well and do energize each other.  This combination can be highly industrious together and work effectively as a team.

Anne Bancroft (Virgo) and Mel Brooks (Cancer) married when both were mature adults and stayed happily married until her death in 2005 nearly 40 years later.  They collaborated professionally on several films and projects, but their private life must have been full of life and vigor with her firey Moon enlivening his Moon in Aquarius.  They had both the yin harmony of their Suns with the yang harmony of their Moons.  They also had great Venus/Mercury connections and Mars/Jupiter connections and Venus trine Venus in earth.  Sweet!

Virgo with Leo
Side by side even though totally different from each other, we often see this combination in partnerships which can last a long time.  These side by side combos are more common than traditionally noted probably because there is an over-lap between the two.  You would think that Virgo would serve Leo, but in the case of ‘Leo’ Tolstoy, the Virgo, with his Leo wife, Sophia, there seemed to be tragic paradox at work.

Tolstoy, the great novelist with Sun/Mercury/Moon all in Virgo did have a Saturn/Venus in Leo.  His only planet in water was Jupiter in Scorpio in a square to his Venus.  Sophia was a Sun/Mars Leo with Moon in Sagittarius; very fiery indeed!  She also had Jupiter/Uranus in Aries in trine to her Moon.  Her Venus in Cancer was square her Pluto in Aries.  His Uranus in Capricorn opposed her Venus and formed a square to her Pluto exacerbating the terrible tension she felt around loving and being loved.  Here’s one quote from her diary after he had left their home, suffering from a bad cold, and gone for a long walk without telling her where he was going.  “A storm blew up, it rained and snowed, roofs and trees were smashed, the window-frames rattled, it grew dark—there was no moon yet—and still he didn’t appear.  I went out to the porch and stood on the terrace, waiting for him with a spasm in my throat and a sinking heart, as I used to when I was young and he went out hunting and I would wait hour after hour in an agony of suspense.”  She further writes upon his return after she is crying and rebuking him, “And to all my passionate and loving words his ironic reply was: ‘So what if I went out?  I’m not a little boy; I don’t have to tell you.’….I felt angry with him.  I devote so much love and care to him, and his heart is so icy.”

Here we see the pain of her Leo Sun and Cancer Venus facing the shadow of his Virgo Sun and Leo Saturn/Venus.  Her chart is full of inconjunct aspects symbolizing the enormous adjustments she went through to be his wife and bear all thirteen children in the process.  Her own creative talents and intellect (their Mercury’s were conjunct in Virgo) were marginalized by his authoritarian domination.

Do we see anything easier and more harmonious between another famous couple who brought nine children into the world; Joe and Rose Kennedy?  Joe, the famous patriarch of the Kennedy clan was a solid Virgo with Sun/Moon/Mercury/Venus all grouped together complementing a Mars/Jupiter in Scorpio opposite Neptune/Pluto in Gemini.  Born in 1888 he amassed great wealth in investment banking, film/Hollywood, and bootlegging.  His strong Leo wife with her Moon in Libra undoubtedly gave him class along with all those children.  Her Venus/Saturn conjoined his Sun/Moon in Virgo, bonding them well.  They had a Mars conjunction. She had a grand trine in Air giving her an egalitarian and social bent with her Moon in Libra conjoining his Ascendant and within range of his Venus.  She was his ideal woman and Rose was elevated as matriarch fulfilling her Leo calling with Sun in the 5th house.

Virgo with Virgo
Two Virgos together—-imagine that!  My best friend in High school was a Virgo who married her college sweetheart, a Virgo.  I was Matron of Honor at their wedding.  There marriage seemed so harmonious and natural in the early years.  They lived in Boston where he worked as a physicist and she a dental hygienist.  They bought the old Stanley mansion, renovated it together and gathered together a large group of intelligent young people to nurture and mentor since my friend could not bear children.  They seemed the perfect couple until one day he simply walked out without an explanation, never to return again.  She was distressed, baffled, and never did get closure on why he left.  A mystery remains here……I don’t have their charts to analyze, but somewhere a canceling out occurred energetically and he didn’t have the courage to confront her with what wasn’t working for him.  Sad indeed.

The only famous couple I could find is possibly suspect since there is no precise birth day for the second wife of H.G. Wells, another very famous Virgo writer.  Amy Catherine Robbins is listed as being born in September, though she could have been born after the 21st making her a Libran.  Wells later had a love affair with another writer, Rebecca West, a Capricorn.  Their affair lasted 10 years.  His Moon was in Aquarius and his Venus in Scorpio.  It probably wasn’t easy for him to find all that he was looking for in one woman with that combination, since he needed someone fairly objective and detached, but idealized passionate women.

Virgo with Libra
This could be the ‘harmonizing of diverse paths’ since Libra takes the mastery of techniques from Virgo and applies them to esthetically pleasing results whether social or artistic.  Virgo is earthy and particular while Libra is airy and diplomatic.  In one person this might translate as being socially correct; in a couple this translates into a nice couple like Adam Sandler and Jackie Titone.

Have you noticed just how many great comedians are born under Virgo?  This is one of the pleasant virtues of this sign; the ability to look at ones own foibles and those of others with humor.  Laughter, after all, is the best medicine!  Adam is one funny guy starting his successful career on ‘Saturday Night Live’.  Adam has been a great support for Jackie in her career aspirations.  He is a very strong Virgo while she is a very strong Libra, both having stelliums.  Her Venus in Virgo, however, conjoins his Sun and her Moon in Capricorn trines all his Virgo planets.  With Moon in Cancer and Venus in Virgo, he has what he both needs and admires, an accomplished woman and a good ‘mama’ for his children.

Virgo with Scorpio
This is an earth with water combination and you would think a workable one as partners, but I could find no publicly known people with this signature.  Let me know if you have a good example!  Both are highly critical and analytical signs.  Perhaps in a couple it would just be too much.  Virgo is always re-evaluating while Scorpio will go even farther and ruthlessly tear down what it deems unfit in order to build it anew.  Working together on research projects might be fitting, or sharing similar techniques in any field from science to the fine arts might also be common ground for relationship.  I would also think that Virgo could be a good ‘container’ for the more passionate Scorpio to feel safe with while Scorpio, quite capable of deep commitment, could coax Virgo to open up and share more.

Virgo with Sagittarius
These mutable signs are by nature in conflict as one is earth and the other fire, yet mutable signs are highly adaptable and mentally oriented.  Virgo adapts through analysis while Sagittarius adapts through planning.  Beliefs would be the major issues here.  If Virgo dares to criticize the beliefs of Sagittarius, antagonism is sure to rear its ugly head.  Also Sagittarius would not want to be confined by Virgo.

I have found two examples of couples with this combination that are positive.  Sophia Loren (the Virgo) and Carlo Ponti (the Sagittarian) shared a long and loving relationship after he discovered her and mentored her career before their marriage in 1966.  They raised a family and she continued to act while he continued to produce films through-out their long marriage which ended with his death, at 94 years, in 2007.  They had many good cross aspects which mitigated the Virgo/Sagittarius conflicts.  Their Mars were highly compatible; his Moon/Venus in Capricorn (earth) was in trine to her Sun while her Moon/Saturn in Aquarius (air) was sextile his Mercury/Sun/Jupiter in Sagittarius.  Carlo valued her strength and self-possession and absolutely adored her.

Beyonce (the Virgo) and Jay Z (the Sagittarius) are another modern couple with this combination who yet must prove the test of time together.  Like Carlo and Sophia, there is a fairly large age gap between them, but unlike Sophia, Beyonce had already proven her worth as a star long before she and Jay Z married.  Her chart shows marked talent nearing to genius and she is certainly capable of running her own show.  She is Jay Z’s ideal woman as his Neptune/Venus in Scorpio conjoins her Moon/Uranus, while his Moon/Uranus in Libra conjoins her Mercury/Saturn.  Many bonds link these two unusual and highly independent souls.  Now that they are the parents of little Capricorn, Blue Ivy, the added note of responsibility may link them for the long haul for Jay Z’s Saturn in Taurus trines Beyonce’s Sun in Virgo and now his daughter’s Sun as well.

Virgo with Capricorn
Both earth signs, we would assume this to be a great combination and it is.  Concrete achievement is possible as Virgos ingenuity supports Capricorns ambitions to rise.  This combination is often related to business acumen and achievement.

In love matches we have the classic, bigger than life romance and marriage of Lauren Bacall (Virgo) with Humphrey Bogart (Capricorn).  We do know that she would go on location with him and tend to his needs lovingly.  During the filming of ‘The African Queen’ while star Kathryn Hepburn insisted on having her own special flown-in portable bathroom, Lauren was roughing it and cooking for Humphrey out-of-doors.  Lauren has an amazing chart in a universal spread.  She has a lot of fire to balance her Virgo sensibility.  Humphrey also had a lot of Sagittarian fire that harmonized with Lauren’s Venus in Leo and Moon in Aries.  His Venus in Capricorn completed a trine to her Sun.  There was much love and devotion between those two strong and gutsy souls.

Virgo with Aquarius
This doesn’t seem like an easy combination until you look at qualities that both share in this modern world, especially.  Both signs are interested in achieving something intellectually and wanting to get the job done without a lot of ego fanfare.  They can probably work side by side, each doing their own thing without needing a lot of hand-holding in the bargain.  If the Virgo partner has some of the warmth of Leo in their nature, they help to draw out their cool Aquarian partner.  Of course if Virgo also has some Libran energy that blends well with Aquarius socially and intelligently.

I found three good examples of this combination.  One I’ll simply touch on lightly; that of Charlie Sheen with his former wife, Denise Richards (Aquarius).  Her fixed energy steadies all of his mutable energy (6 planets + Chiron in mutable).  They had a pull initially with his Mars/Neptune in Scorpio conjoining her Moon and her Venus in Capricorn trine his Sun.  She, however, doesn’t tolerate nonsense.  Parenting does bond them for life however, and they seem to be trying to stay amiable and friends in that endeavor.

Queen Rania (Virgo) and King Abdullah II (Aquarius) are another good example.  They have four children together.  He has an enormous stellium from late Capricorn to early Pisces with five planets plus the S. Node in Aquarius.  She has no planets in those signs and their Moons are in a fixed square to each other.  Differences attract, so what holds them together?  There are curious and intriguing connections between his Pluto/Uranus and her personal notes (Sun & Moon).  There are a few trines; his Mars to her Pluto/Mercury, and her Venus to his Mercury.  Perhaps it is because he truly wants to be of the future being a Star Trek fan, etc.  She is a woman of the future in that ancient land steeped in patriarchal traditions.  Virgo and Aquarius are both, in their own way, quite independent and self-contained.  Obviously, something is working!  He, as King, is allowing his wife the ability to do her own thing.

The final couple is Trisha Yearwood (Virgo) and Garth Brooks (Aquarius).  This is another musical couple of Best Country Vocal Collaboration Grammy fame.  Both tops in their fields and seemingly happily married.  The glue here is more obvious:  her Moon/Saturn in Aquarius conjoins his Sun/Jupiter/Venus in Aquarius.

Virgo with Pisces
Our final match of opposites between earth and water brings analysis in Virgo to synthesis in Pisces.  Virgo picks things apart while Pisces draws them together again in an evolutionary creative increment.  Both can be service oriented and when devotion and love are united the sky is the limit to what can be attained.

My first example sadly fell from heaven when Ingrid Bergman (Virgo) got seduced away from her 1st husband, Peter Lindstrum (Pisces).  Yes, they were opposites and she was young, but for arrogant Rossellini to brag “Swedish women are easy to impress as they have such cold husbands,” was an unjust falsehood, for Peter was a sensitive and caring soul with five planets in water.  He was wronged but ultimately triumphed by going on to become an acclaimed neurosurgeon pioneering work in so-called bloodless brain surgery.  He also later married Dr. Agnes Ronavec in 1954 and they had four children together, and he lived to be 93 years old long after Ingrid and Rossellini had left their respective incarnations, hopefully to learn from their mistakes in another time and place.

Here’s a successful 41 year union, however.  Lily Tomlin, another famous Virgo comedian, and her partner Jane Wagner (Pisces) have united body and soul in this lifetime as professional collaborators (Jane writes Lily’s scripts) and personal mates.  Both are highly accomplished women but Lily is more in the foreground as famed actress/comedian.  Their fiery Moons are trine.  Their Mercury’s are opposite but complementary, just as their Suns are.  They have a Venus/Moon conjunction.  They genuinely love each other!

Will Virgo Nicole Richie and Pisces Joel Madden make it that far together?  Nicole is maturing after some rocky trial and error stumbles in her search for self.  Her Sun is conjoining Joel’s North Node and his Jupiter is conjoining her N. Node. That means they help each other to grow.  For a Virgo she is deeply sensitive and quite nurturing with her Moon in Cancer and Venus in Scorpio.  Joel’s Mars in Pisces does create a grand trine with her feminine planets.  There are challenges between them energetically, but let’s give them our blessings for a long and happy union as we end this journey through Virgo and their relationships.

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1 ed stahl { 09.12.12 at 8:38 pm }

Gen..Nice timing. This article comes with a phone call from my daughter, giving me a time and date of her wedding. Triple virgo. As you know……..You and I have studied this and quite in depth. I think it is up to me to let go and just go with the flow. the attrations, the failings (most which are my own musings) the service, the unfailing heart and the insecurity of a damaged soul………….all within virgo…You have mastered wonderfully in this article of yours. And for some reason, I understand most of it. I must change the question of “why virgo” to “how virgo”? Thanks. Ed

2 Genevieve { 09.13.12 at 10:04 am }

Thanks for sharing so candidly Ed! As you know, humor goes a long way in the ‘how to’ department. Each sign has its special gifts and challenges. We are all learning from each other.

3 Tricia { 02.04.13 at 8:38 am }

Yes, we Virgo Suns are quite restless and hardworking! I am a Virgo with Pisces Moon.

4 TheVirgo { 09.25.16 at 1:32 pm }

It was a wonderful read. Thanks for taking the time to write it all in details. Loved it! Thanks and God bless you!

5 ACelia { 02.23.17 at 11:38 am }

Being a Virgo sun/Scorpio moon, I find it humorous that no example could be found. I can relate! I always seem to end up with my opposite, and am constantly meeting new people or finding out those I already know are Pisces. There’s only fish in my pond apparently!

6 Genevieve Vierling { 02.24.17 at 5:51 pm }

Thanks for sharing a real life experience. Probably Pisces feel understood with your Moon in Scorpio and they definitely need your Virgo grounding!

7 LilithG { 06.15.17 at 12:27 am }

Ms. Vierling, you write of Virgo-Scorpio: “This is an earth with water combination and you would think a workable one as partners, but I could find no publicly known people with this signature. Let me know if you have a good example!”

Okey-dokey. How about:

Sean “P Diddy” Combs (Scorpio; media mogul) and Cassie Ventura (Virgo; fashion model) (together off-and-on since 2007);

Blake Lively (Virgo; U.S. actor) and Ryan Reynolds (Scorpio; U.S. actor) (married 2012);

Douglas Henshall (Scorpio; Scottish lead actor of BBC/PBS hit TV show, _Shetland_) and Tena Štivičić (Virgo; award-winning Croatian playwright, screenwriter, and college professor) (married 2010);

8 Genevieve Vierling { 06.15.17 at 3:20 pm }

Wow Lilith! Thank you so much for these couples. I’ll have to look them each up and get their birth data and perhaps add them into my article. All I need to more time for this fun research!!

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