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Relating to Sagittarius


There is something wild and free about this sign that ignites enthusiasm in others when a Sagittarian is humming along in true alignment with their core.  Like a flock of wild geese soaring toward some distant destination, the Sagittarian guides energetically whether acting as a wilderness guide exploring the natural world or in the class room exploring history or philosophy.  This is a sign designed for exploration, and it is really the journey, the quest that fires up their energy.  Once they’ve arrived they get bored and are ready for the next adventure.

Jupiter, the Kingly god, is their natural ruler and he was forever chasing after something (especially women!) though he was also known for his generosity when the spirit moved him.

So our Sagittarian friends, lovers, husbands, and wives, and—yes— children all, without exception, need a lot of space and room to spread their wings, or shoot their arrows in the directions that turn them on, fire them up, and lead them forever toward distant goals.  Don’t try and fence them in or, like a stampede of wild stallions, they’ll break down the barriers of your constraints and bound off towards better fields of gold.  Give them space and they’ll stay around to enjoy your companionship, especially if you’re willing to explore and shoot for the stars with them.  They can truly be your boon companions in life!

Like all signs, there are the extroverted types and the introverted types in Sagittarius.  An extroverted Sag may be found roaming wild places, using their bodies to perform ever higher feats in athletics like Joe DiMaggio, performing on stage as a rock stars like Jim Hendrix and Jay-Z or pop divas, like Tina Turner, Britney Spears, or Christina Aguilera.  Many action heroes and heroines in the movies are Sagittarians like Brad Pitt, David Carradine, Kirk Douglas, Jane Fonda, and Daryl Hannah.  In politics and public positions we have Andrew Carnegie, Winston Churchill, Augusto Pinochet, and ‘Lucky’ Luciano running the gamut of ‘givers and takers’.

Illustrious introverted Sagittarians can be found in writers and mystics such as William Blake, Emily Dickenson, Joseph Conrad, and Madeleine L’Engle.  Major Science Fiction authors such as Arthur C. Clarke and Philip K. Dick also take us on amazing adventures far into some future world, while authors like Noam Chomsky and Arundhati Roy write eloquently about present-day dilemmas.  Movie directors such as Scott Ridley, Steven Spielberg, and Woody Allen explore different aspects of space, both inner and outer, while holding us on the edge of our seats through pure excitement, terror, or humor.

One of my favorite all-time Sagittarians is Walt Disney.  He would classify as an introvert because much of his creativity and vision was incubated privately.  Yet the results were a fantastic array of extroverted experiences for the rest of us!  The magical world of Mickey Mouse brought laughter and delight to millions of young and old.  And who could forget that first ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ brought vividly to life on the silver screen followed by ‘Pinocchio’, the ultimate adventure; then ‘Fantasia’, the ultimate out-of-this world extravaganza, where his genius (Sun conjunct Uranus in Sagittarius) took us into flights of fantasy that were also breathless in beauty.   Finally, his creative arrow swept us all into even more magic through his wonder theme park, Disneyland.

Why I remember going there as a twelve-year-old when it was literally still surrounded by orange groves.  A group of us whooped around freely in what was still a fairly small park.  Some of the guys actually jumped off the cars on the ride through ‘Peter Pan’ in Fantasyland.  Those were the days.  We loved Tomorrow land where live male models stood like statues as you entered the ride based on the movie ‘20,000 Leagues Under The Sea’, and then scared the bejeezus out of you by moving!  Yes, it was still evolving and somewhat up close and personal back then.  The last time I went was back in 2000 while attending a big ISAR conference in one of the large hotels next door.  No more orange groves.  I went all by myself and rode all the roller-coasters.  Somehow I was gifted with the front cars in every single one.  Still a thrill!  Thank you Walt Disney!!

More up close and personal is my Sagittarian friend, Anni McCann.  Anni shows the best of both the extroverted and introverted sides of this sign.  When I first met her she was already a well known singer in a group called ‘Backwoods Jazz’.  Her voice gave me chills.  She was also an excellent yoga teacher, and gave these incredible massages as well.  She spent every spare moment down by the Yuba River where she immersed herself in the elemental magic of that magnificent wild and free river and canyon while also engaging in meditation and writing music.

Anni has a wonderful album that I highly recommend called ‘This Moment’. The subtitle says, “Feel the wisdom of the true feminine spirit through the voice of the womanheart.”

Anni is now very involved with Native Americans and tries her best to humbly serve and participate in their age-old rituals and ceremonies such as the ‘Calling Back the Salmon’ and Indigenous Peoples Day.  I feel she embodies both the physical athletic quality of her sign, as well as the mental quest to know, but beyond that she is on a true spiritual journey towards source and oneness that brings us full circle to what the Sagittarian journey is all about.

This quest for meaning drives the Sagittarian like nothing else.  They may reach far and wide for their truth, but it is ultimately their deep and abiding need to reconnect with the source of creation and life and keeps them ever searching, searching, searching.

The Sagittarius Man
If you want some excitement and adventure, this just might be the man for you, though you’d better make sure you truly enjoy these experiences yourself, because it’s not easy to tame this ‘Centaur’.  Fire tends to attract Earth, and earthy people look for some realism in others which includes being responsible or well-grounded.  The truth is that most Sagittarian males don’t want to necessarily grow up into stodgy, routine kind of guys.  They need a lot of slack and rope.  In fact, they hate to be tethered.  They seek something larger than life.  All Fire signs tend towards the mythic.  These men seek a kind of ideal mate and may never quite find her or him.  Of course many do stay committed in long-term relationships as we’ll see in some of our examples later on.  It’s undoubtedly because their partners allow them the freedom they’ll take anyway!

Keith Richards would be a case in point.  Evidently, Mr. Richards is quite an intellectual in private.  He reads a great deal; yes he does.

Sagittarian men are travelers of the mind often.  They like to roam through a plethora of ideas, philosophical treatises, and even mystical/spiritual explorations in order to seek the meaning in life that lures them on.  They can have a breadth and knowledge of history like no other because they seek to relate fields of knowledge into a meaningful whole that makes sense both intuitively as well as logically.  They are also sometimes the most amazing story tellers and yarn weavers you’ll ever encounter.  That’s why they are also great song writers and movie directors.  They love epics!

At their core they are romantics in the true sense of enjoying a good adventure.  Don’t try to strip them of that inner life.  If they show irony and even contempt as an attitude, it’s because they’re shielding that inner vulnerability which gets bruised quite easily.  They seek trust and friendship perhaps even more than most.  They need someone perhaps who can take care of earthy matters, but that partner must tolerate them as a true friend first and foremost.

The Sagittarius Woman
Jane Fonda is probably as good an example as any of this fiery sign seeking adventures bigger than life.  Of course it helps to be born the daughter of Henry Fonda!  Her illustrious father may have given her some grief, but certainly supported her bent towards acting and all the amazing roles she’s played in one way or another on screen and off.

She started out as ‘Barbarella’ under the svengali guidance of Roger Vadim.  What an adventure that movie was!  The sex goddess image brought her fame but she went on to pursue political freedom when she met and married Tom Hayden of the ‘Chicago Seven’.

The Vietnam War and the protest movement in the ‘60s brought her notoriety as she spoke out with vigor in true Sagittarian style.

That adventure, however, was left in the dust as she pursued fitness in the ‘Health and Fitness craze’ of the ‘80s.  Who didn’t get a Jane Fonda video back then aspiring to be just like her long-legged beautiful svelte self?

And then she met Ted Turner, the media tycoon of CNN, and disappeared for awhile out into the wilds of one of his vast empire ranches in places like Montana.

Jane has reappeared, once again, looking very sophisticated still in leopard print outfits, but with a new smart edge to her rhetorical style as she leads a baby boomer anti-aging crusade.  We might say that she is the epitome of the extroverted Sag female.

Sagittarian women are highly opinionated and usually do have something important to say.  They don’t mince words and get right to the point.  I value that in one of my best friends who will call me on my blind spots, and even get a bit angry, though I always feel her heart behind her words.  These are warrior women in a different way from their more earthy sisters.  They have a way of directing their energies forcefully with arrow-like speed.  Zam!  They do often hit the target they are aiming at whether it is a project, a speech, a book, or even a relationship.

Even the more introverted women know what they want usually, and it isn’t a drab, ordinary life.  Like their male counter-parts, it needs to be bigger than life in some way.  These women can make great professors, for example.  I know one who teaches sociology and writes a great blog on fashion complete with social commentary entitled ‘The Social Life of Second Hand Clothes’.  The more intellectual types are generally liberal-minded and well-traveled souls.  Those on a spiritual quest enjoy philosophical discussions about the meaning of life and whether some divine force is at work in the wonders they behold.

Sagittarian women can be cosmopolitan.  Some prefer high-rises in large cities to ranches in the out backs.  They can be zestful and inspiring in any sector of society.  They can also be dignified and prudent because they wish to maintain their sense of strength on all levels.

In relationship they are also seeking their ‘boon companion’; a man or woman who can match them in zest for life and style of adventure whether it’s traveling from one 5-star hotel to another across the globe, or staying in remote villages and ashrams in third-world countries.

The Sagittarian Lover
Playfulness has to be a factor here, and the ‘sport’ of sexual repartees.  These are lovers who don’t want to be bored, remember?  They may need something ‘bigger than life’ to engage them in fantasy, or they may prefer au natural to artifice.

Often a state of non-marriage is desirous for many because they hate to be confined by fences.  Zeus was certainly a good example of one such style, and to keep a Sagittarian lover happy you best not become too nagging, jealous, or suspicious!  That’s the biggest wet blanket you can douse their fire of ardor with.  Even so, they actually need some stability, and if the home fires are bright with love and acceptance they’ll stay awhile.

All fire signs have some difficulty with being in a physical body, but especially our Centaur friends.  They so desire a realm of spirit where they can be free and unfettered.  Perhaps, like Pegasus, if you can soar with them in mind and spirit the physical resting point will also be the vehicle of the animal body that carries you towards higher states of bliss.

When their lovers allow Sagittarius to simply be themselves, they return with a heart full of spontaneous fiery love, and keep things lively, entertaining, and endlessly exciting as they open new doors of possible adventures ahead on the road of life.  Remember, play is a big portion of the fire of life.

Sagittarius’ Shadow
What possible shadow could this bright sign have?  Truthfully, I’ve seen more Sagittarius people succumb to depression than any other sign.  Why?  Because when they lose a sense of hope, a sense of future possibilities, it nearly kills them and their fire simply goes out.  They need, above all else, inspiration and something to look forward to.  Life must have new goals ahead for them to thrive.  So when their fire dims low and begins to flicker, they need a spark from someone or something whose fire is still strong.

Another aspect of their shadow seems to be their penchant to promise something and not completely carry through with it.  They have a tendency to over-extend themselves when in some moment of enthusiasm or wild abandon they thought they could give you the moon.  This passionate outburst may be forgotten as they bound off to other pastures, or simply ‘forget’ about it.

Liz Greene, the authority on ‘shadows’, states that often the root of their difficulty is found in how they adjust to the limitations of reality.  If they are unsure of themselves in the world, afraid of failure, or can’t find sufficient maturity and/or discipline within themselves to stick to something and finish it, they often fall into the hands of their shadow which can be promising more than they can deliver, but also trying so hard to ride on someone else’s efforts, which she calls the ‘Groupie Phenomena’.  These are the name droppers who always seem to know ‘the right people’ and are intimately connected with them in show business, literary, esoteric, political, scientific, legal, or even medical fields.  This groupie phenomenon is observable in any field where fame, glamour, and excitement are part of the show.  It’s the penchant for basking in someone else’s limelight.  Certain magazines show this off in the photo-ops of parties, benefits, and soirees where everyone is grinning from ear to ear and showing us they’re in on the ‘in-scene’.

Keep in mind that every shadow looks for power of one kind or another.  The defense mechanism of always being ahead of the pack, whether it is in knowing the right club, the best of the best in anything, or even the newest guru and spiritual guide is somehow meant to make everyone else feel shabbier and less interesting—downright boring by contrast.

So for Sagittarius to get back to their natural state of nobility and heart-felt warmth, they need to drop these ego-bound defense mechanisms and just enjoy the adventure of life without attaching themselves to the ‘who’s who’ list of fame, glamour, and glory.

The Sagittarius Parent
These parents make marvelous teachers for their children.  They truly can aid their child in finding the right path and providing them with the best possible education to reach for their individual star.  They are also the type of parents who like to have adventures with their children; taking them camping, traveling, and gaining a sense of the bigger, wider world out there.

My mother had Sagittarius rising (her Ascendant) and I remember well the outings she would take my brother and me on when we lived in Chicago.  We loved those adventures of riding the El and going into the bowels of the city to old bookstores, spending hours in the amazing Museums of Natural History and Science, as well as the beaches of Lake Michigan and the zoo.  She also read us stories at night, which we loved.  She dramatized them and they came alive for us.  She had fun with us!  Later as a Grandmother she took my first born on a trip to the Grand Canyon—just the two of them.  She took my daughter on a special trip to British Columbia—again, just the two of them.

Brad Pitt is another good example of a Sagittarius father with his large brood of multi-ethnic children.  He is photographed often on outings with them and obviously enjoys exposing them to multi-cultural places as well as the adventures of living in different countries while he and Angelina are on location.  Another point here is that one of them is always with the children when one is occupied with acting in a new film.  This dedication to parenting is noteworthy in a super-star like Brad.

The forever young-at-heart aspect of Sagittarius also makes for joyous parenting.  As long as they don’t overly moralize, these parents can be some of the most supportive because they participate in guiding by being fully engaged.

Now we’re ready to look at Sagittarius with each of the other signs:

Sagittarius with Aries
Here we have two bright fire signs where exploration should ideally be easy to share.  Aries likes action and both are miserable when tied down.  Neither is usually afraid to rough it and both can share inspiration which leads them into experimenting with new ideas as well as following their vision.  Aries likes to be physical even more than Sagittarius, and both are mentally alert signs.  So why couldn’t I find more famous examples?

I give you Britney Spears, the American dancer- pop diva who began at age 11 her stellar rise to fame as part of the Disney Channel’s Mickey Mouse Club show where another Sagittarian pop diva got her start; Christina Aguilera, as well as Aquarian Justin Timberlake, rumored to have been romantically involved with Britney for a time.  I considered doing a feature article on her during her melt-down phase in 2007-2008 when Saturn was pelting her with hard reality going over her Uranus/Mercury/Sun and Neptune planets in Sagittarius.  Note the bigger than life aspects of this combination prone to being ‘a law to her self’ as well as ‘a shocker’.  This can also be a configuration prone to eccentricities and even psycho-pathologies.  In her case, I wouldn’t call it ‘genius’.

Her marriage to Aries Kevin Federline barely lasted three years, though two children, both Virgos, resulted from this union.  Kevin has a lot of fire including Venus in Aries and Moon in Leo (his inner anima) but his Moon is solidly grounded with Saturn.  He is quite capable of responsibility as a parent, and he now has five children.  Britney has conflicts over being responsible (Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter square Venus) and no longer has custody of her children.  Very sad.  Her lack of maturity and self-destructive/self-indulgent bent ruined what could have been a harmonious union and a happy family life with a man who’s Mars in Cancer was trying to show her the path of greatest growth (her North Node in Cancer).  It would seem that Self-love is her missing step towards greater evolution which no amount of fame or money will assuage. (Venus conjoining her S. Node in Capricorn).

Sagittarius with Taurus
As I said in my ‘Relating to Taurus’ article, this is a difficult combination.  Taurus is far too earth bound and security seeking for Sagittarius to be truly comfortable with.

I still could not find a famous example other than Cher (Taurus) and Greg Allman (Sagittarius).  So I refer you to that write up for now.

Let me know if you’ve found a successful famous couple with this combination!

Sagittarius with Gemini
Here is the polarity of Mutable Air with Mutable Fire.  Both are part of the same spectrum and both can certainly find compatibility with each other.  Gemini likes to collect all sorts of experiences, ideas, information, and even people as they move through life.  They are lively, quick souls with boundless curiosity.  Sagittarius doesn’t like to waste too much time on trifles, but rather searches for the connections that create a meaningful coherent fusion.  One seeks Reason while the other seeks Revelation.

I used Angelina Jolie (Gemini) and Brad Pitt (Sagittarius) in my ‘Relating to Gemini’ article so I won’t be too redundant here.  Brad is more grounded than most typical Sagittarians with an enormous stellium in Capricorn (Mars, S. Node, Mercury, Moon, & Venus).  Once committed he is responsible, and Capricorn in men is very drawn to women capable of nurturance.  Angelina has Saturn/Venus/Ascendant all in Cancer.  Bingo.  A good match for family.  Her Moon in Aries can spark his Sag. Sun.  They both have Jupiter in Aries which means he is philosophically more aligned with her than he was with his first wife, Jennifer Aniston.  There’s that search for meaning again.

Pop diva Christina Aguilera (Sagittarius) was married to Gemini music marketer Jordan Bratman for six years, parenting one son together.  They have worked out a joint legal and physical custody agreement which shows her ability to be both grounded in reality (Moon in Taurus) while projecting multi-level fantasies through her public persona (Sun/Neptune/Mercury in Sag. In the 10th house).  Jordan’s Moon is in Capricorn, so as parents they are compatible even if he couldn’t really keep up with her thrust towards higher and greater stardom.  (His Sun/Jupiter fall in her 4th house)

Sagittarius with Cancer
A difficult combination due to both elemental differences as well as modes.  The fiery mutability of Sagittarius must adjust to Cancer’s ultra sensitivity and need to be secure, though both signs are linked by Jupiter which is exalted in Cancer.  In other words, both signs are characterized by an urge to grow.

I’m returning to an example used before, only this time emphasizing Katie Holmes, the Sagittarius, who chose to leave her high-profile marriage to Tom Cruise (Cancer).  Again, the dream of an ideal quickened her response to him.  After all, as a young girl she actually had dreamed of marrying him!  But in the end, it was his philosophical path that entombed her (His Jupiter/Chiron in Pisces conjoining her S. Node and in square to her Mercury/Neptune in Sagittarius close to her Sun).  Tom has a grand trine in Water and Scientology became his home and groove out of which even he had become trapped.  Katie desired to explore, once again, her potential as an artist/actress (Sun in the 5th) and her lawyer father (Sagittarius) helped her to quickly break out of the corral!  It looks like a lot of her fire was nearly put out by her watery mate in spite of the fairy-tale wedding and bigger than life image of seemingly having it all.

This shows clearly the journey of Sagittarius to continue the quest rather than stay stuck in what might appear to be ‘heaven’.

Sagittarius with Leo
Mutable Fire with Fixed Fire brings visionary ideas into form.  Both signs are future oriented together.

I give you two rather unusual examples of this pairing; neither involving marriage.

William Blake, the great mystic/visionary writer/artist (Sagittarius) was undoubtedly a great genius.  He was the more introverted type of Sag since most of his life was lived out in Soho, a district of London.  He certainly is worthy of a more detailed article correlating his birth map with his life.  He had a devoted wife who was his sustenance, but I am rather drawn to his dear friendship with John Varley, a Leo famed astrologer of his time.  John’s Sun lit up Blake’s Neptune/Mars in Leo further igniting his Jupiter/Sun in Sagittarius.  They also shared the polarity of Gemini/Sagittarius in that John’s Moon/Uranus/N. Node in Gemini acted as a catalyst for William’s Sun/Pluto.  One wonders what lively discourses must have filled the space between these two on special evenings in a London long ago.  William Blake had a great inner faith that drove his enormous creative fountain.  It was a faith in himself.  His dear friend, John, looks to have totally supported and encouraged that faith and drive as true friends are meant to do.

The second example is between the famous Sagittarius, Jim Morrison, and a long-time friend of mine, Judy Huddleston (Leo) who wrote a book about her relationship with Jim in the ‘60s: Love Him Madly.  Judy is highly intelligent and probably understood her lover even though six years his junior at the time.  She also has an artistic bent.  They shared a Sun/Jupiter conjunction which means that she lit up his philosophical side immensely while being simultaneously compatible with him energetically (fire with fire).  I highly recommend her book to get an insider view of aspects of this highly complex man not visible in his more public and flamboyant persona.

Sagittarius with Virgo
Mutable Fire meets Mutable Earth with some dissonance but actually the ability to adapt to each other providing there is some cohesive glue such as emotional attunement or philosophical alignment.  Both can be mental signs but Virgo may seem too narrow and again—that word—confining for Sagittarius.  Especially if nagging enters in to the dynamic, a Sagittarian will want to bolt.

The great film director, Steven Spielberg, with his Sun in Sagittarius conjoining Mars in Capricorn and opposite Uranus, has shown us that little boy hero ever on a quest in such films as Indiana Jones in the Raiders of the Lost Ark, E.T. to the more mature and sobering revelations of Schindler’s List and Saving Pri vate Ryan.  This is a man with a great deal of Scorpio depth to back up his wide-ranging Sagittarius mind (Mercury) and Sun.

Spielberg was married to Virgo, Amy Irving, for just four years.  They have one son to unite them.  The divorce settlement gave earthy Amy a whopping $100 million.  Philosophically they simply didn’t jive with her Jupiter in Gemini conjoining his Uranus and opposite his Sun, but especially inconjunct his Jupiter/Venus in Scorpio.  Initially they must have seen ‘stars’ with her Moon in Libra conjoining his Neptune.  The dream probably ended when her Virgo tried to squelch his fire, or his Saturn/Pluto authority squelched her Venus in Leo.

Sagittarius with Libra
This can be a highly enduring combination since Air and Fire are in a nice sextile to each other which is energizing for both.  Venus and Jupiter as ruling planets of each also combine well for expansion, social sharing and abundance.

Ozzie Osborne (Sagittarian), the rock musician even got President Bush to joke: “The thing about Ozzy is, he’s made a lot of big hit recordings—‘Party with the Animals’, ‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath’, ‘Facing Hell’, ‘Black Skies’ and ‘Bloodbath in Paradise’.  Ozzy, Mom loves your stuff.”  Sharon Osborne (Libra), Ozzie’s wife has been his partner for 30 years now.  Life in their world has been both gloriously famed and fortunate (they are said to be worth over 110 million British pounds) as well as hellishly violent and explosive.

Their Suns are held together by the nice sextile while their Moons don’t really connect (His in Capricorn and hers in Gemini).  They both have Venus in Scorpio which aligns their values as well as their penchant for drama.  They have some strange out-of-sign polarities involving Mars/Moon/Jupiter indicating wild times and powerful emotional surges.

Another long-lasting couple with this combination is the equally strange alignment of Woody Allen with his wife’s adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn.  They began their affair in 1992 when Soon Yi was 19 and Allen was 56 years.

They married in 1997 had are still a solid couple.  Are there significant astrological connections here?  You bet!  While their Suns are in a nice sextile, her Uranus in Libra (close to her Sun) ignites Woody’s Venus (his ideal woman).  Further more, their Moons are both in Aquarius within probably only two degrees of each other.  Simpatico beyond words……

Sagittarius with Scorpio
These two are side by side, and Sagittarius truly leads Scorpio out of any pits it might get stuck in towards bigger, vaster spaces.  Both are interested in meaning and both can move towards transformation together if willing to merge the dark with the light.

We covered Jane Fonda with Ted Turner in ‘Relating to Scorpio’  It’s interesting to note that their separation was in part due to Ted’s finding her latest ‘cause’, that of becoming a Christian, not quite to his liking.  Jane’s Jupiter is opposed by Ted’s Pluto which mirrors her own dilemma.  She is ever metaphorhosizing her beliefs to keep up with the times in true Sagittarian fashion.

A highly destructive combination was Sagittarius, Tina Turner, and her rampaging husband/music partner, Ike Turner. This burning bed duo cost her a great deal of pain, but it ultimately has been her Buddhist belief system which kept her sane and focused.

She is one woman to admire for her endurance and ability to thrive.  She has a mutable T-square with Mars in Pisces at the apex showing just how much violence she was able to endure as well as the transformation possible due to her faith.  Ike’s Mars in Sagittarius was exactly on her Sun, squaring her Mars and opposite her Moon.  Ouch.

My third example is so far seemingly doing fine, and that is Steven Spielberg (Sag) and his actress wife, Kate Capshaw (Scorpio).  She met Steven while starring in “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”. (1984)  Thereafter they became companions and began living together in 1989 after he and Amy Irving separated.  They have been officially married since 1991 and share a large extended family of many children both their own and adopted.

Kate’s Sun conjoins Steven’s Moon creating a terrific bond in Scorpio.  Their Mercury’s are conjoined in Sagittarius creating true friendship.  How they handle a square between their Mars is probably by ‘making love, not war’.  They both share Cancer as their Ascendants and thus are considered strongly soul-linked.  Both have a great need for family and children which is an added blessing for all.

Sagittarius with Sagittarius
Can two ‘Centaurs’ romp happily together through the elysian fields of gold?

Well, Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden tried for 17 years.  Not bad for the merging of fame and politics.  Her Venus in Sagittarius conjoined Tom’s Sun exactly, and Tom’s Moon at 29 degrees of Sagittarius conjoined her Sun exactly.  Those are considered strong and wonderful bonds.  Their Moons were in trine and they must have shared much harmoniously.  Both, however, are restless souls.  Both have their Sun at the apex of a mutable T-square involving Neptune.  High ideals can be disappointed.  I haven’t read biographies on either to know what finally led to their divorce.  Perhaps it was simply time to move on…..

Actress Daryl Hannah, that tall and beautiful film actress of “Splash” met another Sagittarius, John Kennedy Jr. at the 1988 wedding reception of his aunt, Lee Radziwill and her former film director, Herb Ross.  It’s easy to see why they were energetically attracted to each other with both sharing Venus/Saturn in Capricorn, Mercury’s in Scorpio and even Jupiter in Capricorn.  Why they were practically twins!  Even their Moons were in Air signs in trine to each other.  They almost made it to the altar, but perhaps it was his mother Jackie’s dislike of Hannah that shifted their love in 1994 and they parted ways.  Now he is gone and Daryl continues to live up to her Sagittarius purpose by being both cosmopolitan (with homes in LA and Manhattan) and an outdoorswoman who prefers her ranch near Telluride and is basically not attached to creature comforts and is ‘proud of her rustic lifestyle of splitting logs and eating nuts and berries….”

Sagittarius with Capricorn
Side by side, this time it is Capricorn who leads Sagittarius towards solidifying their ideas and aspirations into concrete manifestations and even institutions.  Earthy Capricorn may bring form to Sagittarian’s dreams and fantasies.

It’s difficult, however, to see how this abstract construct was actualized in the likes of Jim Morrison and his common-law wife, Capricorn Pamela Coursin.  She, like Leo Judy Huddleston, was an art student when they met.  He did call her his ‘cosmic mate’ and she was the sole beneficiary of his will.  But she, too, had a heroin problem and died just three years later of an over-dose. Her Mercury was conjoined his Sun in Sagittarius.  Her Sun/Mars was conjoined his Mercury in Capricorn.  Her Moon in Sagittarius also widely conjoined his Sun.  These kinds of mergers create the feeling of a mystic bond.  They were tremendously linked all right and one wonders what they could have created together had they not lost their way in poppy land.

Doomed in a different way were JFK Jr. and his beautiful blonde Capricorn wife, Carolyn Bessette.  She had an intricately woven birth map with almost a six-pointed star pattern.  Only a highly challenged Jupiter in Gemini seemed to seal her fate in that final flight with her Sagittarius pilot, for this Jupiter also squared his Nodes.

Sagittarius with Aquarius
Here we have another sextile relationship between Fire and Air which certainly can be compatible on many levels.  Both tend toward far-reaching visions of the future and both excel in education and global endeavors.  Sagittarians don’t like to be bored and Aquarians, with their Uranian minds can perhaps hold their attention longer than most.

I found four examples but will probably save Mary Todd Lincoln (Sag.) for later when I write about Aquarius and her most famous husband, Abraham.

Brad Pitt, of course, was married to Aquarian Jennifer Aniston, the darling ‘friend’ of countless fans.  They did have that powerful Sun/Moon bond in the classic male (His Sun)/female (Her Moon) conjunction.  They even had a wonderful sextile between their Suns.  The real rub seems to have been his Capricorn planets, including his Mars, all in conflict with her Venus in Aries and Jupiter in Libra.  He went cold on her.  That can happen when there is a Mars (male) square Venus (female).  Plus something about Angelina’s Cancer qualities captivated his desire for family which is missing in Jennifer’s natural make-up.

Jane Fonda’s first husband, Roger Vadim, was also an Aquarian whose Sun illuminated her Jupiter. (the ruler of Sagittarius).  They seemed to have a karmic relationship as well with her Venus conjoining his S. Node and Saturn, also in Sagittarius.  One beautiful daughter, Vanessa, came from that union which forever bonds them.

Sagittarius and Pisces
Again we have two Mutable signs but one is fire while the other is water.  Certainly adjustments are necessary but both share Jupiter as a ruler and while Sagittarius is decidedly the more goal driven, questing adventurer, Pisces also seeks an inner experience which ultimately is vaster and deeper because it involves a direct experience with the Source, the divine.  So both can be compatible.

I’ll save Woody Allen (Sag.) with Mia Farrow (Pisces) for later when I write about Pisces.

The one good example from a famous couple that I have found is none other than Sagittarius Keith Richards and his present wife of 29 years, Patti Hansen.  They have two daughters together and continue to be photographed looking like a still-in-love couple.  Their Suns are almost exactly in square to each other.  Their Moons, while both in Earth, are not linked.  They do have a Mercury/Mars conjunction in Capricorn with Patti owning the male aspect (Mars).  She has a lovely trine between her Mars and Venus in Taurus and this Venus is in trine to Keith’s Moon in Virgo.  All that harmonious earth between them keeps a stability and continuity to their union.  Plus, it would take a Pisces’ tolerance and understanding to accept and go with the flow of a rock stars flights of fancy as well as his notorious tribulations.  They share Venus/Mercury trines both ways adding to their compatibility and friendship.

In conclusion I’d like to say that studying the different signs with each other is highly skewed by simply looking at famous people.  At this 9th sign completion I’m struck by the high levels of failure in intimate relationships due to fame, fortune, and glory.  The lives of the rich and famous don’t have a very good track record when it comes to true spiritual unions.  We would have to explore less obvious, more obscure folk to find those examples.

Like a wise man once said many moons ago, “Blessed are the poor in spirit (humble souls) for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

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1 rashee { 09.24.13 at 3:23 pm }

Great article – would be great to read how folks with moon in Sagittarius relate to the sun in fire signs in synastry!

2 Genevieve { 09.28.13 at 12:58 pm }

Thanks for your comment Rashee—
Of course the Moon in a Fire sign is going to respond quickly and easily to people with Suns in Fire signs. The Moon in Sagittarius would feel incredibly connected to a Sun sign Sagittarian. It would depend on how tight the aspects were between Sun/Moon to ascertain how strong the bond would be.

A family comes to mind here: the two daughters both have Moon in Sagittarius while the Mother is a Leo and the Father is an Aries. Those girls respond quickly and easily to both parents even though their Sun signs are in some conflict with both parents.

It’s always fascinating to see the combinations and interactions of the various energies play out in real life scenarios!

3 Hector Ramirez { 07.29.14 at 10:48 pm }

Wow, I don’t think I’ve read astrology really broken down like this. Interesting….

My sun (Sagittarius), rising (Virgo) and moon (Pisces), however; I noticed that one of my most compatible woman that I ever met was a Gemini (her sun sign). I’m able to communicate pretty good with Earth/Water signs, however, when it comes to relationships, I always find that it’s easier to communicate with Air/Fire (Sun) signs.

Hmmm, my opposite Sun sign (Gemini) has to be the only woman that can actually balance me and has me admire their communication skills & intellect. I wonder if I’m placing more of a value on my sun sign (Sagittarius), then looking further into earth/water signs. Still, as I stated before, I don’t get along with those signs and they seem to have a hard time understanding where I’m coming from.

4 Genevieve Vierling { 07.30.14 at 10:07 am }

Hi Hector,

Thanks for your feed-back and great comments. It looks like all your three major ‘notes’ are in Mutable signs, and Gemini fills out the ‘missing leg’ of that quadrant for you. Mutable signs usually get along well with each other because they are so incredibly flexible and willing to compromise. Yes, Geminis are here to communicate and the repartee between a Sag and a Gemini can be wonderful. I have a lot of Gemini in my chart and I get along great with Sagittarians. You’ll have to pay attention to your very sensitive Moon in Pisces to find the right balance with the other elements. Water signs always need empathy and a certain flow. Earth signs need solid commitments and have very practical needs. Air signs need to circulate and freely connect as they move along. Finding the right partner is always a search to find just that right balance between all the elements!

5 christian werner kuhle { 01.02.15 at 10:45 pm }

i kike most of the hollywood – stars dearfully . z´the onliest thing is , that there are so many castrophe – and horror- films produced .

6 Genevieve Vierling { 01.05.15 at 8:27 pm }

Christian—-So true, so true! I sometimes feel that Americans feed on horror and catastrophes because they haven’t had to experience the horrors of war and tribulation like many of the other countries of the world; not to mention that Hollywood can be a huge propaganda machine in its own right. These genres are a ‘strange opiate’ that many people feed on for sure.

7 fiorella { 06.28.15 at 4:44 pm }

Hi im an aquarius moon in scorpio and asce. In leo… my bf is saggitarius with moon in taurus … we have a loy of arguments… he disaapears for days and then he comes back and tells he loves me…. i dont like it… i was born jan 22 of 1979 and he was born on dec 5 /1984…. is there any future in this relationship?

8 Genevieve Vierling { 06.29.15 at 3:07 pm }

Dear Fiorella,

I see he has Sun in Sagittarius combust (exact) Uranus. He certainly fits in some ways your Aquarian ‘inner male’ but he is truly a maverick/rover who wants his freedom. You have some powerful connections indicating to me past lives. His Saturn/S. Node is conjoining your Moon/Uranus in Scorpio. I can certainly see the love, but stability will be a challenge. Perhaps with transit Saturn heading eventually over your Venus/Neptune and his Sun/Uranus you will make the choice of commitment or not. You know he’s stubborn, but relationship requires coming together in mutual agreements for harmony and love to age well. I do wish you well, but I never tell people what to do. 🙂 We learn by making choices in life.

9 Gessica { 07.11.15 at 12:52 am }

Good morning Genevieve!

I have been reading your articles to understand how the aspects influence a relationship and really enjoy how you explain them (since I have a hard time comprehending how they function). I was wondering if you could provide me insight on these two dates and how these individuals would interact (28 July 1989 and 01 December 1976). There’s a great age difference, which makes this blind date even more nerve wrecking. Thank you!

10 Genevieve Vierling { 07.11.15 at 3:46 pm }

Dear Gessica, Yes, there’s an approximately 13 year age difference which isn’t that wide actually. Leo and Sagittarius Sun signs are highly compatible as both energize each other. The July birth has Moon in Gemini and the December has Moon in Aries; again quite compatible on a lot of levels. Even the Mercuries are in a nice trine of Fire and Fire encouraging good conversation and mental harmony. Both have Mars in fire signs, even though not in a trine aspect, and both have Venus in an earth sign even though not in aspect. Pretty encouraging I’d say! Probably the December Saturn in Leo sitting exactly on the July Mercury square Pluto could present some challenges, though it appears the December Saturn is like a teacher to the July Mercury. It all depends on how RIGID that Saturn is!! This December person has a grand trine in Fire indicating strong beliefs and sense of self. July Leo may struggle with power issues with that square to Pluto in Scorpio. If December encourages self-esteem, self-confidence, and strength in July, I’d say it could be a good match. Saturn is necessary for the glue of a relationship to be long lasting. Perhaps time needs to test this out! There’s not a lot of water in either chart creating a need to consciously cultivate empathy and sensitivity. I wish you every blessing whatever your Sun sign is!

11 Sagittarius Sun female { 08.06.15 at 2:47 am }

Hi! I’m a Sagittarius Sun (house 6), Pisces Moon (house 10) with Cancer Rising female. Kindly advise if a Virgo Sun (house 11), Cancer Moon (house 9) with Libra Rising male be a good match for me? Eagerly awaiting your reply! Thanks!

12 Genevieve Vierling { 08.11.15 at 3:41 pm }

Sorry for the delay, Sag. Sun! I’ve been traveling. Your Sun signs are Mutable meaning adaptation to each other and having quite different energy needs. Your Moons are both in Water and sound quite harmonious. You didn’t tell me WHERE each of you was born, so I can’t calculate the exact degrees of Moon or Ascendants. Cancer and Libra Ascendants are both Cardinal/Action approaches, but in different elements, so you have contrast as well as harmony which gives some dynamic tension as well as smoothness to your relationship. I see your Mars energies are quite compatible which is great in working through any differences amicably. I always maintain that the most perfect combination won’t work if there is no real love, and where there is powerful love many obstacles can be overcome. Sagittarius is fiery and likes freedom. Virgo is Earthy and likes to be self-reliant. With all your planets in the 6th house you are actually drawn to Virgo-like energies, and with his Moon in the 9th he needs a Sagittarian-type woman. Nice! I wish you good fortune with this!

13 Sagittarius Sun female { 08.06.15 at 3:00 am }

His DOB is: 10th September 1985 and mine is 29th November 1987

14 Genevieve Vierling { 08.11.15 at 3:41 pm }

Thanks. I did reply to this in the first one.

15 Sagittarius Sun female { 08.06.15 at 3:11 am }

His time of birth is 9am while mine is 6:30pm

16 Genevieve Vierling { 08.11.15 at 3:42 pm }

Again, without the PLACE OF BIRTH, the time can’t make the chart entirely accurate.

17 Sagittarius Sun female { 08.13.15 at 7:54 am }

Dear Genevieve, thankyou so much for your reply, really appreciate it! His place of birth is Faisalabad (also known as Lyallpur), Punjab, Pakistan and my place of birth is Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.

Looking forward to a detailed analysis 🙂

May God bless you! Amen!

18 Genevieve Vierling { 08.13.15 at 9:23 am }

Ah, Pakistan! I’m delighted that you read my blog from that far-off land. I’m on vacation just now and will respond near the end of the month. I can’t do a professional read-out, but will give you the highlights. 🙂

19 Sagittarius Sun female { 08.16.15 at 11:03 pm }

Yes, your blog is a wonderful read when it comes to my sun-sign. Looking forward to the highlights! Thanks 🙂

20 Sagittarius Sun female { 08.28.15 at 11:35 pm }

Basically I want to know if there are any major negative aspects in our respective charts which would be unfavourable towards a long-term union. Thanks again 🙂

21 Genevieve Vierling { 09.05.15 at 11:02 am }

DearSagittarius Sun female,

I’m finally able to calculate both of your charts correctly, after being gone for some time. Thank you for your patience! The main thing to remember is that neither of you can really ‘refuel’ the other since you are Fire and he is Earth sun energies. That being said, you have affinities for each other that show up differently. With your Sun in the 6th house, you have an affinity for Virgo energy, which is his basic energy. With his Moon in the 9th house, he has a basic affinity for the elements of the female in Sagittarius, which is what you are.

Your Moons are in harmony which goes a long way to mitigate other differences. You can be comfortable with each other emotionally and in terms of lifestyle.

Major ‘negative’ aspects would include his Mars in square to your Sun/Mercury, but it is fairly wide. Disagreeing and arguing over minutia could be an issue. Both of you have fairly ‘critical’ minds. Virgos can get frustrated. I see his Pluto sits right on your Mars. You were born with that aspect, so there is a need to probe and go deep. It is a very sexual connection and your Mars are sextile with each other, so you should be able to ‘hold your own’. Finally, his Saturn sits on your Mercury. Will he truly listen to you? You need that. Will he support your ideas and lend strength to them rather than trying to block or snuff them? That’s important too!

I think I’ve given you enough to ponder. Certainly you’ve got plenty of flowing aspects to ease the more challenging ones, and it is beyond the scope of this blog to give you all the details which I would do professionally.

22 Shannon { 04.27.16 at 7:56 pm }

Thank you for your words about the shadow. I really needed to here that today, this week, shoot this YEAR! Thank you.

23 Kim { 10.02.16 at 9:21 am }

I read your post because I want to know more about introverted Sagittarius. when I was young I felt that I was out of society and also couldn’t feel I was Sagittarius as well.

now i accidentally meet an Aries man and I start liking him but I am scared of getting rejection.

my birthday is 6th December 1990. his is 16 April 1989. We have Capricorn stellium in Saturn, Uranus, Neptune with Scorpio Pluto generation. we also have Mars in Gemini too. His sun and Venus in Aries, my sun and venus in Sagittarius. His Taurus mercury works well with my Capricorn mercury. He has Jupiter in Gemini and mine is in Leo.

the only problem is his moon Virgo doesn’t work well with my Leo moon and I read some astrology page that they say if we don’t have compatible moon, it means we cannot stay in long term. I want to ask I it is true that we are not meant to be.

I feel that he is introverted Aries like me as well.

24 Genevieve Vierling { 10.04.16 at 7:01 pm }

Dear Kim, Your Moons are side by side which isn’t that unusual. You do have different needs, but both of you are comfortable in your own inner/outer selves with Sun trine Moon. You have nice trines between your Venus energies and Mercury energies. You can communicate and that goes a long way towards working out any differences in other areas, Try not to project your fears but rather ENJOY him. You have a lot going for a lively adventurous time together, as well as a solid earthiness upon which to build.

25 cristina { 10.04.16 at 12:05 pm }

I really enjoyed reading this.Im a sagittarius woman with moon in aquarius and rising sign libra/scorpio. Not quite sure as i dont have the date of birth to the minute but i have pluto in the first house so i guess i behave like a scorpio. Im quite introvert and very emotional.
Great article again.

26 Genevieve Vierling { 10.09.16 at 12:14 pm }

Not sure I responded to your comments Cristina—-Yes, with possible Scorpio Rising and Pluto in your 1st house your ‘persona’ would be Scorpio-like and more contained than your Sagittarius Sun, which is also below the horizon. In time, however, you will bring out that Fire as your Moon in Aquarius needs to. You need connections with others and even groups of people.

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