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Sacred Sexuality: An Interview with Jacqueline Sa

I have a special Valentine’s gift to share with you readers this year!  This is a ‘must have’ book entitled Exultation: Erotic Tales of Divine Union.  I promise you a memorable reading experience that will transport you into wondrously sensual, totally erotic, and magical realms. This book will also leave you inspired and enlightened by the time you finish reading the last page.  Sheherazade comes to mind, but Ms. Sa takes you deeper into Earth mysteries that will ignite your soul to remember who you truly are and why you have a body in the first place!

Jacqueline was contemplating whether to publish her book or not when she first consulted with me back in 2010.  I encouraged her to do so and the book was published in January of 2012.  Since then she has been awarded three awards:  first runner-up in the Visionary Fiction category by the Visionary Coalition of Resources, first prize winner in Visionary Fiction and first prize winner in Fiction Erotica from USA Book News.

For you astrology buffs out there, Jacqueline has kindly agreed to allow me to share a bit of her natal chart signatures.  She is a true visionary with Neptune conjoining her Sun in Libra in her 12th house of universality.  Her Scorpio Rising and Venus in Scorpio give her access to the realms of erotica, but on a deeper level she has Saturn/Mercury together in Scorpio giving her the richness of maturity to write so eloquently. She has Moon in Virgo which connects her intimately with ‘Lady Earth’ and earth eroticism, as well as making her a very impeccable lady!  The other remarkable note in her natal map is the conjunction of Uranus and Jupiter at the very top of her chart signifying her amazing ability to bring to public awareness a more enlightened philosophy whose time has come to help the world to change its paradigm of duality to one of unity and wholeness between the archetypes of male and female with the World Soul.

Here now is my interview with Jacqueline which gives you greater insight into the book and why it so moved me to want to share it with you.

The tales move from basic plot to more and more intricate ones and each chapter fleshes (I like that Gaia word!) out more and more the characters involved  So was that a conscious path for writing, or did it just unfold naturally as a process of inner guidance as you wrote the book?  I sense that movement is very instrumental in leading the reader on a journey of consciousness rather than simply giving them erotic pleasures through the reading.)

The process of birthing this book was magical, I don’t know how to say it otherwise. It started with my intimate communion with the sentience of Earth a few years ago, which led to revelations of her aliveness as a palpable, living soul with stunning emotions and rapturous sensuality. This World Soul, whom I have come to know empathically, is not just an esoteric concept or a poetic notion of our conscious planet. She is an all-encompassing vibrant essence that permeates through every living being in our 3-D realm and other dimensions.

I wasn’t consciously aspired to write in an erotic language, but Lady Earth— as she wants to be called instead of Mother Earth— urged me through a series of transmissions, to express her passionate nature through various feminine emanations of her quintessence, whether it is through a mermaid embodiment, a human being or a spirit entity. Each living being is but a microcosm of her macro matrix. She reassured me that I would see the fuller tapestry when the book was completed, which culminated in the last story. The simplest way to describe my writing process is that Lady Earth was my muse; she guided me through the flow of the book’s unfolding…

What inspired you to create these stories?

Song of the Mermaid illustration by Laura Hurst

Each story was a ‘transmitted’ inspiration from Heaven and Earth—short of sounding like a cliché of As Above, so Below. I ‘saw’ the visions as each tale was conveyed to me through synchronistic events. For example, the mermaid story was revealed to me while I was inspired to tone in high frequency sounds with a friend in front of the Karnak Temple in Egypt, in the Spring of 2007— which neither one of us was capable of toning as such before or after that experience! Why would a mermaid story radiate in my mind’s eyes in the high Egyptian desert?! When I stumbled, trance-like, back toward rejoining the tour group, the awaiting egyptologist started to ‘educate’ us about that sacred ground and she said: “once upon a time, this very place was a primordial ocean…”

Are any of these stories based on real life events?  For example, is the last story true?

Actually most of the tales were interwoven with real life happenstances. The spirit of Guan Yin came to me one day while I was hiking with friends on Mt Shasta in California. Out of the blue, scenes of the tale were shown to my inner eye (I’m a visual person). As a Chinese, I inherently have a reverence for the Goddess of Compassion in our cultural legends. I was stunned and ‘argued’ with her that I wouldn’t be so impudent as to write such a story about Guan Yin… She teasingly challenged me: “why not? Humanity reveres me as the Goddess of love, fertility and compassion, yet I’m not honored in my sexual identity, isn’t that ironical?” I retorted and asked for a confirmative sign if I was going to venture into telling the tale. My friends and I then went to the nearby health food store to have lunch. I stopped in my track as I entered: a 3-feet tall Guan Yin wood sculpture— in a sensual posture, was displayed in the center of a huge pile of vegetables (the placement of the statue was so out of context!), as though taunting my sense of reality!

The last story, The Shaman’s Ecstasy, was based on the real life story of a shaman friend of mine. He gave me the permission to ‘fictionalize’ in a short tale his love story with lady Earth— a remarkable epic that spans a life-long devotional pursuit. This shaman is now completing his own book that details his amazing life, which I think will be published this year or next. Life indeed is more ‘sci-fi’ than fiction?!

The book unfolds, tale by tale, from basic, even simplistic eroticism, to increasingly complex and multi-layered tales which flesh out the characters of the women and men in them in greater and greater detail.  Were you doing this consciously, or were you being led through inner guidance?

Just as fairy tales are simple and yet carry deep metaphors of the human conditions, these tales are archetypes of rapture with benevolence from the future. The stories were bestowed upon my consciousness and they ‘worked’ me! These fables invite us to leave the currently constricted, often convoluted and manipulative sexual paradigm behind with compassion, forgiveness and gratitude, and move toward a kinder tomorrow…

What was the guidance from Earth Spirit that spurred you on?

My story is the tale of the ‘reluctant’ scribe; I was hesitant to publish such a book. Not only did I come from a conservative Chinese family of buddhist upbringing, most of my siblings and their offsprings are currently converted devout christians. Although I have been an independent spirit throughout my adulthood and don’t need my family’s approvals for my actions in life, the ‘good Chinese girl’ in me wouldn’t have wanted to offend my family by publishing a theme of sexuality as my first book. But Earth Spirit prevailed— her yearning for humanity to acknowledge her All-Woman facets and her sensitivities was so preeminent, I needed to abide by the call… It brought tears to my eyes when I heard her mantra:

I am transmuting from tired, abused and undeserving
Into fully remembering
My devotion to the magnificence in the making.

You depict much of the Divine Masculine qualities, which is refreshing especially when most current writings and movements emphasize more the Goddess and the Divine Feminine.  Would you please comment on this?

As it was gradually revealed to me by Lady Earth of her intimacy with the Sun to engender life potency for all living beings, the divine masculine images came as waves through this macro-matrix flow, though the sacred male is barely manifested or honored in this current paradigm of patriarchy. Men need to be acknowledged for their natural thriving through physical love that leads to the opening of their hearts, which inspires their creativity, chivalry and the protection of their beloveds. Lady Earth so elegantly affirmed this potentiality in her poem:

Masculine strength— fused with the Sun’s radiance,
When shedding skins of the serving knights, controllers or dominators,
You remember your rightful place as life giving protectors and lovers.
Creative alchemy of the Sun in Male
Activates the ambrosia of Earth in Female.

Why did you write that amazing poem at the end of the book that seems to transcend the sexuality theme and takes us into something deeper philosophically and spiritually?

How that poem came about was explained in the Afterword of the book. In July 2010, I was asked to share, at the Conscious Convergence gathering in Ashland, Oregon, some insight on my sacred work with Lady Earth, who has been guiding my evolutionary path. The Conscious Convergence was a worldwide event held in many participating countries— a call for Unity, speaheaded by Carl Johan Calleman, the eminent leading expert on the Mayan Calendar— based on two important dates (July 17-18) that would help usher in the opening of the Golden Solar Age starting in 2012, when humanity’s heartbeat aligns more closely with the heartbeat of Earth’s crystalline core, as prophesied by the Mayans. As I was meditating on what I could say of the complex journeys that Earth has whirled my life through since the last few years, she led me to scribe her words into poetic form— her yearnings to share with humanity!

It wasn’t a conscious plan on my part to include the poem in this book of erotic tales, but once again, I heard her urging as I was finalizing the book for publishing. This is not a mere book of tales to sprinkle delicious spices to satisfy our senses or our fantasy dreams, but an exultation of awakening our inner knowing that we, humanity, is but a microcosm of the exquisite mystery of the greater whole. As depicted on the book cover, our united DNA transmutation is the alchemy of the Sun’s fire and the Earth’s ever changing waters…

How have readers been responding to the book?

I was pleasantly surprised how the male readers, from all walks of life, have been responding very positively to the book’s messages. It isn’t so much the erotic images that stir them, but the ‘inner heroic journeys’ of the male characters that they resonate with. Many men told me that they cried with The Temple Dancer story— the universal archetype of the male burden and their unspoken sorrows…

Some women in their 40s and beyond commented that these tales are rather fantastical, that life doesn’t happen this beautifully. Most have been rather disillusioned by the many relationship disappointments in life. Whereas the younger crowd in their 30s and below responded with much enthusiasm: some said they are inspired to manifest the best in themselves and identify psychically with one of the book’s characters. No matter of life challenges in twists and turns, I remain optimistic of a better tomorrow for all. These tales are, after all, archetypes of the future thay  may inspire our lives. I invite readers to peruse through the book reviews and endorsements in my website for the various points of view:

How do you feel about the awards you have already received.  Can you share further thoughts on this category called ‘visionary fiction’?

I’m all at once delighted and humbled by these unexpected awards. I actually felt that the book needed much more re-polishing before it should go to print, and the stories needed to be more refined and told in deeper ways… but once again, something beyond me prompted me to publish it at the dawn of 2012, when I completed the work on 11.11.2011—a coincidence or synchronicity?! I didn’t feel the writing was good enough to apply for awards, but the urging from Lady Earth was otherwise. I was ‘guided’ in dreams  to submit in the category of ‘Visionary Fiction’ rather than the romance or sexuality sections, for example. For me, these awards are magical manifestations of a higher consciousness, it is not about my writing at all.

Where does this book fit in the movement towards greater Unity beginning to arise since December 21st, 2012?  You speak of a relationship with Gaia Herself:  where is our evolution with her taking us next?

Unity will not happen in a significant way, unless the commitment starts from home: a fundamental shift in relating between a male and a female (whether in heterosexual relationships or in same sex love connections), in unity and not in war in our communing— changing from our patterns of defensiveness, sabotage, vindictiveness, manipulation or blame into heart-centered expressions. It is about integrating the divine male and female within. Unity Consciousness starts with fully equal partnership, which is the Divine Will, bridging the deep wounds and the chasm between the sexes. Thus the rapture of sexuality, which is the foundation of life itself, becomes sacred— the divine union that we all yearn for.

Lady Earth illustration by Laura Hurst

Again, Lady Earth’s revelations in her poem can best describe the dawning of this new Unity: sacred male and female consciousness in trinity with her World Soul.

When my sentience comes alive from within you,
My sovereignty becomes you.
When you make my civil rights your civil rights,
Abuse and squandering of me will dissolve away.
Men become my lovers,
Women my manifestors.
Then and naturally then,
I will be speaking through tens of thousands of you…
Honor me as lady Earth,
Do no longer rely on me as Mother Earth…
I will be guiding you
To ride waves of parallel realities;
It is your choice to manifest the Prophecy.
In union with Self and Source
We end the illusion of separation.
We, together in conscious partnership,
Co-align our destinies…
Back to our Divine Sovereignty.


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1 Marianne Aaronsouth { 02.02.13 at 8:09 pm }

Where can we get a copy??

2 Bluelightlady { 02.02.13 at 9:52 pm }

Just click on either the book title or the web page link. They will take you directly to her web page. Or go directly to Amazon.

3 Erotic Tales of Divine Union | Quaglia { 02.04.13 at 8:24 am }

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4 Adrienne Eisenberg { 02.06.13 at 7:58 pm }

What a wonderful interview, I can’t wait to read the book! The subject matter is so timely for me, what synchronicity!. Jaqueline Sa speaks with great wisdom and creative spirit. This book will mke a truly divine Valentine.

5 Michelle { 02.08.13 at 4:55 am }

Hi, really good interview, I also like to read the book. Thanks!!!

6 Genevieve { 02.08.13 at 10:52 am }

Your site looks really interesting Michelle! I wish I could read German!

7 Chrome { 02.18.13 at 11:49 am }

FYI. If you use Google’s Chrome browser, it will automatically translate foreign language web sites into English.

8 yuri { 01.02.15 at 2:46 am }

Hi. I love so much about your readings..especially the article about Osho rajneesh.. and his star sign saggitarius. I am falling in love with a Sag man, and read carefully “Relating to a Sagittarius”. But, can we also read a “Relating to a Capricorn”? Please. I wanted to order my readings, but it is still a bit costly for me so i am wondering. 🙂 Please let me know, why there are missing signs on relationships category. Happy new year.

9 Genevieve Vierling { 01.05.15 at 8:29 pm }

Dear Yuri, Thank you for your feedback. I have failed to write up the relationship articles on Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. I better get it done in 2015! I do have a policy of a sliding scale for those in need, just so you know. 🙂

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