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Relating to Scorpio


We are fortunate that most Scorpios are profoundly good people.  I know quite of few of them, starting with my dear husband of forty years! If you seek depth of emotion, strength of character, and you never want to be bored, go find a Scorpio.

Scorpio is a fixed water sign following airy cardinal Libra.  Both signs are relationship oriented, but first Libra tries to achieve the archetype of true union/marriage and like all good fairy tales, the couple is supposed to live ‘happily ever after’.  Scorpio comes next and takes us into the deeper aspects of relationship where power struggles are likely to develop after the honeymoon is over.  It also supports something sacred and soulful that can only develop as two people become more open and vulnerable to each other emotionally.  That is what Scorpio is after.

Scorpio seeks a profoundly close union with another that is unrestrained much as pure orgasmic release pitches one head-long into an experience which can not be controlled.  Scorpio seeks passion as a way to connect with the object of their desire whether it is another human being, or any relationship involving an engagement of energy such as work, creative expression, or even socio-political activity.  I remember well a Scorpio client who was a top executive in a major financial firm asking me each time I did a session for him, “Where is my passion?  How can I get it back?”

Soulful is a term that probably appeals to this sign more than air types.  A plunge into the mysteries is often more about descent first before some type of triumphal ascension can occur.  The emotional roller-coaster ride along the way could be described as exciting, terrifying, exhilarating, intensely stomach-churning, and profoundly cathartic.

Is it any wonder that this sign seems to be seen by many as intense, dark, power-driven, jealously possessive, and sexually obsessed?  All those emotions that often pulsate under our conscious radar are projected onto Scorpio who is expected to express them in spades.  Perhaps this, in part, is why those born with major emphasis in this sign retreat behind an enigmatic mask or even isolate themselves in order to maintain some equilibrium.  This is a strongly sensitive and empathic sign whose emotional body is susceptible to all the unconscious undercurrents of others.   This is a sign that can be easily hurt, yet pain is often borne without complaint by these strong souls.   Scorpio is also good at expressing these raw emotions creatively such as writers like Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, Margaret Atwood, and Fedor Dostoevsky, or as artistic masterpieces such as Picasso’s Guernica or Georgia O’Keefe’s many skull paintings.

Ms. O’Keeffe is one of my favorite painters and if you really want to get inside the workings of a Scorpio read Laurie Lisle’s great biography of her Portrait of an Artist.  I’ll briefly outline some of the qualities brought to life through ‘unraveling the threads of O’Keeffe’s singular life and career’.  She lived to be the ripe old age of 98 years which is true of many Scorpios staying power.  They can be very long-lived once they persevere through their internal angst and pain.  She was dedicated and deeply committed to her path as an artist from an early age and in her early ‘20s weathered through the censorship and prejudice as a teacher in rural Texas in her effort to simply survive on her own while continuing to paint every spare moment in the privacy of her home.  Once she met the love of her life, Alfred Stieglitz, her opposite in nearly every aspect, her passion was ignited and her creativity bloomed.

Her paintings evoked the deepest levels of feminine opening and ecstasy through images of great beauty and mystery—–all those amazing flowers!

Shortly after her first Saturn Return when her special destiny was already bringing her recognition and she was gaining respect amongst her peers, she realized that Lake George, the beautiful farm estate she shared with her husband in the Adirondacks, was not her place.  What inspired her was the Wild West of New Mexico, and thus began her journey towards Taos, and a place in nature where her soul felt at home amongst the intense desert light and stark contrasts of desert, mountains, sagebrush, and brilliant early spring blooming flowers.  “….Georgia was exhilarated by it all—the vast scale of the remote mountains, the deep silence of the land, and the empty arc of the infinite sky.  It did not make her feel diminished at all.”

Each Scorpio must find that which resonates most with their deepest Soul and then the underlying passion will well up like a mighty spring giving them the renewal and life force that they desire.  So while a human relationship with Stieglitz began this process, it was ultimately her relationship with a special place that completed it.  “In old age O’Keeffe’s passion for Ghost Ranch remains as powerful as the day she first saw it more than forty years ago…..”

Was she lonely in her isolation?  Definitely not.  “Sometimes I think I’m half mad with love for this place.”

The biography ends with a couple more choice quotes from this archetypal Scorpio woman:  “When I think of death, I only regret that I will not be able to see this beautiful country anymore, unless the Indians are right and my spirit will walk here after I’m gone.”……”She also says that she has plans to be reincarnated in her next life as a blond with a beautiful soprano voice. ‘I would sing very high, very clear notes’ she says, ‘without fear.’”  Well said…….

Fleshing out this highly private and mysterious sign isn’t easy.  Their life journey is often a paradox of effort to be in absolute control and experiencing absolute helplessness in the face of that which they simply can not control.  Nothing ever seems to be in between with them.  The ‘all or nothing’ cliché really does fit for the most part their stance.  In myth it is the serpent who may best describe their archetypal cycle of outgrowing their ego/skin, sloughing it off, and growing a new one.  Of course the other great archetype is the Phoenix bird rising up from its own ashes.  These are the phases of their life journey and they span the entire spectrum from heaven to hell, and back to heaven once again.

Scorpio Women
These are women of great complexity, mystery, and intense pride, like their Leo sisters.  They will also lick their wounds in private because they are often intolerant of weakness of character.  Like their Aries sisters, both being ruled by Mars, they expect honesty of character in their beloved and truly do seek a soul bond with no secrets withheld once they give their heart.  This is why they are so selective in choosing their friends and potential partners.  They have high standards and would rather go it alone than compromise.

When I think of the many fine Scorpio women I have been privileged to know for long periods of time I admire their great loyalty and compassion, and their tendency to put your concerns ahead of their own.  That is why many of them are drawn to the healing arts and do admirable work in a variety of ways as therapists, Reiki healers, and skilled professionals working with people such as customer service representatives, public relations and quality control experts.  They also make very fine teachers.

The United States has had two back-to-back Secretary of State women; Condoleezza Rice followed by Hilary Rodham Clinton. Remember, this is a Mars/Pluto ruled sign and there is a decided warrior quality to many female natives. Dealing with conflicts and negotiating deals, often in secret, is probably a forte for these types of women.  If you want your confidence held, no one does it better than a Scorpio.  They do know how to keep secrets!

They are seldom frivolous, light-hearted women.  Their awareness of the less visible realms of the psyche makes it difficult to just skim the surface with others.  So for anyone seeking a committed partner who will give her all, but let you know when her trust has been violated (think Hilary again), the Scorpio woman will provide great inner stability, passion, and emotional depth.  She will be willing to meet the travails of life without flinching and she will move heaven and earth for those she truly loves.

Scorpio Men
Equally private and paradoxical are the men of this sign.  Probably more than their female counterparts they protect their sensitivity with personas that can appear even cold and impersonal, yet once their guard is down they can be one of the most demonstrative of the entire zodiac and truly do know how to treat women as near goddesses, showering them with attention, affection, and even adoration.  They are also capable of great gentleness and compassion especially if they see your pain.  The mature types make great alchemists and healers.

Scorpio men do like to control their destiny more than most and their desire to master aspects of themselves in the bargain creates a type of mystique which often sets them apart.  Teddy Roosevelt coined the phrase “Walk softly and carry a big stick” describing their need to keep their iron strength fairly under wraps until needed.  When watching General David Petraeus you get that sense.  Robert F. Kennedy had it too.  These are not men easily molded by others.  In fact, Scorpio men do need respect and understanding for only those qualities will allow them to open and learn from another.  If you don’t like something about them, too bad.  You’re not going to change them.

This is a sign rarely childlike even when small.  They abhor weakness, especially in themselves, and they seek strength in a partner as well. A healthy fight with a Scorpio man is better than icy silence or a sniveling ‘poor me’ attitude. They appreciate a woman with self-respect but generally can’t abide arrogance.

Can they be trusted?  It depends………. They do keep their secret ways and many have what seems like a double standard.  Look at Pablo Picasso or Prince Charles as good examples, but quite frankly Scorpio men tend to be more faithful as life-long partners than is generally believed.  Once in love, they are deeply serious about their commitments and they won’t play silly games just to pump up their egos.

I have an enormous list of world leaders, past and present, who are Scorpios.  They run the gamut from extreme right to extreme left.  Some notable present-day men are Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, VP Joseph Biden, Prince Charles of England, Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua, and Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin.

On a lighter note, I did find a Scorpio whom practically everybody loves.  Yes, the one and only MICKEY MOUSE born/created on November 18, 1928.  Watch him and learn!

Scorpio Parents
The ones I have known made great parents, including my husband who adopted my first two children.  He treated them as his own and loved them as his own.  A good Scorpio parent takes the time to find out what their children are feeling as well as thinking.  They can be just a tremendous support especially as their children grow towards adulthood.  I think of one totally committed mother whose son is autistic.  She cares for him herself even though it requires a tremendous strength and sacrifice on her part.

The Scorpio Shadow
The key word for their shadow is probably fanaticism or as Liz Greene says, “The Othello Syndrome” where an opinion becomes a biased judgment that moves into gross generalization such as ‘all men are bastards’, or ‘you can’t trust anyone’, or ‘the entire government is evil’.  This highly subjective way of looking out at life is actually a mental construct where objectivity is lost.  Remember all water signs as a group are often unaware of their own thought processes and thus are prone to extreme opinions colored by their emotions.  Water signs are often uncomfortable with actual facts and Scorpios shadow becomes quite negative when tied with a dark belief.  Paranoia is often the result which can lead to horrendous manifestations such as the murderous mayhem of Charles Manson, or the red purging witch hunts of Joseph McCarthy.

Scorpios must face their ‘inner Hydra’ by shining the light of consciousness on those multiple-headed demons that lurk in all of us, but often gain greater power and control when fed obsessive feelings and thoughts in a sign known for its extremism and willfulness.  The way through is served by real humility and the way out is served by forgiveness knowing that every one of us has both dark and light, good and evil within us.

Scorpio as Lover
This is probably the most erotic and passionate of all the signs.  Taurus is sensual but the emotional component of Scorpio seeks more than just physical release.  The Scorpio lover seeks a true tantric experience where the longing for a mystical experience of oneness is linked to sexuality.  The great Gothic novels tried to describe these rapturous and even dangerous liaisons; Jane Eyre probably being one of the best examples of a soul union between two tormented humans.

Highs and lows go with Scorpios capacity to love, and crises and blow-ups can take place especially if there is too much repression of feeling which seethes and then blows like a volcano.  It takes self-mastery on the part of Scorpio to first deal with their own inner feelings of jealousy, possessiveness, and pain rather than taking it out on their partner.  Passion is not a quiet row on a placid lake.  To enjoy the love of a Scorpio one must accept the highs and lows of emotions that rise and fall like oceanic waves.  Body-surfing anyone?


Now we’ll look at Scorpio in relationship to the other signs:

Scorpio with Aries
Since both are ruled by Mars there is an affinity in spite of the fact that Scorpio is fixed water and Aries is cardinal fire, both quite different in quality that tend to force major adjustments to each other.  Together they can unite with a vital force, grapple with tough jobs, and deal with life together in a vigorous manner.

My example for this combination is Robert F. Kennedy and his wife Ethel (Aries) who had a very large family for modern times (nine children) and appeared to have a solid marriage even though we know that Marilyn Monroe proved to be a major distraction shortly before Robert’s untimely assassination.  Robert was very yin in nature (much Scorpio/Cancer combined with Capricorn/Taurus) and thus was attracted to highly yang women.  Ethel was very fiery with a stellium in Aries combined with Saturn/Moon in Sagittarius.  She enhanced his Neptune idealism in the 5th (also children!) and supported him mightily from behind the scenes, but the truth is, they didn’t refuel each other energetically.

Scorpio with Taurus
Fixed opposite signs from water/Scorpio to earth/Taurus, this is a combination that I have seen work between people I know personally.  I feel that Taurus acts as an anchor for Scorpio’s need to explore the high seas of life.  Both are actually part of the never-ending cycle of life where Taurus builds and grows while Scorpio transforms and eliminates that which is outmoded.  Values are an obvious theme here and the nature of desire becomes either a point of union or a source of separation.

An interesting example of this match is the marriage of Marie Curie (Scorpio) to Pierre Curie (Taurus).  I remember being fascinated with Mme. Curie and writing a paper about her in my college physics class.  It would be a Scorpio/Taurus combination that developed plutonium and later suffered the personal consequences of opening Pandora’s Box.  Marie was a very strong Scorpio (no surprise) with S. Node/Moon/Chiron in Pisces.  She was very yin.  Pierre’s Moon in Scorpio conjoined her Sun and his Ascendant/Neptune in Pisces conjoined her S. Node/Moon/Chiron.  It would seem that both a strange karmic fate and a mysterious destiny brought them together, for we all now live with the consequences of their union, for good or ill.

Scorpio with Gemini
This is another difficult combination due to the marked differences between the two signs where fixed water tries to relate to mutable air.  The mercurial function of Gemini may serve to stimulate Scorpio in rather extraordinary ways as seen by the curious attraction of Grace Kelly to Prince Rainier of Monaco.

On some level it was a highly fatalistic attraction which led to her premature death whizzing down the steeply winding road (Gemini) from her fairy-tale castle.  Grace had Moon in Pisces squaring Jupiter in Gemini and the Prince’s Sun/Ascendant activated that dreamy combination, as did his S. Node/Uranus in Pisces conjoining her Moon.  His Jupiter in Scorpio conjoined her Mercury/S. Node/Sun in Scorpio symbolizing that both were reconnecting as souls to play out again the endless drama of myth where dreams come true, yet are shattered by the most unfortunate of accidents.  In truth, they weren’t very compatible with Sun/Mercury inconjunct and Moons square each other, but Grace needed to live out something important for her as a Scorpio soul with Sun/S.Node opposite Chiron/N.Node.  It is not for us to judge.

Scorpio with Cancer
Two signs of the same element but different mode according to traditional rules are highly compatible by nature.  Both feel and harmonize on the emotional level.  It can be a highly sentimental combination where union, then home and family become major themes.

Again, we have a mythic modern-day enactment of this combination in a surprising triangle between Prince Charles, the Scorpio, and his two Cancer partners; the true love of his life, Camilla, and his chosen consort, the love of the people, Diana.  Why did one touch his heart, and not the other?

Charles and Camilla have the classic Sun trine Sun within one degree.  Diana’s Sun/Mercury in earlier degrees was trine Charles Mercury in Scorpio, but not his Sun.  Further more, Camilla’s Moon/Venus is also in the early degrees of Cancer in trine to Charles’ S.Node/Mercury implying a lot of affection and mutual understanding between them.  Princess Di’s Moon was in Aquarius squaring Charles’ Sun/Chiron and her Venus was in Taurus, opposing him without really connecting by degree his Moon, also in Taurus.

You wonder, looking at these three, the strange twists of fate and destiny that played out and can readily be seen between the hits and misses of their energy matches.  It is said that Camilla helped Charles to choose Diana as his Queen.  Diana had a Sagittarius Ascendant conjoining Charles’ Mars/Jupiter.  He desired her for a purpose, but not for herself.  Very, very sad indeed.  His Mercury/S.Node in Scorpio shows a soul well used to keeping secrets, but compromising himself for the age-old themes of power and status.

Scorpio with Leo
These two are often magnetically attracted to each other because both are passionate signs, and both respect power.  Leo is fixed fire to Scorpios fixed water.  Fire and water can get pretty steamy indeed, but they can just as easily blow apart if some aspect of display (Leo) or concealment (Scorpio) goes array such as it did between Maria Shriver (Scorpio) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (Leo).

It was actually Arnold’s Sun/Saturn/Pluto in Leo square Chiron/Jupiter in Scorpio that finally got blown sky high for the entire world to see.  His reveal/conceal modus operandi hit too close to home and he has, of course, admitted his grave error of decency and judgment.  It’s interesting that Maria’s dynamic nearly reverses that of her long-term spouse, and probably love of her life.  She has Sun/Saturn in Scorpio squaring her Moon/Pluto/Jupiter in Leo.  They will always have a strong bond due to their four children, but neither Scorpio nor Leo will tolerate betrayal and once trust has been broken, there’s little that can mend humpty dumpty ever again with both fixed signs in one person.  This all took place as Saturn was moving over Maria’s Mars/Mercury/in Neptune.  All her dreams and illusions got crushed and now she is decidedly moving on.

Another power couple that seems to by holding their own and have even formed their joint Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are Scorpio Bill and Leo Melinda.  Bill is a classic nerd/introvert with one exception; his Moon in Aries high in the sky.  That combination alone gives him enormous drive.  Melinda has both Neptune and Moon in Scorpio conjoining Bill’s Venus/Saturn in Scorpio creating a tight bond between them.  Bill’s powerful Jupiter/Pluto in Leo is conjoined her Sun where she lights up what they both want:  wealth, power, and the ability to give to others as they see fit which shows up strongly in her chart as a type of nurturing the masses. (Mars/Venus/N. Node in Cancer in trine to Bill’s Sun)

Scorpio with Virgo
This can certainly be a good blend of strength and mastery.  Both signs are yin and both are highly critical and analytical.  Both like to research, dig into things, and create systems and order.  Yet I still can’t find a single famous couple with this combination.

I know a couple personally who have survived a long-term relationship with notable reservations in completely bonding.  The woman is a Scorpio and she is finally owning her own power and not constantly devoting herself to her male partner’s needs.  She stated that he has felt her to be overly critical of him at times.  Right now they continue to work together and there continues to be a deep resonance, but not the kind where living together could be possible as equals from her viewpoint.

Anyone out there knowing a good example of this combination, please let us all know.

Scorpio with Libra
I just covered this in my last article on Libra, but here we see Scorpio leading Libra to the next step of union which is merging the two energies so that the whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts.  Side by side there is usually a bit of the other in each.  Here is a Venus/Mars combination with Pluto thrown in to alchemize them.  Both serve socializing functions in that the union between two people leads to mutual sharing of values, and thus a joint sharing of resources which in turn begin to build the web of what is to become society.

The former Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, a strong double Scorpio (Sun and Moon) took the above formula to its extreme as the head of a patriarchal regime where societal protocol dictated his personal life.  He married three times to gain an heir.  I decided not to include his first two wives, though his second, the beautiful Soraya (Cancer), was tragic because he truly loved her.

His third wife was the lovely Farah Diba, a Libran.  She bore him not only his heir (to the now defunct throne), but also three more children, and they remained married for twenty years until his death.  As the final Empress of an ancient Monarchy she actually became publicly visible and productive in her humanitarian role of overseeing educational, health, and cultural organizations.  She and the Shah shared a Mars in Virgo and hers conjoined his Venus.  They were productive together!  His Sun in Scorpio actually was trine his Uranus in Aquarius which her Jupiter conjoined, and has she had a wonderful grand trine in Air involving her Sun and Moon, she was able to truly grow and reach great heights of accomplishment with his support.

Scorpio with Scorpio

Both people would have an innate inner understanding of each other obviously.  Scorpios tend to at least like other Scorpios because both have complex emotions and inner lives.  The couples I have known with this combination did not last.  In one case, the male was a rover and has yet to understand commitment and in the other case the same pattern has been there; one wanted to bond, the other remained unwilling.

Julia Roberts, a strong 5th house Sun/Mercury/Neptune in Scorpio married Lyle Lovett, ten years older but also bearing a Neptune/Sun/N.Node/Mercury in Scorpio.  It was a short-lived marriage.  While his Mars and Venus both made good aspects to her Moon in Leo, and his Moon was in trine to her Sun there must not have been enough depth in the relationship for her as she moved through her Saturn Return.  Saturn provides the glue you see.


Scorpio with Sagittarius

Side by side, these two can get along famously due, again, to the fact that one might share planets with the other.  Sagittarius takes Scorpio to the next step of opening back out and expanding into the greater world of either philosophy, higher education, or adventure.

Power couple Ted Turner with Jane Fonda certainly gave us a public glimpse of this combination.  Both were high-profile public figures, yet both also had parents who committed suicide (Scorpio themes).  Both had strong egos and Jane didn’t need Ted’s money.  They must have initially loved being on his ranches, and sure enough, they shared a Venus (Jane) conjunct Mercury (Ted) in Sagittarius.  Both dream big and then get disillusioned with Neptune in square to those two planets.  It is said that Scorpio Ted had a terrible year when they split up and with his Sun/Venus square Jupiter everything becomes bigger than life, for good or ill.  Perhaps we’ll look more closely at Jane when we get to Sagittarius for she has as most interesting birth map.


Scorpio with Capricorn

Water with Earth should be compatible yet we somehow feel the somberness of this combination.  It’s a great combination for achievement and each can help the other on that score.  Even passion can be great considering Scorpio’s non-stop theme and Capricorn’s ability to get lustier with age!

Georgia O’Keefe did gain both benefits when she married Alfred Stieglitz.  Not only did he create a platform through his gallery for her to become world famous, but her deepest passions were initially aroused in the early years of their marriage.  This very private woman was photographed in the most erotic ways by Alfred and the world saw those as well.  Finally, however, their differences emerged and they spent long periods separate from each other, yet remained married until his death.

They had a very compatible Mercury combination with hers in Scorpio sextile his in Capricorn.  Mercury plays  an enormous role in a strong partnership because communication is so vital.  Their Mars, however, were not compatible with Georgia’s in Virgo and Alfred’s in Sagittarius.  At the beginning this is great sexually, but later on it turns into power struggles.  They resolved it by going their separate ways.  Their Moons were also not very compatible.  Georgia had a Sun/Moon/Mercury tight combo in Scorpio.  She was highly instinctual and able to be alone for long periods of time.  Alfred had Moon in Libra in trine to his Mercury.  He was highly social and needed a more metropolitan life style of soirees and gatherings.  Georgia’s Venus in Libra moved with him enough, yet her longing for Ghost Ranch ultimately became her abiding passion.


Scorpio with Aquarius

Here is Fixed Water with Fixed Air.  The old rule books say this is a ‘no no’, but look again.  I actually have four examples to share of this pairing.  It would seem that both are looking to balance themselves through the other.  Water does seek Air, and Air seeks Water.  It’s that feeling/mind dichotomy at work.  Aquarius lends objectivity to Scorpio while Scorpio shows Aquarius how to get in touch with their deeper levels within themselves.

Let’s start with Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.  We know this relationship ultimately hit the rocks probably due to their wide age difference and Ashton’s need to move on.  Demi is a very strong Scorpio with Mercury/Neptune/Sun/Venus all there opposite her Moon in Taurus.  In fact, she was born on a Full Moon which isn’t usually an easy life for those who bear its imprint.  With her Scorpio penchant for all or nothing it means she can’t compromise very easily on any level, especially with Mars in Leo!  She also has Saturn in the final fixed sign of Aquarius.  Her Saturn/S. Node sat right on Ashton’s Mercury.  This is a typical parent/child or teacher/student combination.  There’s a lot more, but you get the picture.  Sadly it is her Moon in Taurus that desires to be young and beautiful for ever that took a real beating with so many of Ashton’s fixed planets squaring it, including his Saturn.  Ouch.

Perhaps a more successful union with equally well known Julia Roberts and her present husband, Aquarian Daniel Molder, will prove easier for they are true peers.  They share twins and a ranch life in New Mexico, far from the maddening world of Hollywood.  That certainly helps.  (Though strange that Demi was born in New Mexico)  While Julia’s Sun/Mercury in Scorpio squares Daniel’s Mercury/Sun in Aquarius, his Mars conjoins her Mercury, and his Moon trines.  In fact, he has a Grand Trine in Water which means that he has avenues of emotional expression that connect well with Julia.  She has nothing in Air so he brings that element into her life.  Let’s wish them a long and happy marriage!

Matthew McConaughey (Scorpio) is married to the gorgeous Brazilian model and designer, Camila Alves.  They live in Texas, his place of birth, with their two children and one more on the way.  Their Sun/Mercury are also in a square relationship but Camila has Moon in Pisces trine Matthew’s Sun as well as her Jupiter in Scorpio conjoining it.  She’s an enormous support for him.  His Jupiter/Venus in Libra conjoins her Mars/Saturn/Pluto in Libra which takes on a complex meaning, yet certainly bonds them through all Libran activities including partnership as well as business.  Matthew, for all his charisma sexually, is a very serious man and appears to take his commitments seriously as well.

One more example that I want to include is the exquisite, goddess-like Aishwarya Rai (Scorpio) and her husband Abishek Bachchen.  They met in 1997, but didn’t marry until 2007.  They have  a little girl.  They have both Suns in square and Moons in square, but perhaps in Vedic astrology, which they are likely to use, this formula is different.  Aishwarya’s Jupiter is in Aquarius complementing her husband’s Sun, and his Venus/Mercury in Capricorn complements her Moon in Capricorn.  She has a very balanced chart where the elements are concerned.


Scorpio with Pisces

This Fixed Water with Mutable Water is harmonious and in general it is Pisces who has the ability to adapt to Scorpio more easily than the other water combination of Scorpio with Cancer.  The classic Richard Burton/Elizabeth Taylor duo was much celebrated by astrologers long ago.

I thought I had a long-lived winner in Scorpio Goldie Hawn with Pisces Kurt Russell, but my understanding is that they are no longer a couple.  Nonetheless, they lasted a very long time without ever being married.  Goldie is an interesting study with her Sun/Venus both in Scorpio, but her Uranus/Moon in Gemini.  No wonder she has been such a great comedian.  Kurt’s Sun was in trine to hers by just 2 degrees, furthermore he has Jupiter also in Pisces and N. Node there.  He’s a very buoyant guy!  His Moon in Cancer conjoined Goldie’s Saturn creating a bond that didn’t really need marriage it seems.  Transit Uranus seems to be creating huge changes for Kurt for the past several years and into the future.  He has a lot of Aries energy which was in harmony with Goldie’s Mars and Mercury in fire, but life is change and he feels like the one changing the most dramatically.

I’ll end with Demi Moore, again, and her first husband, Bruce Willis with whom she is still bonded through parenthood and friendship (thankfully).  Bruce was born with Sun in late Pisces conjoining Demi’s Ascendant and widely in trine to her Scorpio Sun/Venus.  He, like Ashton, however has a lot of Aquarius (Moon/Chiron/Venus) which were at odds with her Full Moon axis.  His Saturn in Scorpio conjoins her Sun, while his Mars in Taurus conjoins her Moon.  Fixed signs truly are drawn to other Fixed signs.  Great passion is ignited, but also great power issues and struggles.

Demi has had a true Scorpio’s life of heavens and hells starting with her early childhood.  With Saturn now in Scorpio beginning to activate all of her Fixed signs, including Mercury/Neptune/Sun/Venus all in Scorpio, I do wish her grace from the Universe, and from within her own Scorpio stamina, to mature wisely and use her strength to endure and rise Phoenix-like into another ‘life within life’ for the next phase of her journey.


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1 Bob { 02.14.13 at 9:05 am }

thanks, i enjoyed this. had a brief dream this morning – robert kennedy in the doorway – and wondered what that might’ve been about. then i remembered that he was a scorpio man with an aries woman. i have some experience with this. some bumps in the realm of the personal planets (venus gemini woman and mars scorpio man brings up some differences in “style,” for sure) but significant nodal/axis synastry.
anyway, thank you.

oh. you might consider sam shepard (scorpio) and jessica lange (taurus), as it seems they’ve recently reunited after a few years apart after a long time together. that’s always an interesting dynamic.

2 Genevieve { 02.14.13 at 5:21 pm }

Good information Bob! It’s always enlightening to hear real life experiences involving the different mixtures of energies. I know one long-term Scorpio/Taurus relationship which has weathered and gotten deep and very rich like a very good wine.

3 Lilith G { 08.21.17 at 12:59 am }

Ms. Vierling, you write of Virgo-Scorpio: “This is an earth with water combination and you would think a workable one as partners, but I could find no publicly known people with this signature. Let me know if you have a good example!”

Okey-dokey. How about:

=> Sean “P Diddy” Combs (Scorpio; media mogul, US) and Cassie Ventura (Virgo; fashion model, US), together off-and-on since 2007;

=> Ryan Reynolds (Scorpio; actor, US) and Blake Lively (Virgo; actor, US), married since 2012;

=> Douglas Henshall (Scorpio; Scottish lead actor of BBC/PBS hit TV show, _Shetland_, UK) and Tena Štivicic (Virgo; award-winning Croatian playwright, screenwriter, and college professor, UK), married since 2010;

=> Jeff Buckley (Scorpio; late — and legendary — singer-songwriter and guitarist; US) and Elizabeth Fraser (Virgo; Scottish singer-songwriter whose ethereal, eccentric vocal style one music critic famously called “the voice of G-d,” UK), whose blazing affair during the 1990s remains the stuff of indie-music legend, per a 2009 _Guardian_ retrospective on Fraser [].

Sadly, yours is just one of several astrology sites that claims to be unable to find even a single Scorpio-Virgo pairing despite the many that ‘hide’ in plain sight. Personally, I tend to think that astrologers’ blind spot on the Scorpio-Virgo front likely has less to do with any scarcity of these relationships — per the five examples I was able to generate off the top of my head in response to your question — than to the sad fact that astrologers just don’t seem to want to try very hard when it comes to Virgo, the Zodiac’s perennial — and allegedly sex-appeal-challenged — punching bag. Just my humble opinion; your mileage — and motives — may vary.

4 Genevieve Vierling { 08.23.17 at 7:17 pm }

Wow Lilith! You have done the research and given us all some great examples of contemporaries with this combination. Thank you so very much! I’ll try to use a couple of your examples, giving you credit, and post photos of these couples. I’m quite drawn to your Scottish examples having quite a bit of that blood in my veins as well.

I agree that Virgo doesn’t get enough homage from us astrologers. We live in times of sensationalism and Virgo usually isn’t too interested in such theatrics, even though there are plenty of great Virgo actors alive today. I should do an honest search of politicians with Virgo qualities. That might prove interesting!

So your points are well taken and I am pleased that you took the time and energy to write and enlighten the rest of us.

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